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12 Best Fire Pits And How To Choose The Right Type (Propane, Wood-Burning, Etc)

At A Glance: Our Top 4 Picks for Fire Pit

Buying an outdoor fire pit can be a tricky endeavor.

Choosing the best fire pit for your patio or yard means sorting through a seemingly endless amount of options and considerations.

Below is a quick comparison table of the best fire pits.

Top 12 Best Fire Pit Reviews: (Compare Classic & Latest Model)

  • Does not take long to set up
  • Has attractive and adorable design with the glow of the animal silhouette while it is lit
  • The size is large enough for long use and for providing high heat level
  • Tempered glass is made to be thick and very sturdy
  • Provides right amount of rocks to fill the burn pan and gives off enough heat to get cozy
  • Nicely built without any loose edges on the wicker
  • Designed with a safety button to guarantee safe use
  • Produce high heat output even on low settings
  • Provides a considerably enough warm even in few meters away
  • Unique and beautiful patented design single unit fire pit
  • Perfect for camping and backyard parties
  • Nature-friendly wood burning fire pit
  • Built with a durable exterior for a prolonged use
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance
  • Convenient to use for sitting glasses and snacks while getting cozy and warm
  • Beautiful and colorful design and an attractive centerpiece at home
  • Construction is very sturdy and solid
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Has an excellent heat production and distribution
  • Allows you to make smores and cook food with it without the trouble of smoke
  • Perfect to use at any space
  • It has the right size for a backyard centerpiece
  • It burns and heats the room quickly
  • It is sturdy and able to hold plenty of wood
  • Fabricated mainly from steel
  • incorporates a hex-shaped bowl rubbed with oil-based bronze
  • has a stable hexagonal base that complements well over the design of the fireplace
  • Built with good airflow system at the bottom of the fire pit
  • Easy to set up
  • The material is sturdy that you can tell it can be used for a long time
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy legs
  • Great size for small patios
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Thick steel bottom foundation for heavy duty use
  • It is large enough to even store larger logs and chunks of wood for fuel
  • Designed with a top cover that exactly fits with the fire pit that allows no dirt or dust to get inside.
  • Easy and hassle free to assemble, may only take probably about 10 minutes or less
  • With the handles, it is easy to move and carry around

But before you continue your search for a new fire pit.

Be aware of the Top 3 Mistakes that first-time Buyers Make!

Avoiding these 3 costly mistakes will not only save you time and money but will also help you select the perfect outdoor fire pit.

Mistake #1: Buying the Wrong Type Of Fire Pit For Your Needs:

The first mistake is not identifying your primary reason for wanting a fire pit.

Typical uses of fire pits include:

  • Using it as an outdoor decor item in your yard or patio for the primary purpose of ambiance.
  • Using it as an outdoor heater or cooking appliance in your yard or patio.
  • Using it as a portable outdoor heater or cooking appliance on trips, such as camping trips, beach bonfires, etc.

Even though you will likely use the fire pit for multiple purposes, there will be a primary use case.

Determine what this is before you start your fire pit search.

Then determine which fire pit type best suits your need.

Common types of fire pits include!

  • Firepit tables: great for creating a lovely ambiance for your yard or patio
  • Firepit bowls: very well suited as an outdoor heater or cooking appliance in your yard or patio; smaller fire bowls can be portable
  • Tabletop fire pits: terrific for creating a romantic ambiance on your patio table
  • Portable fire pits: very functionally and practical for camping trips, beach bonfires, etc.
  • Chiminea fire pits: a focal point and bold statement for your yard, can be great for cooking
Here’s The Takeaway:
The first thing to determine is the primary purpose of the fire pit.

This will help you narrow down your choices very quickly.

If you fail to do this, you will be bouncing back and forth between numerous choices, making finding the right fire pit nearly impossible.

Mistake #2: Failing to Consider the Fuel Type of the Fire Pit:

Fire pits come in 3 main fuel types. Each fuel type has its pros and cons.

Matching your needs and preferences to the fire pit with the right fuel type is an important step in choosing the right fire pit.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits:

Wood-burning fire pits are the most authentic and traditional option.

It is the most popular type of fire pit, the most portable, and the least expensive.

However, there are several downsides.

For one thing, they are more troublesome. Lighting a fire is not always a simple task.

You need wood, match, and time. Clean up is not quick either.

You will need to dispose of ashes and other residues.

Also, wood-burning fire pits produce smoke. This is a concern for a couple of reasons.

The first is environmental. Smoke pollutes the air and thus some cities or regions regulate the use of wood-burning fire pits.

