I am Rony Jahid. Welcome to Fireplace Lab. I was an computer operator in an education organisation. I have worked on that organisation for a long time. But I was always thinking about to be self employed. And i have start working on online  marketplace that named freelancer.

I have been passing my those days by working hard at office and then whole night struggling for build my career at online marketplace. I was stay awake whole cold night when everybody got sleep. Sometimes my hand got too cold while typing on keyboard. I realize I need something that can warm up myself. As a result I bought a heater. But after use of 2-3 days, I realize I got the wrong heater, because it’s not creating enough heat to keep the room warm or even myself.

I am thinking ohh god, I took the wrong one, and start finding relevant product on google and typed several keywords to find the best product on this topic. After few hours of research i got a title that call electric fireplace. And i see there are lots of fireplace including their price and feature.

But even I got the price and feature list on couple of website, I didn’t see any proper conversation about product feature, user opinion, what other saying after they used any specific fireplace. I got confused about which one is the best compared to my budget.

I thought, as I am in trouble to choose which one is best, many other buyer who like to buy any product, might be they also fall as same problem!!

As a result I decide to create a blog about electric fireplace and start collecting and writing as much important, valuable information about each electric fireplace that can help the buyer to choose best electric fireplace based on their needs and budget.

I research as deep as possible to get good and bad thing about any specific product to write a genuine and unbiased review. At last I can say, anyone who visit my blogs to know about any specific product review, undoubtedly he/she will get a comprehensive review about each product and complete guide about how to choose the best one.

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