Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand 2019: Top 16 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Imagine yourself sitting next to a fireplace while watching your favorite TV shows and movies with a little distraction of beautiful flickering flames. What a cozy environment it is? Well, this is the feeling that you get to experience when using one of our outlined 16 best electric fireplace TV stand’s.

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Built to serve more than one purpose: TV stand, electric fireplace and a media console, this piece of furniture is an attractive and great addition to your office or home. To spice it up, this unit is exceptional as it also doubles as a home entertainment center meaning; there is no room for boredom.

Powered by electricity, you won’t have to worry about making and tending a fire or cleaning ashes now and then. And if you are environmentally conscious, you just won yourself the best piece of furniture for your home. Moreover, who said that style cannot equally match performance? The truth is, with this types of fireplaces, you have a lot of designs to choose from to match your room decor.

Top 16 Electric Fireplace TV Stand 2019: Reviews & Comparison Chart

Here are the 16 best electric fireplace tv stand model and comparison chart 2019

Model NameBrandTV UptoWeight (P.)Check Price
Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace TV Console
Editor Choice
Altra Furniture70"114 Check Price
Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV ConsoleAltra Furniture50"95 Check Price
Ameriwood Home Farmington TV ConsoleAmeriwood Home60"108 Check Price
Walker Edison W58FP18ESWalker Edison60"95 Check Price
Altra Furniture ManchesterAltra Furniture70" 120 Check Price
SEI TennysonSouthern Ent.70"157 Check Price
SEI Narita Media ConsoleSouthern Ent.46"39 Check Price
SEI Antebellum M. ConsoleSouthern Ent.46"36 Check Price
XtremepowerUS Electric Fireplace TV StandXtremepowerUS70"120 Check Price
Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-BReal Flame50”145 Check Price
Sonax F-192-BWTSonax 68"122 Check Price
Dwyer 57 Inch TV StandMuskoka57"177 Check Price
Pleasant H. 248-44-34MPleasant Hearth55"81.4 Check Price
Pleasant H. 23-Inch RileyPleasant Hearth 48"93 Check Price
Lynwood 18MM4105-C233ChimneyFree55" Check Price
Media Fireplace TV StandSumner Corner45" 108 Check Price
Kendall Glazed PineSEI50"39 Check Price

Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace TV Console – 70 Inch

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Altra Furniture Carson Fireplace TV Console


  • Can accommodate most flat screen TVs up to 70 inches
  • Let’s you enjoy flame effects with heat on or not
  • Uses energy efficient, low maintenance, LED light source
  • Produces realistic flames, thanks to the exclusive Altra flame


  • Some complained that it is very short

Check Price

Have you always wanted to create a cozy environment in your home without much hassle? Well, the 70 inch Altra Carson Fireplace TV Console will let you do this and even much more. With this fireplace, you will enjoy the ambiance of its flame with the heat on or not all year round. You can even place your 70-inch flat screen TV with a maximum weight of 135 pounds on the Carson fireplace.

And if your room is 400 square feet or smaller, you can be sure to enjoy the supplement heat emitted by this unit. Even better, there is ample storage for organizing your books, TV receivers, gaming consoles and remotes, thanks to the included open shelf and two large cabinets.

Its LED light source is capable of lasting up to 50, 000 hours of life hence you will not worry about extra expenses associated with buying bulbs now and then. What is even more, is that the Altra Carson comes in a seductive black finish and two-toned looks in a cherry that gives it a contemporary style, worth all praise. This state of art design creates a bold statement of style to any room and even better, it blends perfectly with any room’s décor.

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Additionally, there is an exclusive Altra flame that is integrated into this unit’s reflectors which use patented technology to offer you realistic flames effects that simulate a traditional fireplace or real wood burning.

Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace and TV Console

Some of its unique feature makes it the most popular in its class. The Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace and TV Console can hold TV sets up to 50 inches. It comes with an electric fireplace that you can use even without turning on the heat. It adds a very elegant touch to any room you put it in. The heating capacity on the electric fireplace is capable of heating up a small room. Scroll down to read more about its users opinion and key features.

Best electric fireplace tv stand reviews: Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace and TV Console


  • Can hold TV sets up to 50 inches and up to 70 pounds
  • Its LED light can last for up to 50,000 hours
  • The electric heater alone can heat up a room up to 400 square feet
  • The TV console can double as storage for media devices and more


  • Assembly can be quite hard when you’re doing it alone

Check Price

What users are saying about the Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace and TV Console

Overall, users have been loving this product. They love how the fire on the electric fireplace looks almost real and that the heater does not make any noise. Another thing that users love about this is that it can be your all in one media center. With the storage areas available under the TV platform and around the electric fireplace, you could store some if not all of your necessary media devices on there.

