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10 Best Cast Iron Fire Pit Reviews and Comparison

A cast iron fire pit is a heavy-duty, durable and rust-resistant type of fire pit that adds warmth a unique ambiance to your outdoor space and outdoor living.

10 Best Cast Iron Fire Pits

Here are the 10 best heavy duty cast iron fire pits:

  • STURDY: 29.5” wide cast iron cauldron comes with 4 sturdy legs
  • STYLISH: Features star and moon cutouts
  • Includes a spark screen, log grate, protective cover, and screen lifting tool
  • Giant black fire bowl with secure base
  • With this large fire bowl you can sit around a roaring fire, anywhere,...
  • Great addition to any yard or patio
  • Large size: Perfect to fit many people around for a bonfire in the...
  • Heavy duty design: Fireplace is made from durable thick steel colored...
  • Create cozy memories: Wood burning fire pit can be used at the...
  • Assembled Dimensions: 30” x 31.5” x 31.5”
  • Cast Iron
  • Fire Bowl Coated with High Temperature Paint
  • Heavy duty cast iron bowl weighs 22 lbs and lasts season after season
  • Strong square steel bowl supports and four stylized steel legs
  • Classic brick pattern in bowl brings the warmth of a traditional...
  • Overall dimensions: 30 inch diameter x 15 inches tall. Bowl is 6...
  • Heavy dut cast iron construction! With a weight of over 25 pounds,...
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Overall dimensions: 30-inch diameter x 35 inches wide x 24 inches...
  • Sturdy durable heavy duty construction: 5mm thick cast iron material...
  • Includes 1 easy to assemble fire pit set: 1 fire pit bowl with...
  • Basket-weaved steel base with a bronze finish
  • High quality heavy-duty cast iron bowl
  • Heavy duty spark guard cover included to prevent sparks from flying
  • Inspired by the Wild West frontier, this charming cast iron fire pit...
  • Lightweight design and (2) built-in handles are perfect for...
  • The weather-resistant heavy-duty cast iron ensures this fire pit is...

We have filtered through the dozens of cast iron fire pits available in the market and have selected the 10 best cast-iron fire pits that you can buy.

Best Cast Iron Fire Pit Reviews:

1. Catalina Creations, 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Catalina Creations, 29" Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

The Catalina Creations heavy duty cast iron fire pit is constructed from sturdy heavy duty iron with a rustic bronze-colored heat resistant finish, making it durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

This iron fire pit cauldron has three sturdy legs for stability.

The moon and whimsical star cutouts are fashionably designed for added beauty and elegance as well as to promote airflow.

This cast iron fire pit cauldron comes complete with a deep bowl for large fires, a wire mesh spark screen for safety, a screen lifting tool, log grate, a protective cover, and a one-year warranty.


  • Thicker gauge cast iron steel for durability
  • Deep bowl for large fires
  • Includes a mesh spark screen for added safety 


  • No mesh behind cutouts
  • Need to purchase ash-bucket and scoop separately 

2. Esschert Design, FF90 Iron Fire Pit

Esschert Design, FF90 Iron Fire Pit

If your outdoor living space is suitable for a single fire pit bowl to entertain guests, versus bulky patio heaters, this cast iron fire pit cauldron is a great addition to your backyard.

The Esschert Design FF90 is a giant black fire bowl with a secure base constructed from heavy-duty gauge metal for durability.

The extra-large fire bowl allows this cast iron fire pit cauldron to hold large fires for a whole night.

The big pot on the Essechert Design will enable you to sit anywhere around the pit and still feel the warmth.

This iron fire pit cauldron comes in the color black.


  • Large bowl for big fires
  • All-weather design
  • Low profile


  • No screen or stoker
  • Prone to rust 

3. Sunnydaze, Round Bonfire Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Sunnydaze, Round Bonfire Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

The Sunnydaze Round Cast Iron fire pit cauldron is constructed from durable thick steel and colored cast iron material that brings out a rustic style.

This cast iron fire pit cauldron measures 16 inches high x 9 inches deep x 34 inches diameter, making it ideal for many people to gather around for a large bonfire.

The Sunnydaze fire pit comes with convenient handles that allow you to move the fire pit anywhere in the backyard or carry it when going camping.

