Top 10 Best Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace Reviews for 2022

    A corner electric fireplace with a mantel is a classic and elegant piece of furniture that will up the sophistication of any room. 

    Unlike its TV stand counterparts, the mantel electric fireplace is free of clutter, allowing you to focus on the beautiful flame effects.

    It is one of the three main types of corner electric fireplaces.

    The mantel itself provides a display platform for your most treasured items, including photo frames, keepsakes, etc.

    Hanging a beautiful painting or even a TV above the mantel is a popular way to complete the look.

    In this review, you will see the best corner electric fireplace with mantels that we’ve found.

    Best Corner Electric Fireplaces With A Mantel:

    Here are the best corner electric fireplaces with a mantel:

    Electric Fireplace ModelStyleDimensionsWeightPrice
    Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace
    Editor's Choice
    15.8 x 45.5 x 40.597 lbs

    Check Price

    Real Flame Chateau Corner Electric FireplaceMantel40.9 x 25.3 x 37.677 lbs

    Check Price

    Real Flame Kennedy Grand Corner Electric FireplaceMantel55 x 30.2 x 43.2121 lbs

    Check Price

    Convertible Corner Electric Fireplace:

    Some corner electric fireplaces allow you to convert them into fireplaces that can be placed flat against a wall. These are called convertible fireplaces.

    The key benefit of the convertible electric fireplace is flexibility.

    With a convertible fireplace, you have the flexibility to experiment with different locations of the fireplace, making it easier to find the perfect corner or wall to place the unit.

    You will also have the flexibility of changing its location later on if you decide to move to another house or just move the fireplace to a different room.

    The downside to a convertible electric fireplace is that it usually comes with an extra panel that either folds down or can be removed.

    The folding panel will prevent the unit from laying flat against the wall, which creates a less than optimal look.

    The removable panel will force you to find a place to store it, and hopefully, you will remember where it is when, and if you ever need it.

    Mantel vs Entertainment Center:

    A corner electric fireplace with an entertainment center is a very popular option.

    However, deciding to go with an entertainment center or a mantel should be a relatively easy decision.

    These two types of corner electric fireplaces serve two different purposes.

    The corner fireplace with mantel is more about style, decor, and ambiance. While it does have a functional purpose, style and ambiance are more important.

    The corner fireplace with a TV stand is more about function. Style and ambiance are reduced when you fill up its storage compartments with a TV, cable box, gaming system, DVDs, etc.

    Style and ambiance are delivered with the flames, but it’s the space-saving function that comes first.

    1. Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace

    Bowery Hill Corner Electric Fireplace

    This is another endearing convertible corner electric fireplace heater that involves an adorable work of art.

    Besides fitting in the corner, it is designed with an imitation of stacked bricks, thereby giving your sitting room a vintage look and feel.

    Bowery Hill is available in white with a rustic faux stone finish, which improves its appearance making it more appealing.

    It is relatively small in size, and hence, it does not take up much of your room’s space.

    Bowery Hill measures 40.5 by 45.5 by 15.75 inches; in height, width and depth respectively.

    It is robust, weighing 97 pounds and can support a maximum of 85 pounds of items and the corner converter can support up to 20 pounds.

    It comes with a remote control that operates the 5-level adjustable logs and flame. The LED bulbs for lighting the unit are energy efficient while they provide sufficient heat that can cover a maximum size of 400 sq. ft. of a room.

    The unit’s safety is greatly enhanced since it has an automatic shutoff system which helps prevent the emergence of accidents, for instance, when kids interfere with the unit.


    • High-quality material is used to make the unit
    • Easy to assemble since its design is uncomplicated
    • Its design is suitable for every home


    • Its heating capability is relatively low, reaching only 400 sq. ft.
    • Provides limited storage space due to unavailability of shelves

    2. Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

    Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace

    I considered this stunning furniture piece due to its elegantly designed model with a medium-density fiberboard.

    This wood design is made in a way resembling stone mantels. This electric fireplace is small, and therefore I would recommend it if your room is relatively small in size.

    It is only capable of providing enough heat for a 144 sq. ft. room size. It has no shelves and would not be suitable for placing items, features done away with to minimize its size significantly.

    However, despite the unit being small in size, I found some features that made me fall in love with it.

    Features such as a remote control, availability of a mantel an adjustable thermostat, adjustable brightness, bright and flickering flame, and maximum BTU output would lure you into acquiring the 5950E Chateau fireplace.

    It measures 37.6” Height x 40.94” Width x 25.28” Depth and weighs 77 pounds, which portrays the smallness of the firebox in regards to the size.


