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Best Deck Fire Pits: Top 10 Fire Pits Safe For Your Deck

A deck fire pit is a great add-on to any home, but it is important to make sure you have a deck safe fire pit.

10 Best Deck Fire Pits

These 10 are the best fire pits for your deck:

  • ✓ INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS WINNER - perfect addition of...
  • ✓ DURABILITY & QUALITY - impressive strength and durability, low...
  • ✓ CONVENIENCE FEATURES - table dimensions: L 44” x W 32” x H...
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  • 25" Tall x 28" Wide Square Gas Fire Pit Table Top
  • 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner Gas Fire Pit
  • Gas Fire Pit hidden control panel with electronic ignition,safety...
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  • Genuine slate-top
  • Deep bowl for larger fires and added warmth
  • PATENTED adjustable-leg feature for versatility and ground protection
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  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Durable steel frame with a black heat resistant...
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - The protective cover keep the ashes and sparks...
  • LARGE CAPACITY - The size is perfect for 4-8 people to sit around on a...
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  • Perfect Addition - Functionality and style for your backyard patio...
  • Multi-Function Fire Pit and Beautiful Table - When not burning with a...
  • Durable Materials and Quality - The gas outdoor fire table is made of...
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  • EASY IGNITION: One-step spark-ignition button with a flame control...
  • NATURAL AMBIENCE: This fire pit pairs decorative stonework siding with...
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT COVER: Enjoy this pit for years to come thanks to an...
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  • DIMENSIONS: 32.00"L x 32.00"W x 24.00"H
  • One (1) 40,000 BTU Propane Gas fire pit with lava rocks (Tank not...
  • Material: Magnesium Oxide + Steel | Leg Material: Magnesium Oxide |...
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  • STURDY: 29.5” wide x 19.7” tall, and weighs 45 pounds
  • FIRE BOWL: 29.5” wide cast iron cauldron comes with 4 sturdy legs...
  • STYLISH DESIGN: This large fire pit has a whimsical star and moon...
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  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: Perfect to fit many people around for a bonfire in...
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN AND RUST RESISTANT: Deep metal firepit is made from...
  • FIRE SAFETY: Includes metal round spark screen for added safety from...
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You’ll need to check if your deck is suitable for the kind of fire pit you want to install. If you are not sure, follow up with your local government before installing one.

If you do, you’ll be able to safely enjoy the perfect centerpiece for you and your friends to gather around to roast marshmallows on a chilly day or a weekend barbecue.

How you intend to use your fire pit will determine what kind of deck fire pit to install. A deck fire pit are very similar to an outdoor fireplace. Propane or natural gas, wood, and electric fire pits all have different pros and cons. 

For those with smoke issues you should use a gas fire pit for your deck.

If you have a wood deck, you’ll have to consider the size of your deck and what base you will be placing your fire pit on. Fire pits for the deck are not going to be portable fire pits. 

If you already have a pre-installed deck, make sure the kind of fire pit you want to install fits on your deck.

If you are building a new deck, you will want to leave enough space to walk around comfortably. 

Deck Fire Pit Tips

What’s most important is to take proper safety precautions when selecting a deck safe fire pit as they can get to a high-temperature.  We generally recommend a gas fire pit instead of a wood fire pit for a wood deck as they are smokeless. And while all the fire pits we reviewed are deck safe in general, you should always take proper precaution.

You can even go the extra step and buy a fire pit pad or mat to protect any wayward sparks. Another precaution is to shelter your fire pit from the wind to maintain proper control of the open flame.

Creating space around your deck fire pit is important whether you are using a built-in fire pit or a freestanding fire pit. Leave enough space to move your chairs around. You should also consider the wind direction. You wouldn’t want to disturb your guests with smoke.

If your patio is crowded, you will want to create a wind guard, especially for a wood-burning fire pit. If a wood-burning fire pit sounds like too much hassle, consider using a gas fire pit for deck. 