The second is that smoke can be bothersome to those around it.

The smell and irritation of smoke will be something that you will need to manage.

Propane Gas Fire Pits:

Propane gas fire pits are the easiest to ignite, as they normally come with an ignition button.

Clean up is a breeze as there are no ashes to worry about.

They also usually include lava stones or logs as an added design element which really adds to the ambiance of your patio, backyard, or outdoor living space.

These units are also smoke-free, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of a fire without the hassle of smoke.

Disadvantages lie with the propane tank.

While some high-end brands include a compartment to house the propane tank, other models require the tank to be placed outside the unit.

If having a visible 20lb propane tank on your patio is not the look you are going for, you will need to find a proper location to hide it.

Natural Gas Fire Pits:

Natural gas fire pits are a high-end solution that requires professional installation.

However, it is a fantastic option if you can swing it.

You will never have to worry about refilling your propane tank, and you will save lots of money on fuel.

This option is primarily available for large, permanent fire pits.

Here’s a Tip:

If you intend to use the fire pit in your patio or yard as a permanent or semi-permanent structure, start looking at propane fire pits first.

Especially those that have a compartment to house the propane tank.

If you intend to use the fire pit on camping trips or elsewhere, start looking at a wood-burning fire pit first.

The portability of wood-burning fire pits just can’t be beaten.

Mistake #3: Failing to Overcompensate For the Heat Output of the Fire Pit:

One of the most common complaints about fire pits is that they fail to generate enough heat to warm up the desired space.

What a frustrating situation to be in!

Imagine spending hours researching fire pits to pick out the right fire pit only to realize that it doesn’t generate enough heat!

This is a common occurrence because of two reasons:

  • Most first-time fire pit buyers aren’t sure what heat output they need for their outdoor space OR.
  • They fail to buy a fire pit that outputs out more heat than needed.
Make Sure You Do These Two Things To Avoid This Costly Mistake:
  • Determine the square footage of the outdoor living area you want to warm up with a fire pit.
  • Look for a fire pit that has enough heat output to warm up twice the size of the area.
  • So if the area is 500 square feet, buy a fire pit that can warm up to 1000 square feet.

You will be better off with a fire pit that can put out more heat than needed than a fire pit that needs to run at full power to generate enough heat.

Heat output of fire pits will be measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit).

It will typically translate that into square feet.

But remember, overcompensate and get a fireplace that outputs more BTUs than you need.

Great! Now that we’ve revealed the 3 most costly mistakes, let’s take a deeper look at the best fire pits.

Best Fire Pit Reviews:

1. Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit

BS Wildlife Fire Pit

Solid and sturdy in construction, Landmann USA 28347 Fire Pit is designed with a large 12.5 inches deep fire bowl, which measures about 23.5 inches in diameter.

It is designed with unique wildlife cutouts around the easy-to-clean black finish for a safari-like outdoor feel and a distinct fire view.

It comes with a full-size cooking grate and fire poker as well.

Key Features Of Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit:

  • Durable Material:

The entire body is made of steel, which is guaranteed to be strong and sturdy for regular and frequent use.

Steel is a good conductor of heat, thus perfect for the job.

This material is also easy to clean and maintain, which makes it convenient to use for any outdoor activities.

  • Unique Design:

It features a large full circle handle and a safety ring for protection and ensures ease of use.

The idea of a safari animal-shaped screen design on its whole body is to create a natural and environmental ambiance fitting for the occasion.

A screened cover is built to keep the flame intact on the fire pit.

  • Add On Features:

The cooking grate is a useful addition as it allows you to cook and grill food and even make smores while you are at it.

It cooks rather quickly, which is the best part about Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit.

And you can use any material to burn with it as well such as wood, charcoal, or cardboard.


  • Does not take long to set up
  • Has an attractive and adorable design with the glow of the animal silhouette while it is lit
  • The size is large enough for long use and for providing a high heat level
  • It comes with extra features, which increases efficiency.


  • Screws should be securely tightened, as it sometimes falls apart when used.
  • With reliable performance and enough vents, the animal design opening could have provided additional air feed to help increase the amount of fire.

2. Outland Fire Table Propane Fire Pit

Outland Fire Table Propane Fire Pit

A Silver Medal Winner at the 2017 International Design Awards for Best Design in Outdoor Patio Furniture.

The Outland Living Propane Fire Pit Table emits a clean and smokeless flame on its powder-coated all-aluminum frame construction with a wicker base in espresso brown resin and a 88mm black tempered glass tabletop where you can casually view the reflection of the flame.