This fire pit cauldron is not only easy to assemble but also easy to tend to and maintain. Sunnydaze Décor gives you a one-year warranty on this fire pit.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Prone to rust
  • The cover is purchased separately 

4. Global Outdoors, 31″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Global Outdoors

The Global Outdoors 31″ cast iron fire pit cauldron is built with heavy-duty gauge steel construction coated with high-temperature paint making it durable, weather-resistant, and able to handle very high temperatures.

This fire pit comes with a mesh wire cover for high-temperature protection, a fire safety poker, and a weather-resistant cover.

The Global Outdoor iron fire pit cauldron measures 30″ x 31.5″ x 31.5″ which means it is big enough to warm up quite a number of your friends during a social gathering. 

This fire pit comes in the color black.


  • Durable
  • Spark screen for added protection
  • Comes with poker and PVC cover 


  • Prone to rust
  • Assembly is tricky 

5. CobraCo, FB6102 Round Iron Fire Pit

CobraCo, FB6102 Round Iron Fire Pit

The CobraCo FB6102 Round fire pit cauldron is designed with a classic brick pattern, a black-finish steel base with gently curved legs for stability and elegance, making the fire pits a perfect addition to your backyard.

The heavy-duty, cast iron construction ensures the fire pit lasts for years to come while giving a high-quality performance.

This cast iron fire pit cauldron features a deep round-shaped bowl that can hold enough firewood to go late into the night.

This fire pit comes complete with a mesh wire screen cover finished with a high-temperature paint that restricts flying embers, and a protective vinyl cover that prevents water from entering the bowl.


  • heavy duty cast iron bowl for long lasting, high quality performance
  • Spark guard
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Protective vinyl storage cover


  • Screen is flimsy
  • Prone to rust 

6. MagJo, Rustic Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

MagJo, Rustic Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

The MagJo fire pit is built out of heavy-duty cast iron for extended-lasting functionality.

This cast iron fire pit cauldron is naturally oxidized to provide a weathered rustic look.

The 6 inches deep and 30inch full bowl is enough to accommodate a massive fire late into the night.

The MagJo features three legs, 10 inches each, which are sturdy and provide stability to the fire pit.

This iron fire pit cauldron comes with a one-year warranty but does not come with any accessories.

The MagJo fire pit is easy to assemble and also has a small drain hole that drains the bowl when filled with water.


  • Durable cast iron construction
  • One year warranty
  • Big deep bowl for large fires 


  • Does not come with any accessories
  • Rusts 

7. Sunnydaze, Outdoor Iron Fire Pit

Sunnydaze, Outdoor Iron Fire Pit

The Sunnydaze fire pit with built-in wood storage underneath is a perfect addition to your backyard.

This cast iron fire pit cauldron is constructed of heavy-duty 5mm thick iron material to ensure long-lasting strength and usability.

The Sunnydaze fire pit is designed with handles on sides, a built-in log holder, and a wrought iron stand which raises the fire pit above the ground for added stability.

This 30″ diameter fire pit comes with a 6″ deep bowl which is suitable for large and medium fires.

The wood cubby is perfect for keeping kindling on hand and drying out the wood.

The Sunnydaze fire pit cauldron comes complete with a one-year warranty.


  • Durable, heavy duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Can expose you to harmful chemicals like Benzene
  • A spark screen cover is purchased separately

8. CobraCo, Woven Base Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pit

CobraCo, Woven Base Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pit

This CobraCo cast iron fire pit features a basket-weaved steel base design with a bronze finish that adds beauty and allegiance to any backyard.

This durable fire pit also features a high-quality, heavy-duty cast iron bowl that retains heat quite well.

The CobraCo fire pit comes complete with a heavy-duty spark guard cover to prevent sparks from flying towards you and your guest, and a vinyl cover to prevent rain or leaves from entering the bowl when not in use.

This fire pit measures 29″ in diameter and 25″ high meaning it can be used to burn large fires for long periods.

At 40 pounds, this CobraCo fire pit is freestanding and fully portable for when you’re planning to go camping or move it around the backyard.


  • High-quality iron bowl
  • Spark guard cover and protective vinyl cover included
  • Easy to clean and maintain 


  • Spark cover is whimsy and allows flames to shoot through
  • Prone to rust 

9. Best Choice Products, Rustic Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Best Choice Products, Rustic Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

The Best Choice Products Large Rustic Fire Pit is constructed by weather-resistant heavy-duty cast iron to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

This iron fire pit has a Wild West frontier inspiration, designed with an oxidized, rustic look for added beauty and elegance in your backyard.

