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9 Best Ventless Gas Fireplaces Review in 2021: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Ventless fireplaces are a great DIY option for those who can not install a vented fireplace on their own.

You can put them virtually anywhere in your home, that you see fit. They instantly warm-up space.

We have reviewed dozens of top-rated ventless fireplaces and have narrowed down the buying options for you.

1- Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU 32 inch1- Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30,000 BTU 32 inch

The Pleasant Hearth is our top pick. This product is in high demand due to its dual-fuel technology, propane, or natural gas.

It has a sleek design that virtually can fit anywhere with its 32-inch minimal clearance.

This gas fireplace heats up to 30,000 BTU output per hour. As a result, you will end up getting enough heat in the house, and thus, you will have protection from the cold conditions.

Additionally, it is heating up to 1,000 square feet and, therefore, all parts of the house or office will be warmed up, and there is no necessity of having more than one of these in a given home.

Additionally, you will end up saving on the cost of buying a different dwelling to heat a big house. Furthermore, the item has two years warranty.

More also, it is a free-standing unit with a high BTU output. Therefore, this is a great product which is worth buying.

2- Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace Insert2- Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Ventless Fireplace Insert

This fireplace insert is a great product, with its 32,000 BTU output patented dual-fuel technology, and can be used with both liquid propane and natural gas.

It heats a considerable distance of up to 1,500 square feet per area. Therefore while using this fireplace insert in a home, you will just need one.

As a result, you will end up saving the money you would otherwise spend on buying many gas fireplaces to heat a single home.

A great feature this fireplace has is its variable on/off remote control thermostat. Which offers the ideal customizable heat settings.

It is economical and there will be no need for a chimney, flue, or outside air duct. It will ensure you are protecting the environment and also saving on energy.

Therefore, purchasing this insert will benefit you greatly.

3- Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace3- Duluth Forge FDF400T-ZC Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace

This non vented gas fireplace has a 32,000 BTU output, which is patented by the use of DUAL FUEL TECHNOLOGY.

With a stylish mantel, it will make any living room stand out.

It also can use two kinds of gases, including liquid gas and natural gas. Many people like this product, as a result, of its capability of heating to up to 1500 square feet per area.

It is dependable equipment with the capability of providing customizable heat settings, which are ideal for purposes of better heat flow, which may end up adding warmth into one’s room.

Additionally, it is to be used in the presence of your friends and family, as it is stylish.

The fireplace will be providing a realistic and beautiful flame pattern with ceramic fiber logs that are realistic for an excellent home experience.

More also, it is a freestanding fireplace, which gives you the flexibility of having it in your room, main living space, or even in an office.

4- Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20,000 BTU 23.5 in. Compact Gas Vent Free Stove4- Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH20DT 20,000 BTU 23.5 in. Compact Gas Vent Free Stove

This free-standing stove has fuel technology that is dual, as it is making use of both Liquid propane and Natural gas. The fireplace can produce 20,000 BTU output every hour.

As a result, your house will heat up in a very short time frame and eradicate the cold.

There is no need to install a direct vent for this gas fireplace. It is as a result of this high BTU output that many customers have turned to the ordering of this specific product.

More also, it usually heats 700 square feet and therefore, you will not need to purchase any other fireplace for your home. Additionally, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Therefore, this item is assuring you that it will serve you for a long time. Therefore, you have all the reasons as to why you need to buy this specific product.

5- Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert5- Duluth Forge Vent Free Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace Insert

It is a modernized fireplace that has a heat output of 26,000 BTU.

It is among the rare gases with a high level of BTU output, which is thus giving this product an added advantage.

Besides, the product has liquid propane and natural gas, which ends up heating to 1,350 square feet in a given area.

Therefore, it can be relied on for various daily uses.

Its variable control thermostat is offering customized settings that are highly ideal for purposes of better heat flow, which will end up adding on warmth in a given house or office.

The fireplace has a sleek and stylish presence that you will love showing off in front of your guests. The five different detailed logs are making use of high concrete materials and ceramic fiber for long-lasting life.

