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Best Freestanding Gas Fireplace, Affordable And Built To Last

There is no better way for you to enjoy a sufficiently heated home than through the low-maintenance and energy-efficient way that free standing gas fireplaces do.

These fireplaces are also known as freestanding gas stoves. Whereas most of them offer the efficiency that you so desire, it is imperative to know some of the best in the market.

We explore ten of the most prominent and efficient options at your disposal.

1. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DTPleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT

The Pleasant Hearth is one of the state-of-the-art stoves that does not require any chimney or flue. For this reason, it is vent-free.

This standing gas fireplace will assure you of the style and warmth that you need in your home. It is capable of heating up to 1000 square feet.

It is about 78 pounds in weight and 31.9*14.4*28.3 inches in dimension. A look at these dimensions shows that it is a minimum clearance design, which makes it easier to install. Besides, there is no restriction as to where you should fix it.
With up to 30000 BTUs per hour, this stove can function with both liquid propane and natural gas. However, you will note that you will need a 100-pound tank with two-stage adjustable regulators if you are to use propane.

Apart from that, this unit is controlled using a thermostatic technology, not a remote control. Above all, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

2. ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel StoveProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Stove

Manufactured by ProCom, this stove prides in advanced technology that makes it not only outstanding but also reliable. It comes with in-built thermostat control that ensures the room remains within the ideal temperature.

Its efficient heat flow often provides the place with an enticingly warm atmosphere. The thermostat is essential in cycling the stove heater on and off in a bid to control the temperature.

With a 25000 BTU capability, this stove can use both liquid propane and natural gas, enabling it to heat a space of up to 1100 square feet. Besides, it is a vent-free burner that requires no external chimney. This way, it is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

One other thing that makes this stove stand out is the built-in oxygen depletion sensor. It is the reason for the safety that the stove highlights. This sensor ensures that the furnace shuts down once the lack of oxygen prevails.

This gas fireplace measures 13*33.5*25 inches with a weight of 49.8 pounds. This way, it is not only easy to carry but also more comfortable to install anywhere.

3. Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT Free Standing Gas FireplacePleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT Free Standing Gas Fireplace

With 20000 BTUs per hour, this pleasant hearth stove has become quite popular. It can use either liquid propane or natural gas.

Besides, it is a vent-free stove that requires no external chimney. With a weight of about 58 pounds and dimensions of 23.5*13*25.5, this stove can be installed not only with ease but also anywhere.

This stove prides itself in the ability to heat up to 700 square feet. While at it, it relies on a thermostatic technology to ensure that the room attains the desired temperature without too much of a hassle.

The fact that this stove requires no electricity to operate makes it an ideal choice for many people. Besides its ceramic logs, it comes with an AAA battery that is essential in generating a spark for the initial ignition of the pilot light.

4. Napoleon GDS20NNapoleon GDS20N

The Napoleon GDS20N stove is a cast-iron fireplace that has, for long, been lauded for its design that saves space. Despite its 160 pounds in weight, its dimensions are 15.8*19.2*25.4 inches. For this reason, this will be an ideal stove for those with limited space. Besides, this feature makes it a more comfortable outfit to work with at any time.

This stove requires no electricity to light or even operate it. This way, it will remain reliable even in the face of power failure. It features a PHAZERAMIC burner system that guarantees a randomly flickering light as well as a glowing ember. For this reason, it offers enhanced comfort and even efficient heat flow in the room.

This stove relies on the PHAZER log set, which is responsible for the aesthetically pleasing experience that you will enjoy in the long run. While at it, it provides up to about 20000 BTUs in an hour.

However, you should note that it does not have a blower option.

5. Comfort Glow GSD2846Comfort Glow GSD2846

The Comfort Glow is a top of the range, vent-free stove that is not only modernly stylish but also attractive. Its charming wood stove ambiance will easily appeal to you.

The fact that this vent-free stove and has a BTU output of 30000 per hour makes it more appealing. It has one of the highest heat output that we have seen. It has a sizeable open-face design that ensures your room gets optimal warmth. Besides, it has the potential to heat up to 1250 square feet.

Given that it can use liquid propane or natural gas, you can install it almost anywhere. For as long as a gas line can be accessed where you install it, you are good to go. Besides, it is has a good size since its dimensions are 25.2*13.2*32.2 inches only.

This stove assures you of enhanced safety. It comes with an in-built Oxygen Safety sensor that is essential in cutting off the furnace in case there is a prevalent inadequacy of oxygen.

However, this stove is not ideal for use above 4500 feet. Some people could also find it relatively expensive. Apart from that, this stove does not have a remote control.

6. Pleasant Hearth 46 Full-Size CherryPleasant Hearth 46 Full-Size Cherry

This massive stove has become a favorite for many. Despite its ability to produce up to 32000 BTUs per hour, it is restricted to using propane only. No fuel conversion is allowed. You will also witness that it can heat up to 1100 square feet. This stove is ventless too and there is no need to have a direct vent installed.

It comes with a hand-held remote control that is essential for switching the thermostat on and off whenever necessary. The thermostat is programmable, and you can read the temperature from the remote control.

This way, it becomes much easier for you to keep the temperature of your place within your preferences. Besides, the stove comes with dual burners. This aspect assures you of two rows of flames.

