Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews – Top 10 Picks


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend buying your electric fireplace from a reputable dealer like the ones we have linked to in this post. Many of the products listed in this post have a variety of features/customizations/add ons available that a reputable shop can offer and help with. It is also recommended that you buy from a store with quality customer service and free shipping/returns for any issues that may arise. 

    In this post our team has put together our favorite wall mounted electric fireplaces on the market. This list includes budget friendly picks, luxury options and easy install products. Whether you are looking for a small fireplace for your bathroom or a centerpiece for your living room, we have compiled a list of products you will love. 

    All of these fireplaces provide heating features as well as optional “flame only” features that can be used during warmer summer months as well. 

    While there are other options for providing heat such as heat fans and radiators, people often prefer the wall mount fireplaces in their homes.

    So, what makes them very popular? The best wall mount electric fireplace options on this list are not only a great source of heat and warmth but also adds a taste of style to any room.

    An electric wall mount fireplace is a must in any modern home. It requires little maintenance when compared to a traditional fireplace. It runs through electricity hence no more cleaning up the ashes and venting of the gasses and smoke produced.

    Depending on the mood in the room, you can set the fire flames from quite soothing to roaring flames. Having a wall mount fireplace at home makes your room attractive and doesn’t require any particular installation skills. Just mount it on the wall and plug it into a standard power outlet.

    Top 10 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews 2022

    1. Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace – Best Overall (Editor’s Pick)

    touchstone-touchstone-sideline-elite-smart-electric-fireplace-alexa-google-compatible-28352957612126_1277x1277_crop_centertouchstone-touchstone-sideline-elite-smart-electric-fireplace-alexa-google-compatible-72-wide-13315603234910_1000x1000_crop_centerFeatures we love: 

    Ships immediately

    Variety of size from 42″ to 100″ inches wide

    Wi-Fi enabled and can be turned ON/OFF with Alexa or Google Home

    Can be built into wall OR mounted on a wall

    Plugged in or hardwired

    Two heat settings (750W/1500W) with a thermostat (68-88°F) or constant ON

    Flame works with or without heat for year-round use

    6 flame color options and 10 media bed color options

    Includes log set, crystals, and driftwood.

    Remote control for heat and flame setting (batteries not included)

    Built-in timer mode for shut off up to 8 hrs

    Price: from $819

    Buy Here

    The Touchstone sideline elite wall mounted electric fireplace is our favorite all around option on this list. The level of quality for the price coupled with the endless array of features, makes this fireplace perfect for luxury fireplace seekers as well as value seekers.

    This fireplace has great reviews and can easily be wall mounted or placed into a recessed wall cut out. The Alexa and Google Home compatibility make it a breeze to turn on and off without the use of a remote control . 

    This fireplace has a realistic flame and allows you to choose from a variety of different flame styles and colors, as well as choose from a variety of inserts that are sent with the fireplace (logs, crystals, driftwood). 

    The fireplace has a built in thermostat that you can set from 68-88 degrees and can easily heat rooms of 400 sq.ft.+. 

    If you are looking for a great all aorund wall mounted electric fireplace that will look amazing on your wall but that won’t break the bank, then this option is a great choice for you. 

    2. Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace – Best Budget Friendly Option


    Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

    What we love: 

    Wall mount installation. Includes wall-mount brackets

    Realistic flames 

    2 heat settings (high and low)

    Dual mode, operates with or without heat for only flame effect

    Built-in timer mode for shut off in 30 minutes to 7.5 hours

    Log set and crystals included

    Remote control for heat and flame setting

    Achieve elegance, sophistication, and comfort through Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, and make a statement with strong design in your living room, bedroom, family room, or office.

    You’ll surely love the warmth and comfort it brings through its fast heating temperature settings and realistic-looking flames. When it comes to functionality, this unit won’t let you down.

    Touchstone Onyx Wall is a recessed wall-mounted electric fireplace that measures 50 inches, offering lifelike flames that are set on a crystal heart or a pile of faux logs. Both options are available in the box regardless of your choice, lying behind a contemporary black frame with durable tempered glass.

    It provides a cozy and appealing atmosphere of an authentic fireplace. You can heat your living room, bedroom, or office up to 400 square feet, allowing you to control the warmth produced through the low and high heat settings.

