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10 Best Propane & Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts

There are many great reasons to have a gas fireplace insert to replace a wood-burning fireplace. It means that your home is still warm yet there is no soot or ash to be cleaned up. A propane or natural gas fireplace is a clean and efficient means of keeping you warm in cold winters.

Buying and fitting a modern gas fireplace insert with a blower can also make your home more comfortable and welcoming. We have used our expertise and knowledge to find the best gas fireplace for whatever your needs are.

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We reviewed 10 inserts before reaching our verdict, some models included a blower, and others did not have a blower. All of the inserts reviewed are powered by either liquid propane or natural gas, with some models having a dual fuel capability meaning they can be run on either types of fuel. 

10 Best Gas Fireplace Inserts

Here are the 10 best gas fireplace inserts:

  • 26,000 BTU heats up to 1,350 square feet
  • Dual Fuel Technology: Can use natural gas or liquid propane gas
  • Remote Control Included: Set your desired room temperature, turn on/off
  • Ventless: No outside duct or chimney needed
  • ASSEMBLED IN USA - Product is proudly assembled in the USA. Skilled...
  • TECHNOLOGY - 26, 000 BTU Patented DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY using Natural...
  • DEPENDABLE - Thermostat Control – The control automatically cycles...
  • Deluxe 36" Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Fireplace
  • Dimensions: 37" Width x 35 5/8" Height x 16 3/8" Depth.
  • Millivolt Control with On/Off Switch
  • Fireplace turns on/off at the flick of a switch for simple operation
  • Offers 50% flame and heat adjustment for maximum comfort and...
  • The oxygen depletion sensor shuts the pilot off before oxygen drops...
  • Primary fireplace for entry-level homes
  • Convert to a contemporary look now or later. Sold separate.
  • Pre-wired for wall switch. Switch not included.
  • 26,000 Maximum BTU using Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Patented Dual Fuel Technology
  • Thermostat Control - Automatically cycles on and off to maintain...
  • Model #: DVLL60BP90N
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Includes : Multi-Function Remote, Ceramic Glass and Dimmer Light below...
  • 13,500 - 19,100 Btu/Hour Input (NG)
  • 6 ceramic fiber logs
  • Glowing embers

Duluth Forge, Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace Insert (Remote Control)

  • It produces a great deal of warmth 
  • It is highly economical to use, it is rated at 99.9 % efficiency 
  • The insert has a remote control 
  • dual fuel type
  • The instructions are not clear over which pipes connect to the liquid propane and natural gas 
  • It can be a hassle to contact the manufacturers customer support team 

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This high quality gas fireplace insert outputs 26,000 BTU and it is available in black. It comes with a remote control and the dual fuel feature means that this insert can use both liquid propane or natural gas. The dimensions of this modern fireplace are 29.1 inches wide, 23.9 inches high and 13.9 inches deep. 

We picked this gas fireplace with a blower as the editor’s choice as it not only looks the part, it plays the part. There was no hesitation in deciding that is the best gas fireplace insert available. The dual-fuel supply makes it highly efficient without the need for a duct. This unit made our home warm when we needed it, and every time we needed it. 


Duluth Forge, Dual Fuel Gas Fireplace Insert (Thermostat)

  • The thermostat controls saves money 
  • Warms up quickly 
  • The 5 ceramic logs provide a sensation of glowing warmth 
  • Not available for residents of California to buy due to different safety regulations 
  • The pilot light does not always work 

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This fireplace has a dual fuel type feature so that it can use liquid propane or natural gas, both will produce an output of 26000 BTU. It is a modern gas fireplace insert, and it’s heat output is controlled by a thermostat. The dimensions of the Ventless are 29.1 inches wide, 23.9 inches high and a depth of 13.9 inches. 

I like how warm this fireplace makes my home, and being able to use both liquid propane and natural gas is a good option to have. The thermostat controls mean that I have tighter control of how much gas is being used to stay warm. The hand-painted ceramic logs make the living room look warmer as well an provides great ambiance. It is a great option and one of our favorite gas fireplace inserts.


