Best Chiminea Fire Pit Reviews and Comparison

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    If you enjoy outdoor living and spending time on your patio at night or roasting marshmallows over an open fire, you should consider a chimney fire pit called a chiminea.

    10 Best Chiminea Fire Pits:

    A chiminea fire pit is an unattached front-loading outdoor fireplace with a pear-shaped body and a chimney.

    This chimney fire pit truly is an excellent inclusion to any backyard as it not only creates a beautiful, fiery ambiance for entertaining but also keeps you warm on cold nights and can be used to cook food.

    Outdoor chimineas act as an interesting inexpensive focal point in your outdoor space.

    There are many chimney fire pits available that the average home-owner can buy.

    With so many options, selecting the best can be tricky.

    When selecting a chiminea fire pit, you should consider the material used to build the chimney fire pit, i.e., clay, cast iron, steel, or aluminum.

    The fuel type that the outdoor chiminea will use is also essential. Wood-burning chimineas are most popular but some use coal, peats, and fire briquettes.

    Propane is not normally used. 

    Essential accessories to pick up along with the chimney fire pit include grills, charcoal grates, and a multi-tool.

    Maintenance is also an important consideration as some outdoor chimineas are easier to maintain than others, for example, one made out of clay is challenging to clean and maintain.

    Outdoor chimney fire pits can be made out of many different materials including clay, terracotta, cast iron, metal, aluminum, and steel.

    Below we have compiled a list of the bestseller outdoor chimineas for you.

    Best Chiminea Fire Pit Reviews:

    1. The Blue Rooster, Venetian Grill & Oven Chiminea Fire Pit

    The Blue Rooster, Venetian Grill & Oven Chiminea Fire Pit

    The Venetian is made out of a combination of solid cast aluminum and steel meaning you never have to worry about rust or difficulty in cleaning it.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit has efficient drafting, which makes it easy to light and makes it burn with little or no smoke.

    The Venetian outdoor chiminea fire pit has a large firebox making it able to fit and burn full-size logs of 18-20 inches as well as a large grilling/baking area allowing you to enjoy your evening fire while you prepare dinner.

    This outdoor chiminea fire pit comes with a large baking insert and a lifetime warranty.

    The Venetian outdoor chimney fire pit comes in colors black, charcoal, and gold.


    • Easy to maintain
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Large grilling area


    • Quick discoloration
    • It is heavy

    2. Bali Outdoors, Outdoor Wood-Burning Chiminea Fire Pit

    Bali Outdoors, Outdoor Wood-Burning Chiminea Fire Pit

    The Bali Outdoors outdoor chimney fire pit is constructed out of heavy-duty cast iron.

    This cast iron chimney fire pit is designed with round wire mesh screening which allows a 360-degree view of the fire, enough room for standard 16 inch long logs, and a two-piece log grate that lets air flow freely for a steady burn, unlike a clay chiminea.

    The Bali Outdoors cast iron chiminea also has a sliding door and ashtray enabling you to ash and add fuel with ease.

    The four sturdy cast iron legs elevate and ensure stability and secure placement of this cast iron chimney fire pit.

    This cast iron chimney fire pit is designed with a round roof and rain which protects the fire cage from harsh weather and also funnels smoke up and away.

    The Bali Outdoors chiminea can burn both firewood and artificial logs.


    • Easy removal of ashes
    • 360 degrees view of the fire
    • Not very heavy 


    • Has a thin metal base
    • Can rust 

    3. Deckmate, Model 30199 Sonora Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

    Deckmate, Model 30199 Sonora Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit

    The Deckmate Sonora has craftsmanship that is to die for with designer embossed carvings on its chimney that give it an original look.

    This cast iron chimney fire pit is constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and features a rubbed bronze finish and high-temperature paint finish.

    Unlike a clay chiminea, the Deckmate Sonora Outdoor chimney fire pit is designed with a fine wire to mesh spark screen providing a 360-degree view of the fire, a large sliding door for ease of adding fuel, and an ash catcher for easy cleanup.

    A metal log grate and fire tool come included in the packaging.

    This cast iron chimney fire pit comes in the colors brushed gold and bronze.


    • 360 degree view of the fire
    • Easy assembly
    • Spacious interior


    • Log grate wears out quickly
    • Prone to rust

    4. The Blue Rooster, Cast Aluminum Sun Stack Chiminea Fire Pit

    The Blue Rooster, Cast Aluminum Sun Stack Chiminea Fire Pit

    Compared to a clay chiminea, the Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Sun Stack outdoor chiminea is constructed with excellent quality cast aluminum mixed with stainless steel making it durable and rustproof.

