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White Electric Fireplace TV Stand and Entertainment Center

White electric fireplaces with a TV stand are one of the most sought after and popular electric fireplace designs today. As a result, there is a dizzying array of choices and styles, making it difficult to find the right one.

We have done the legwork and narrowed down the choices to a shortlist of best white electric fireplace entertainment centers. This is undoubtedly where you should start your hunt. You will find there are various styles and features, ranging from rustic to modern to choose from.

Best White Electric Fireplace TV Stand and Entertainment Centers

Here are the best white electric fireplace TV stands in a comparison chart:

ImageElectric Fireplace ModelPrice
Southern Enterprises RollinsSouthern Enterprises Rollins
Editor's Choice
A feature-rich convertible fireplace with beautiful design elements
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Ameriwood Home CarverAmeriwood Home Carver
Modern electric fireplace with ample storage and glass doors
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WE Furniture Tall Rustic WoodWE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood
Rustic electric fireplace with ample storage and glass doors
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Lumina Fireplace TV StandLumina Fireplace TV Stand
Wide, ultra-modern electric fireplace with blue LED lighting
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Southern Enterprises ReddenSouthern Enterprises Redden
Alexa-Enabled fireplace allows for voice control of heat and flames
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Ameriwood Home FarmingtonAmeriwood Home Farmington
Rustic electric fireplace that gives off the outdoor wood barn look and feel
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Parsons Electric FireplaceParsons Electric Fireplace
Simple, modern electric fireplace with open shelf design
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Ameriwood ManchesterAmeriwood Manchester
Wide, classic electric fireplace with adjustable shelves
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Key Features of White Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Electric fireplace TV stands have become more popular than their mantel and heater counterparts. Electric fireplace manufacturers have responded to rising demand by flooding the market with numerous models and styles, and you now have dozens of options to choose from.

Here are some key features that you should be on the lookout for.

Size of the Entertainment Center

White electric fireplace entertainment centers come in various sizes in order to match the varying TV sizes out in the market.

A key decision point here is how much wider than your TV that you would like the fireplace TV stand to be. If you are looking for a “just right” fit, it is more important to look for a TV stand with a width that matches your television. If you are looking for extra shelf space to fill up a larger room or wall, look for an entertainment center that is wide enough for your area.

Doors vs Open Shelves

You will see that these white electric fireplace TV stands come either with cabinet doors, or open shelves. This is a style choice that is personal to you but consider the pros and cons of each.

There are various cabinet door styles and can vary in the way they open and in the material that they are made of.  Generally, doors are either designed to be transparent where you can see through them, or opaque, where you cannot see through.

See-through doors are usually made out of glass and allows for the display of home items or the usage of remote controls. Opaque doors are usually designed with the thought in mind or organization and storage.

Open shelves usually result in a more affordable unit and are designed to display home items or store media devices like cable boxes, game systems, DVDs, etc.

Modern Features

White electric fireplace TV stands have come a long way and there are now a couple features that are worth pointing out in a few of the models we have reviewed:

  1. Amazon Alexa Voice Control: The Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Convertible Alexa-Enabled Smart Fireplace is one of the first electric fireplaces to feature Amazon Alexa voice control. You can control the heat and flame settings with just your voice. This can be very convenient as you won’t need to add yet another remote control to your pile.
  2. LED lighting: The Southern Enterprises Rollins Fireplace and Lumina Fireplace TV Stand features LED shelf lighting that can be turned on or off. LED lighting is becoming more common as the demand for modern electric fireplaces heats up.

Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace 52″ Wide, White Finish with Faux Stone

  • The Faux Stone is a beautiful and unique design element to the fireplace
  • We love the elegant glass doors on both sides of the fireplace
  • The fireplace has a brick interior which adds to the realism
  • Comes with touch-enabled LED cabinet lighting
  • Comes with a remote control with numerous adjustment capabilities
  • Convertible fireplace means you can place it flat against a wall or in a corner
  • It is on the smaller side and storage space is limited
  • One of the more expensive options

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The Southern Enterprises Rollins white electric fireplace has all the bells and whistles. First, it has a transitional design that will look great in any room. The faux stone design is a unique touch, and when you consider the brick interior firebox, it’s easy to fall in love with this electric fireplace. The tall, glass cabinet doors add a touch of modern that goes perfectly with the stone and brick.

Second, it is very feature-rich. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature, flame size, log brightness, backlight, as well as other features. It includes LED lights that turn on when you touch the door hinges. And lastly, it is convertible between a corner fireplace unit and a wall unit.

It is a bit small, and can only hold up to at 50″ TV and heat a room up to 400 sq. ft. And given the design elements and features, it runs more expensive than other units on this list. However, the design elements and features of this white electric fireplace TV stand cannot be beat.

Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 60″ Wide, White

  • Stylish, modern look that will work in almost any room.
  • Realistic flames can be used with and without the heater function. This allows you to use the fireplace year-round, simply for the ambiance of it and not have to feel the heat when you don’t need it.
  • There are 3 color choices: White, Black, and Gray. Perfect for the color scheme in any room.
  • Difficult to assemble, requires 2 people. 
  • Not made from the best materials

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The Ameriwood Home Carver white electric fireplace TV stand offers a simple, modern look with clean lines. Its small, compact size allows it to be placed in any room of your choosing but heats up to 400 sq ft.

It has a 23″ electric fireplace insert that comes with remote control, 4 touch panel settings, and built-in reflectors to create a realistic flame effect on the logs. This white electric fireplace entertainment center can hold up to a 60″ flat-panel TV weighing up to 95 lbs.

The Carver comes with ample storage for a unit of this size. It includes two open storage shelves to house your cable box and other equipment, as well as two closed storage shelves with tempered glass doors.

WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood Fireplace Stand for TV’s up to 64″ Living Room Storage, White Oak

  • The rustic design is beautiful. We love how the fireplace is made of barnwood and think it would fit well in any room.
  • Simple controls that allows for heat and flames to be turned off/on separately
  • Being energy efficient. This means it can be on for hours per day and not affect your utility bill.
  • No remote control
  • Cannot adjust temperature or flame brightness

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The WE Furniture Tall Rustic Wood electric fireplace TV stand is similar to the Ameriwood Carver in form but comes in a very different style. It is made out of Barnwood which gives it a beautiful, wood, rustic look.

What the WE electric fireplace TV stand lacks, however, are modern features. It does not come with a remote control, which is a very common feature nowadays. And there are no adjustable heat or flame settings. What it does have are two switches on the fireplace itself, one to turn on/off the heat, and one to switch on/off the flames.

Similar to the Carver, it comes with two open shelves and two closed shelves with glass doors. It holds TVs up to 64″ and can heat a room up to 400 sq. ft.




Lumina Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 70″, White

  • Ultra modern look and feel
  • Can fit a TV up to 70″ wide
  • Plenty of storage with 6 open shelves
  • Blue LED lighting that can be turned on/off
  • Adjustable flame brightness, flames with or without heat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Scratches easily
  • Difficult assembly
  • Shelves may not be wide enough for some equipment
  • Low heat output

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The Lumina white electric fireplace entertainment center is designed to fit larger televisions, up to 70″ wide. It has a very modern look and feel with it its metal parts, clean lines and acrylic crystals in place of logs. Add in the blue LED lighting and you take your room to the next level of modern. 

This electric fireplace TV stand not only makes a strong style statement, but it is also very strong in its construction as well. However, even though the materials are strong, the paint does scratch easily so be careful when moving it around.

If you are looking for an ultra-modern electric fireplace to spruce up your home, look no further than the Lumina.


Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Convertible Alexa-Enabled Smart Fireplace with Storage White

  • State of the art technology with its Alexa-Enabled voice controls
  • High end design elements including faux stone, glass doors, brick interior
  • Touch-enabled LED cabinet lighting
  • Includes remote control with numerous adjustment capabilities
  • Can be fit flat against a wall or in a corner
  • It is on the smaller side and storage space is limited
  • One of the more expensive options

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The Southern Enterprises Redden convertible white electric fireplace is just like its Rollins counterpart except for one additional feature: Alexa voice control.

It includes all the design and adjustment features that come with the Rollins, including the faux stone, brick interior, LED cabinet lighting, remote control and numerous adjustment options.

However, the addition of Alexa voice control allows you to turn on/off the fireplace and make those adjustments with your voice.

If you are a fan of Alexa, this feature-rich white electric fireplace could be perfect for you.


Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace Console 60″, Ivory Pine TV Stand

  • Rustic, outdoor look and style with off-white woodgrain finish
  • Fits TVs up to 60″ wide or 95 lbs
  • Includes remote control with adjustable heat and flame settings
  • Not the best material, uses faux wood 
  • Craftsmanship can be inconsistent

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The rustic design of this Ameriwood Farmington electric fireplace TV console is its primary selling factor and key feature. The design elements on the doors and side of the fireplace unit are very attractive and creates a cozy feel. The woodgrain finish completes the old wooden barn look and feel.

This white electric fireplace TV stand is available in two sizes, one size that fits a 60″ TV and another size that fits a 50″ TV. It is made out of laminated MDF and particleboard, not real wood.

It comes with a 23″ electric fireplace insert, includes a remote control and touch panel controls. The heat and flames can be adjusted with both.


Parsons Electric Fireplace TV Stand for TVs up to 55″, White

  • Asymmetrical design creates a modern look
  • Includes remote control and adjustable heat and flame settings
  • Touch panel controls
  • Limited shelf space with only 2 shelves
  • No cabinet doors

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The Parsons white electric fireplace TV stand is a simple unit with a no frills design. It features an electric fireplace on one side with two open shelves on the other. The minimalist design is part of its modern look and feel and also makes it affordable.

It does include a remote control, touch panel controls and allows you to adjust the flame and heat settings. It fits TVs up to 55″ wide and up to 65 lbs.


Ameriwood Home Manchester Fireplace TV Stand, White

  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet. We like the fact that this fireplace can heat not only smaller rooms but bigger rooms as well.
  • Timer function. There is no need to cut the unit off and on manually, unless you choose to.
  • Portable. Due to being pretty compact with rolling capabilities, this unit can be moved easily from one room to another.
  • Comes assembled. Some units require assembly and comes in several boxes. This one already has the work done for you. A very big bonus!
  • The sound. It is a little louder than expected which may be an issue for some.

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The Ameriwood Home Manchester white electric fireplace TV stand is one of the larger units on this list. It fits up a television up to 70″ wide and can support up to 135 lbs.

One unique design feature of this white electric fireplace is that its two cabinets are at a lower height than the main electric fireplace. This creates an interesting sightline along with the crown molding.

It comes with a 23″ electric fireplace insert and 4 open shelves. Two of the shelves are adjustable. It also includes a remote control, touch panel and allows you to control the heat and flame settings.


Final Verdict

You’ve now seen the various styles of white electric fireplace TV stands. It is clear that the differentiation factor between these models are its design and features.

The two most popular styles are modern and rustic. Modern electric fireplaces have clean lines, simple designs and sometimes include features such as LED lighting.

Rustic white electric fireplaces strive to emulate the look and feel of wood, similar to an outdoor barn. These white electric fireplace units create a cozy ambiance. However, they do lack in features.

Our favorite white electric fireplace TV stand is the Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace. We think that this unit has the best combination of design, features and craftsmanship. From the faux stone to the LED lighting, it checks almost every checkbox.


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