Empire, Tahoe Deluxe Gas Fireplace Insert

  • It provides plenty of heat 
  • It has a Millivolt control including an on/off shut off switch 
  • Heats your home up quickly 
  • safety screen
  • It does not include a blower 
  • There may not be enough piping depending on where the vent will be 

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This deluxe gas fireplace insert has dimensions of 37 inches wide, 35 5/8 inches in height, and a depth of 16 3/8 inches. The Empire Deluxe uses natural gas that quickly and efficiently heats up your home. 

We like how much warmth this modern fireplace puts into our home, and how quickly it removes the chill even in the middle of winter. We would have rated it higher if had included a blower. The fact it does not have a blower meant we felt another insert was more worthy of being the best gas fireplace insert. 


Napoleon, Grandville Series GVF36-2N

  • Simple on/off switch
  • Can increase or decrease power by 50% 
  • safety features: oxygen depletion sensor to check oxygen levels as well as requires a safety screen
  • You will have to buy a Louver kit and a trim kit if you do not already have them 
  • These kits could cost over $200 if you have to buy them.

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The Napoleon – Grandville is a natural gas fireplace insert that produces up to 30,000 BTU. This fireplace features a pan style burner phazer as well as a log set oxygen depletion sensor. It is a modern gas fireplace insert with a focus on extra safety for it’s users. However it does not have a blower. 

We liked the warmth of this fire, and the realistic flames coming from the phazer logs make things feel cozy. We also think that the oxygen depletion sensor is a good idea from a safety point of view. In terms of safety concerns the Napoleon – Grandville would be the safest gas fireplace insert. 


Superior Fireplaces, VCI3032ZMN

  • It works better because of the Millivolt control 
  • It produces a higher BTU output 
  • The insert looks good once fully fitted 
  • No accessories included 
  • Too expensive compared to other options 

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This Superior Fireplaces model is a powerful natural gas fireplace insert, and the Millivolt controls make it a more modern fireplace, however the blower is extra. 

In terms of the heat produced it was one of the best gas fireplace inserts. At dimensions of 35 inches wide, 25.6 inches high and 17.5 inches deep it quickly heated up my home. But because it doesn’t come with any extras, the total cost is a bit higher if you add on all the accessories.


Majestic, QUARTZ32IN Gas Fireplace Insert

  • The insert looks stylish 
  • Lights fast with Intellifire Ignition
  • Works better with the blower 
  • Ignition does not always work 
  • The BTU could be higher 

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The Majestic Quartz is a quality natural gas fireplace insert with a heat output ranging from 15,000 to 21,000. It has been pre-wired for a switch, which is not supplied. 

We felt comfortable enough with the heat emitted and liked the style of this modern fireplace. This fine looking fireplace can have a blower as an optional extra. For a medium sized insert it is one of the best gas fireplace inserts available. 


ProCom, Dual Fuel FBNSD28T

  • Oxygen depletion sensor
  • The Piezo ignition system means the gas is instantly lit
  • Thermostat controls save money, can boost warmth during the coldest parts of winter 
  • The fan could do with more power 
  • Front face not included 

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The ProCom gas fireplace insert can be used with propane or natural gas and produce a heat output of 26,000 BTU. The dimensions are 29.1 inches wide, 23.9 inches high and is 13.9 inches deep. 

There are aspects of this modern gas fireplace insert which I have found to be useful, namely the oxygen depletion sensor and the Piezo ignition function. Even though this has the oxygen depletion sensor, I recommend still making sure your carbon monoxide sensors work in case the sensor fails. Like other fireplaces on this list, the blower is extra. I found that money can be saved by lowering the thermostat controls. 


Empire Comfort Systems, Boulevard DV Linear Gas Fireplace Insert

  • Looks great with ceramic glass and the dimmer light 
  • Fits larger fireplaces 
  • High BTU of 46000 soon gets your home warm 
  • You cannot use propane gas in this insert
  • If you are a California resident check if you are allowed to use this insert before buying 

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This is among the largest gas fireplace inserts you can buy. It has dimensions of 79 inches in width, a depth of 21 inches and a height of 50 inches. The Empire Comfort Systems uses natural gas, includes a remote control, and it also has a dimmer light set below floor level. 