    The efficient drafting on this outdoor chiminea fire pit ensures that it is easy to light and little to no smoke is emitted.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit is designed with a hinged safety door that makes it easy to add fuel and roast marshmallows.

    The largemouth opening on the Blue Rooster makes it able to handle full-size fire logs and also lets you enjoy a good view of the fire.

    This outdoor chiminea comes complete with a cast-iron bottom grate, a removable rain lid, a cast-iron grilling insert, and carry handles.


    • Durable and rust resistant
    • Little smoke emitted
    • Easy to maintain


    • The door doesn’t close properly
    • The bottom of the pit is tricky to clean with bolts and screws in the way

    5. CastleCreek, Cabin-Style Cooking Chimney Fire Pit


    The Cabin-Style Cooking Chiminea fire pit is constructed with 0.8mm-0.1mm gauge steel with a high-temperature painted finish to ensure it is strong and durable.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit is weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain putting out your fire.

    The Cabin-Style cooking chiminea is designed for long-lasting heat retention and the ability to handle a variety of fuel such as charcoal, wood, and artificial logs.

    This outdoor chiminea features a removable cooking grate for brick-oven style grilling and comes complete with an ash shovel and poker.


    • Durable
    • Weather resistant
    • Has an Adjustable, removable cooking grate


    • Thin metal base
    • Gives off a lot of smoke 

    6. Better Homes & Gardens, Antique Bronze 360-Degree Cast Iron Chimney Fire Pit

    Better Homes & Gardens, Antique Bronze

    Unlike clay chimineas, the Antique Bronze Cast Iron Chiminea is constructed from sturdy steel for durability and features a mesh screen covering to help you enjoy the 360-degree view of the fire.

    This cast iron chimney fire pit has an antique design and bronze finish as well as a large feel which adds a stylish and elegant touch to your backyard.

    It uses wood as its main fuel type and comes complete with a 2-year warranty, a matching fire poker, and a nylon cover.


    • Sturdy steel construction
    • 360-degree view of the fire
    • Sufficient air circulation 


    • The door doesn’t close easily when hot
    • Prone to rust

    7. Oxford Barbecues, La Hacienda Murcia Fire Pit

    Oxford Barbecues, La Hacienda Murcia Fire PitOxford Barbecues, La Hacienda Murcia Fire Pit

    The La Hacienda Murcia is a large steel chiminea finished in matte black heat-resistant paint to ensure durability and a high-quality look even after repetitive use.

    This unit comes complete with a removable chrome-plated grill, a fire poker, a rain lid, a log grate, and a cover. 

    The Murcia outdoor chimney fire pit is large and gives off good heating and has spark protection as well as a mesh air vent to help with increased airflow.

    The Murcia design features stylish decorative feet and traditional style fittings, which will add beauty and elegance to your patio.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit weighs 15 pounds only making it ideal for portability.


    • Can be used as a BBQ
    • Heating and spark protection
    • Includes rain lid and safety tool


    • Prone to rust
    • Difficult to assemble

    8. Kotulas, Outdoor Cooking Steel Fire Pit

    Kotulas, Outdoor Cooking Steel Fire Pit

    The Kotula’s Outdoor Cooking Steel Chiminea is constructed of 1mm gauge steel and finished with a high-temperature paint for durability in harsh weather and high heat.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit can burn charcoal, artificial logs, and wood.

    The Kotula’s Outdoor chiminea comes with a removable & adjustable grate, a smokestack, ash shovel, and fire poker.

    The cabin style chiminea design of the Kotula’s helps it provide maximum heat retention and provide adequate warmth in large outdoors and spaces.

    This unit has a minimalistic design which makes the assembly process easy.


    • Easy assembly
    • Uses various fuel
    • Can be used as a grill


    • Not rust resistant
    • Does not come with protective screen 

    9. Red Ember, Alto Chimney Fire Pit

    Red Ember, Alto Chimney Fire Pit

    The Red Ember Alto is a modern chiminea with a contemporary design for those looking to break away from traditional looking chimineas.

    This outdoor chiminea is constructed with quality, robust steel for durability and has a deep black finish.

    The Red Ember Alto is only 18-inches, making it ideal for small outdoor settings.

    This modern unit comes complete with a 30-day warranty, a wood grate, fire pit, and cover for when not in use.

    The Red Ember Alto comes only in the color black.


