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10 Best Portable Fire Pit Reviews and Comparison

A portable fire pit is useful to have around when you want a heating source or cooking platform on the go; whether you’re tailgating, on the beach, or camping.

10 Best Portable Fire Pit Comparison Table

Here are the 10 best portable fire pits:

  • SMOKELESS: Double wall design produces less smoke and more flame
  • Portable and durable: lightweight and made out of durable stainless steel
  • Wood-Burning Fire Pit that is easy to clean with the removable ash pan
  • 58,000 BTU propane fire pit burns clean and smokeless
  • Light Weight and easy to carry; 10 ft hose and lava rocks included
  • 19 inch diameter all weather fire pit
  • The Pop-Up Fire Pit is the first truly portable wood or charcoal...
  • ENGINEERING SIMPLE - The Pop-Up Pit sets-up in just under 60 seconds...
  • PERFECT BURNS - Burning on a fire-rated Stainless Steel Mesh (Fire...
  • Stainless steel grill folds to 1.5 inches thick and fits in a...
  • Regular size features 13 x 10-inch grilling area for up to 6 servings;...
  • Stable base for safe grilling; quick 30-second setup; sides of grill...
  • ✓ PERFECT NO MESS CAMPFIRE: Say goodbye to dirty ash, expensive...
  • ✓ COMPACT AND EASY TO TRANSPORT: Travel size fire pit is lightweight...
  • ✓ BEAT THE CAMPFIRE BAN: CSA approved fire pit is safe to use during...
  • Outdoor fire pit with spark screen and poker
  • Wildlife cutouts glow for a unique nighttime ambience
  • Black finish for less cleaning
  • 28 in. Porcelain fire bowl and lid
  • Sturdy base with wheels for easy movement
  • 360 Degree chrome plated Steel spark screen
  • CONVENIENT: The Rootless Portable Firepit is a unique and innovative...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This portable firepit features a rollable stainless steel...
  • DURABLE: This firepit has the capability to hold enough wood for fires...
  • This outdoor fire pit measures 29 inches and is perfect for all your...
  • This wood fire pit is very portable as it is foldable and collapsible.
  • This fire pit can accommodate many cooking essentials that can be...
  • Tailgate gas portable fire pits, 18. 7" L x 18. 7" W x 14. 6" Tall
  • Lightweight and portable, the 50, 000 BTU fire bowl fire pit allows...
  • Features stainless steel burner, and Steel construction with high...

The best portable outdoor fire pits are wood-burning or propane gas fire pits and feature a lightweight design that not only provides heat and cooking options but is also quick to set up and disassemble.

We’ve identified the 10 best portable fire pits to provide warmth, cook on the beach, prepare a meal when camping or in our backyard with friends and relatives. 

Portable Fire Pit Features To Consider


The most important feature of a portable fire pit is its portability.

Portability, in this case, means two things: lightweight and it’s ease of assembly and disassembly.

A portable fire pit is only good if it is light enough to carry to and from your car. Ideally, it should be light enough for one person to carry. Anything more than 30 pounds is probably too heavy. Material is very important here, which means fire pits made out of heavy duty materials like cast iron are not as attractive. Stainless steel is more attractive as it is lighter weight and almost as durable. Some portable fire pits will even include a carrying bag for greater ease of transport.

The design of the fire pit is also key to its ease of assembly and disassembly. You will not want a fire pit with too many moving parts. It should take less than 5 minutes to setup and disassemble the fire pit. Folding fire pits are popular as are fire pits with simple and singular construction.

Durability, rust and being weather resistant is not as important in a portable fire pit. You will seldom use a portable fire pit in rainy or bad weather.

However, if you are looking for a fire pit that can be used as a backyard fire pit as well as a fire pit on the go, durability and weather resistance does become important. In this case, stainless steel fire pits work very well.

Propane Gas vs Wood-Burning

Another feature to keep in mind is the fuel source, as it affects portability and convenience.

Wood-burning fire pits are going to be more portable for two reasons: first, you will not need to carry around a propane tank and second, wood can more easily be found so you may not need to bring too much wood with you to the campsite. Wood-burning fire pits also burn hotter than propane gas fire pits which can be good for cooking.

A portable propane fire pit will have the benefit of convenience and being smokeless. It is much easier to light up a propane fire pit and it will also work in rainy weather. In addition, it will be much easier to control the heat and flame level, which can be convenient especially when cooking or grilling.

Deciding between a wood-burning and propane gas portable fire pit can be tricky, and it will depend on your personal comfort level between the trade off of portability and convenience. If you are comfortable with starting wood fires and favor portability, go with a wood-burning fire pit. If you are not comfortable with starting wood fires and would rather sacrifice portability for convenience, go with a propane fire pit.