Key Features of Outland Fire Table Propane Fire Pit:

  • Safety First:

This CSA-approved best fire table is recommended safe to use during most fire burns.

Since it has an automatic ignition system, putting it to use is hassle-free and almost effortless.

It provides the option to adjust the height of the flame as well that will suit your need and put you at ease.

  • Complete Package:

Upon purchase, it comes complete with a pre-attached 3-ft hose with a regulator, a type 304 stainless steel burner, and a burning pan.

To add to its sophisticated look, a 15.5 Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set is also included.

However, if you prefer additional adornments, other accessories such as the softcover, glass lid insert, and glass wind fence are also available to attach but are sold separately.

  • Increased Heat Level:

Powered by propane, Outland Fire Pit Table produces up to 35,000 BTU of heat for approximately 12 to 16 hours, in a standard 20 lbs or 5 gallons of propane tank capacity within its base.

Operating the tank can be done conveniently as it is designed with easy access doors with chrome pull rings on either side.


  • Tempered glass is made to be thick and very sturdy.
  • Provides the right amount of rocks to fill the burn pan and gives off enough heat to get cozy.
  • Nicely built without any loose edges on the wicker.
  • Attractive design that adds great quality to the house.
  • Assembly is easy and smooth.


  • The ignition may require few attempts to get it to work.
  • Make sure to tighten the screws as some parts came loose.

3. Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger, as being known for its innovative and unique ideas has introduced this Heininger 5995 lightweight and easy-to-use fire pit that is perfect for any of your adventure and outdoor travel experience.

And since it is fueled by propane gas, it is clean and smokeless but guarantees an increased warmth and heat output, producing approximately 58,000 BTU of fire.

Key Feature of Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit:

  • Easy To Set Up And Use:

You will not need any fire skills to be able to use this fire pit as it already includes all you need such as the propane tank hose and rocks to be able to light your campsite or backyard and enjoy the warmth it produces.

The process is as simple as just hooking the unit to the propane tank and then fires it up.

  • Adjustable Settings:

Heininger 5995 allows you to adjust the heat level to achieve the right amount of output to keep you warm and comfortable the entire time regardless of the inconsistent drop and changes in the temperature.

The rocks are specially made to last longer than most and maintain the level of heat.


  • Designed with a safety button to guarantee safe use
  • Produce high heat output even on low settings
  • Provides a considerably enough warm even in few meters away
  • Keeps the same level of flame and heat throughout, without needing to add more rocks or wood now and then.
  • Sturdy and portable, thus transporting and carrying it around is easy and very convenient.


  • Though it does not have an igniter unlike other fire pit models, it does not directly affect the performance of this fire pit and you can always use any kind of fire starter.
  • Burns fuel fast on high setting but can be adjustable

4. Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire has been designed with a unique airflow system with a double wall to make operation extremely efficient, providing an unmatched backyard fire for your camping adventures.

The bottom of the stove has air intake holes, channeling air towards the bottom while warming air upwards between the stove’s walls.

The secondary combustion is caused by the bursting of preheated oxygen which feeds returning into the firebox via smaller holes on top, producing a complete fire burning with very little smoke, and less wood is used.

Key Features of Solo Stove Bonfire Outdoor:

  • Impressive Design:

Solo Stove Bonfire has a double-wall design, maximizing the burning and airflow process.

Oxygen is fed through the vent holes on the bottom of the stove and the warm oxygen is channeled upward between the stove’s walls back toward the fire.

It means less smoke odor too. This innovative airflow technology allows you to create a lovely bonfire without plenty of smoke and the awful smell of a traditional fire pit.

That means a longer time of bonding and partying!

  • Efficient Burning:

You don’t have to deal with half-burnt logs. The best thing about Solo Stove is that it provides a complete burn but little or no smoke.

You spend more time enjoying a bonfire with your family and friends because there’s lesser time dodging the smoke.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the smoke smell on your clothes because of less or zero smoke.

As compared to a traditional fire pit, giving off plenty of smoke, you and your companions won’t have teary eyes because of Solo Stove’s advanced and unique airflow system technology.

  • Portable and Easy to Use:

Because of the singular construction of the Solo Stove Bonfire, you don’t have to assemble parts or pieces.

No setup or assembly is required.

This saves you a lot of time and you’re free from the stress and hassle of figuring out how to put the pieces together.

The unit comes with a heavy-duty carry case.

  • Unstoppable Enjoyment:

Now, you can enjoy bonfire camping anytime and anywhere because you have Solo Stove Bonfire beside you.