    • Modern design
    • Easy assembly
    • Burns all solid fuels


    • Prone to rust
    • Legs are not so strong

    10. Deckmate, Model 30075 Corona Outdoor Fire Pit

    Deckmate, Model 30075 Corona Outdoor Fire Pit

    The Deckmate Corona features heavy-duty cast iron construction for durability.

    It is crafted with a pear shape and designer embossing for a more beautiful and elegant look in the backyard and can burn artificial logs and firewood.

    The pear shape ensures you enjoy the 360-degree view of the fire while the wire mesh screening protects you and your children from the fire.

    The sliding doors allow you to add fuel with ease.

    This outdoor chimney fire pit comes with a rain cap to prevent flooding through the chimney.

    The roof and flue shape of the Deckmate Corona help direct the smoke upwards.

    It also comes with a steel grate for fuel placement and a tool for handling door screening.

    The Deckmate Corona outdoor chimney fire pit comes in the colors brown and brushed gold.


    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Efficient airflow
    • 360 degrees view of the fire 


    • Doesn’t handle long logs
    • It is cumbersome for its size

    Chiminea vs Fire Pit:

    Chiminea vs Fire Pit

    Let us talk about the complete comparison of using Chimineas and fire pits.

    You need to keep in mind that if you are planning to get the classic-looking and free-standing chiminea, then it commonly and generally comes in the form pot-bellied fireplace.

    Such a product is even given the name of an in-ground fire pit.

    It does not matter that whether you are getting outdoor backyard fireplaces or you are planning to invest in some in-ground fire pit or you wish to get a chiminea, all of these appliances bring and generate a cozy atmosphere as well as ambiance for your summer’s night times.

    With the help of these details, you can know what major differences are present in chimineas and fire pits.

    It is noticed that investing in chimineas is a better option as compared to buying a fire pit.

    First of all, upon buying chimineas, you will feel and see that they look much attractive.

    Furthermore, they are safe and secure to use than fire pits.

    It is these chimineas that manage to direct smoke up all and completely through their chimneys.

    They do not bring smoke right there on your face.

    Individuals prefer using chimineas is that they are long-lasting.

    They hardly get a break as they are made by using cast iron. 

    On the other hand, when talking about fire pits, we have seen that they are not much attractive looking.

    As chimineas allow and permit you to experience 360 degrees of fire viewing time, but this same experience cannot be given by fire pits.

    In some of the cities, the use of fire pits is illegal.

    You can even cook with chiminea; a few of the manufacturers have included embossed grilling trays in them.

    We are sure that one will get a unique and exciting cooking experience if he plans to use chiminea.

    Now, you have got to know whether chimineas are a better option or whether one should go for fire pits.

    You can share your experience and viewpoints with us concerning which version you prefer trying out!

    Why You Should Choose a Metal Chiminea:Why You Should Choose a Metal Chiminea

    You might be wondering why one should use a metal chiminea, we can give you many reasons and justified statements on this notion.

    If you plan to use these kinds of metal chimineas, then trust us you may see several and a bunch of advantages.

    Most importantly, clay chimineas tend to stay and remain water-based and they are made by using porous materials.

    Though these chimineas are sturdy, strong, and durable they do get affected negatively because of extreme heat as well as cold weather conditions.

    Clay chimineas get cracked easily and conveniently, you can say that they are comparatively more fragile than metal chimineas.

    For this reason that is advised and suggested to use metal chimineas.

    They are quite lightweight and easy to transport and move from one place to another.

    These fire pits are not much vulnerable to the issues of cracking but at the same time, they are vulnerable and get affected because of water damage.

    10 Reasons Why You Need a Chiminea Now:

    10 Reasons Why You Need a Chiminea Now

    You can know about the top 10 reasons that tell you why you should use a chiminea.

    They are known for their efficiency and below you see why they have become a popular choice:

    You should use a chiminea because they give immense warmth to any of the big spaces.

    They are ideal to be used during the fall season.

    Secondly, they are marked as a beautiful and ideal addition to your home décor area.

    You are allowed to cook and grill and also smoke and bake on them.

    These chimineas can be placed in outdoor environments, surroundings, and premises.

    They are highly portable and easy to transport.

    This is the kind of appliance that is simple to clean and quick to maintain.

    They are lightweight.

    These chimineas are not at all dangerous and risky to use.

    They manage to repel mosquitos and even other kinds of insects.

    Chimineas have the potential to make your air fresh and it keeps away all of the pollutants and pathogens.

    Chiminea Care And Maintenance:Chiminea Care And Maintenance

    There entails a specific guide on taking care and maintaining chimineas.

    No matter, your chiminea is of durable build and made of high-quality materials, still, you have to take care of it.

