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Touchstone Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace Review -Top choice of users

Fireplaces of today’s generation have many features and abilities. All of them offer different capabilities in providing comfort for every home during cold seasons.  With its highly reliable features, you will surely be confident that fireplace will be your greatest partner.

Touchstone Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace offers many features that its users will benefit. From its physical appearance, to its major functions and features, you will find your best fireplace in this brand. It’s not just for your heating need, but can also be an ornament. Just like any other electric fireplaces, this one is a mixed of modern living and elegance.

Key features of Touchstone Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace

Enables you to choose heat settings
Touchstone Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace gives you the freedom to enjoy your personal taste and preference. With its 2 heat settings, you can choose between 750 and 1500 watts. This fireplace allows you to control the amount of warmth you want to enjoy. From high to low, your will have your own control with this fireplace.

Very easy to install
No need to stick on reading the instruction repeatedly. One of the best features of this fireplace is the fact that it is very easy to install. All you need to do is to simply follow the simple steps given from the instruction and that’s it, you will then enjoy the comfort that this fireplace can give. You don’t need any professionals to give you some help because, with its easy installation feature, you can place the electric fireplace anywhere you want.

Ensures Safety and precaution
In everything, protection and precaution is a must. ThisTouchstone Mirror Onyx fireplace has auto shut-off feature that can be set from 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours. In this way, you can relax perfectly without minding to on and off or adjust your fireplace. In addition to its precautionary ability, this fireplace is very safe even for children and to your adorable pets. Even if the fireplace is working, you can freely touch its physical surface because it will stay cool even after long hours of use.

Stylish and cozy design
Whether we will admit it or not, we sometimes love to use things with a mindset to use many of its purpose. This fireplace has a beautiful design which enables your room cozier. It not just acts as an instrument to keep you warmth but will also serves as an ornament. With its beautiful design, you will not think it as a fireplace but rather a painting protected by a mirror.

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Compare Touchstone Mirror Oynx Electric Fireplace vs. Slideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Both of these electric fireplaces offer convenience and satisfaction. They shared common features to meet the standards and needs of the customers. From its heating capacity, to its settings and options, these two fireplaces will let you think for along time before deciding to choose what choice to buy.

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However, there are still few things that these two items differ from each other. Aside from their prices, their physical appearance is also different. Slideline Recessed Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace has a rectangular shape while the Touchstones Mirror Onyx has a square shape.

They have the same color as well. Touchstone Mirror Onyx has more beautiful and presentable appearance than the Slideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces. Onyx can be an ornament because it’s just like a mirror that is kept in the wall. Another special feature of Onyxis that it has LED technology and is mercury free, this enables the fireplace mirror to stay cool always.

What users say about the Touchstone Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace?

Just like me, many people love the product so much. It has beautiful flames that look real, but no need to worry because the mirror stays cool even if you are using it. It’s actually worth the price. It has good quality, offers convenience and very user friendly. Another reason why many love this fireplace is that it is very easy to install and even to mount. So you have all the choice where you want to put it anytime. Lastly, this fireplace is very elegant. It has a great design which can add style to your rooms. It has an entirely good performance and is worth to its price.

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How about durability and performance

There are many scenarios that we end up in buying fireplaces. Sometimes the fireplace looks durable but actually not. There are also times where their physical appearance is just like an ordinary one but actually doing a great job. What is the good thing in Touchstone Mirror Onyx is that it shares both standards. First, it is very durable and can live for a long time. It performs well too which gives satisfaction to its users. These fireplace shares both good performance and durability.

Why you should consider Touchstone Mirror onyx-does it worth the money?

Yes, totally worth the price. This fireplace is a genius. Aside from its technical features, it is also a great fireplace to beautify your room.  This fireplace is in a good quality. It is durable and has many features that adds comfort and provide convenience to its users. It is also very safety to use. This fireplace uses LED technology that helps the mirror to stay cool, so no need to worry about overheating when using this fireplace.

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If you are looking for a fireplace that is worth the price, then you should choose this one. With its many features, you can be sure that this fireplace will add to your comfort inside your room. This is the kind of a fireplace that deserves to be commended. It has many abilities in giving us benefits plus it gained good reviews from its past users. There are electric fireplace that are very big that you need to give more space just install it. But, in this fireplace, no need to find a space for it. It is cute and small plus very cozy. All in all, this is a great fireplace. It can be your best choice.

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