More also, it is very economical as it has a 99.9% inexpensive adaptability that is highly efficient with its gas burner, which has been ported vent free. Lastly, it is an inert gas.

6- Duluth Forge Ventless Linear Wall Gas Fireplace6- Duluth Forge Ventless Linear Wall Gas Fireplace

This ventless fireplace is among the best gas fireplaces in the market as it has 26,000 BTU output that is patented using the dual-fuel technology as it is making use of both liquid propane and natural gas.

The blue heater is capable of heating up to 1,400 square feet per area. Therefore one can depend on it entirely for the provision of heat.

The thermostat control is offering cycles automatically to the burner, on/off, to maintain the desired room temperature.

It is highly ideal for better heat flow, which ends up adding a warmer atmosphere to the room.

Additionally, the fireplace is stylish as it has a very slim profile design, which is giving a stunning and great look. It is 99.9% economical as it has a vent-free gas, making it very efficient.

As a result, there will be no necessity of adding any outside duct or chimney.

With this kind of gas, you will have a surety that you are protecting both the environment and conserving energy.

7- Duluth Forge FDF300R Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace7- Duluth Forge FDF300R Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Fireplace

This is a fireplace that is making use of modern technology. The heat output on this is 26,000 BTU and is also panted using a dual fuel technology.

Therefore, you will be free to use both liquid propane and natural gas.

This blue flame heater will heat up to 1,350 square feet. Depending on the size of your house you may need to purchase more than one.

It is very dependable, as its remote control is offering the most magnificent customized heat settings, which are ideal for purposes of higher heat flow.

As a result, it will end up heating the room, giving it a warm atmosphere. Additionally, it is very stylish and functional freestanding fireplace.

8- Duluth Forge FDSR25-GF Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Stove8- Duluth Forge FDSR25-GF Dual Fuel Ventless Gas Stove

This modernized ventless stove uses patented dual-fuel technology, as well as emits 26,000 BTU, heating up to 1200 square feet per area.

The stove utilizes both liquid propane gas and natural gas. As a result, you will have surety of enough warmth in your house or office.

It is a very dependable stove due to its thermostat on/off remote control that is included.

The remote-controlled unit helps in allowing the setting of desired heat temperature and controlling the set log by making use of the remote control.

Furthermore, it is a freestanding fireplace, and therefore you can use it from any place in the home.

9- Pleasant Hearth 46 Full-Size Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace9- Pleasant Hearth 46 Full-Size Natural Gas Vent Free Fireplace

It is a fireplace which is containing 32,000 BTU output per hour.

Therefore, it is among the most pleasant of fireplaces that are in high demand in the current market as its possibility of producing a lot of heat and thus ensuring the room has enough warmth.

The area is heated to the full extent as it ends up heating up to 1,100 square feet.

It includes a handheld on/off thermostat remote control, thus switching the thermostat depending on the set programmer.

The dual burner provides two rows of heat for maximum output.

Lastly, it is an insert fireplace, which is an easy installation.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Ventless Gas Fireplaces:Ventless Gas Fireplaces

1. If you want it to be freestanding or if you want it to be an insert in your current furnace.

When buying gas, you either want it to stand in a specific place, which is known as an insert, or you wish to place it in any area, which is known as freestanding.

Therefore, your priority will determine the kind of fireplace you will end up considering buying.

2. If you will use natural gas or propane.

Fireplaces are using natural gases; others are using propane while others are using the two gases.

When buying a product, you need to determine the kind of gas you want to use.

However, remember that a fireplace using the two gases is much better.

3. How much BTU output do you need?

Various fireplaces are containing different amounts of BTU.

Therefore, it will also depend on your preference for BTU use in a given hour.

4. Location and size allocation:

Because these fireplaces don’t need to be vented it makes it easier to choose where to put it.

Most commonly found in the living room or dining room you can place these anywhere.

Make sure you give the fireplace enough space to breathe as it can produce a lot of heat.

Types of Gas Fireplace Heaters:Gas Fireplace Heaters

A gas fireplace heater is the modern form of wood heaters. They use gas instead of wood to burn.