    • Suitable for small rooms due to their small size
    • It can be placed on top of a carpet without burning it
    • Designed using MDF technology hence relatively durable


    • Cannot be used in a relatively large room
    • Its requirement for assembly poses a risk to some of the relatively fragile parts

    3. Real Flame Kennedy Grand Corner Electric Fireplace

    Real Flame Kennedy Grand Corner Electric Fireplace

    The Real Flame Kennedy corner electric fireplace is a sight to behold. It is the bigger brother of the Chateau Corner in almost every way. It is built with a larger room in mind.

    It has a larger firebox, 30% larger than the standard firebox. This allows it to put out more heat at 5,000 BTUs and can provide supplemental heat to a room up to 1,000 sq. ft.

    A key design difference with the Chateau Corner is the fluted design of the panels. This gives it a more elegant and premium look.

    Feature-wise, it comes with a remote control that can adjust its heat and flame settings.

    The heat can be set to 6 different temperatures (71/75/78/82/86/99 degrees F or 22/24/26/28/30/60 degrees C).

    The heater will actually turn off when the desired temperature is met. There are also 5 flame bright levels that can be set as well.

    Measuring at 55 x 30.2 x 43.2 inches and weighing 121 pounds, you’d think the mantel would be able to hold more than 30 lbs.

    So be careful not to place heavy items on this corner fireplace unit. Parts will be shipped in two separate packages.

    And assembly will be difficult if you don’t have help.


    • The beautiful, grand design
    • 30% larger firebox suitable for heating up larger rooms up to 1000 sq. ft.
    • Remote control
    • Adjustable heat and 5 flame brightness levels


    • Mantle only holds 30 lbs, not suitable for a TV or other heavy items
    • Difficult to assemble

    4. JAMFLY Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Wood Surround Firebox Freestanding Corner

    JAMFLY Electric Fireplace Mantel Package Wood Surround Firebox

    Coming with a built of premium hardwood material that comes with an ultimate detailing of brown woodgrain can prove to be a great addition to your room. 

    With that being said, this fireplace is best known for its breathtaking flame effects that can prove to be a focal point for your room.

    If you are seeking something that goes in hand with your TV, cabinet, or your bookcase, then this product can be the solution to your problem.

    The flame technology used in the electric fireplace is rare to be found in other models as this technology allows the fireplace to produce a 3D flame that matches best with the ambiance mood of the user.  

    What counts as the best feature of this electric fireplace is that it comes in handy with a standing fireplace heater that is equipped with 750W and 1500W heating mode and allows users to adjust the temperature according to their personnel preference. 

    With the premium blower this fireplace comes with, it can easily heat up a room size of 450 square yards within no time.

    Moreover, the direction of the flame can be handled manually as per the need of the user. 

    For the price this product is featured, it proves to be a good deal. 


    • Comes in handy with top-notch quality wood detailing. 
    • Is best known to provide users with great heat output. 
    • Allow users to place a TV on the top of this corner mantle with ease. 
    • Allow users to control this mantle with remote control. 


    • Setting this mantel up can prove to be time-consuming but can be done via a manual. 

    5. e-Flame USA Kodiak LED Electric Fireplace Stove – Faux Wood and Stone Mantel

    e-Flame USA Kodiak LED Electric Fireplace Stove - Faux Wood and

    Who doesn’t want to get their hands on a product that comes in handy with premium features, but also proves to be the best option to be installed in your room.

    Coming in handy with premium faux resin stone and premium wood highlights, the dancing flame effect this corner mantel produces is really exceptional. 

    What counts as the best feature of this electric corner fireplace is that this product is highly energy-efficient and helps you to reduce your electricity bills instantly.

    Coming in handy with two heat options, this mantle can easily heat up a standard-sized room with ease. 

    Coming equipped with a robust and sturdy design, this product consists of an easy-to-set timer option that you can avail to set the time of this device according to how long they want their mantle to produce heat.  

    This product is compatible with Alexa and Siri and hence allows users to use this mantle from any part of their home.

    The details and features of this electric corner fireplace is the reason why it’s in demand in the market lately. 


    • Comes in handy with a beautiful and sturdy design. 
    • Provide enough heat to warm a standard-sized room. 
    • Comes equipped with high-quality construction.
    • The attractive design makes this corner mantel a great addition to your room.


    • The heating quality of this mantel isn’t loved by the people.

    6. Homedex 50″ Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Homedex 50" Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

    If you are looking for a fireplace that brings relaxation along with comfort to your place, then look no more as this Corner mantel by Home Dex can prove to be your best viable pick.

    This model comes with a touchscreen along with remote control, which allows users to either use this fireplace manually or access it from the remote from any part of your house.  

    What counts as the best feature of this corner mantel fireplace is that this model comes in hand with two heat settings, that allow users to adjust the heat range maximum to 1500 W and minimum to 750 W.

    In addition, install this fireplace wherever you want as this product can heat up to a room size of 400 square feet with ease.  

    Moreover, this model comes in handy with an Ultra LED light that comes with a premium intensity that is best known to provide users with a bright and realistic flame effect.  