You could put your media players and even your gaming console since there are holes at the back that help manage and organize your wires together. The only thing people are concerned about is the initial construction which can easily be remedied by having someone help you with it.

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Key Features of the Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace and TV Console

Elegant Finish
The Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace and TV Console is one elegant piece of furniture. It comes in an espresso finish that is sure to complement any room you put it in. Whether you decide to put it in your living room or your bedroom, or even in your dining room, it will add a touch of elegance and will surely brighten up the room’s ambiance.


Efficient Heating System
The heating system on the Ameriwood Chicago’s Fireplace comes in the form of LED lights that can last up to 50,000 hours. If is very efficient as it could heat up a room with an area of up to 400 square feet all on its own. This is without the need of using your home’s built in heating system, even during winter.

Enhances the Ambiance
Because of its appearance, this piece of furniture is already a treat to the eyes and will brighten up your room. But aside from that, since the fireplace on this mantel is an electric one, you have the option to just turn on the display and not the heat. This means that you can see a fire crackling on the electric fireplace but do not necessarily need to turn up the heat. This is perfect for romantic and chill nights at home.

Space Saver
Since the Ameriwood Home Chicago is both an electric fireplace and TV Console in one, this saves you a lot of space in your home. You do not need to purchase a separate TV Stand since it is in-built with your fireplace already.

Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console

Now, you can give your lovely home an attractive rustic makeover with the amazing Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console and its ultimate bedroom furniture collection. With the farmhouse-style design from  Farmington, it highlights the rustic undertones one would normally see in an old barn or reclaimed and famous  pieces of furniture.

Of course, the electric fireplace completes the rustic look of your home to catch the eyes and attention of your guests, and making your family comfortable with the heat it provides all year round.

Best electric fireplace tv stand 2018: Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console


  • The actual look is better than what is advertised so it is perfectly amazing
  • Flame works even without heat
  • Durable and sturdy make and construction
  • Great heating for your living room , bedroom, or office


  • Assembly might be challenging for some but all items are included and arrive in a secure package with clear assembly instructions
  • Some complaint of missing parts so ensure to unpack in a safe area and call customer service if that happens to you

Check Price

Now, you can create an inviting and warm atmosphere in your lovely home with the Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console. It is combined with the most-sought Farmington coffee table, adding some rustic or country style to your beautiful living room. This collection was specifically designed to make your home a more comfortable place brought about by the electric fireplace with a beautiful rustic farmhouse-style design.

Surely, your visitors will also love the rustic design of the Farmington TV Stand that can hold up to 60 inches of flat panel TV up to 135 pounds of maximum weight.

The weathered look of a rustic or old barn is truly inspiring, with the TV stand that is full of character, bringing a distinct style element to your indoor living space. Also you can take advantage of other living room pieces only from Farmington including coffee table, storage cabinets, craft table, and entryway bench.

The electric fireplace TV console from Ameriwood Home Farmington can bring the outdoors inside your home with a unique rustic look because of its weathered look with a medium brown wood grain texture. The product dimensions are 29.125 H x 59.62 W x 15.6875 D inches.

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The console is specifically equipped with several storage spaces so you can store your cable box, video game systems, and DVD. The console also comes with a 23 inches electric fireplace insert, creating the perfect room temperature with the use of LED lights. It comes with a remote control for convenient use. Now, you are feel more relaxed and comfortable in your living room, bedroom, or office with the warmth it provides.

To ensure correct assembly, two adults are highly advised to work with it. You don’t have to worry about durability because all Ameriwood Home Farmington are made to last. This TV console is made of sturdy MDF and laminated particleboard with a firebox insert that has a metal frame. Come home with a beautiful rustic look and warmth out of your living room space every time and you’ll realize it is worth the investment at a very good price.

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

Have you grown tired of your plain looking TV divider? Have you always wanted to have a fireplace in your house but you do not have a chimney? Are you living in an apartment but want to have that ambiance and the comfort that a fireplace offers? Or are you just up to renovating your whole house and buying some new, innovative stuff to upgrade your lifestyle? If the answer to either of those questions is yes then this review is for you.

Best electric fireplace tv stand 2018 - Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

The Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand can beautify your home in the most unique way. This fireplace and TV stand has a rich texture finish and looks classy and elegant because of its laminated look. The TV stand accommodates up to 60 inches TV size and supports up to 250 pounds of weight. Meaning you may go ahead and put the TV, your books, and much other stuff on that stand without having to worry about its durability and as to how just how much it can withstand.

