Best Corner Electric Fireplace Reviews and Guide (2023)

Best Corner Electric Fireplace: A review on the top 8 best corner electric fireplaces #cornerelectricfireplace #cornerfireplace #electricfireplace #FireplaceLab

A corner electric fireplace is a beautiful and convenient heating option for any room in the house.

They are available in various styles to suit the style and design of any home and can save space by fitting in the corner of your room.

We put this list together for you so you too can feel like you can have a beautiful focal point in your outdoor space, whether or not you have tons of room.

At A Glance: 3 Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

The three main electric corner fireplace styles include:

  1. Corner electric fireplaces with a TV stand or an entertainment center.
  2. Corner electric fireplaces with a beautiful mantel to display your photo frames or books upon.
  3. Convertible corner electric fireplaces that can be placed in a corner in an exact fit, or “converted” to a fireplace that can go flat against a wall.

In this review, you will see our picks for the best corner electric fireplace for each of the three styles.

Best Corner Electric Fireplace: A review on the top 8 best corner electric fireplaces #cornerelectricfireplace #cornerfireplace #electricfireplace #FireplaceLab

The Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

Here are the best sellers for corner electric fireplaces of each style:



Corner Electric Fireplace with a TV stand or Mantel?

Once you have decided whether or not you want a convertible electric fireplace, you need to decide what type of style you want. The two most common styles are:

  1. Fireplaces with TV Stands / Entertainment Center / Media Center
  2. Fireplaces with a Mantel

This should be a relatively easy decision.

If you want to use the corner fireplace as a place to place your TV and other media equipment, getting a corner electric fireplace with a TV stand is a no-brainer. These units typically have three storage compartments in addition and are designed to support the weight of a TV.

If your room already has a TV set up, or no TV at all, a corner electric fireplace mantel is a beautiful way to spruce up the room.

The mantel will provide you with beautiful shelf space to place photos, home decor items, etc.

It creates a simple, classic, sophisticated look.

Consider A Convertible Corner Electric Fireplace:

The first key feature you want to look for in a corner electric fireplace is whether or not it is convertible.

A convertible corner electric fireplace is a unit that is designed to fit in the corner of your room, or flat against a wall.

This allows you to experiment with placement as well as the flexibility of moving the fireplace unit from place to place as you see fit.

Even if you are sure you want a corner unit, it may be prudent to still buy a convertible unit as your future needs may change.

You may find yourself moving to a new home where placing the fireplace flat against a wall is the best fit.

Or you may move the fireplace unit to another room. You will preserve these options with a convertible electric fireplace.

The trade-off is that you may either need to find a place to store the extra panel or deal with less than optimal sightlines.

Some convertible units come with a foldable panel in the back, which means that there may be a gap between the unit and the wall you place it flat against.

Other units come with a removable panel, which means you will need to find a place to store it.

Best Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stands Review:

1. Ameriwood Home Overland Corner Electric Fireplace

Ameriwood Home Overland Corner Electric Fireplace

One of our favorite electric fireplaces is the Ameriwood Home Overland. It is an elegant unit with an entertainment center but does require two people to handle the assembling work.

This convertible electric fireplace fits aptly in the corner of the house, with an allowance of placement of up to 50” TV sets weighing up to 55 pounds.

It has a 23” insert fitted with a screen display to simulate the AltraFlame effect perfectly.

The entire unit measures 29.7” height, 47.6” Width, and 19.7” breadth after assembly.

It weighs 94.27 pounds with much of its weight exerted on the bottom to increase stability.

It, therefore, stands seamlessly creating a remarkable atmosphere.

This unit comes with remote control, and hence, you can switch it on or off from the comfort of your seat.

Also, it has shelves where you can put some of your belongings in case you are out of storage space.

The other significant feature with the Ameriwood Home Overland is the ability to simulate the flame effects without generation of heat which you can turn on independently.

I particularly loved the design of this unit: its casing is finished with an artificial stone making it appear classy.


  • It exudes elegance with its classy finish
  • It is space economical as it has five shelves and a table stand
  • Has four flame-levels controllable with the remote


  • Difficult to assemble single-handedly

2. WE Furniture 48” Wood Corner Electric Fireplace Media TV Stand Console

Wood Corner Electric Fireplace Media TV Stand

When I considered the color of the unit, I realized that a white corner electric fireplace gets more positive reviews than other colors.

This product from WE Furniture is particularly made of white oak with a unique design that allows it to sit in the corner of the house with ambiance.

Well, there are other varieties of this unit to choose from, like those available in rustic oak, espresso, and traditional brown, but the white oak is the most fancied.

This unit is perfect for a TV stand supporting up to a 250 pounds TV set.

It has spacious shelves as well where you can keep your DVD set and books.

Besides the shelves, it includes a fireplace display screen with a classy seal glass.

It measures 20” by 48” by 32” and weighs 10 pounds.

It provides an elegant view, and even though the crackling noise may seem too loud, it might be what most people fancy.