If you are planning a fire pit that allows guests to sit around the fire, raise the fire pit around 18 inches above the ground. Make sure the foot stand is around 7 inches above the ground so it is not too close to the hot flames.

Make sure your deck is able to withstand the flames as well as the weight. Using a fire pit pad is highly recommended. Make sure there is at least 2 feet space around it.


Outland Living Series 401 Gas Fire Pit

  • Uses materials which are durable and are of high quality
  • Produces less smoke because it’s a gas fire table for deck and patio
  • Can be a good fire pit for wood deck
  • It’s safe and comes with a warranty
  • Relatively expensive
  • Can be difficult to light at times

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This is a brown 44-inch outdoor fire table. If you love fancy and exquisite with a touch of elegance this is for you. It uses propane gas as a fuel source together with lava rocks. It comes with an auto ignition feature and burns at around 35,000 BTU. It has a unique feature which is a pre-attached 3 ft. hose with a regulator and a glass table cloth. It also comes with a stainless steel burner. 


Bali Outdoors Square Gas Fire Pit

  • Its durable and has a stable body
  • Has quite a lot of space
  • Great fire pit on wood deck since it has a stand
  • Only uses gas
  • Comes in limited range in terms of colors 

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This is actually a great outdoor fire pit. It has a 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner, which makes it a great gas fire pit for a deck. It also comes with an electronic ignition which is safe as well as a lava rock. Most people love it due to its durable materials. It is especially convenient as you do not have to look for fire wood, and can simply switch it on. 


Global Outdoors Square Slate Top Fire Pit

  • Waterproof cover
  • Well-spaced. Its long legs make it a great option
  • Has a deep bowl for large fires.
  • Not a gas fire pit for deck; only uses wood
  • It easily breaks if not properly handled

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When it comes to uniqueness and style this is the product for your patio. It comes with a great slate top, and an adjustable leg feature that makes it great for an outdoor deck. It has a deep fire bowl to increase air flow and can hold large flames. 


Bonnlo Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

  • Is a good size to accommodate a number of people
  • Legs well suited for a fire pit on deck
  • Comes with a spark screen mesh and fire poker
  • Not suited as a gas fire pit on deck because it only uses wood
  • Can only be used in outdoor spaces

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When you are looking for ambiance plus a great door experience, Bonnlo does the work for you. This is a wood burning table meant for outdoor living spaces. It comes with a durable heat resistant steel frame, which is very essential as it will withstand a lot of heat without posing danger. It also has a great fire spark guard to keep the flame under control. Its bowl height is around 4.3 inches. 


XtremepowerUS Premium Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Table

  • Great and spacious table space that can be improvised into a patio table
  • Uses durable and quality material
  • Has less smoke
  • Its leg proportion makes it suitable as a fire pit for wood deck
  • Only uses propane
  • It is quite hard to assemble

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This ExtremepowerUS is great for a deck or patio. Its major selling point is its convenience as it can be used as a table or a fire pit depending on your needs. We especially like the beautiful bronze color, which added an elegant touch. While it doesn’t come with a propane tank (would need to purchase separate), it has a heat output of 40,000BTU and is made of durable steel.


AKOYA Outdoor Essentials Rectangular Fire Pit Table

  • Can be converted into a gas fire pit for decks
  • Has a high burn time
  • Comes in a range of colors
  • More expensive than the rest
  • Cannot use wood as fuel

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This AKOYA fire pit comes with a glass guard, crystals and has two colors ways to choose from (cobalt blue and brown).  Its especially unique as it also acts as a 65-inch spacious tabletop which can act as a good patio or deck table for a family dinner. It burns liquid propane to up to 50,000 BTUs and last up to 10 hrs. high setting or 28 hrs. low setting burn time.