Many customers are impressed with the product, exceeding their expectations and even the advertisement.

Within minutes, you have a bonfire burning but you still smell good without the fire pit smell like the traditional type.

It is a must-have for outdoor camping adventures even if only in your backyard, saving you a great amount of time and effort.

You have more time bonding with your loved ones because Solo Stove Bonfire is easy to manage and no assembly required.


  • Unique and beautiful patented design
  • Perfect for camping and backyard parties
  • Nature-friendly wood burning fire pit
  • Burns enough without worrying about sparks
  • Don’t smell like a traditional fire pit.


  • The fire should tend until it dies naturally so putting enough hardwood would help
  • Dirt cannot be put on it which is not ideal to do so
  • The ash is difficult to remove so cleaning immediately after use lessens the cleaning challenge.

5. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit

With a new and improved package, this 28” tall with 38” square tabletop AZ Patio Heater is perfect for warm relaxation on a chilly night with family and friends.

As it is also a great and good-looking wicker ornament to level with your other beautiful wooden furniture for a rustic and antique vibe.

Key Features of AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit:

  • Convenient and Stylish Wooden Design:

Blending in with the outdoor feel and atmosphere, this rustic-looking patio fire pit features a clear, chunky fire glass that securely covers the burner and is used as a decoration at home or even in restaurants.

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC does not get hot, even when set to high flame, thus safe even with kids roaming around.

To conceal the propane tank and keep the elegant look, an easy access door at the base can be found.

  • Integrated Piezo Ignition System:

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit is reliable to warm up everyone in the room within a 15’ radius.

It comes with a battery-operated pulse ignition system that is capable of providing up to 40,000 BTU of heat output.

AZ Patio Heater uses both propane and butane for optimal results.

  • Robust Construction:

Like most high-quality and durable fire pits, this patio heater is also made of solid steel construction for heavy-duty and continuous operation.

And to enhance its look and give the outdoor feel, it is adorned with a bronze finish.

A thermocouple flame failure device is designed to ensure the safety of use.


  • Built with a durable exterior for a prolonged use
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance
  • Convenient to use for sitting glasses and snacks while getting cozy and warm
  • Heat output adjustable to fit your needs.


  • Would require a whole team to carry it as it is heavier than other fire pit table models
  • It does not come preassembled and may take a while to set it up. But once up and running, operating it is easy breezy
  • Higher than generally expected but the top deck is spacious and large

6. Endless Summer GAD860SP Outdoor Firebowl with Slate and Marble Mantel

Endless Summer GAD860SP Outdoor Firebowl with Slate and Marble Mantel

Designed with a slate mosaic tile mantel, this Endless Summer fire pit is fueled by propane gas, where the tank is securely concealed inside its decorative exterior.

Ornamental and functional, it is clean as it does not give out ashes, which can at times be really messy.

And it comes with a protective cover to secure the flame and for safety purposes.

Key Features of Endless Summer GAD860SP:

  • High Heat Level:

With a 40,000 BTU, this fire pit produces more than enough heat to get warm and cozy with family and friends as it can cover areas up to 150 square feet.

It features a cast iron burner and produces no ashes, a modern twist to a classic fire atmosphere.

  • Attractive and Functional Design:

Hitting two birds with one stone, aside from the reliable warmth it provides, its attractive design is an advantage as it can serve as a center table on your patio or outside the house where you can place your food, or drinks while enjoying the fire on lava rocks and logs.

Both the propane gas tank and control panels are kept inside the base for a clean and sleek exterior.

  • Ease of Use:

To meet each of the individual’s needs, the heat level may be adjusted as this fire pit is designed with variable settings.

Since the tank is securely concealed, a door is built for easy access and checking.

And because convenience is a prime concern, lighting is also made to be a breeze with its multi-spark electronic ignition system.


  • Beautiful and colorful design and an attractive centerpiece at home
  • Construction is very sturdy and solid
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Produces high heat output
  • Easy to operate.


  • The slate top can be heavy to lift that you may need an extra hand when carrying it
  • The cover is flimsy, though still usable.
  • Set up Instructions are not very clear and assembly can be tricky. Watching instructional videos is a great help.

7. Endless Summer GAD1401M Outdoor Fireplace

Endless Summer GAD1401M Outdoor Fireplace

Durable and well thought out design and functionality, Endless Summer GAD14011M Fireplace features a handcrafted tile and steel mantel and the elegant style of lava rocks that highlights its flames.

It comes with a steel burner that lets you get cozy without having to tend to the ashes.