Additionally, it is composed of adjustable shelves to accommodate various things of various sizes. Lastly it also has comes with an electric fireplace insert which adds to the elegant effect that it gives to your home.

Check Price


  • Elegant finish
  • Laminated
  • Can accommodate up to 250 pounds
  • Has electronic fireplace insert
  • Can accommodate up to 60 inches TV size
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Made of high grade MDF


  • Might take up too much space
  • Heavy
  • Does not offer any other color variations
  • Quite expensive

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand not only gives you a new and elegant TV stand. It also gives you an electronic fireplace which can give you the ambiance and the warmth that you are looking for to have in your home.

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Every too often, when buying these stuff for our home, we worry about buying the latest and innovative stuff because we think too much about the durability of the item or the capacity of the item because we know that we just cannot have everything all at once. It’s just too good to be true thinking that you can have the design, the technology, and the capacity all in one furniture for your home.

This is what the Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stand offers. It adds that elegance to your home while all at the same time allowing you to put and arrange all your stuff on it.

And lastly, as if that in itself is not enough, it comes with the electronic fireplace which saves you from all the hassle of building that conventional fireplace, or putting up a chimney, gathering firewood, and starting up a fire just so you can feel warm. With this TV stand, you will not only be able to enjoy watching television, but you will also be able to enjoy the warmth, the ambiance, and the coziness of your home all year round.

Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Electric Fireplace – 70″

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Electric Fireplace


  • Accommodates up to 70 inches flat panel TV
  • You can enjoy the ambiance of its flame with heat on or not
  • Has a remote for adjusting most of its settings
  • Plugs into a standard 120Volte power outlet


  • Doesn’t emit much heat as expected

Check Price

It’s time to get yourself the 70 inch Manchester TV fire stand at your home if you haven’t made your purchase yet. With this fireplace, you can warm up your home and at the same time add a bold statement of style to it. Its stunning black finish is sure to complement the design of your home. Many describe the Altra Manchester as a fireplace that adds charms to any room and ensures that your space remains comfortable and welcoming at all times.

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If you like to have your media essentials in a well-organized place, there are numerous open shelves on this unit that let you do that. There is an included multi-functional remote that enables you to control quickly and efficiently heat settings from the comfort of your couch.

And if you have a 70-inch flat screen TV of smaller, you can fit it on this unit and enjoy watching sports, movies or music videos in a relaxing, warm and comfy surroundings.

You can even enjoy the most realistic and fetching flame effects with the heat on or not for all year round. Even more, this fireplace is rated with 4700 BTUs and is capable of emitting 1500 watts to keep your room warm and offer you with the most conducive environment you have had for years.

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When it comes to installing the Altra Manchester, although it needs assembly, this isn’t a deal breaker as it is well compensated by the ability to plug into any standard 120 volts power outlet without any hassle.

SEI Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcases
Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand: SEI Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcases


  • Produces realistic, flickering flame effect
  • Its mantels can support up to 85-pound
  • Ideal to hold up to 42-Inch Flat Panel TV


  • Side shelves are a little bit small

Check Price

Are you still sitting on the fence on which electric fireplace TV stand is best on you? Well, the SEI Tennyson Electric is your savior as it comes fully packed with a set of features to fulfill most of your desires. This piece of furniture is not only beautiful and a fantastic addition to your home, but also an inexpensive and efficient way to warm up your room. With its exotic design, profound and classic espresso finish, this unit speaks of greatness, perfection and performance on where it is placed. Even more, it has a traditional floral design that is carved across its top.

You won’t have to worry about where to organize your reading materials, media and accessories as there is a bookcase on both sides of this fireplace. Better yet, you will not resist its realistic, multi-color flames and roll, glowing embers with an appealing interior brick design for a perfect traditional fire realism. Also, with its energy efficient, low maintenance LED technology, you won’t have to worry about replacing your bulbs now and then.

When installing the SEI Tennyson Electric, no professional skills are required since all you need to do just plug it into any standard power outlet, and there you go. Likewise, this unit can hold 42 inches flat screen, weighting a maximum of 85 lb. And if you are anything like me and you don’t like lots of movement, there is a remote control that lets you adjust any of your brightness and flame settings from anywhere across your room.

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Your safety has well been catered for by the automatic shut off feature and glass that is cool to the touch. Additionally, it is straight forward to use the adjustable flame brightness control and adjustable.

SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace – Glazed Pine

We love the Narita electric fireplace with media console by SEI because it looks stylish and sophisticated. Looking closely at it, you can see there is amazing attention to detail in each nook and cranny. Furthermore, it has an infrared heater, which can heat well minus the drying.

best electric fireplace tv stand: SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace - Glazed Pine


  • Stylish and modern look
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Offers good value for money
  • Realistic flame effects
  • Good heating quality


  • Parts easily break in some units
  • Not easy to assemble

Check Price

Key Features of the SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace

The SEI Narita electric heater with media console measures 32.5 x 48 x 16.25 inches (HWD) and weighs 98 lbs. The glazed pine is the lighter of the two variants (The other one is Espresso, which is dark brown.). We think you will love the details, especially on the cabinets.

Media Storage
There are spaces dedicated for media equipment. The mantel can support weights of up to 85 lbs. You can place a flat TV with a maximum flat screen size of 50 inches and maximum weight of 175 lbs on the top shelf of the unit’s cabinet. Take note, though, that the top shelf is not designed to handle tube TVs. Each center shelf can hold up to 20 lbs of weight, and each side shelf can hold weights of up to 15 lbs.

The controls on this electric heater include thermostat, which is adjustable between 62F and 84F at 4-degree increments. There are also low and high options for the fan, which distributes heat well. Manual controls are located beneath a pull-down panel on top of the firebox, and the unit does come with an infrared remote control.


Heater Functions
Some things you may like to know about the SEI Narita electric fireplace with media console are that it uses a good firebox and an Infrared heater. Fireboxes are becoming increasingly popular recently, and SEI is one of the few companies who really know how to use it right. This unit can heat a room of up to 400 square feet of space and can produce a maximum of 5000 BTUs.

Flame Effects
Unlike other electric heaters, the SEI Narita electric heater with media console does not show off with colorful lights. They go for natural-looking flames and effects, which is really the whole point of getting an electric fireplace to begin with.

Safety Features
The firebox has a thick, high-grade tempered glass, which allows you to watch the beautiful, natural-looking flame effects of the unit. As such, it can be tempting especially for little kids and pets to get so fascinated with it and touch it. This is why it is a good thing that the glass on this unit remains cool to the touch regardless of the thermostat. There is also a permanent warning sticker stuck to the inside drawer or the underside of the top shelf.

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Having an electric fireplace with dedicated media equipment storage space is great because it means less shopping and less designs to look at. Most importantly, it heats as well as it looks!

SEI Antebellum Media Console with Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-SEI Antebellum Media Console with Electric Fireplace


  • Produces realistic flickering flames
  • Includes a remote control that allows you to adjust most of its settings
  • Provides supplemental heat for a maximum of 400 square feet
  • 100% energy efficient


  • The unit is cheaply made

Check Price

Are you looking for a fireplace that will add warmth and become a focal point in your bedroom or living room? If you are, here is what you need, the SEI Antebellum Media Console. Its classic cottage styling is complemented by its two stunning finished – Antique White and Black with Walnut top that is sure to harmonize with your most décor. With its multi-purpose functionality, the SEI Antebellum becomes a natural choice.

Moreover, there is plenty of media storage, owing this to its louvered cabinets on each side of this unit and an adjustable shelf.

It is worth mentioning the LED lights that create a real looking flame effect which bounces over the glowing logs. And if you like to change any settings e.g. temperature, from the comfort of your couch or bed, the remote control lets you do this. Rated with 5000 BTU’s, this unit is capable of evenly heating a room up to 400 square feet.

With its programmable thermostat, you can set the perfect temperature of your room and even better, for added comfort, you can adjust the log brightness and flame height to your ideal level.

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If you thought its rocket science to use the SEI Antebellum, you are wrong!! To start with, its installation is as easy as plugging it into a 120-volt power outlet, and its beautiful, realistic flame effects can be used with the heat on or not for enjoyment throughout the year. You can even set the programmable timer to auto shut down up to 9 hours in advance. Hence, you won’t have to worry if you accidentally left this unit on.

You will be fascinated by its lifelike multi-color flames and its burning log with eye-catching embers ranging from dim to bright, dynamic pulsating embers for an authentic look; optional down light illumination and classic brick style interior. If you like, you can place your 50-inch flat panel TV weighing 85 pounds on this unit.

XtremepowerUS Portable Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace comes with a TV stand and bookcases in espresso color. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a nice warmth and cozy environment during winter with this elegant electric fireplace. It is specifically designed to provide a close to a real fireplace without the hassle of cleaning ash and dealing with smoke. What makes XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace stands out? Let’s find out more!