    You can only ensure prolonged functionality and also durable lifespan if your chimineas are fully and properly maintained.

    The best part is that even if you get low-quality chimineas, then you can prolong their lifespan by following these maintenance instructions.

    First of all, you should not use any of the lighter fluids to start a fire on your chiminea.

    For seeing and experiencing stable fire and extensive warmth time, it is recommended to use hardwoods.

    When you light up your chiminea, then make sure that you do not spark an immense and massive fire.

    Furthermore, you need to reseal your chiminea right after every 2 months time frame.

    It is advised to cover the chiminea with some polyester sheets.

    This way, you can protect your appliance from intense moisture and humidity-related conditions.

    For securing it, you should keep it in some close area and space and keep the temperature up to room settings.

    On the other hand, for avoiding moisture, you can add playground sand inside the zone of the chiminea.

    More Tips on Chiminea Care And Maintenance:Chiminea Care And Maintenance

    Rust Prevention:

    If you want to eagerly prevent your chiminea from getting rust on it, then you can follow some guidelines.

    It is better if your fire pit is coated and covered with some fire-resistant finish.

    Moreover, it should be packed with a protective finish.

    The other tip that you can follow is to fix the grate right inside your chiminea.

    Using Sealers:

    For properly taking care of your chimineas, you can use sealers in this regard.

    You have to make very sure that the outside section of your chiminea is fully protected and secured from moisture.

    This is possible to do that if you manage to seal your chiminea.

    It is these sealants that successfully protect and secure the clay material of your chiminea.

    Furthermore, this sealing makes it waterproof and helps you chiminea last longer for years and years.

    The outside section of your chiminea should be dry and also clean enough.

    You can spray sealant on it and prolong the life of your fire pit.

    Regularly Use Chiminea Covers:

    The other way to fully maintain your chiminea is to use these covers, which we call with the name of Chiminea covers.

    This way, you can secure your fire pit from any rainy and snow conditions.

    These covers will make sure that your chiminea quality does not get affected because of harsh weather times.

    Most importantly, there are a large number of custom covers that are available in the market.

    You can pick any of them and secure your chimineas on the best notes.

    Investing in such covers is always a great idea because they repel moisture and also keeps your fire pit secured from any of the damaging UV rays.

    Tips on Repairing Cracks:

    When you see that your chiminea has started to get cracks on it, there are some cracks repairing tips that you can follow and go for.

    You have to understand that if there are any tiny cracks present on your fire pit, then that appliance is still safe to be used by you.

    However, if the cracks are large enough, then you have to remain beware because such a chiminea may crumble.

    It is recommended to clean the cracks and do make this thing sure that the surface of your chiminea is well and completely bondable.

    You can keep in mind other safety practices as well to prolong the overall lifespan of your chiminea. As an example, you should only create and make small fires.

    Keep your chiminea all and completely covered. During the time of freezing temperatures, your fire pit should be placed inside.

    Hence, these are some of the good and reliable common-sense practices that you can go for.

    Properly Set Up Your Chiminea:

    You need to make this aspect sure that whether your chiminea is properly installed or not.

    We have seen that when someone prefers buying metal chimineas, then in this regard, there entails some kind of assembly job.

    And if you have got disassembled cast-iron chimineas, then their packages come along with some instructions when you buy and purchase them. 

    You have to carefully read the setup and installation instructions so that your chiminea can get set up properly.

    The location where you are going to set up a fire pit, should be cleared from any tree branches and also bushes.

    It needs to get installed from far enough away distances from the site of the fence.

    Wisely Choose The Type of Your Chiminea:

    Lastly, you have to carefully and wisely choose your chiminea type.

    You need to decide what kind of chiminea you want to go for.

    Like, whether you prefer clay chimineas or you are interested in availing cast iron chimineas.

    We have seen that cast iron metal chimineas do not break that much easier.

    Furthermore, they are simple to repaint and they manage to successfully last longer as compared to other clay counterparts.

    The only drawback of these metal chimineas is that is these metal structures are not resistant to rust, they can get extremely and immensely hot, and they can be dangerous for you if you fail to use and handle them properly.

    Besides, when using clay chimineas, it is noticed that they are safer to use. They do not get that hot and convenient to repaint as well.

    At the same time, they are marked as unique pieces of art. 

    One can say that the only downside and con of these clay versions is that they need more maintenance.

    They tend to get crack, damage, or break if you are not going to handle them with care.

    This is all about the care and maintenance tips that you can follow when using and availing chimineas.