Key Features of Endless Summer GAD1401M Fireplace:

  • High-Quality Heating Capacity:

Powered by propane gas, its fire steel burner produces a maximum of 30,000 BTU and 8.79 KW of heating capacity, which can efficiently cover and warm an entire room.

The propane tank is carefully and safely kept hidden inside the base, which can be used as an attractive centerpiece for your backyard, patio, or any outdoor space.

  • Lava Rocks:

One thing special about this unit is the inclusion of the lava rocks placed at the center that gives a distinct element to the flame.

Aside from the beautiful lighting effect while it is burning, it helps maintain and spread the flame around its area.

  • Durable Steel Construction:

Nothing can be more attractive than the robust construction and the easy maintenance of this steel fire pit.

It is made of weather-resistant steel, which is ideal for its outdoor use, wherein weather can be extremely erratic and unpredictable.

Setting this up is also something to rave about as it is so easy that you will not even need any tools to put this to work.


  • Has an excellent heat production and distribution
  • Allows you to make smores and cook food with it without the trouble of smoke
  • Perfect to use in any space
  • The assembly is a breeze that you could do within an hour
  • No smoke or ashes scattering and flying everywhere.


  • The propane tank is not included and must be bought separately
  • Ignition can be temperamental when used but functional.

8. Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Fire Sense, known for its innovative design and quality standards when it comes to outdoor heating products, created this fire pit to provide comfort and style in bringing warmth into your homes.

It is equipped with quality features to ensure the quality of performance on top of its luxurious design.

Key Features of First Sense Roman Fire Pit:

  • Removable Fire Screen:

To keep the fire contained and under control, it employs a mesh fire screen that can endure high temperatures without any problems.

It is removable, hence you can opt to remove it like some who prefer to see the flame freely.

A screen lift tool is provided to remove and add the screen while keeping your hands safely away from the hot surface.

  • Wood Grate:

It includes a wood grate that is used for placing logs on the fire pit bowl easily.

You can also use it to elevate the logs for a better airflow system and increased efficiency of performance.

Furthermore, this wood grate also helps cleaning this fire pit with ease.

  • Classic Style:

One highly noticeable thing is its attention to the details of its design.

It keeps an antique look as it is made of high-temperature bronze painted steel that matches the theme of a rustic outdoor vibe.

To complete the design, it has a hammered lip and brushed painted steel legs for added stability and durability as well.


  • It has the right size for a backyard centerpiece
  • It burns and heats the room quickly
  • It is sturdy and able to hold plenty of wood
  • Lightweight and portable to move and transfer around the yard.


  • The top is a bit flimsy but does the job
  • Like all metal units, rust and dent will be an issue in the long run

9. BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace

BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace

Build a campfire or warmth yourself over the heat of the wood’s natural combustion.

Ease out and never complicate in finding an excellent fireplace perfect to be utilized in your homes and outdoor activities.

There’s no need to manually create fires as necessary.

Presenting to you,
Best Choice Products BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace.

If you are interested in this exquisite fireplace, then check out this review to follow through.

Great and Sophisticated Design:

Fabricated mainly from steel, it incorporates a hex-shaped bowl rubbed with oil-based bronze with a lattice design on the sides of the bowl.

Aside from that, it accentuates some copper highlights on the general edges and corners of the fireplace.

It has a stable hexagonal base that complements well over the design of the fireplace.

The design incorporates a vintage vibe perfect for outdoor and countryside utilization.

Easy Operation:

It’s easier to build around fires using this fireplace pit. The bowl caters great deal of wood with a depth of 8.5 inches and a diameter of 24 inches.

Nonetheless, the bowl contains also a fire-retardant lid to contain ashes as necessary. You just need to arrange the firewood into the bowl of the fireplace, then lit it out as required!

Prone to Corrosion:

The fireplace is made from a material that easily rusts upon utilization.

Nonetheless, it is advised to not expose your fireplace to heavy water or rain.

Also, it is advised to paint over your fireplace with high-quality and anti-corrosion paints.

Small than Advertised:

Some users find the fireplace smaller than what should be expected.

A user even measured the fireplace’s dimensions and conclude the insufficiency of it.

Nonetheless, this complaint could be addressed only to few users and likewise, it could be just defective.

Key Features of Best Choice Products BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Fireplace:

  • Lightweight and Portable:

You could bring the fireplace anywhere you go! It weighs around 15.75 pounds intuitively assembled easily as required.

Likewise, it is really not that heavy fitted even to some carrying bags!

  • Intuitive Cover:

The cover of the device blends upon the design of the bowl-shaped like a hexagon.