Best electric fireplace tv stand 2018: XtremepowerUS Portable Electric Fireplace TV Stand


  • Easy to assemble
  • Real-like crackling sounds
  • Beautiful design and a great addition to any room
  • Very nice warmth
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Ticking noise on fire mode

Check Price

The XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace measures 70″ W x 14″ D x 42″ H and weighs 120 pounds. It is perfect for your flat panel television up to 70 inches, so versatile and a great addition to your living room. Boasting its glass viewing window and insert style fireplace, every family member can enjoy viewing the beautiful log flame effect for pure relaxation and comfort. It has an adjustable heat setting to accommodate your needs and wants. Achieve a heart-warming supplemental heat up to 400 square feet, great to reach every corner of the room you’re planning to install it.

You can plug the XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace into a standard wall outlet with 6 feet cord, so there are no problems reaching an outlet even if it is at a distance. The self-regulating heater automatically turns off when the set temperature is met. This will give you a peace of mind so no need to worry about overheating and safety concerns. A remote control is included with the package to ensure you can change the settings even if you’re sitting on the couch or lying on the bed. This is a beautifully-designed portable electric fireplace and very functional, also as a TV stand and bookcase.

Once you receive it, the package is excellently done and you’ll be amazed at the easy assembly of this portable fireplace that only takes an hour or two. You can store your books, magazines, or newspapers on the 6-shelved bookcases included so you can easily grab one to enjoy the warmth of your living room for a relaxing time after a busy day at work. The open shelving design provides a free-flowing and welcoming ambiance, so you can also display photo frames, figurines, or other home decors. It has a great value, making this portable fireplace a very good investment for your home.

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The cleaning and maintenance of XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace are very easy by dusting the interior. Clean your electric fireplace by using a clean and dry cloth to wipe the interior. Ash paste and cleaning agents may leave streaks on the glass of an electric fireplace. In a spray bottle, simply mixing one part vinegar and three parts water and spray it onto the glass, After which, wipe the glass using a dry microfiber cloth or any soft cloth until the glass is dry. Enjoy your indoor living with the XtremepowerUS Electric Portable Fireplace. It provides a nice warmth and beautiful look for your living room or any room you’re planning to install it. It is portable, versatile, and very easy to clean and maintain.

Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-B Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Real Flame Fresno G1200-X-B Entertainment Unit with Electric Fireplace


  • Comes with a digital readout panel with up to 9hr timed shut off
  • Fits a maximum of 50 inches TV with a 100 lb. Weight limit
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Uses ultra-bright LED technology with five (5) brightness settings


  • The space between the shelves and the back covering board is not large enough

Check Price

Doesn’t it feel great to have 3 for the price of 1? The G1200-X-B lets you enjoy the beauty of a smoke-free electric fireplace, entertainment center, and a TV stand. If you are looking for an ideal solution for creating an inviting centerpiece in your living room, you will love this particular model. It will offer you the warmth and glow of a traditional fireplace for a cleaner burning fire without soot or smoke.

You can place your 50-inch flat screen TV with a maximum weight of 100 lbs. on this stunning fireplace. It comes in black, white and dark walnut which give it a charming look on anywhere its placed. When it comes to its installation, you simply plug it into any standard power outlet. And with six adjustable shelves, you can store your DVDs, picture frames and showcase keepsakes.

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If you like, you can also organize your electronics such as gaming system, cable box, and DVD player. Built for durability and longevity, this unit is made of a combination of high-quality materials: powder coated steel, veneer overlay, and engineered wood.

With its hand painted concrete log, this machine eliminates all the guesswork to translate the gel fuel flames into a faux authentic wooden fire. Furthermore, if you want to adjust your flame and brightness settings, there is an included remote control that lets you do this.

Besides, you can also set the ideal room temperatures for the perfect mood, thanks to the featured thermostat. Better yet, if you like to look for ways to save every penny you spend, the G1200-X-B uses the latest and most efficient LED technology which is 100% energy efficient.

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Sonax F-192-BWT West Lake 60-Inch Fireplace Bench

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Sonax F-192-BWT West Lake 60-Inch Fireplace Bench


  • Accommodate a maximum of 68 inch TV
  • Comes in a beautiful design
  • Features a tempered safety glass cabinet doors with horizontal trim


  • You have to get pretty close to it to feel the warmth

Check Price

You will not get a fireplace TV stand that is a great combination of contemporary and traditional design like the 60 inch Sonax F-192-BWT. This unit is specially designed to provide you with a warm and cozy ambiance all year round. Made of quality materials, the Sonax F-192-BWT is highly durable and can last for years without you having to worry about replacing it.