    You can adjust the flames of Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace depending on your preferred luminosity with its 5-flame brightness setting, ranging from a dull ember glow up to full blazing light. This electric fireplace can match any home décor and you can use it all year round.

    You can operate this unit with or without heat with its dual-mode feature. It has an auto-shutoff feature and built-in timer to be set from 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours.

    You can save on the costs of the heating coil and natural gas because this fireplace adopts the LED technology, requiring less energy when heating a room. It is safe both for children and pets because LED bulbs are mercury-free and cool to touch.

    Now, you can enjoy a simple and hassle-free installation with the use of step-by-step user instructions provided. The unit also comes with an easily mountable wall bracket.

    3. The Modern Flames Landscape Pro Wall 3-Sided “Smart” Electric Fireplace – Most Versatile


    What we love: 

    Versatile mounting: 1,2 or 3 sided mounting options

    44″-96″ Wide options

    Heats up to a 800 sq.ft. room

    Connects to WIFI for Alexa or Google Home control options

    Realistic flames

    Variety of customizable inserts

    Variety of flame and color options controlled by the remote. 

    Price: From $2379

    Buy Here

    The Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi is a versatile electric fireplace, with state of the art technology, that can be installed in 12 different ways. Fully controllable with its remote, Wi-Fi APP and Smart Home. Yes, you can ask Alexa to turn on the fireplace! Available in 5 sizes, this impressive multifaceted fireplace is great for any room in your home.

    This high-tech electric fireplace can certainly meet your custom build’s needs. It can be configured as a single-sided, left corner, right corner, or 3-sided bay fireplace for wall-mount, 2 x 4 partial or fully built-in clean face wall installations. You can even install it in a cabinet if you wish. Its versatility is what makes this smart fireplace great for any build.

    What makes this fireplace even more remarkable is its heat output. By connecting an optional secondary line, it is capable of providing up to 10,000 BTUs of heat, a lot higher than most electric fireplaces. Enough to provide ample heat for any room of approximately 800 sq.ft.

    Landscape Pro Multi features a beautiful light display with multi-colored flames, ember bed, and downlight. Its display is enhanced further with decorative media – a hand-painted canyon driftwood log set, clear acrylic stones, and black smoke acrylic crystals are included with the fireplace.

    Have full control of your fireplace’s full spectrum of colors and heat by using the remote control that comes with this fireplace. More control options are available using the Modern Flames WiFi App with Smart Home Capabilities. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the display. Wireless Thermostat and Full Wall Control is an optional add on, select before checking out.

    Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi is available in five sizes, 44″, 56″, 68″, 80″, and 96″ which makes it perfect for rooms of different sizes. Its potential high heat output coupled with advanced control options makes this electric fireplace an excellent choice for any modern home or commercial space.

    4. Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace – Highest Reviews


    Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

    What we love: 

    Heats up to 400 sq.ft. 

    Multiple heat and flame settings

    Remote control operated

    Variety of sizes available

    Comes highly reviewed on Amazon

    Realistic flame appearance

    Consumers always try to shop for electric fireplaces that mimic traditional fireplaces without the ash or smoke emission. The Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace has been designed and created to be wall-mounted for a contemporary look.

    It is a versatile fireplace that can add a cozy touch to your room. This electric fireplace has been designed with heat vents located on the upper front. It is a practical and functional fixture to keep you warm.

    The Touchstone Sideline Fireplace is a total package with multiple modes which allow the flames to be adjusted to desired brilliance. For an authentic feel, this electric fireplace includes glass crystals and faux fire logs.

    This fireplace is best positioned below the ceiling for at least 12 inches. It operates with a 120 voltage or 1,500 watts. It has a built-in timer, allowing you to turn off the unit after setting it for a period of time up to 7.5 hours.

    When it comes to performance, the Touchstone Sideline Fireplace features two heat settings including low and high, which is perfect during winter. You can adjust the heat level according to your preference.

    You’ll be impressed with the three-color flame changing options with a realistic-looking flame. It creates an ambiance likened to a traditional fireplace.