Best Choice Products Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit

  • Gas powered
  • Has an unique design
  • Its flames can burn for hours
  • Its base makes it more difficult to use as a fire pit for decks
  • Heat output only at 30,000 BTUs

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This is an outdoor gas fire pit for deck, patios and porches. It comes in a wide range of colors. Most people who have used it love its unique natural stone design. The propane tank is connected via a hose and can be situated off to the side of the fire pit which makes it even better. It also has a stainless steel burner, but it only outputs up to 30,000 BTUs. 


Christopher Knight Home Crawford Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Comes with a warranty
  • Has quality and durable materials
  • Has an adjustable flame options to suit your needs
  • Base makes it more difficult to use as a deck fire table
  • Easy to fall apart if not properly handled

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This is a great outdoor square stone fire pit table that uses propane gas. Its unique design will blend well with your backyard. It features an adjustable flame height, steel construction, and uses lava rocks to retain heat. It’s like having a roaring campfire in your backyard. 


Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

  • Due to its material it is very durable and highly flexible
  • It has the best focal point to fit any patio
  • It can be used for large fires 
  • Its material make it heavier to move around
  • Can rust quite easily 

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This heavy duty cast iron deck fire pit is a wood burning fire pit and comes in a unique design to fit your backyard. If you love cast iron fire pits or old-school, traditional themes, then this product is a must have. Its cover also protects your deck and patio from wayward sparks.


Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit

  • It is rust resistant and has heavy duty material
  • It very easy to set up and require not much effort
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Drain hole can be too small 
  • Relatively thin metal

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This steel fire pit uses wood and is very easy to start up. Its great for outdoor use with its circular design and its large size enables it to accommodate a number of people. Its a great fire pit with high portability and a stylish decoration piece. It comes with a fireplace poker, a metal grate protector.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to go out of your way to change your deck to accommodate a fire pit. As you can see, there are many different types of fire pits that can suit any budget or preference. You can choose from propane fire pit tables to wood burning fire pits, all of which have different shapes, sizes, and features. Most come with all the accessories you need too, so you don’t have to buy additional parts separately. With all the different options to select from you should be able to find the right one for your deck.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to put a fire pit on a deck?

Yes, it is very safe. There are deck safe fire pits available. However, you have to consider the kind of material the fire pit is made from and if it is suitable to be put on the said deck. Also consider the weight of the fire pit.

2. Is it safe to put gas fire on a wood deck? 

Putting a fire pit on a wood deck is safe. You have to however take precaution when using as gas fire pit for deck. Make sure to check the wind movement before you installs your gas fire pit on deck. A fire pit on wood deck can be dangerous if precaution is not taken. 

3. Can you put a fire pit on a composite deck?

You can put a fire pit on the composite deck. However, composite decks cannot withstand too much heat. If the pit doesn’t have long stands, put down a fire resistant pad under the fire pit and away from any railings. 

4. What do you put under a fire pit on grass?

You can either build a brick platform to save your lawn from burning. Apart from that you can also put a fire resistant mat under your fire pit to prevent burning. 

5. What do you put under a fire pit on deck?

While on deck you may try using a fire resistant pad to prevent the fire pit from damaging your deck. Another alternative is installing a brick or gravel platform to hold your fire pit. 

6. Can a propane fire pit be used on a wooden deck?

A propane gas fire pit can be used on wooden decks only under a few precautions steps. Before you put the fire pit on wood deck, make sure to check the wind. Put a pit fire resistant pad under the fire pit. Make sure to place the fire pit away from trees, your house and sheltered from the wind. Gas fire pit for decks are actually a good choice when it comes to fire pits. 

7. Is composite deck fire resistant?

Composite decks are not 100% fire resistant. This is because they are made of burned wood, wood byproducts and plastics. They cannot hold fire pits for way too long due to the heat. 

8. Can you put a fire pit in a screened in porch?

This might somehow be risky, but yes it works. However, you have to make changes in your porch. Cut out a hole in your porch roof to allow proper ventilation. Put in a propane fume chamber. You wouldn’t want to be found suffocated in the middle of the night due to poor ventilation. 

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