    A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Light a Fire in Your Chiminea:A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Light a Fire in Your Chiminea

    If you do not have any idea as to how to light a fire right in your chiminea, then we can guide you about this area:

    There is a comprehensive and proper step-by-step guide that tells and guides you regarding how to ignite a fire on your chiminea.

    No matter your chiminea is made of clay or whether it is made of metal, make sure that you pre-warm it if you are using it for the very first time.

    Upon pre-warming it, all of the inner moisture that is present in it will be cleared away.

    Just take two to three small logs and pre-warm your chiminea.

    You need to keep in mind that in this pre-warming session, too much strong fire should not be created.

    Once you see that even heat is distributed all across your fire pit’s roof, then you need to lower the fire by taking out and removing the wood logs. 

    Allow the heat to sink in for around and about 5-10 minutes before you manage to re-light your chiminea.

    For re-lighting it, you can make use of paper and cards or newspaper and rolls and even pine cones.

    Add charcoal right in the grate so that you can see faster burning time.

    And if you want to increase the amount of fire, then you add further bigger logs and pellets.

    Moreover, you should not throw and add excessive hardwood fuel.

    By doing so, your fire may get soared up.

    In addition, when you see that the fire is going and moving out from the chiminea, then you can sprinkle your fire pit with some water.

    This is how you can ignite and light up the fire in your chiminea.

    If you still have any questions about this ignition process, then you can let us know.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do you burn in a chiminea?

    Different chimineas can burn different fuel types.

    One can burn; dry firewood, charcoal, artificial logs, peats, fire briquettes, and chopped logs.

    You can also set ablaze cinnamon sticks or herbs like rosemary to create amazing aromas.

    We recommend you use BBQ charcoals when cooking.

    What's the best chiminea?

    The best chiminea is the one which is made up of durable material that is weatherproof and cannot rust like aluminum, Has enough space for big logs, Has a mesh screen for protection, can burn multiple fuel types, comes with all useful accessories, and is easy to maintain. 

    What is the purpose of a chiminea?

    A chiminea keeps you warm on cold nights when outside on your patio.

    They can also be used to cook food, and add beauty and elegance to your backyard as well as create a fiery ambiance for entertaining guests.

    Can you cook on a chiminea?

    Cooking on a chiminea depends on its construction.

    Some can be used to prepare for a while others cannot.

    Kotula’s Outdoor Cooking Steel is an example of an outdoor chiminea that can be used to cook.

    Do you need to put sand in a chiminea?

    Sand is put in chimineas to keep the hottest part of the fire clear of the base and protect against heat cracks.

    You, however, there are other alternatives such as lava rocks and pea gravel.

    What kind of wood do you use for a chiminea?

    The best type of wood to use on a chiminea is the Pinon firewood because it burns well & slowly and also produces excellent heat with minimal ashes.

    Other alternatives are apple firewood and hickory firewood.

    However, you can use just about any type of wood you want, provide it is dry and seasoned to ensure quality fire. 

    Which is better, a fire pit or a chiminea?

    A chiminea can be better than a fire pit because of various reasons; they emit less smoke than fire pits, can protect the fire from wind gusts while fire pits let ash and sparks fly.

    Some also allow cooking and burning in an enclosed space while fire pits allow open burning.

    Some people prefer the ornate design of chimineas over fire pits.

    Can you cook a pizza in a chiminea?

    Not all chimineas have enough space for baking a pizza, but most of them do.

    Pizza is one of the most popular things to cook in a chiminea.

    When preparing a pizza, we recommend that you use a pizza stone or ceramic tile and also be sure to let them preheat for about a quarter of an hour.

    How do you care for a chiminea?

    There are simple steps to follow for taking care of a chiminea.

    It is essential that you thoroughly read the instructions and set up the chiminea in the recommended way.

    Prevent rusting by re-painting the unit regularly.

    Do not ignite a whole bonfire. These structures are designed to burn small amounts of fuel.

    Protect your chiminea from harsh weather conditions by always covering it with chiminea covers when not in use.

    Regularly clean your unit inside and out.

    Seal all cracks with an automotive bonding material.

    How do you make a fire in a chiminea?

    It is advisable to cure your chiminea before lighting a fire.

    Light kindling should be used to start a small controlled furnace.

    Once this is lit enough, you can proceed to add larger pieces until the fire is big enough to burn a full-sized log.


    Every one of the chimineas featured above can make a sublime addition to your backyard.

    We chose the best of the best chiminea based on essential criteria like material used, size, accessories, and much more.

    You are now one click away from becoming the proud owner of any of the above best chimineas and enhancing your outdoor experience for yourself and the friends you will be hosting.

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