You can even place your 68-inch flat screen TV on top of this unit and get to enjoy your favorite movies, programs and TV shows while curling up around a fire. With its side cabinets and top shelves, you can even store your entertainment accessories and AV components.

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The Sonax F-192-BWT comes in a dark espresso stained wood veneer and is accented with wood trimmed tempered glass cabinet doors that are a perfect balance of its outstanding performance. This elegant design acts as an excellent showpiece on anywhere it’s placed and speaks of greatness and quality.

Also, when it comes to even heat distribution, this fireplace doesn’t disappoint. It emits supplemental heat up to 400 square feet hence providing you with a cozy environment free of pollutants associated with a traditional fire.

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Dwyer 57 Inch TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Dwyer 57 Inch TV Stand with Electric Fireplace


  • Accommodate 60-inch flat screen TV
  • Produces realistic flames
  • Includes a remote control for added convenience
  • Heats up a room up to 400 square feet


  • Flimsy and cheaply made

Check Price

The 57 inch Dwyer stand with electric fireplace finish is among the greatest items you can find in the market. With this fireplace, you can be sure to find value in every penny spent in purchasing it. The Dwyer combines the traditionally designed mantel and contemporary styling of a curved electric fireplace to bring out its authentic and beautiful design.

If you enjoy watching flames rolling and dancing but without much hassle of tending a fire and cleaning, the Dwyer is an electric fireplace that lets you experience exactly that. Better yet, you can fit your 60-inch flat screen TV on it and entertain yourself as you enjoy warmth in a cozy environment. Speaking of warmth, you can never go wrong with this unit since it produces enough heat to warm up a room up to 400 square feet. This heat is evenly distributed by the integrated fan forced air heater so; you will never complain of the cold nights or winters anymore.

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With the ample storage space and its integrated wide center shelf as well as two side cabinets, you can store your accessories and entertainment materials. Besides, the charming burnished pecan finish gracefully highlights each and every feature of the Dwyer and also brings instant warm to your living room or bedroom. To spice it up, this radically distinctive unit comes equipped with a view of faux flame effects and pulsating, glowing embers bed/ log set.

This unit is also dedicated to providing convenience and comfort to you with its included multifunctional remote control. This feature lets you adjust from flame effect brightness to 2 heat settings from anywhere in your room. Moreover, the Dwyer is well covered by a one year warranty.

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Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Fireplace


  • Can heat up a maximum of 400 square feet
  • Includes a multifunctional remote for adjusting different settings
  • Plugs into a 120volt standard power outlet
  • Comes in an attractive design


  • Some say that it ‘s hard to assemble

Check Price

Looking for an electric fireplace that makes a crucial statement in your apartment? Well, the Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M is that piece of great addition that you require. With an edge of unpredictable in its display, this unit will sure impress you with its realistic, beautiful flame, glow logs, and a pulsating ember bed. Just like a real fire, these embers glow randomly to produce the natural simulation of a real fire. Its fan-forced –air heater, rated at 4600 BTUs is capable of heating up to 400 square feet of space, you will enjoy efficient heat as you relax watching your favorite movies.

Boasting of 3 flames and ten heat settings, the 248-44-34M lets you change the brightness and warmth levels to your liking. For added convenience, there is a multifunctional remote that allows you to operate the 248-44-34M across the room. To spice it up, this unit just plugs into a standard 120-volt power outlet for instant enjoyment.

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When it comes to looks, no fireplace in its class can beat it out. Regardless of whether you are seeking to add an impressive visual display or just warm up your room in the cold nights or winter, this unit lets you achieve that. Furthermore, it has a deep colored finish that adds style to any room you place it in. Besides, it’s an aesthetic fireplace that lets you enjoy varied benefits without the inefficiency and costs associated with a traditional fireplace.

Although this fireplace needs some assembly, it is not a big deal since all you require is a simple screwdriver and just one person to put it together. All in all, this is the best addition to your home that covers the cost of 2 in one.

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Pleasant Hearth 23-Inch Riley Espresso Media Electric Fireplace
best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Pleasant Hearth 23-Inch Riley Espresso Media Electric Fireplace Review


  • Fits a 48 inch flat TV screen
  • Produces flame effects with heat on or not
  • Features a timer that auto shuts between 30 minutes to 9hours
  • No chimney or venting is required


  • Most users complained that it had been made of cheap materials

Check Price

The Pleasant Hearth 23-Inch Riley Espresso is a spectacular media electric fireplace that comes in a very rich dark espresso finish to create a personal touch in any room. Featuring LED lights, you will sure enjoy watching flickering and dancing realistic flames at your comfort. The top shelf, can comfortably hold your 48 inches flat panel TV hence you can entertain yourself while viewing its glimmering, breathtaking ember bed with heat on or not. In this case, when your nights are too cold and you can switch the light and heat on or just have a great moment without heat.

