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How to Start a Gas Fireplace? – 3 Easy Options to Help You

Today we are going to discuss all the information about the different and useful ways to start a gas fireplace.

It will contain three of the major options to help you with lighting a fire on a gas fireplace. 

So, let’s get started with the informative stuff, shall we?

Without taking more of your essential and precious time we will head straight towards the important information.

It will have all the information for making sure you know the three major steps to start a gas fireplace. 

The three major steps with all their details are presented in this review. It is the best way to make sure you can start a proper fire in a gas fireplace. 

1- Lighting with a Control Panel

How to Start a Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces are an amazing thing for making sure that you stay in a nice and cosy place. It helps in warming up the whole place to let the users feel more comfortable and easy around it.

The best part is that you can use it anytime if you know the right ways to turn it on and set it properly. 

One of the major ways to start a gas fireplace is to light it using a control panel. Most of the fireplaces are automated which makes it easier for the user to start a proper fire.

The only problem is to know the right ways to use that control panel for better results. 

Among the 3 ways to light the gas fireplace, here are the steps to light with a control panel. These are all the things that you need to do for making sure you start a proper gas fireplace.

All of these instructions we surely help you to reach good results too. 

Read the user manual:

Before you engage in any such activity, it is always suggested to read the user manual. There is always a manual included in all the fireplaces.

Even if most of the fireplaces have a similar mechanism, ignition methods.

You still need to take a look as yours can have some specifications or features. In case you don’t have any user manual, you can always look up online.

Or can contact the helpline/company to get a copy. If you handle it carelessly, it can cause problems.

Locate and Open the Control Panel:

Another important point is to look for the control panel. To manage the fixture’s pilot light, it would have a special control panel. Often this panel is hidden behind the front screen of the fireplace.

To get a better view you can either remove or open the screen. It will help you to have a better view of everything and allow you to use it properly. 

Turn the Control Knob Off:

On your control panel, there would be a knob with On, Off, and Pilot written on it. If that knob is not off then turn it to be in off position for 5 minutes.

In these 5 minutes, the excess gas will clear out from the fireplace.

If the smell of gas is minimal, open the windows/doors so the area can ventilate. Or if the smell is large, you need to leave the house and call propane dealer/gas provider.

If either is not available get in touch with the fire department.

Twist the Shutoff Valve:

To allow better control over the gas or propane output. For the sake of safety, the shut-off valve is often placed on the gas line by manufacturers.

Your fixture will also have one such valve, move it till it comes parallel to the gas line.

It will allow fuel to enter the fireplace easily. When the entry is done it is easy to locate and operate the controls to start a proper fire in a gas fireplace. 

Move the Control Knob to the Pilot Position:

Next, you need to move the knob to the pilot position from off position. You will be able to access the pilot light or the flame that helps to burn.

Unless you are not completely ready, avoid twisting the knob to ignite the pilot. If you do so, it may cause hazardous results or damage.

First of all, press the control know down, next hit the switch (ignition). Press and hold your finger in the center of the control knob to ignite the light.

Now, hit the ignition switch (often a red button) which would near the control knob. Tap the switch till the light ignites, if it fails then restart the whole process.

But in case the attempts keep on failing, call for professional help.

Hold the Control Knob Down:

If you immediately leave the knob, there won’t be any flame. So to let the flame sustain, hold the knob for at least 30 seconds.

Doing so provides thermocouple enough time to heat up and note that the pilot is on. A thermocouple is a safety device so if the pilot lights are off, it stops the gas flow.

Move the Control Knob to On:

Once you see the pilot light ignited, turn the knob back to on position. This step ensures the light stays on and allows you to actuate the fireplace.

You can use the device’s switch or remote control any time you want to activate it.

If you removed the front screen, don’t forget to replace it once finished. Also, beware of any power outage as it may deactivate the gas output regulating switches.

So make sure you have a little bit of backup in terms of power for the Gas Fireplaces. 

2- Igniting With a Fireplace Key

Igniting With a Fireplace Key

A proper gas fireplace is an amazing thing that people love to have in their houses. It helps in keeping the place warm and cosy for the people.

But knowing the right way to start a proper fire in the Gas Fireplace is more important. 

There are many options to ignite the gas fireplace and start a nice and cosy fire with simple methods The second option to start a gas fireplace is igniting with the fireplace key.

Here are the major steps of the process jotted down for you.

These steps will help you understand the whole process of igniting the gas fireplace with a fireplace key. It will make sure that a moderate and sufficient fire is lit in the gas fireplace easily.  

Look Over the User Manual:

Not every fireplace needs to have the same mechanism. Your fireplace model can be different in functionality from that of others.

Before you light it up, don’t forget to check the user’s manual provided alongside.

Most of these fireplaces have similar ignition methods. Yet the manual can pinpoint the details and differences. It will help you with knowing what the best method is.

If your fireplace has no manual included, immediately contact the helpline or manufacturer.

Remove Your Fireplace’s Outer Cover:

Though fireplaces are for your comfort these are dangerous too. If you are not careful enough while operating it, the results can be hazardous.

One such safety measure is the outer cover that separates the fire chamber and the rest of the room. Each fireplace comes with its front cover for safety concerns.

You will need to remove this covet to ignite the pilot light. As these panels are usually made from glass, always store them in a secure corner. So not only the panels will remain intact but others also.