    The three flame color changing options include blue, orange, and blue-orange with five settings including intense blaze and soft amber glow. The flame and heat settings can be operated with the use of remote control.

    You can install the Touchstone Sideline fireplace in any room and enjoy its ability to heat up to 400 square feet of space.

    5. Napoleon Allure Vertical Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace – Best Vertical Option

    napoleon-napoleon-allure-vertical-wall-mounted-electric-fireplace-13267755499614_1000x1000_crop_centerWhat we love: 

    Slim vertical design

    Simple to wall mount 

    32 or 38 inch options

    Realistic flame

    Clean look with no vents

    Price: $439

    Buy Here

    Create a stunning focal point in any room with Napoleon Allure Vertical Electric Fireplace. The narrow vertical design (only 16″ wide) of this wall-mounted fireplace makes it a perfect fit for rooms with little wall space. Available in heights: 32″ and 38″ high.

    You will love the tall flame of this vertical fireplace and the glass sides that allow viewing the flames from more angles.

    Napoleon Allure™ Vertical is designed to be hung on a wall and can be simply plugged into a standard electrical outlet. With wall mount installation it will only stick out 5 5/8″. You can also partially recess it into a wall for a more clean look and even hardwire it in.

    Napoleon Allure™ Vertical has a clean face design without any grills, thanks to the hidden vent and angled glass that allows heat to be efficiently moved out into the room. As with all electric fireplaces, the flame works with or without heat so that you can enjoy this gorgeous decor piece all year round no matter the season

    6. The Touchstone Chestmont 50″ Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace (with Built in Mantle) – Best All-In-One Option

    all-in-one-wall-mounted-fireplace-mantel   touchstone-touchstone-chesmont-50-wall-mounted-3-sided-electric-fireplace-white-13315253338206_1000x1000_crop_center


    What we love: 

    Wall Mounted Installation

    3-Sided design with modern mantel

    5 flame brightness and color settings

    Two heat settings (750W/1500W)

    Safe to install under a TV and electronics

    Mounting brackets included

    Price: $999

    Buy Here

    The Touchstone Chestmont is a modern wall mounted fireplace that features a three-sided mantel, realistic 3D flames, multiple heat settings, and simple installation. Touchstone Chestmont is available in crisp white or modern black colors and will definitely add elegance, ambiance, and warmth to your home.

    This 50″ wide electric fireplace can be mounted on the wall of your bedroom, family room, or anywhere in your home to offer the aesthetic appeal of a finely crafted fireplace without the troubles and stress of actual fire.

    The Chesmont offers 5 flame brightness settings ranging from a dull ember glow to a full blaze and 3 color-changing options (orange, blue, and blue-orange). The Chesmont’s flames are so realistic, your electric fireplace will be mistaken for a real gas fireplace!

    Touchstone Chestmont electric fireplace comes with a combination of decorative driftwood and glass crystals. The tempered glass box offers a three-sided view of the beautiful decorative media and the flames. All fireplace settings are adjustable with the included remote control or manually on the touchpad on the face of the fireplace. 

    Offering both a high and low heat setting, you can quickly add heat to a room up to 400 sq. ft. It is designed to warm up an area on a cool evening, or bring the temperature of a room up a few degrees. The built-in timer can be used to time the fireplaces heat duration for up to 7.5 hours.

    Mounting this fireplace to your wall is so simple that one person can get the job done. It is safe to install under artwork, TV, and electronics because of its front heating vent.

    7. The Valux Home Traditional Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace – Best Traditional Style



    What we love: 

    Available in a variety of sizes

    Shallow 8.5″ depth for recess wall mounting

    Fire crackling sounds

    Remote control operation

    Buy On Amazon

    This is a great option for getting a traditional style fireplace into any wall in your home. The 8.5″ depth is much thinner than a traditional fireplace insert.

    The fireplace comes with 2 different heat settings and a variety of different flame styles and colors to meet your decor and ambiance needs. This fireplace comes at a very affordable price for the quality and is a product that will last for years to come. 

    This fireplace also comes with a built in optional crackling noise to give the ambiance of a real fireplace. It is offered in a variety of different sizes to meet your specific needs. 