Solo Stove, Bonfire Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • It leaves little ash and emits small amounts of smoke 
  • It does not need any other accessories
  • Lightweight design
  • It could give off more heat 
  • Costs more yet impressive performance

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This wood burning, low smoke and portable stove is ideal for patios, backyards, porches and also tailgating. The purchase comes complete with a durable carry case / cover. It has a double wall, which equals more flames and less smoke. It burns the wood more efficiently with less smoke and ashes to throw away. 

We picked this as the editor’s choice as it such an efficient stove, all the wood is burned with minimum amounts of ash and smoke. It is simply awesome at burning wood, it is highly portable, and all we need to find is a level surface to put it on. It is the ultimate in portable outdoor fire pits, better than a lot of  propane gas fire pits. 

Heininger, 5995 Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Light and portable 
  • Smoke free warmth
  • Warming fire even on a slow setting
  • There is no igniter built in 
  • Remember to have the propane released slowly otherwise the safety review will cut the supply

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The Heininger is an efficient fire pit for camping use, backyards, patios as well as tailgating. It includes a fire bowl, 10 foot hose and regulator. The total diameter is 19 inches and it is made of lightweight metal. 

I like how much heat this little propane fire pit gives out, it adds real warmth to camp fires on a cool evening. I regularly use this for camping, especially if I know that it will not be convenient to find enough fuel to use a portable wood burning fire pit. 

Campfire Defender Protect Preserve, Pop-Up Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Perfect airflow system means it is visually smoke free 
  • It is highly portable and weighs less than a camp chair
  • Take it on the beach or into the woods
  • The corners of the ember tray are sharp 
  • The carry bag could be made of thicker material

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This is a truly portable Pop-Up Fire pit, 24 inches by 24 inches, and weighing 8 lbs. Made from strong stainless steel means that it will not rust. It sets up in 1 minute, and can be out away 90 seconds after the fire has been put out. 

We were curious about how quickly you could put up the fire pit and how fast it could be put away after use. We found that the claims were right, a super fast portable fire pit for sure. It burns everything rapidly and with hardly any smoke. 

UCO, Flatpack Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • The mini is so light at only 2 lbs (reg is 3 lbs)
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Only needs 30 seconds set up time
  • It can move in high winds 
  • Do not use with Duraflame because of the time it will produce

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The UCO is available in the regular and mini sizes. The regular is 13 inches by 10 inches, and the mini is 9 inches by 6.75 inches in terms of the grilling area. Either size I can be set him in 30 seconds, and the mini weighs a mere 2 lbs.  

We brought the mini UCO to try as a grill and as a portable fire pit. In terms of food it can readily cook for three of us on short camping trips. It is good at cooking while the fire is kept away from the ground. 

Outland Living, Premium Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Made from strongly constructed stainless steel with parts covered with enamel 
  • There is no smoke and no ashes to clean
  • Easy to set up without the need for tools
  • You have to pay extra for the better quality carry bag made from vinyl 
  • It can be a lottery as to whether or not it will be damaged in transit as the packaging is not protective enough

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This 19 inch diameter outdoor portable propane fire pit produces an impressive output of 58,000 BTU with an auto-ignition function provided. It also includes a cover and a carry kit. That carry kit provides a 10 foot hose, a 4.4 lb natural lava set plus the carry bag. 

I enjoy using the Outland Fire Bowl s the lava rocks make it look like a real fire without any of the smoke to breath in, and ash to clean up. I have cooked with it, and also just used it as a campfire to relax around. Either way I use the Outland, it is still a fine outdoor portable gas fire pit. 

Landmann, 28347 Big Sky Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • It has a solid steel construction with a black finish for less cleaning up after use 
  • Comes with a cooking grate and has a full diameter handle, with a useful spark screen too
  • At 12.5 inches it has a deep fire bowl
  • Best advised to paint everything to prevent rust 
  • You will need to put some fire brick and sand in the bottom of the pit

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This 23.5 inch diameter portable outdoor is in black with wildlife cutouts. The wildlife cutouts means it is good for night time campfires as a portable outdoor fire pit for camping. 

We think that the wildlife cutouts make it extra special for camping at night. When we know that we are going on a camping trip with small children we take this fire pit as they love the animal cutouts in the campfire light. We have cooked tasty camp food and BBQ food with this reliable portable outdoor fire pit. 

Landmann, 28051 Heatwave Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Really easy to assemble 
  • The spark screen goes all the way round
  • Able to cook more food due to the wide diameter
  • Prone to rust so may have to paint all parts of it 
  • The handle gets very hot so makes sense to put more wood on at the start of the fire

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This portable fireplace has a steel frame and a steel spark screen complete with cooking grate and also a wood grate. There is also a handy bottom shelf for storage, and the wheels make it more portable. 

I did not buy the old version of this Landmann fireplace as I was not convinced that it was sensible to have plastic wheels. But i bought the new version with the steel wheels recently and it serves me well as a portable outdoor fire pit for my backyard. I’ve already used it a couple of times to cook BBQs in the garden, and its been great. I’m sure it would also work well for use on a camping trip or at the beach.