Gas heaters provide heat to both the areas indoor and outdoor. Fireplace heaters have mesmerizing flames that attract the attention of people. They keep the area warm for a long time even when you use less amount of gas.

They are available in unique shapes, styles, and sizes. In this article, you will learn about all the important types of Gas Fireplace Heaters.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Explained:

This gas fireplace heater replaces the traditional wooden fireplace.

In place of old wooden heaters, gas heaters are inserted.

If you do not have any fireplace in your house then you can build a new place for a gas heater. Gas heater inserts into the wall. Gas fireplace inserts use a chimney to throw smoke out of the house.

Most of the people use gas fireplace inserts to upgrade the heating system of their home. Also, they save their old chimney by using it with gas fireplace heaters.

Direct Vent & Ventless Explained:

Venting is very important in installing a gas fireplace heater. You have different options for venting.

You may find it difficult to select a good venting option for your home.

But do not worry, here we explain all the venting types so that you can easily select the best for you.

Types of Vents:

Direct Vent:

A direct vent is a closed fireplace system and can be used without electricity. For combustion, it uses external air. It throws all the emissions outside of the house.

To improve the efficiency of gas fireplace heater direct venting is used. Direct venting maintains comfort at home by giving the best performance.


B-vent takes inside air for combustion. It also throws emissions out of the house.

B-vent is not a sealed vent. Without electricity, you can use natural vent with ease. It has another name that is a natural vent. 

Power Vent:

A power vent works the same as a direct vent does. But there is a difference between power and direct vent.

The power vent uses a fan for external air and, the direct vent uses natural external air for combustion.

Without electricity, you can not use a power vent, but direct vent works properly. Power vent is used in commercial areas or large homes. 


A ventless gas fireplace heater is a little bit dangerous. It takes inside air for combustion and also releases emission inside the house.

A ventless gas heater uses electricity because of its sensors and valves.

Benefits of Gas Over Wood & Electric Fireplaces:Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

The main purpose of gas, wood, and electric fireplaces is to create heat. To clear all your confusion, this article gives you brief information.

Gas vs Wood Fireplace:

Gas fireplace heaters are more efficient. They produce more natural flames than wood. Gas generates less pollution than wood.

The gas heaters are easy to maintain. Wood heaters require more cost to run. As the price of wood is greater than the price of gas.

Gas fireplace heaters throw less heat out of the chimney than wood heaters.

Gas vs Electric Fireplace:

An electric fireplace is cleaner than a gas fireplace. The electric fireplace also keeps the environment clean by producing fewer air pollutants. It is safe to use an electric fireplace in homes.

Gas fireplace heaters have easy maintenance. Also, the cost of a gas fireplace is less than the cost of an electric fireplace.

Gas heaters produce natural-looking flames that produce heat. An electric fireplace produces heat without creating flames. 

Gas fireplaces throw less amount of heat outside the chimney. While electric fireplace converts all emissions into heat.

Choosing the Right Size Gas Heater: 

Selecting the right size gas heater is very necessary for your home. 

If you install a small size heater in the large area thinking that it might save your gas and electricity bill. Then you are wrong.

To heat the large area, a small gas fireplace heater will need more time. It may not be able to heat the room to the required level.

On the other hand, if you select a large size gas fireplace heater for a small room then it will heat your room more than your need.

Also, in the winter season, your room will be very hot. To be honest, it is not a good choice as it increases your gas bill and loses energy.

Try to select small size gas fireplace heaters for small rooms. Also large size heaters for large rooms. As they save electricity and gas bills.

Fireplace Safety Tips for Your Home:Fireplace Safety

It is necessary to use safety measures while using a gas fireplace heaters.

Here are some important tips for you:

Safety Screens:

Your gas fireplace heater must have a protective screen. The safety screen becomes a barrier between fire and body. Try not to touch the screen also, as it is burning along the fire. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and poisonous gas. You should have a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplaces.

It will alarm you when the gas level increases. To be more secure, use a smoke detector in your home. 

Annual Inspections:

Make sure to check your gas fireplace heater by a good technician at the end of the year.

The technician checks the all gas pipelines, heating system, and clean your heater.