    8. The Touchstone Ivory White Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace – Best White Wall Mounted Fireplace



    What we love: 

    Wall mount OR Recessed installation

    Realistic flames 

    2 heat settings (high and low)

    Dual mode, operates with or without heat for only flame effect

    Wall mounting brackets included

    Remote control for heat and flame setting

    Price: $329

    Buy Here

    The Touchstone Ivory Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a beautiful 50″ wide modern fireplace with realistic flames and a contemporary white frame that will make a strong design statement in your living room, family room or any room in your home.

    The Ivory is designed to mounted on your wall, but it can be recessed by disabling the heating feature. Flick the switch behind the unit to disable the heater. If it is to be installed beneath a TV, we recommend mounting your TV at least 24 inches above the top of the fireplace unit.

    This modern fireplace delivers the beauty of a fireplace without the fire and smokey smell. It features realistic flames with 5 flame settings. The Ivory has 2 heat settings (high and low) and will heat a room up to 400 sq. ft. A handheld remote control is included so you can adjust settings with a click of a button.

    9. The Dimplex Winslow Curved Wall Mounted OR Tabletop Electric Fireplace – Easiest to install



    What we love: 

    Wall Mounted or Tabletop Fireplace

    Mounting Kit and Tabletop Stand Included

    Zero Installation with Tabletop Stand for Your Convenience

    Curved Glass Provides An Elegant And Clean Look For The Fireplace

    Powerful Heating, warms up to 1000 sq. ft. of space

    Realistic High-Contrast Flames

    3 included interchangeable media beds – Crystals, Logs, and Pebbles

    Remote Control Included

    Price: $379

    Buy Here

    The Dimplex Winslow Electric Fireplace has a curved surface that showcases its flames while providing an ample amount of heat, thanks to its fan-forced heater. Mount it on the wall or place it on a tabletop.

    Featuring a curved glass surface that gives a clean and smooth look, it brings elegance to your home while highlighting the fireplace’s realistic flames and media bed. Worry not as the glass stays cool even when under operation, making it safe for children and pets.

    The Dimplex Winslow utilizes a fan-forced heater with a  safe ceramic element to provide adequate heat even up to a distance. It can warm up to 1000 sq. ft. of an area, making it a good supplemental heat source. A handheld remote is included to easily control the unit from the comfort of your seat. For year-round enjoyment, the flames can be used without the heat.

    With a top-notch versatility, this fireplace can be installed on the wall or used as a tabletop heat source. The package comes with a tabletop stand, making it a great alternative installation option that needs no wall space. With the dual installation method, you can choose the optimal location for the fireplace that will benefit everyone in the family.

    10. Modern Flames Landscape PRO (Smart Electric Fireplace) – Best Luxury Option


    modern-flames-modern-flames-landscape-pro-slim-smart-electric-fireplace-sizes-44-96-13970070503518_1000x1000_crop_centerTons of features we love: 

    Built-in Clean Face Installation

    Multi Sizes: 44″ – 56″ – 68″ – 80″ – 96″

    Customize the lighting : Flame Color, Ember Bed Color & Downlighting color

    Multi Light Colors: Full RGB Color Spectrum in all Light Features

    Individually Controlled or Synchronized

    No venting required

    2 Heat Settings: High and Low

    Whisper quiet fan

    Hand Painted Canyon Driftwood Log Set Included

    Full Feature Remote Control Included

    Alexa/Google Home Integration

    High-efficiency PTC ceramic heater

    Flame operates with or without heat

    Thermostat and Full Wall Control (Optional)

    Price: From $1949

    Buy Here

    Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim is a modern electric fireplace, with state of the art technology, that is fully controllable with its remote, Wi-Fi APP and Smart Home. Yes, you can ask Alexa to turn on the fireplace! Available in 5 sizes, this impressive fireplace is great for any room in your home.

    Slim design, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a fireplace with a unique frameless look installed into a 2” x 6” wall. It is only 5 1/2″ deep, making it easy to achieve that built-in clean face look.

    Have full control of your fireplace’s full spectrum of colors and heat by using the remote control that comes with this fireplace. More control options are available using the Modern Flames WiFi App with Smart Home Capabilities. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the display. Wireless Thermostat and Full Wall Control is an optional add on, select before checking out.