Rootless, Collapsing Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Lightweight
  • The netting prevents ash, embers, and sparks going on to the floor
  • Assembles fast and no tools are required
  • No instructions provided so have to assemble by looking at the picture on the box 
  • Once the fire has started it cannot be moved

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This is a collapsing steel mesh fireplace, which makes it ideal for use in the backyard, camping trips and garden. It is lightweight and foldable to fit in the supplied carry bag. The portable outdoor fire pit when it is in use measures 22 inches in length, is 22 inches in width, and is 12.6 inches high, the weight is 2.25 lbs including the carry bag. 

I like this as a wood burning highly portable outdoor fire pit for camping though I admit it looked fragile. I found that it goes up rapidly without having to use tools and it is good for cooking on. The mesh does its job so there is not much effort needed to clean it up either. 

Fire Sense, Folding Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Large diameter means that it can cook more food and have a bigger fire 
  • The spark screen prevents embers and sparks damaging the floor
  • It folds easily and is lightweight
  • The metal is too thin so only good for a couple of uses 
  • The legs cannot take too much weight

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This folding portable outdoor fire pit has a 29 inch diameter and does not need tools to put it together. It includes a log grate, food tool and a cooking grate. It s made of lightweight steel. 

We were drawn to buy it by the simplicity of the design. The steel construction is sturdy and it cooks well. We would only use this for camping or the beach as we would use other fire pits for BBQs. 

Bali Outdoors, Tailgate Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

  • The auto-ignition gets the fire going quickly 
  • Well made with stainless steel to last for a long time
  • Easy to set up anywhere outdoors
  • In many cases the auto-ignition does not work 
  • The screw holes in the legs are not always in the right places

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This tailgate friendly gas fire pit measures 18.7 inches in length, 18.7 inches in width and is 14.6 inches tall. It produces 50000 BTU, and it includes a 10 foot hose, lava rocks and a regulator. 

I have found this to be very powerful that provides plenty of heat and light. It is portable enough to be used when camping and on beaches. Enjoyed using it to cook for small numbers of people at camps and on beaches. 


After completing the review process we selected what we considered the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit to be our Editor’s Choice. After going through all of our different criteria we decided that the Solo Stove was the best all round portable fire pit for camping and other outdoor activities. Even though it is a wood burning fire pit we decided that it outperformed other portable gas fire pits. 


1. What is the best portable fire pit? 

The Solo Stove is in my opinion the best portable fire pit. Even though it is wood burning it outperformed other portable propane gas fire pits. 

2. How much is a bonfire pit? 

The cost of a bonfire pit can vary depending on if it is made to order, which involve additional labor costs, or a prebuilt one is ordered. The average cost of a made to order bonfire pit is around $700 and pre-made ones start from $300. However bonfire pits are not portable so people buy portable fire pits to use when they go camping or want to have a fire or to cook on the beach. 

3. Can you use fire pit during burn ban? 

You can use a fire pit during a Stage 1 burn ban if it is your only source of heat, or if the fire pit has been tested and is legally allowed to be used. Double check that your specific model is legal to use as there are heavy fines for anyone caught breaking the ban. Extra care needs to be taken to avoid sparks and embers if you are able to burn during a ban. 

4. Is 40000 BTU good for a fire pit? 

A BTU of 40000 is good for a fire pit, with some wood burning fire pits having 28000 BTU and some of the portable gas fire pits achieving as much as 58000 BTU 

5. How far should a fire pit be from the house? 

The distance that a fire pit should be from the house is largely determined by the type of fuel being used. Generally it is agreed that the safe distance to have a fire pit is between 10 and 20 feet. However the further from the house it is, the better. 

6. Can you put a portable fire pit on grass? 

Yes, you can put a portable fire pit on grass provided that there is a stand for it and you use a spark guard. Using one without a stand underneath should be avoided as the risk of fire is too high. 

7. What is the best metal for a portable fire pit? 

The best metal for a portable fire pit is stainless steel because it is strong, light and not prone to rust if painted or covered properly in between uses. Ordinary steel would be too heavy to allow the fire pits to be portable, as it would ideally weigh less than 20 lbs and easily fit into a backpack. 

8. Do smokeless portable fire pits work? 

Yes portable gas fire pits as well as some of the portable wood burning fire pits like the Solo Stove Bonfire are examples of smokeless portable fire pits that do work. 

9. What is a good size portable fire pit? 

A good size portable fire pit will vary depending on how many need to use it for warmth, or how many people need to be cooked for. It is possible to use a mini grill with dimensions of 9 inches by 6.75 inches or to use a fire pit that is 24 inches by 24 inches yet still lightweight.  In addition, a good size portable fire fit needs to weigh as little as possible with some weighing as little as 2 lbs. 

10. Can you bring a portable fire pit to the beach? 

Yes you can bring a portable fire pit to the beach providing you follow sensible safety procedures. All you need is an area of the beach that is flat enough for the fire pit to be placed on top of. 

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