This Best Products fire pit measures 29.5″ by 16″ meaning it is big enough to allow you to burn large fires late into the night.

This fire pit cauldron comes complete with a heavy-duty cover to protect the dome of the fire pit during inclement weather or when not in use.

The two handles featured on either side of the bowl allow for easy transportation and movement of the fire pit.


  • Durable
  • Comes with cover
  • Good portability


  • Can expose you to chemicals like carbon monoxide
  • Rusts easily

10. Sunnydaze, Portable Outdoor Iron Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

The Sunnydaze Small Iron fire pit is constructed with durable, heavy-duty cast iron to ensure usability for years to come, and has a dark grey finish for a sleekly modern look.

This cast iron fire pit has a stand that raises the fire pit bowl for added stability and decorative element.

The Sunnydaze Small fire pit is fully portable and can be carried during camping trips or when moving around your patio or backyard.

The 24″ size is enough to ensure all your family and friends can gather around and enjoy the warm backyard fire. The Sunnydaze Small Fire Pit comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Portable fire pit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has one year warranty


  • Can expose you to chemicals like Benzene
  • Cover and spark arrestor are purchased separately

What To Consider When Buying A Cast Iron Fire Pit:Cast Iron Fire Pit

A Cast Iron fire pit is a nice way to utilize your backyard during cold winter nights.

Besides warmth, a fire pit ignites passion, brings people together, and creates a mesmerizing and relaxing atmosphere.

Before choosing your best fire pit, it’s necessary to do some research about the best available fire pits in the market.

For making this process easy for you, comprehensive information is being provided to you below, which will help you choose your desired cast iron fire pit.  


A fire pit can serve more than just a hole in the ground and can prove to be a focal point of your yard.

The fire pit comes in various styles, some of the very basic includes metal fire bowls which provide multiple functional units, and comes in a combo of the fire pit and beverage coolers.

You too can consider other styles as well, one of the demanded styles is square models which serve as a low table and offers users to set a drink or a plate on it.

Types of Fuel:

If you have always desired to hear the sound of a crackling fire and a scent gets absorbed in your clothes, then using wood as fuel for your fire pit can be a nice option.

24 inches is the size of an average size wood log, so you should go for a cast-iron pit that can accommodate this size of logs. 

On the other hand, if you’re into something that doesn’t require piles of woods, smoke and ashes then propane or natural gas can be chosen as fuel for cast iron fire pits. 


More fire pits are easily affordable, you can easily get a nice and safe fire pit for under 300 dollars.

Though the price of the fire pits that are designed with expensive materials can be a little higher.

It’s recommended to do a one-time investment and buy a fire pit that provides durability for a prolonged time period.

Permanent or Portable?

You can build a custom-made fire pit at the most feasible and eye-catching spot in your backyard, but if you ever wished to change your fire pit’s location, you will need to have another custom-made fire pit which can prove to be costly.

Therefore It’s advised to go for a portable fire pit so that you can enjoy your cold winter night with different cozy spots. 

Cast Iron Fire Pit Benefits and Disadvantages:

Cast Iron Fire Pit

Cast iron is one of the most durable materials and is the choice of homeowners who want their outdoor fire pit to be able to withstand harsh weather with minimal maintenance.

They are available in many different designs and styles but most will have a cast-iron bowl or cauldron to hold the wood logs.

The main benefits of a cast iron fire pit are its durability, sturdiness, rust resistance, and heat transference. 

Due to the heavy-duty nature of cast iron, these fire pits are able to withstand the elements much better than other types of fire pits like copper fire pits.

Their weight allows them to be steadfast even in high winds.

Cast-iron also heats up nicely and can more effectively deliver heat to its surroundings as well as hold heat longer than other materials.

This means that the outdoor area will be heated up warmer and longer than other types of campfire fire pits.

On the downside, the cast-iron fire pits are heavy so most are not very portable.

Cast-iron can also become discolored if exposed to moisture too frequently.

A fire pit cover is a good way to keep your cast-iron fire pit looking new.

In addition, because it is metal and holds heat longer, it can be hot to the touch for long periods of time.

Cast Iron Fire Pit Key FeaturesCast Iron Fire Pit

Wood Burning:

Cast iron fire pits are usually wood-burning fire pits and as a result, including a fire pit bowl or cauldron to hold the wooden logs.

Cast-iron propane fire pits or gas fire pits are not as popular.