  • It is classy and elegant in terms of the appearance
  • Offers a sizable TV stand 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heats up slowly with a relatively weak heating element
  • Has small shelves on the sides

3. Southern Enterprises AZ6139IF Corner Media Infrared Fireplace

Southern Enterprises AZ6139IF Corner Media Infrared Fireplace

If you are looking for an effective corner fireplace that heats up quickly, then I would recommend one from Southern Enterprises, the AZ6139IF corner infrared fireplace.

Typically, this corner fireplace unit efficiently heats up to 1000 sq. ft. within a short period.

It has a fan-forced quartz distribution system which facilitates the buildup of warmth.

Besides, the infra-red firebox conserves humidity, thereby ensuring a more comfortable, warm atmosphere.

Besides heating efficiency, this fireplace unit is made into a stylish design.

It is made of poplar MDF particleboard basswood and classily finished in brown mahogany.

It is sizable enough to hold a 46″ TV set, measuring 32.25″ height, 48″ Width, and 15.75″ depth.

The unit weighs 123 pounds, providing support for 85 lbs — weighing items.

The shelves are also sizable and sturdy enough to support up to 10 pounds each.

It comes with a remote control that regulates the five flame levels.

I mostly loved this product due to the ability to switch on the heater without the flame effects as well as the flame without the heat.

If you are looking for more affordable electric fireplaces, Windsor is probably not for you.

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  • Enhances safety through features such as child safety lock and automatic shut-off
  • The flame effects are long-lasting while its power requirement is relatively low


  • It is relati vely expensive.

Best Corner Electric Fireplaces with Mantel

Best Corner Electric Fireplaces with Mantel

1. Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace

Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace

This is another endearing convertible corner electric fireplace heater that involves an adorable work of art.

Besides fitting in the corner, it is designed with an imitation of stacked bricks, thereby giving your sitting room a vintage look and feel.

Bowery Hill is available in white with a rustic faux stone finish, which improves its appearance making it more appealing.

It is relatively small in size, and hence, it does not take up much of your room’s space.

Bowery Hill measures 40.5 by 45.5 by 15.75 inches; in height, width and depth respectively.

It is robust, weighing 97 pounds and can support a maximum of 85 pounds of items and the corner converter can support up to 20 pounds.

It comes with a remote control that operates the 5-level adjustable logs and realistic flames.

The LED bulbs for lighting the unit are energy efficient while they provide sufficient supplemental heat that can cover a maximum size of 400 sq. ft. of a room.

The unit’s safety is greatly enhanced since it has an automatic shutoff system which helps prevent the emergence of accidents, for instance, when kids interfere with the unit.


  • High-quality material is used to make the unit
  • Easy to assemble since its design is uncomplicated
  • Its design is suitable for every home


  • Its heating capability is relatively low, reaching only 400 sq. ft.
  • Provides limited storage space due to the unavailability of shelves.

2. Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

I considered this stunning furniture piece due to its elegantly designed model with a medium-density fiberboard. This wood design is made in a way resembling stone mantels.

This electric fireplace is small, and therefore I would recommend it if your living room is relatively small in size.

It is only capable of providing enough heat for a 144 sq. ft. room size.

It has no shelves and would not be suitable for placing items, features done away with to minimize its size significantly.

However, despite the unit being small in size, I found some features that made me fall in love with it.

Features such as a remote control, availability of a mantel an adjustable thermostat, adjustable brightness, bright and flickering flame, and maximum BTU output would lure you into acquiring the 5950E Chateau fireplace.

It measures 37.6” Height x 40.94” Width x 25.28” Depth and weighs 77 pounds, which portrays the smallness of the firebox in regards to the size.

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  • Suitable for small rooms due to their small size
  • It can be placed on top of a carpet without burning it
  • Designed using MDF technology hence relatively durable


  • Cannot be used in a relatively large room
  • Its requirement for assembly poses a risk to some of the relatively fragile parts

Best Convertible Corner Electric Fireplaces

Best Convertible Corner Electric Fireplaces

1. Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace

I’m so excited to see that Amazon’s Alexa voice technology has now landed into electric fireplaces.

In the Redden, Alexa allows you to control the fireplace functions with your voice.

You can power the fireplace on/off, turn up/down the heat, turn up/down the flame, and even set a timer — all with your voice.

It also provides enough supplemental heat for a room-sized 400 sq. ft.

Besides, it applies the quartz infrared technology, which heats more quickly than the mantel.

Also, the infrared is more efficient since it absorbs humidity hence providing a warmer atmosphere for less energy.

It weighs 121 pounds and measures 52.2” Height x 36.5” Width x 16” depth while it can support up to 85 pounds.

It has exceptional features such as a 5-levels adjustable LED flame, Alexa voice control for adjusting the levels, children’s safety locking mechanism, and adjustable cabinets.

This piece has different parts made of different materials, including poplar, metal, glass, resin, polyresin, and MDF.


  • Amazon Alexa enabled voice control
  • It can be placed on top of a carpet without burning it
  • Designed using MDF technology hence relatively durable


  • Cannot be used in a relatively large room
  • Its requirement for assembly poses a risk to some of the relatively fragile parts

3. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible

During my research, it might seem like I mostly fancy white-colored fireplaces.