Put a Fireplace Key into the Device’s Gas Valve Knob:

There would be a gas valve knob on either right or left side of the fireplace. You need to insert a fireplace key in here to ignite the pilot light.

Insert the key but don’t turn it unless you are all set with the lighter. Or else you will end up releasing an immense quantity of gas in the room.

In some safest fireplaces, they install the key permanently.

Other don’t have it installed if you don’t have a key at all, buy a replacement. It can be easily found at any home improvement store. Don’t forget to look up at the user manual beforehand to know the key type.

Hold a Long Lighter Up to the Burner and Ignite It:

Safety must be your foremost concern while doing such things. To keep any mishap at a distance, you need a lighter with a long head. Now, before you turn on the gas valve, find a long lighter.

It must be long enough so you can insert the head into the fireplace from a distance. Or while keeping your hands away from the pit. Be careful and place the head of lighter close to the burner.

Next, pull the trigger of the lighter and be ready to remove your hand. In case the pilot light catches flame unexpectedly, be quick to pull away.

For extra safety measures, you can always use heat resistant gloves. If the lighter’s head is short then switch to a match stick. If the gas valve knob is far from the pilot, ask someone for help.

Turn the Gas Key:

When the lighter is activated, you need to move the knob half a turn in a counter-clockwise direction. The gas will release in the fireplace and the pilot light will ignite.

Sometimes the stray gas particles can ignite and flare out, so you need to be alert. Also, if you sense a small amount of gas, open the doors/windows and let the air in.

But if there seems to be a lot more gas than normal, rush out of the house. Call the gas providers or propane dealers, or nearby fire department.

Replace the Fireplace’s Outer Cover Immediately:

Earlier, you removed a front panel and stored it away. Once you have light up the fireplace, cover it with the panel. It will not only avoid any accidents but also keep the excess gas from seeping in the room.

You can also control the fireplace with the help of an of the gas valve after covering it. To increase the flames turn it counter-clockwise and to decrease vice-versa.

Perks of a Gas Fireplace:

Gas Fireplace

As we know that a fireplace can be an amazing addition to the houses. It can maintain a proper and cosy temperature in the house and make sure you have a good experience with gas Fireplaces. 

There is a wide range of benefits that comes with the gas fireplaces at home. These benefits allow users to know the importance of fireplaces at home.

It will be a complete list of top benefits that you will get fro starting a proper fireplace. 

A few major benefits that a gas fireplace offers are below listed. They will help you in making up your mind to have a gas fireplace installed in your house.

Otherwise, you will know why they are so useful for their users. 

Easy to Enjoy:

Unlike traditional fireplaces, these are far easier to use. Instead, of dealing with dirty fireplace, smoke, and such. Or having the problems with storing wood, you can now be at peace.

With a single flip of the switch or a mere tap, you are all set to be warm and cosy. It can bring you amazing moments with your loved once and is also great for relaxing.

This helps in setting the mood and allowing your mind to relax while sitting in front of the fireplace. 

Gas Fireplaces can Reduce Your Yearly Heating Costs:

We install these fire systems in places/rooms where we spent most of our time. It can be the basement or study room with a fireplace up and thermostat down.

So the main advantage of this single as a fireplace is that it saves us money. Still, confused? Well, the room with fireplace tends to warm up the other rooms also.

This saves us a lot by not spending money to heat other rooms. Also, when the weather is weird, it can be hard to maintain a subtle temperature with central heat. Again, the gas fireplace saves you from any hassle.

New Gas Fireplaces are Incredibly Efficient:

The new gas fireplaces in the market come with the Intellifire ignition system. This new equipment is a result of advancement. The fireplace will only provide an ignition flame when required.

The system has a battery backup system to provide a power supply. This supply ignites the flame in case you face a power outage. Hence you save money and energy with a single investment.

They not only save you a lot of money but also help you in making sure you get proper comfort. These fireplaces are easy to use which makes it more efficient and useful without a doubt. 

Gas Fireplaces are Low Maintenance:

A major setback of traditional fireplaces was its maintenance. A larger part of our time was wasted in cleansing the area. But this is where gas fireplaces are dope as they save us from extra efforts.

Not only they add a certain charm to the room but are low-maintenance. Chimney sweeps and creosote build-up are a thing of past now.

Even if there is some cleaning cost it is almost negligible as compared to the comfort and benefits it provides to the users of the fireplace. 

Wrapping It All Up!

Gas Fireplaces are highly efficient and look good in your house. They provide the best atmosphere in the house by making it warm and cosy.

These are the three major ways through which you can start a fire and all are explained wonderfully here. 

I am sure that you will love this article to the extent of your heart. It is because of the well-researched content regarding the best ways to start a fire in a gas fireplace.

Every bit of content in here is properly organized to make the readers gain all the information easily. This proves the authenticity of the content and how legit it is. 

We hope that all the information in here will allow you to understand every aspect of the topic. You will have the perfect idea of how to start a fire in a fireplace with efficiency.

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to fret about it at all. This is because we are here for the rescue. 

You can ask us anything which you might feel a little unclear regarding the ways to generate fire in a gas fireplace. The best part is you can do it without any hesitation because we would love to help you.

We will analyze all the queries you provide us and give you the most viable and useful solutions for your problems

In the end, we just want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing updates on the topics that apart from your interests. Until then we wish you to have a pretty good experience with lighting up your gas fireplace properly.