Direct Vent:

Direct venting is important for gas fireplace heaters. As it takes air from the room and exhaust emissions out of the house through the chimney.

Also, it a closed system so there will be fewer chances of carbon monoxide to occur in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people find it difficult to understand some things while they are going through that review.

These FAQs are listed here to help you comprehend everything perfectly.

How do gas fireplaces work? 

Gas fireplace works the same as the traditional wooden fireplace does. You can say that it is a modern form of wooden fireplace. But, instead of wood, they use gas to produce heat.

It is available in multiple shapes, styles, and sizes. The flames of the gas fireplace heater give a mesmerizing original look that attracts people’s attention. 

Want to know the best part?

You can use your old wood fireplace to insert new gas heaters to connect with the chimney.

How do gas fireplace inserts work?

Gas fireplace inserts into the place of the old wooden heater. It is fixed in a wall that has a chimney.

Gas inserts use a chimney to throw smoke out of the house.

Will my existing fireplace be compatible with an insert?

Yes, your existing fireplace will be compatible with an insert. You can easily insert a gas fireplace heater and connect it with the chimney.

So that it will directly throw all the extra gases out of your house. Gas inserts save you from building a new fireplace and chimney.

Are gas-powered heaters environment friendly?

The answer is yes. Gas fireplace heaters are more environmentally friendly and the best choice for heating.

A Gas heater generates fewer emissions than wood and electric heaters.

Can you convert a fireplace to a gas outlet? 

Yes, a fireplace can be converted into a gas outlet. There are different ways to convert a fireplace into a gas outlet.

Here are the steps that you can use for conversion:

  • Convert your units so that you can use gas logs.
  • Use a gas fireplace insert to prevent your old fireplace.
  • Use direct venting to preserve your chimney and throw all extra gas out of the house.
Do you need a professional contractor to install these heaters? 

Yes, you do need a professional contractor to install gas fireplace heaters. The contractor knows the best place to fit the heater.

A professional contractor does its job very well by providing you good gas pipe fittings. Good fittings save gas from any leakage.

Also, the heater is directly connected to the chimney so that all the extra gas goes out of the house. It will save your room from filling up with gas and burn safely. 

A professional contractor also recommends you install a safety screen with your heater. This screen saves your skin from getting burnt when you are sitting close to the heater. 

How does self-installation work? 

You can also install a heater if you do not want to hire a technician. It will save the money that you pay to the technician.

Installing a heater is not a difficult process. Here are some easy steps for you to install a gas fireplace heater:

  1. Select the heater you want to install.
  2. Select the best place for it. Try to avoid the windy area.
  3. Buy an adapter kit to fit gas wall openings
  4. Select your gas supplier to provide gas to the heater.
  5. For installations, select a licensed gas fitter.
  6. Install gas fittings for the heater.
  7. Install a gas heater.
Is it safe to leave them on overnight or when not at home?

No, it is not safe to leave gas fireplace heaters on overnight. Gas generates carbon monoxide gas.

This gas is dangerous for your health. Try to turn off the heater when the room is hot.

Gas produces enough heat that will keep your room hot for a very long time. Even when you turn it off.

There are two benefits to turn off your gas fireplace heater. First, it will save your life, and second, it reduces your gas bill. 


Now you know about the top ventless fireplace options available and the primary difference between ventless and vented. You can now make a much more informed buying decision.

Remember that all the reviewed products are excellent, and therefore, whichever choice you make, you will end up getting great results.

Thus, save some money and purchase these affordable fireplaces that will end up giving you a long time service.

When you buy one of these fireplaces mentioned above, you will end up enjoying long-time services or even lifetime services. Therefore, you have all it takes to ensure you end up purchasing this product.

Remember that all the products are of high quality, and thus regardless of the product you select to buy, you will end up getting excellent services.

As a result, you need to consider making your purchases today and get to enjoy the unique services offered by these ventless fireplaces.

Whatever decision you make remember the details and don’t forget to purchase a gas log set or ceramic logs if needed, so you can begin to enjoy your fireplace as soon as it is built.