    This Pro Series fireplace features Hybrid-FX™ flame technology which allows you to independently change the flame, ember bed, and downlight colors. 

    Modern Flames Landscape Pro Slim is available in five sizes, 44″, 56″, 68″, 80″, and 96″ which makes it perfect for rooms of different sizes. Its gorgeous edge to edge display coupled with advanced control options makes this electric fireplace an excellent choice for any modern home.

    How we Compiled these Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews:Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    Our customer satisfaction is our top priority. Determining the best quality products for our customers is our leading principle.

    Having done a small survey about people’s shopping habits, we were able to conclude that customers want the best affordable items.

    Keeping that in mind, part of our team engaged consumers through questionnaires and interviews to give their opinions on different electric fireplaces.

    From the list of 100+ fireplaces, we were able to narrow it down to the 12 best-rated wall mount electric fireplace.

    Our reviews are thoroughly researched and meticulously tested to give an honest review for each product.

    Besides, we not only concentrate on the products pros but also its downside.

    Therefore, you are guaranteed the most informative and quality opinions of each fireplace.

    What Solution Does a Better Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Offer?Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    A wall mount fireplace is the perfect choice for anyone on premium space or has limited space in their house. This hearth is usually compact and doesn’t occupy your room’s physical space.

    Typically, they are mounted on the wall hence making them a safe alternative if you have pets and children.

    Wall mount fireplaces offer a realistic flame effect and a glowing ember bed to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance in your home.

    Most come with a multifunctional remote for controlling the heat and flame effects.

    Hence, making it easy for you to adjust virtually any setting from anywhere in the room.

    A wall mount fireplace is a balance of performance and style.

    They are a great solution for setting up a strikingly bold statement in your room.

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    How Affordable and Worthy is The Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace:Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    Affordable is a relative word. What you may find affordable may be expensive to someone else.

    So, you may ask, how do you define the price tag on a wall mount electric fireplace? Let me explain.

    These hearts cost as least as 200 bucks up to more than 1000 dollars.

    When it is time to buy an electric fireplace, always stick within your budget. Regardless of the unit, you pick, it will always serve you best.

    Of course, don’t ignore the fact that the more expensive it is, the more the features hence better performance.

    However, how well you take care of your heart determines its life span.

    Which Wall Mount Fireplace Will Be The Best Choice For You?Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    The Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is the best pick on our list.

    It costs a few bucks, and anyone who doesn’t want to dig deep yet wants a great addition, should consider this one.

    It was quite competitive to picking the best of the best fireplace but eventually, we settled on the 50 inch Moda Flame.

    What makes this fireplace score highest amongst the 12 best-rated fireplaces is its packed set of features.

    For a hearth in its class, it is doing more than great. It lets you mount a TV above it with a clearance of 36 inches.

    It is environmentally conscious and energy-efficient.

    This fireplace is an excellent fixture that should miss in any household.

    How to Compare The Best One That Suits Your Need:How to Compare The Best One That Suits Your Need9

    There are various factors to consider when buying an electric fireplace. The primary factor is the budget.

    Fireplaces cost as high as 1000 dollars hence you will need to determine how much you are willing to spend on one.

    After budget comes features and functions. Well, it would be right to say that this factor goes in handy with the cost.

    A fireplace that is highly-priced tends to have more features and better performance than a low-end unit.

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    You don’t want to buy a fireplace that has all you wanted but is very difficult to operate.

    It is of paramount importance to purchase a user-friendly product. Choose a fireplace with adjust-ability features and a control panel for convenience.

    The best wall mount fireplace is one that can adequately heat your room.

    If your room space is large, you might want to consider the heating capacity of 1000 square feet. Otherwise, 400 sq feet will do fine.

    The best wall mount fireplace is one that matches your needs.


    If you are looking for the best wall mount electric fireplace, you can choose from the aforementioned list.

    Either of the 12 walls installed hearths has been meticulously tested and reviewed.

    Each of these fireplaces will create a bold and unique style in any of your rooms.

    A fireplace will create a cozy ambiance environment every time you turn it on.

    You will even have an opportunity to enjoy flame effects without heat on.

    With a fantastic fireplace, you might not even tell the difference between the summer and winter seasons.

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