It is made from the highly retardant flame lid with a looped handle on the center of this cover to easily put it on and out as needed.

The entire cover is screened over and coated with black to keep track still of the fire created inside the bowl.

  • Highly Safe and Secured Utilization:

The fireplace is made from premium devices that is to endure out extreme heat and fire.

The body of the fireplace is enveloped with a retardant flame lid to ensure that it will resist well to fire.

  • Flexible Utilization:

Whether you are burning out marshmallows, camping, or just using a fireplace for your own convenience, this would be an ultimate add-on to your rooms and spaces.

This could even be good as a lighting medium during the night especially on beach-based restaurants or any businesses to improve the place’s ambiance.

9. Endless Summer WAD820SP Slate and Marble Fire Pit

Endless Summer WAD820SP Slate and Marble Fire Pit

Convenient and effective heating is what makes the Endless Summer WAD820SP one of the best outdoor fire pits today.

Featuring a slate and marble mosaic tile mantel, this Endless WAD820SP slate and marble fire pit are ideal to use on your patio, deck, or backyard as it is large enough to heat areas to 150 square feet.

Key Features of Endless Summer Slate and Marble Fire Pit:

  • Stable And Durable:

This Endless Summer fire pit has great and robust support because it is designed with a four-legged black wrought-iron stand to keep it firmly in place.

It provides just the right amount of height, where you could use it as a centerpiece table in your patio or backyard.

  • Slate and Marble Design:

The 34” diameter rim is made from slate and marble mosaic tile mantel that is handcrafted with decorative copper accents.

It is easy to clean and maintain and adds texture and elements to your patio or backyard.

It features a heavy mesh spark guard for additional safety when used.

  • Convenient Heating:

It generally uses wood for fuel, which is widely and conveniently available anywhere.

The fire pit bowl can carry up to three logs, which is just enough to light a decent flame to keep the room warm.

You may add or reduce the fuel to adjust the heat level for optimal results.


  • Built with a good airflow system
  • Easy to set up
  • The material is sturdy that you can tell it can be used for a long time
  • Makes a perfect design and ornament for the patio
  • Comes with a grate cover that contains the embers efficiently.


  • The bottom may get too hot for long use. It is safe but suggested to take caution, especially with kids.
  • Its legs are not height adjustable, in case you will opt it to be higher or lower.
  • The bowl could have been deeper

10. Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit has beautiful decorative and impressive diamond cutouts on a fire bowl, creating an incredible ambiance during the night!

It has been designed with durability in mind, made of sturdy steel.

It is easy to assemble and easy to transport because it is lightweight.

This is perfect for any camping site or outdoor gathering.

The 4 arched legs greatly provide superior stability with extra support provided by the sturdy full-diameter support ring.

Key Features of Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit:

  • Portable to Use:

The Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit only weighs 12.7 pounds and measures 25.8 x 25.8 x 19.9 inches.

Because of its lightweight, you can easily transport this fire pit to a camping site or any outdoor gathering.

You can bring more items on your travel because the fire pit does not accommodate a big space in your car trunk.

Bring the whole family and friends for a great bonfire outdoor adventure.

  • Impressive Design:

The decorative cutouts (diamond) provide an amazing ambiance with a touch of elegance.

Whether you want it fun or romantic, the design of this fire pit will surely help you achieve your travel and camping goals.

You and your companions will surely have more time chatting under the moonlight with the stunning fire.

Get warmed and be relaxed while chatting or eating under the moonlight with your family and friends.

  • Durable and Convenient to Use:

The decorative legs are stable and supportive. You can expect it to last for many years. It is made of stainless steel for superior durability.

To avoid ashes from flying, it includes a mesh or spark screen, keeping the embers contained. Customers are impressed with the easy assembly that takes only 5 minutes or less.

No need to figure out how to put complicated parts together. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The fire pit comes with a handle so the life can be taken on and off.

You have more time to spend planning your outdoor gathering than worrying about how to assemble the unit.

It is hassle-free and stress-free.

  • Superb Performance:

The Landmann Bromley Fire Pit can hold a good amount of hardwood. It is perfect for patios, camping sites, and other outdoor activities needing a bonfire.

The advanced technology adopted by this unit is incredible to ensure less smoke and smell.

Given its affordable price, you will never find one as elegant and convenient as the Landmann Bromley Fire Pit which is made in the USA.

Enjoy shopping!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy legs
  • Great size for small patios
  • Great for camping trips
  • Easy to clean.