There are three heating levels that you can adjust to your choice and with a multifunctional remote, you can control these settings, three flame settings as well as the 11 thermostat settings. It is worth mentioning that this remote operates on 1 OCR2 battery and has an average life of 17, 520 hours.

The LCD backlit display comes in handy for the temperature and timer functions. What is, even more, is that this unit features a fan that runs quietly and smoothly and evenly distributes heat up to 400 square feet in a room.

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The exceedingly contrived cabinets with adjustable doors and shelves on both sides of this unit are of huge benefit for storing your small media appliances. Even better, if you often forgetoften to switch your fireplace off, with its timer function, you can set it to turn automatically off from 30 min to 9 hours.

The included cabinet with cables and cords has venting configurations that effectively allow for air movement. Besides no chimney or venting is required eliminates the hassle of cleaning the ashes associated with traditional fireplaces.

The best electric fireplace does not only has an outstanding performance or sound design but should also be easy to install and maintain. And the Riley Media Espresso fulfills this since installing it is as easy as plugging it into any standard 120-volt power outlet.

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Chimney Free Lynwood Electric Fireplace TV Stand- 18MM4105-C233

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-ChimneyFree Lynwood Electric Fireplace TV Stamd- 18MM4105-C233 Review


  • Heats up to 1000 square feet
  • Comes with side shelves for storage
  • A multifunctional remote control is included


  • You will feel the heat only when you are close enough to it

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The Classic Flame 18MM4105-C233 is a breathtaking electric fireplace TV stand and a tremendous improvement to any home, office or living room. This unit sustains a crucial space by merging storage for a media center with a fully functional electric fireplace to offer you everything that you have been looking for. Designed to last, this fireplace is made solely with the finest quality materials to ensure your purchase does last for long.

The Vintage Cherry – 18MM4105-C233 doubles an electric fireplace, which is a terrific way to add warmth and as a media console to any room in your house. Its sturdy wood construction offers a traditional heavenly design of a hearth while providing the modern conveniences and a media cabinet.

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If you like, you can store your media and other components in its side storage doors and a DVD player in the large open shelf. Not to be surpassed by the entertainment components, the 18MM4105-C233 is, of course, a great addition and fully-functioning electrical fireplace heater rated with 5200 BTUs capable of evenly heating up a room that is not more than 1000 square feet.

It is an amazingly exciting experience to watch realistic flame effect and authentic and graceful resin logs as well as a pulsating ember bed that emphasize an incredibly real looking faux flame for an ultimate experience. Installing this unit is as simple as just plugging it into a standard 120-volt power outlet. Better yet, with the included thermostat, you can adjust the room temperature to your choice. In fact, the included remote control, make it even easier and cozier for you because you can adjust these temperature settings from anywhere in the room.

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Media Fireplace TV Stand Combo for Televisions up to 45 Inches

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Media Fireplace TV Stand Review


  • Fits a 45 inch TV
  • Heats up to 400 square feet
  • Easy to assemble


  • No major complaints and out of 2 negative reviews, one of the users didn’t like its color

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Brilliantly make your living room or bedroom welcoming by installing the 45 inch Media Fireplace TV Stand Combo. If you are looking to add more than just warmth and ambiance and, include a fashionable attitude to any of your rooms, then this unit is all you need. Capable of heating up to 400 square feet room space, you will enjoy a cozy environment all through the year. Besides, you can even place your 45 inch TV on top of this unit and with its removable corner shelves, you can store your books, accessories, and media items conveniently.

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With so many fireplaces on offer in the market, it is always great to purchase from a name you recognize, and the Media Fireplace TV Stand is one of those names. When it comes to installation of this unit in your home, it is as easy as a breeze. And once you have set it up, you can operate it with the heat on or not and still enjoy the beautiful, authentic rolling flame effects all year round.

Besides, this great piece of space saving furniture is easy to use as t features on and off heater control settings which allow you to set an optimal temperature of your choice. Additionally, this unit is covered by a one year warranty.