    With that being said, this fireplace tends to be the safest option on our list, along you can save tons of money from getting your hands on this product as gadgets here are energy efficient.  

    For the price, this product comes with, provide esteem value for your money. 


    • Proves to a great addition to your room. 
    • Comes in handy with its efficient two types of heat setting. 
    • Provide users with realistic flame effects. 
    • This corner mantle is highly safe to operate and energy-efficient. 


    • The user doesn’t find the remote control feature of this mantle to be effective.

    7. SEI Furniture Redden Corner Fireplace, New Espresso

    SEI Furniture Redden Corner Fireplace, New Espresso

    If you are in search of something sturdy, this product happens to be the right choice for you.

    This product is equipped with faux stone around the electric fireplace which makes this product give the illumination as if it were a real open fireplace.

    Other than that, this product is further equipped with an open media cabinet at its top and comes with cabinets on either side of this product in which you will be able to store and showcase your valuables and memorable pictures through those glass doors.

    Other than that, to add more looks to this product, this product is further equipped with LED lights which are built-in  the cabinets. They make this product be able to offer a viewing pleasure.

    Furthermore, this product is equipped with LED-lit flames.

    With the help of these LEDs, this product is capable of producing flames that make it look rather realistic.


    • This product comes with an elegant design. 
    • This product includes Integrated Lights for Cabinets. 
    • The Flames of this product can be adjusted. 


    • Setting up this product can be time-consuming. However, it is not too difficult.

    8. SEI Furniture Cartwright Convertible Earth Tone Tile Electric Corner Fireplace, Mission Oak

    SEI Furniture Cartwright Convertible Earth Tone Tile Electric Corner Fireplace, Mission Oak

    In search of something traditional? Then this Cartwright Convertible Earth Tone Tile Electric fireplace from SEI furniture is an amazing choice for you!

    This product comes with a Mantel design and includes Faux Slate Slabs all around its fireplace that makes this product appear like this product is a real open fireplace.

    The illuminating design of this product adds as a rather brilliant piece of decor for your home and blends well with the decor of your house.

    When you are looking for a Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace, you are going to be looking for a product that has the capability to produce flames that look very close to real.

    This product does just that as this product is fitted with LED lights. These LED lights are dedicated to give an image that makes the flames from this product rather amazing.

    Other than that, this product is further equipped with a Fan Heater. The inclusion of this fan heater makes this product to be one of the best options on the market as it allows this product to be able to heat up to 400 Square Feet in area. 


    • This product includes a Remote Control. 
    • This Product happens to be one of the most sturdy options on the list. 
    • Equipped with Overheating Prevention Technology. 


    • This product falls a little behind matching the heating capabilities of other options. 

    9. SEI Furniture Claremont Convertible Alexa-Enabled Electric Storage Corner Fireplace, Ivory

    EI Furniture Claremont Convertibl

    If you are looking to save a hefty amount of sum on your Electricity bills, then this laremont Convertible Alexa-Enabled Electric Storage Corner Fireplace happens to be the perfect choice for you.

    What makes this product end up on our list is mainly due to the fact that this corner mantel electric fireplace is equipped with a rather powerful heating element which consumes electricity so less that make you save huge amounts of money in terms of electricity.

    However, This product does come with a simplistic design and the cherry color isn’t just our favorite.

    This product looks dull in it’s cherry color version, but the same electric Mantel corner fireplace looks very amazing in the Ivory color!

    The simplistic design blends well with that color but if you are in search of something fancy, we wouldn’t tell you to prefer this product.

    As previously discussed about the heating element, this product will be able to heat up to 400 Square feet in area.

    This area is more than enough to keep the surroundings of your home heated once this product is up and running!

    Furthermore, when it comes to making the flames look realistic, this product goes an extra mile.

    The manufacturer has decided to add an LED display in this corner mantel electric fireplace which makes sure that the flames from this product look realistic.

    Other than that, this product is equipped with an adjustable Thermostat. With this product, you are going to be able to adjust the temperature of the room this product is set in.

    This product allows lets you hold a Flat Screen TV of Up to Fifty Inches, and comes with an includes an area for open media console and two glass door cabinets on the sides further add more storage space! 


    • This product comes with a remote control. 
    • This product is able to hold up flat screen of up to 50” 
    • Flames from this product look realistic. 


    • The design of this product is a little too basic. 

    10. Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace, Small, Espresso

    Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace, Small,

    Yet another Best Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace, “The Chateau” from Real Flame happens to be one of the most astonishing corner mantel electric fireplaces on the list!

    What’s intriguing about this “The Chateau” is the fact that this Fireplace incorporates a mantel which makes it appear like a real open fireplace!

    Besides that, the manufacturer understands the need to have different kinds of color and with that being said, we’d like to mention that this product comes in three different colors.