  • The top does not fit the entire top which is not a big deal because of the performance which is still great
  • Gaps present on the sides for proper airflow through it will be a great improvement in the future
  • Black finish tend to rub off so cleaning after use without using harsh chemicals is recommended

11. Sunnydaze 42 Inch Large Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Sunnydaze 42 Inch Large Cosmic Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

Mixing style and efficiency of performance, this Sunnydaze cosmic-designed steel fire pit produce an outstanding amount of heat output to let you enjoy a patio warm atmosphere with family and friends.

The star and moon cutout design provide a nice view while watching the flame.

It is built to be large, wherein the fire bowl has a diameter of about 34 inches and weighs 36 pounds.

Key Features of Sunnydazy Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit:

  • Sturdy Built:

The .77mm all-steel construction of the Sunnydazy Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit makes it ultra-durable and strong.

The rustic patina-colored high-temperature paint, on the other hand, is added for a long-lasting heat-resistant finish.

It is designed with four legs for added strength and stability as it elevates this fire pit from the ground.

  • Low Maintenance:

Around the Sunnydazy Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit, a rail can is attached conveniently for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The rail allows it to be moved without any hassles as well.

The same with the screen, which will allow you to prepare and cook food over the fire.

  • Safety Precautions:

Included in the package is the spark screen, which helps n controlling the fire and keeps embers and ashes safely contained in the fire pit.

It contains a built-in grate strip used for holding wood and maintains a steady air circulation.

A poke is provided for removing the spark screen and moving logs safely.

For added measures, it is highly advised to place the fire pit at least 10 feet away from any neighboring yard and not leave it unattended.


  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Thick steel bottom foundation for heavy-duty use
  • It is large enough to even store larger logs and chunks of wood for fuel
  • Can be easily carried and transported as it is made to be lightweight


  • The drainage hole at the bottom is very small but can provide enough draft and ventilation
  • Screws need to be checked if securely tightened constantly, as it may come a little loose

12. Landmann Patio Lights Firedance Bear And Paw Wood Burning Fire Pit

Landmann Patio Lights Firedance Bear And Paw Wood Burning Fire Pit

A multi-purpose fire pit, not only provides you warmth and comfort, which is ideal for tailgating and camping but at the same time, completes your whole outdoor experience as it can easily be turned and used as a grill and cook dinner in an instant.

It creates a good and consistent flame as it is fueled by wood.

Key Features of  the Landmann Firedance Fire Pit:

  • Portable:

Weighing only about 33 lbs, this Landmann fire pit is designed with a safety ring handle for easy and convenient transport and placement after use.

Hence, even a one-man band can carry it outside to your backyard for some outdoor fun.

  • Stylish Design:

Built with four-leg support that holds it securely and firmly together, it features bear and paw cutouts design on the deep fire bowl.

This circular-shaped bowl provides a high level of heat and ambiance and allows 360-degree viewing.

The top cover secures the flame and for safety measures as well.

  • Deep Fire Bowl:

To keep the continuous flame, it is built with a deeper fire bowl than most fire pits in its class with a total depth of 30”.

The bowl height is about 12.375” and the width is measured at about 30”.

Thus, you can store more wood fuel for a long-lasting operation.


  • Designed with a top cover that allows no dirt or dust to get inside.
  • Easy and hassle-free to assemble, may only take probably about 10 minutes or less
  • With the handles, it is easy to move and carry around
  • Deep bowl to contain the fire safely and securely
  • .


  • Does not have drainage hole at the bottom in case of rain
  • Maybe prone to dent and rust, but maybe avoided with extra care

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit? – A Buyer’s Guide:Best Fire Pit

Backyard BBQ and camping with friends have never been more fun and convenient with the use of these fire pits as it is not only easy to operate but reliable to help brave the cold with its high heat output and durable makeup.

It can be used as an attractive ornament at home with its luxurious and rustic design as well.

Because the market has been generous with choices, finding the perfect one is not an easy feat.

The following are the things to consider before finally deciding on the one.


Whether to place it in the backyard or patio, FirePits make perfect design ornaments.

By not sacrificing the performance and efficiency.

The style has become part of the package that manufacturers aim to continuously innovate and improve to cater to individual needs and aesthetics.

Fuel Source:

As previously mentioned, while there are several sources available to power these fire pits, wood and gas are the most common options because of several reasons.

Depending on what works for you, each has specific advantages and disadvantages so take care in selecting the right type.

Material Construction:

Durability and maintenance are perhaps two of the things we hoped and expect for the best fire pit that will suit our needs.

And this can be dependent on the materials used during construction.

By using it outdoor makes it prone to weather changes, thus, it should be sturdy and resistant to endure any environmental conditions.


