Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland Floor Standing Electric Fireplace Review

Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland Floor Standing Electric Fireplace review

What would life be without a single warm day? Here is a projection of what you would expect. No fun on the beach, no summer dresses and hats, no open BBQ. Instead, you would be probably playing indoor sports and holding parties in enclosed areas. Well, all wouldn’t be lost especially if you invested on a great electric fireplace like the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland Floor Standing. It is not only an excellent source of warmth but also a charming addition to any of your rooms.

Warm House CMSF-10310 Review

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This stylishly designed floor standing fireplace comes in a black finish with a metallic exterior. Thus making it a perfect match for any modern decor.  With heat on or off, it will produce a realistic flame for year round enjoyment. And together with its beautiful, pulsating, glowing flames, you will never lay your eyes off it.

When it comes to safety, it integrates features that display meticulous craftsmanship. The inbuilt thermostat and overheat protection function come in handy during unexpected power fluctuations and fire-related hazards.

In fact, this small electric stove has more to offer in your living space than you can imagine. Have a look at the detailed review of this unit below.

What are users saying about Warm House CMSF-10310 Floor Standing Electric Fireplace

There have been many positive reviews about the Warm House CMSF-10310. Since it comes assembled and doesn’t require hardware, users found it easy to set up. It also scored high for its compactness. It only occupies less space hence users living in limited space found it ideal. Another aspect that couldn’t go unnoticed was its lightweight. It’s portable, and hence one can move it easily from one place to another.

A few users, however, didn’t find its design attractive. They said that the black finish on its MDF board parts are meant to simulate a cast iron, but don’t quite pull it off. Nonetheless, they liked its pack of features such as the two heat settings, adjustable thermostat, and flame effects.

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My experience with the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland

I must admit that I had low expectations for the CMSF-10310 Cleveland. Well, I have never been fascinated by the faux flames. Not to mention that I was also a little skeptical with the heat it would produce.

My bedroom is quite large and the coldest of all the rooms. I guess it’s because of the gigantic tree in our backyard blocking sunlight into the chamber. It wasn’t long enough after I started using this fireplace that my perception changed.

The CMSF-10310 has a flap at the top with two knobs and four switches. One is for the fan, one for high heat, one for low heat and the other for light produced by the fire. One knob is used to adjust the heat setting while the other for the flames.

Warm House CMSF-10310 Review

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I have tried nearly all the settings, and this unit warms up our room very quickly. When I turned it on for the first time, there was a strange odor emitted. According to its manual, it is pointed out as normal and should go away after few seconds. So, no cause for alarm!

However, it is quiet and produces just the right amount of heat. Better yet, it offers me gentle to roaring flames which I have come to like. Overall, I am pleased with this hearth, and it went beyond and above my expectations.

How affordable and attractive is this heater?

Under 200 buck, anyone can afford it without stretching their pockets much. This brand is penetrating into the market like a bush on fire. And their line of products is made of fine materials that assure you of longevity. Hence, this warm house electric fireplace is no exception.

Being a mid-priced, mid-level unit, you definitely wouldn’t expect much from it. Nonetheless, it comes with a rich feature set to cater for its users. The warmth produced by this hearth is worth every dime you spend on it.

Comparison between the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland Floor Standing and the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove Heater Fireplace

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The Warm House and the Duraflame DFS-450-2 come in a black finish. They are also safe to use around your pets and kids, thanks to the included thermostat. Usually, they do an excellent job at heating a room that is up to 400 square feet. They come with mechanical controls for adjusting the flames brightness and heat. However, the Warm House has a higher price tag than the Duraflame DFS-450-2. Nonetheless, don’t expect anything less from either of the units when it comes to creating a cozy, ambient environment.

Why the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland will best suit your home?

This praiseworthy piece will bring comfort and warmth in any room you place it. It has two heat settings, high and low that can be programmed depending on the mood of the place.  It’s capable of emitting 2500 BTU on low heat option and 5000 BTU at maximum heat option. Thus making it an ideal heater for a room that is up to 400 square feet.

It has mechanical controls for adjusting your flames’ brightness. This lets you control the amount of lighting you want in your room. For a perfect movie night background, you can dim the light and curl up on the couch as you get entertained.

Warm House CMSF-10310 Review

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Safety is an aspect that can’t be overlooked. And this floor standing electric fireplace features a cool to the touch glass. It not only adds extra protection but is also lets you view the rolling flames. Also, there is a thermostat that instantly turns off when overheating is detected.

Features and Benefits of the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland

  • Flames operate with heat on or off
  • Produces a realistic flame effect with brightness that can customize
  • Has two heat settings; high and low
  • The glass is cool to the touch
  • It’s portable and can be moved from place to place quickly
  • Doesn’t require assembly and additional hardware
  • The thermostat feature auto-shuts off this unit when there is overheating
  • Has a modern, metallic design that adds sense of style to any room


  • Heats up space of not more than 400 square feet
  • No assembly is required
  • Flames can operate with heat is on or off
  • Has a cool touch housing


  • Can only generate heat if the fan is on.

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Final Thought

A lot has been said about the Warm House CMSF-10310 Cleveland, and the tales will continue to be passed on. It’s hard not to talk about a unit that provides you with so much for a small price tag. For warmth, comfort and other benefits, this fireplace will provide all that at an insignificant extra cost. Just the initial cost and a few dollars for its energy bills. Give it a shot and share your happiness with your friends.

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