We like the ceramic glass included in the modern design of this fireplace, as it completes the look. The huge heat output of 46,000 BTU means that it is plenty powerful enough to heat any size room, even though it does not come with a blower. In terms of BTU output alone it is among the powerful fireplace inserts we have used. Ideal for filling a larger fireplace. 


American Hearth, Boulevard Gas Fireplace Insert

  • The special burner allows it to be vent free
  • Heats up rooms quickly 
  • Creates cozy rooms 
  • You need to fit the light switch 
  • Have to buy the reflective and crushed glass separately 

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The American Hearth Boulevard natural gas fireplace insert is delivered with a remote control. It is a vent free due to being fitted with a special burner unit. It looks more modern if you buy the reflective and crushed glass which comes with it. 

I must admit that I really like the sheer size of this gas fireplace insert with its dimensions of 81 inches wide, it’s height of 38 inches high, and a depth of 18 inches. It is the largest fireplace on this list. It makes the living room feel warm and cozy, especially with the reflective and crushed glass. 


Majestic, Mercury Gas Fireplace Insert

  • The standing pilot light makes it start quickly
  • The 6 ceramic logs
  • Glowing embers affect 
  • Pilot light cannot always be relied upon to work 
  • The BTU output could be higher, and it is expensive considering that output 

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The Mercury natural gas fireplace insert from Majestic comes with a pilot light, 6 ceramic logs with glowing ember affects, and an output of between 13,000 and 19,100 BTU. 

What we liked the most about the Majestic Mercury was the glowing ember effects that it produces. That is a nice innovation among modern gas fireplace inserts. It creates a warm and comfortable aura, although the BTU output could be higher. 

Final Verdict 

After reflecting on all of the pros and cons of each model of gas fireplace insert reviewed we decided that the winner was the Duluth Forge Dual Fuel  Vent Gas Fireplace Insert (Remote Control). We rated this as the best gas fireplace insert as it produced more heat, and had the highest efficiency ratings than the rest of the inserts, as well as it being an easy installation. It will appear like a traditional fireplace and provide the right ambiance to help you unwind. 



What is the best gas fireplace insert?

Once we completed our reviews of all the inserts we agreed that the Duluth Forge Dual Fuel vent insert was the best gas fireplace insert. It was the most economical to run and included a blower

What is the difference between a gas fireplace and a gas insert?

A gas fireplace usually means the fireplace was originally installed with the home, whereas a gas insert has replaced the original fireplace, whether that was wood, coal, or a previous gas insert. 

How much is a gas fireplace insert?

Depending on the exact specifications and features, a gas insert will cost in the region of $600. Some inserts may cost less but you might have to pay extra for accessories that more expensive ones include in the higher price. 

Are gas fireplace inserts worth it?

Generally gas fireplace inserts are worth the money, though some models are more efficient or better performing than others. It is always best to check what accessories come included with the inserts, and which ones have to be brought separately. 

Do gas fireplaces need to be vented?

This depends on whether the existing fireplace was previously vented, and also some inserts do need to be vented and others do not. The description and the instructions with specific models will state whether or not venting is required. If vent fireplace is not required we recommend that you have a window cracked to help reduce carbon monoxide gases that may be about.

How much does it cost to convert fireplace to gas?

It will cost the price of the insert you buy, plus it may cost additional for accessories or if new pipes and connections are required. There may be extra costs if you need to pay a gas engineer to fit new or extra pipes. 

Which is better gas or wood fireplace?

That comes down to personal preference. However there are benefits to using gas instead of wood, for instance, there is no smoke, no ashes and no need to buy and cut wood. With gas, there is no need to store wood and it is easier to control how much heat is produced. 

Can you put real wood in a gas fireplace?

The quick answer to that is no. It would not be safe to do so. Basically if there had previously been a wood-burning fire, you would have to remove the gas insert and convert it back. Then it would have to pass a safety check before you could use it.

Do fireplace inserts really work? 

Yes fireplace inserts do work, providing that all of the pipes and connections are fitted properly.

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