Most fire pits available are made of this material as steel is proven to be sturdy and solid to tolerate the heat and regular and prolonged use.

The common concern with this material, however, is that it is prone to rust and dent, thus, high-end models would cover it with a powdered coat finishing.

Cast Iron:

This material is typically lightweight but also durable to use.

If you are looking for something portable and easy to transport, then this could be perfect for you.

Slate And Tile:

This is usually used for patio fire pit as its rustic look serves as a decorative element and a good use for a centerpiece.

Construction-wise, it is also durable and heavy-duty, though maybe more high maintenance than others.


Depending on the availability of space at your home, fire pits come in different sizes as well.

And just like any other product, it is divided into small, medium, and large.

It is important to be keen when choosing the size to be able to maximize the space.

Small-Sized Fire Pits:

The great thing about these fire pits is it is lightweight thus more portable and convenient to carry and bring anywhere.

Medium-Sized Fire Pits:

This is probably the most commonly used and preferred as it has the perfect size for home and backyard use.

It is efficient and convenient as it can carry just the right amount of wood to light an entire room.

This fire pit is mostly designed with legs and a cover top to secure and contain all embers.

It is still generally lightweight, hence the easy transport and placement.

Large-Sized Fire Pits:

Large-sized fire pits are made for heavy-duty performance, as they can hold more wood thus produces more fire and heat output, which is highly ideal for huge spaces.

Yet because of the size, it requires more cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning And Maintenance:

Cleaning your fire pit is a vital process to ensure its lasting efficiency and usage.

Admittedly, it is not, however, the most fun part of having a fire pit.

Hence, choose one that is easy to clean and maintain for a more enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fire Pits For Wooden Decks?

For wooden decks, there are different and varied kinds of fire pits that one can go for. Check out the details:

Resin fire pits for wooden decks

Like, you can have the fire pits made of resin. This material is even given the name of resin wicker.

Furthermore, this fire pit material is known for its durability, remains to stay UV resistant, and also impervious to water.

Stainless steel fire pits for wooden decks

Some people like to go for stainless steel fire pits. This material is extremely strong and resilient.

Besides, it has a high melting point and is marked to be impact resistant. 

This sturdy and strong matter allows your fire pit to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum fire pits for wooden decks

Then we have aluminum fire pits that are highly suitable for wooden decks.

This is a lightweight material, stays to be corrosion resistant, and needs low maintenance.

What do You need To Put Under A Fire Pit On A Deck?

It is recommended to put dry grass in your fire pits. We have seen that wet grass is harder and tough to burn as compared to using dry grass.

You should not use any kind of fuel right there in your fire pits. Avoid using and putting any lighter fuel or any kind of gasoline in it.

The minimum amount of fire should be created and generated by your pit, if it makes too much fire then an explosion may take place.

You can light up the fire by simply using a matchbox and also dry twigs as well as papers and wood shavings.

Moreover, you can get a fire pit pad for the sake of protecting and securing deck surfaces from harsh temperatures.

Some people like to make their own fire pit pads by using and availing metal, bricks, and pavers.

How To Build A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck?

To build a fire pit on a wood deck is a simple job to do. The first step is to clear the desk side.

Furthermore, all of your surroundings have to be clear and mess-free, and also debris-free. You need to use pavers right underneath your fire pit.

The next step is to leave all of the lighter fluid alone and dispose of the remaining ashes properly.

Make sure to keep water at your side so that if too much fire is created, then you can dispose of it off.

Different kinds of fire pits can be created on wood decks. It is recommended to build fire pits that are made of cast iron or metal materials.

Such a fire pit usually and generally carries well-supported legs and keeps it balanced. Now, you know how to build and make fire pits.

You can share with us your experience if you are involved in the task of making fire pits on wooden decks.

Final Verdicts!

Regardless of where and what you use, the design and functionality of the fire pits make it a great addition to make your home warm and cozy.

Whether for outdoor fun and activities or a quiet time with family and friends, it has everything you need and desire and even more.

Multi-functional and convenient to use, it offers several options and unique features that suit your style and preference.

The process may seem to be complicated as finding the best may always require loads of research and reading tons of reviews.

But once you clearly understand and know your priorities and what you want, it will be a breeze.

Having a checklist of things to consider can be a huge help as well.

The best fire pit has optimal heat output, safe to use, and easy to operate. It is because of these reasons that these top ten stood out from the rest.

Whichever you choose, you can guarantee you will have the best fire pit on the market.

In the end, the choice will all boil down to your own personal need and preference.