    The three colors you will be able to choose from are white, espressor, or dark walnut. Be picky about it in a sense that it bodes well with the decor of your home!

    As for the performance, this product is equipped with an adjustable thermostat. This allows the users to have more control over the whole cooking experience.

    Other than an adjustable thermostat, this product also comes with a ton of other features, such as adjustability options for brightness, a timer for toggling the device on or off.

    This feature can also be controlled from afar using the provided remote control that comes along with this Corner Mantel Electric Fireplace.

    Furthermore, there is a supplementary fan heater provided which helps the users in warming up the surrounding areas of up to 400 Sq. Ft.

    Moreover, to ensure that the rising flames look more realistic, the manufacturer of this product has decided to add Vivid Flame Technology. This technology replicates the natural fire in the product.

    However, there is one place where this corner mantel electric fireplace falls behind.

    The design of this product is made in such a way that it will not allow the users to keep any media devices including a TV on it to make it look more realistic. 


    • This product comes with a Remote Control. 
    • The Fire Effects look realistic. 
    • Comes with an On and Off Timer.


    • This product cannot hold any electronic device.

    Best Corner Mantel – Buyer’s Guide:Best Corner Mantel

    While opting for a corner mantle for yourself, you need to consider the fact that there are certain necessary factors that you need to consider beforehand in order to be sure to make a pick that suits best with your preference. 

    With that being said, a list of important points is being provided below, make sure to go through them once to avoid any type of inconvenience later. 


    The main agenda of you getting a fireplace for yourself is to make yourself feel warm and cozy, and on the odds that the pick you just made doesn’t feature optimum heating function can make you feel frustrated within no time. 

    With that being said, in order to make the most from your fireplace we would advise you to calculate your room size first, and then opt for a gadget that can warm up that place within no time with ease.   

    Design And Style:

    It is pretty obvious that the fireplace you are going to opt for yourself will be mounted at one particular place of your house, but how odd will it look if it doesn’t match with the furniture, the decor, and the accessories of your house. 

    A fireplace can prove to be a great addition to your room if it’s chosen with the right design and the right style.

    A fireplace with a simple design and style can do enough for you if you aren’t a big fan of decorations, but on the odds that you want to make your room stand out from the average ones, then we will advise you to opt for a design that suits best with the environment it’s being installed in. 


    Coming towards the most important point, a flame of your electric fireplace will decide what worth your electric mantle carries.

    Lately, there are two types of fireplaces, in terms of flames available in the market.

    The first one is the fireplace that equips LED flame to provide users with good realistic flame results.

    Whereas, some come with the premium and latest flame technology that provides users with extreme and realistic flame output. 

    With that being said, the more latest technology you will go for, the more costly it would tend to be, hence the choice of flame for your fireplace should solely depend on your personnel preference. 

    Storage And Space:

    The products mentioned above come within wide dimensions and hence will require you to arrange quite a space for them in order to install them with ease.

    Though you can get yourself a compact electric fireplace as well, it won’t come close to the advantages you will receive with a large-sized fireplace. 

    With that being said, it’s necessary to ensure the size of the room where you are planning to install your fireplace beforehand to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is the best electric fireplace on the market? 

    The products mentioned above come in handy with premium specifications and ultimate features that can prove to be the best electric fireplace to exist in the market lately.  

    Though all the fireplaces tend to be the eBay version of themselves, the product that suits best with your taste and provides you with a profound experience would be considered to be your viable pick. 

    With that being said, to ensure that the product that you have opted for yourself comes equipped with fruitful features, then you need to go through our buyer’s guide once to avoid any type of inconvenience later. 

    Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

    If you are opting for the best corner mantel for yourself and are surely looking for what electricity charges you might have to pay then look no more as we have got you covered in this regard.  

    An average electric fireplace is considered to consume around 1500 watts of electricity.

    With that being said, if you use your fireplace as an ambiance then you may have to pay around 0.03$ an hour,

    However, if you use the heating unit of the fireplace as well, then the amount can go up to around 0.09$ per hour.

    Hence the electricity bill will totally depend on how you use your fireplace!


    While most people would prefer a white corner electric fireplace, several others would opt for a range of different colors that are typically available as well.

    In terms of features, decide whether or not you want an entertainment center to hold your TV and other media, or a traditional mantel to hold your books, photo frames, etc. 

    Whatever the size or style, all corner electric fireplace units are freestanding.

    Freestanding electric fireplaces are easy to install.

    All it takes is to find a suitable location and an electrical outlet. Unlike an electric fireplace insert, you do not need to mess with any wall installation.

    Our overall favorite corner electric fireplace on this list is the Ameriwood Home Overland Corner Electric Fireplace.

    The amount of storage space and entertainment center is a very useful feature and the fire itself has four flame-level controls with a remote.

    It is available at an attractive price, just be sure to have someone with you to assemble the unit.

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