Well, we would all agree that white is stunning and offers a classy sense.

Southern Enterprises presents this white-colored convertible electric fireplace that would perfectly fit in the corner of your living room.

It has four shelves on its side and one on the top for putting a DVD player for your TV set.

It is made of sturdy material and finished with white faux stone to give it a stylish look and touch.

This corner fireplace unit can provide supplemental heat to a room size of up to 400 sq. ft. with the 5-adjustment logs and flames which can be controlled using a remote.

It measures 25.2” by 52.2” by 36.5” and weighs 102 pounds.

It provides a sizable space for a flat-screen TV set of up to 50 inches.

The side shelves are tapered; therefore, it conserves much of the space in your room.


  • It is made of high-quality and robust material.
  • It provides sizable storage space while concurrently conserving the room’s space.
  • Has an attractive design with an exceptional finish style.


  • Provides relatively low heat energy.
  • Assembling might be difficult.

4. Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace Media Console Cabinet

Windsor Corner Infrared Electric Fireplace

The last sizable convertible electric fireplace on the list is the Windsor which can be used as an optional wall or corner unit. It has two cabinets on the sides and a shelf on top of the firebox with a flip glass door.

It employs the Spectra-fire realistic flames technology producing supplemental heat enough to warm a living room with size up to 1000 square feet, which spreads faster and more efficiently.

Made of fine hardwoods and finished with cherry laminate, this mantel has a vintage look.

Windsor corner electric fireplace heater weighs 135 pounds, the heaviest of the units I found, and measures 27.2 by 46.2 by 35.5 inches.

This unit can support up to 150 pounds while providing a space for a flat-screen TV up to 50 inches.

It features realism in the design of flame-like LED lighting.

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  • Highly efficient especially for relatively large rooms.
  • Has ample storage space.
  • It is convertible, can be placed in the corner or wall.


  • Challenging to move due to its hefty weight.

What To Consider When Buying A Corner Electric Fireplace:What To Consider When Buying A Corner Electric Fireplace

There are many important points that you have to remember when buying a corner electric fireplace. So have a look at the details and always get the top version of the electric fireplace:

In general, you should get those kinds of electric fireplaces that give out realistic-looking 3D flames and deliver 10 flame effects.

Furthermore, your chosen model should have a touch-sensitive control panel and gives a variety number of visual effects.

Premium Construction:

Firstly, you can get that electric fireplace that shoes and packed with premium construction.

It should give an authentic look and should be able to keep on giving realistic 3D flames.

Moreover, your chosen model should be designed in a manner that it consists of a built-in heater and installed with at least 2 thermostat heat settings.

Moreover, high-end models always have safety features, like they give overheat protection.

Easy Operations:

The next feature that you have to cater while getting a corner electric fireplace is to get the version that is easy and convenient to use.

It needs to be embedded with a Touch-sense control panel and also a handheld remote so that you can experience easy operations.

The chosen model should allow you to easily switch right between classic faux log and also flame settings.

You should not see any hassle while switching between the color-changing flame modes.

Gives a Cozy And Inviting Glow:

Most importantly, have that electric fireplace that gives a cozy as well as inviting glow. It should make your room cozier and immensely inviting looking.

If it gives the feel of a real fire, then that is great. High-end and top-notch electric fireplaces are always marked as ideal solutions these days.

Besides, you need to hunt for that model that is available and designed in a variety of widths. This way, you can mount that fireplace right within a custom and recessed structure.

Offer 10 Colored And LED Flame Effects:

It is always great to have an electric fireplace that is featured and embedded with a realistic 3D effect.

Moreover, it should give you options so that you can change colors as well as the flame intensity and can well match these settings with your mood and needs.

All those fireplaces that have a minimal black frame, bring a finished appearance and stylish essence to your room.

Such electric fireplaces bring an intimate atmosphere and allow you to enjoy the beauty of fire more and more.

Over-Heat Protection:

Lastly, you have to purchase that kind of electric fireplace that gives overheat protection settings so that you can remain secure while this fireplace is turned on.

It has to be simple and also user-friendly looking.

If it offers in-wall installation and is accompanied by a recessed mounting, then that is amazing.

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While most people would prefer a white corner electric fireplace, several others would opt for a range of different colors that are typically available as well.

In terms of features, decide whether or not you want an entertainment center to hold your TV and other media, or a traditional mantel to hold your books, photo frames, etc. 

Whatever the size or style, all corner electric fireplace units are freestanding.

Freestanding electric fireplaces are easy to install. All it takes is to find a suitable location and an electrical outlet.

Unlike an electric fireplace insert, you do not need to mess with any wall installation.

Our overall favorite corner electric fireplace on this list is the Ameriwood Home Overland Corner Electric Fireplace.

The amount of storage space and entertainment center is a very useful feature and the fire itself has four flame-level controls with a remote.

It is available at an attractive price, just be sure to have someone with you to assemble the unit.

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