It comes with dimensions of 45.9*16.2*44.9 inches as well as a weight of about 141 pounds. For this reason, it is advisable that you choose this stove only when you have enough space. The beautiful mantel design will make it look like a real built-in wood-burning fireplace.

However, this stove is not available in California. It could also be relatively costly for some people.

7. Duluth Forge FDF400RT-ZC Free Standing Gas FireplaceDuluth Forge FDF400RT-ZC Free Standing Gas Fireplace

The Duluth Forge is a great option for those who want a mantel and a more traditional fireplace look. This freestanding gas fireplace is ventless making it easy to install.

Besides the 150 pounds it comes with, its 44.2*17*44 inches in dimensions, make it suitable for persons with enough space in their homes.

It is capable of producing up to 32000 BTUs per hour and heats up to 1500 square feet. With its remote control, it is easier to take charge of the temperature of your living space. You will note that it can operate on either natural gas or liquid propane.

This stove was designed with safety in mind. It comes with an Oxygen depletion sensor that initiates an automatic shut-off in the case that there is a safety concern.

One feature that makes this stove stand out is its hand-painted logs. Nothing can offer more beauty than the art behind this painting. While at it, it comes with a metal casing that enhances its durability.

However, since a remote control controls it, it could expose you to higher temperatures if the batteries fail while it is burning. It is also relatively costly.

8. Regal Flame DelanoRegal Flame Delano

The Regal Flame Delano is a perfect choice for any room. This bioethanol stove weighs only one pound and measures 13.7*28.3*13.7 inches only.

For this reason, it can fit any room, no need to worry about space availability. With its simplicity, it can come in handy for both outdoor and indoor settings.

This stove is capable of producing about 6000 BTUs in an hour while heating a living space of up to 450 square feet. Its flame is usually between 12 and 14 inches high.

While at it, you will learn that it is ventless. It runs on a burner that is about 1.5 liters only. This ethanol burner is responsible for its ease of adoption in any environment.

However, the flame could seem relatively small to some people, and thence not offering the required temperature in the room. The size of the stove could also be worth relooking at if you are not a fan of smaller things.

9. Pleasant Hearth 36 Compact HeritagePleasant Hearth 36 Compact Heritage

If you are after a rich heritage finish, the Pleasant Hearth 36 will be a perfect fit. This freestanding gas fireplace is capable of heating a room of up to 700 square feet with a BTU of 20000 per hour.

You will also note that it comes with a thermostat control knob that ensures your room is within the ideal temperature. For this reason, it does not support remote control.

This product comes with 98 pounds and dimensions of 35.8*26.5*38.8 inches, making it suitable for those with spacious rooms.

However, its design allows you to install it on the wall or in corners too. For as long as you have enough space to contain it, you will be free to install it anywhere and without too much hassle. It is capable of using either natural gas or liquid propane.

However, you should note that controlling its temperature could be quite hard at times. One aspect that contributes to this is the fact that its control buttons are at the bottom.

10. Ashley AGC500VFBLPAshley AGC500VFBLP

With its classic cast-iron, the Ashley freestanding gas fireplace is one of the most appealing gas fireplaces you will get. It has the ability to warm up to 1000 square feet. You will also note that it can produce up to 31000 BTUs per hour.

It has a swing-down bottom panel that eases access to hidden controls. It also comes with a premium, hand-crafted split log set that accentuates a real flame appeal. Its high-glossed enameled porcelain finishes offer not only beauty but also durability.

You will witness that this stove requires no vent. It can also use either liquid propane or natural gas. This stove comes with a standard millivolt thermostat. As such, it has no remote control.

One aspect that could scare some people is the cost of the stove. It retails at over 2100 US dollars, which could be quite expensive for some people.

Key Considerations When Buying a Freestanding Gas Fireplace:

Buying a freestanding gas fireplace can be quite a daunting task for you, especially if it is the first time. Observing the following variables will be helpful in this pursuit.

  • It is valuable to pay attention to the venting type. Often, you will choose between a vented and a ventless stove. Vented stoves will usually require that you have an external chimney or flue.
  • You will also inquire about the type of fuel it uses. Ensure that the usable fuel is suitable for you. Besides, choosing a stove that allows for conversion between liquid propane and natural gas would be advisable, given how convenient it can be.
  • The availability of space in your property counts a lot. Often, you will appreciate a stove that comfortably fits in your premise. Ensure that you are conversant with the dimensions of the furnace you are after.
  • Budgeting matters a lot too. While quality is vital, ensure that you pick something that you can comfortably afford, lest you fall into financial constraints.

Advantages of Freestanding Fireplaces:

  • These stoves will offer you the comfort, convenience, and warmth that you so desire. This convenience is highlighted in how easy it is to install and maintain them.
  • You will not need to worry about many renovations. There will be no point in building a chimney as most of them are vent-free.
  • Whether there is no power, you will enjoy enough heat. They mostly rely on propane or natural gas.
  • Some have advanced remote control systems
  • Cheaper utilities over an electric fireplace

Final Thoughts on These Gas Fireplaces:

Whereas the list is not exhaustive, the mentioned stoves make up the top and most reliable options for you to consider.

They not only offer you value for money but also a path to the comfort you need in your home. For as long as you choose the right stove, you will end up enjoying the benefits that they draw.