The depth and width of the cast iron bowl will vary and some will have unique aesthetic and functional elements like cut-outs to promote airflow for the wood fire.

Spark Screen:

A few cast-iron fire pits will include a spark screen for additional safety. Other related features could include a screen lifting tool, log grate, and a protective outdoor cover.

Legs vs Base:

Most cast-iron fire pits will have 3-4 legs beneath the fire pit bowl.

Some fire pits will even include a shelf to hold the wooden logs for added convenience. Some fire pits will not have legs but will have a base to rest on.

These are mostly for aesthetics but we prefer legs for added sturdiness.

Cast Iron vs Stainless Steel Fire Pits

Cast-iron fire pits are commonly compared to steel fire pits as they are both low maintenance, inexpensive, and weather resistant.

Some benefits of stainless steel fire pits are that they are more lightweight and therefore more portable. Some downsides of steel fire pits as compared to cast iron fire pits are their durability and aesthetics.

Cast-iron fire pits are more durable than their steel counterparts and will hold up in elements longer.

Many people also prefer the look of cast iron over steel as cast iron ages better and usually comes in more interesting designs.

Types of  Fire Pits:Fire Pits

Due to the increased demand for fire pits globally and to provide people with an everlasting experience, fire pits are designed and textured using different materials and sizes.

Following is the list of materials you can pick for your fire pit.


Steel fire pits come cleaned lined, widely available in various shapes and sizes.

Susceptible to rust, these steel fire pits are commonly stained to look attractive and eye-catching to the viewers.

Stainless Steel:

Stainless steel fire pits consist of a contemporary and industrial look.

It is textured with multiple ground-level models to provide ultimate stability. Being lightly weighted, these fire pits are ultra-durable.


Copper features a most popular bowl-shaped design which consists of a flap lip that runs around the circumference of the fire pit, making it one of the highly durable products.

Coming with cleaning remedies, your fire pit can look as good as newly purchased.

Cast Iron:

Cast iron fire pits can cost you a little more than what you will usually pay for other fire pits, but it’s worth every penny.

Coming in two common shapes; bowl and bucket, cast iron fire pits are sturdy in design and offer a rust-resistant option that can prove to be ideal for cooking.


Being lightweight and easily portable, Aluminum fireworks perfectly as outdoor heaters one can get at affordable prices.

Its heat conductive material lasts for years and makes this Aluminum highly durable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is cast iron or steel better for a fire pit?

Cast iron is a better material for a fire pit than steel because of the advantages it has over steel such as; iron fire pits are more durable, get hot quicker, and retain heat better than steel.

Steel fire pits are more prone to rust than those made of cast iron. 

Will a cast iron fire pit rust?

If left exposed to rain for a long time, it will start experiencing rust.

The best way to prevent this is by painting it with high-temperature paint and covering it with a fire pit cover when not in use. 

How do you clean a cast iron fire pit?

The iron fire pits’ solid structure and bucket-like design mean they require little to no maintenance.

All you have to do to clean a fire pit is to pour out the ashes and debris. 

Can I paint a rusty fire pit?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is thoroughly clean the fire pit with an all-purpose degreaser and then apply the new paint. 

Can you burn rust off cast iron?

No. you cannot burn rust off cast iron.

You can, however, use alternatives like abrasive grill scrubbers, vinegar & baking soda paste, detergents, or naval jelly to get rid of the rust. 

What wood is best for a fire pit?

Fire pits are designed to allow you to use any wood provided it is dry. 

How do you remove rust from a cast iron fireplace?

Rusts on an outdoor fireplace can be removed by thoroughly scrubbing it using abrasive scrubbers, hard detergents, or naval jelly. 

How do you keep cast iron from rusting?

You can prevent your fire pit from rusting by painting it using high-temperature paint, and covering it when not in use. 

Is rust on cast iron dangerous?

No, rust on cast iron is not dangerous. The rust, however, may spoil the design of the fire pit. Rusts on fire pits can be removed.


We have researched a variety of cast iron fire pits based on size, fuel type, functionality e.t.c.

After carefully considering all these, we fell in love with the Catalina Creations, 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit.

It checks off all the boxes in terms of what we look for; as it is sturdy, durable, stylish, and easy to use.

But all the iron fire pit models we reviewed were great for their own use. 

Whether you want to use the fire pit for cooking and entertaining, or you want to lounge about and stare at the flames while feeling the warmth, you will find whatever suits you best on the list above.