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Kendall Electric Media Fireplace – Glazed Pine

best electric fireplace tv stand Reviews-Kendall Electric Media Fireplace Review - Glazed Pine


  • Fits a flat screen TV of 50 inches or less
  • Provides supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet
  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet


  • Some didn’t like that they had to assemble it

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This refined Kendall Electric Media Fireplace is as captivating as it can be. Its earthy, glazed pine finish together with the elegantly carved columns make the piece the perfect choice. Outside the box, the classic cottage styling, a multipurpose functionality and this unit’s distressed antique white finish make it one of the few exquisite fireplace anyone would wish for. The Kendall’s paint and wood are distressed with tiny wormholes and imperfections to give it character.

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There are louvered cabinet doors on both sides of the firebox and an adjustable shelf for ample media storage. With the three open shelves, you can store your game consoles and electronic components while the two other shelves on each side offer storage for books, games, and movies.

You will get fascinated by its realistic, multicolor flickering flames and the pulsating, glowing embers with an exquisite interior design for a life-like appearance. If you are looking to add a warm, seductive touch to your home or office, this transitional fireplace will let you do that.

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Furthermore, it uses energy efficient, low maintenance LED and requires no extra skills to install. With the LED lights, you will not only enjoy a cost effective way to upgrade your media or living room but also an optional downlight illumination.

An easy to use remote control provides 4-way adjustability for warming your room. You won’t have to worry about your pets and kids paying around this unit as it comes armored with safety features: glass that is cool to the touch and an automatic shutoff. Even when your heat is turned off, you still get to enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace all through the year.

You are likely to get hypnotized with supplemental heat emitted by the Kendall, capable of warming up a 400 square feet room or smaller as well as its multicolor flames and burning logs with embers that simulate a real wood burning fire.

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How we listed these 12+ best electric fireplace TV stand reviews

As you all know, nothing comes easy!! This theory perfectly fitted when we were gathering the best electric fireplace TV Stands in the market. It is worth mentioning that every review we make is honest and customer driven meaning that delivering the best and quality reviews to you is our priority.

This selection process involved comprehensive research from manufacture’s sites and other related websites. But most importantly, we engaged users in this exercise by asking for their opinion through questionnaires and interviews. Anyway let’s take a look at the most popular 12 electric fireplace TV stand reviews in the market.

What makes the Electric Fireplace TV Stand unique?

There is nothing as difficult as trying to add a new item in your home and at the same time seeking to figure out how it will fit in with your room arrangement while still ensuring that everything functions as expected. Therefore, the big question comes in, is there an electric fireplace that can solve your big mystery? Good news is that the electric fireplaces with TV stands are out there in the market.

You will not get an electric fireplace better than these particular type that lets you curl up in the warmth of a smokeless fire while enjoying your TV shows simultaneously. Better yet, you will not have any problems storing your media accessories, video game consoles, reading materials and DVD players. Why is this? This is because the electric fireplaces come with ample in-built storage facilities that also play the role of an entertainment center.

Users who showed interest in electric fireplace TV stands were very pleased with it. Being amongst the few best electric fireplaces in the market, their popularity is increasing like wildfire for their wide variety of styles and colors they come in. And just like other fireplaces, their cost ranges depending on size, style, and brand. And judging from the users review, the best electric fireplaces are not only functional but also stylish, the reason why we listed these best electric fireplace TV stand reviews specifically for you.

What benefits do you get from these fireplaces?

  • They’re easy to set up, and all you have to do is just plug them into any standard power outlet. Likewise, no vents, gas, chimneys are required.
  • They are cheap to use, and most of them use the LED technology which is very energy efficient and requires low maintenance
  • Unlike the traditional fireplaces, these units emit enough heat and with the help of integrated fans, you can enjoy evenly distributed warmth throughout the room.
  • Since no chopping and hauling of the logs, you will not be required to clean up ash and soot thus the costs of maintenance is relatively small. The only thing you will have to change is the light bulb after use in a couple of years.
  • The electric fireplaces TV Stands are safe since they come with a cool to the touch glass and thermostat. Others even have an auto-shut feature.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty Electric Fireplace TV Stands in the market with each vendor touting their product as the best. Therefore, choosing the one that matches your needs can be a frustrating experience. Factors such as cost, features, performance, and design primarily influence your purchase. It is for this reason that we took our time to narrow down the list from over 100 electric fireplace TV Stands to the 12 units as mentioned earlier.

These units can be used with or without heat for all year round and are cool to the touch hence your kids, and pets are safe around them. Of course, there are other benefits associated with each model, not to mention that they also come with their disadvantages. Just as it is a crucial aspect to consider the initial cost of each unit, it is equally important to choose one with low maintenance cost. All in all, choosing one of the best electric fireplace TV Stand from our list is a total guarantee of quality, performance, and precision.

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