Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace

Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace

Exquisiteness is a concept that you would naturally want to evoke, and thus to get a rich understanding, you will need to choose the most distinctive electric fireplace for your home. The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace is the ideal hearth if you are looking for both aesthetic value and functionality.

Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace Review

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For anyone living in a small house, loft, thin walled apartments or even condominiums, they will sure get fascinated by this unit. It has a compact design and for a pretty small price tag, this fireplace comes fully equipped with all the primary features of an electric fireplace. Regardless of where you place this unit, it will harmonize with any room decor to create a bold statement of style.

The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 is not all about beauty. Rated with 5200 BTU, it is capable of heating a room up to 1000 square feet without drying the inside air. Installing this fireplace is as simple as just plugging it into any standard power outlet and you are ready to go! Even better, it comes fully assembled thus making your work much easier.

Just like most electric fireplaces, the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 doesn’t require plumbing or venting. Once installed, it will produce realistic flames that simulate a real traditional fireplace. In fact, its rolling, pulsating embers will carry you away every second you lay your eyes on this fireplace.

My experience with the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace

I received this heater as a gift for my birthday, and I must admit that it surely went above and beyond. All of my friends couldn’t stop talking about how elegant it looked in my living room. And having it in my home is one of the greatest addition that is worth praise.

Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace Review

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With this Pleasant Hearth fireplace, even at the lowest setting, it will heat up my entire dining and living room in just a few minutes. The flames it produces and the ember bed are so realistic that you will never get enough of watching it all night long.

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The fact that I can choose from 5 temperature settings, my room’s temperature is always consistent and optimal. The 3 flame adjustments let me adjust the ambiance whether heat is on or not for up to 4 full season’s enjoyment.

The GLF-5002-68 operates on the concept of zone heating. This is a good way to save me on heating costs, mainly because, it will only warm up specific areas in your house. Since some of the rooms in the house are quite cold as compared to others, through zone heating, I can direct the heat to those particular places to avoid overheating the entire house.

How affordable and attractive this Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 in your home

Don’t save up for so long to get a high-end electric fireplace if you are a tight budget when you can just save for few months to get one that performs equally the same. The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 is a unit with all essential features of an electric fireplace for just a couple of hundred bucks. In fact, it is a real combination of quality, performance at a throwaway price.

It will give you the best value for every penny spent purchasing it. Having it installed in your room is a polite way of expressing contentment, taste, and comfort. The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 will offer you the warmth and ambiance all through the winter season and cold nights.

Comparison between the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 and the Walker Edison TV Stand with Fireplace Insert -Espresso-58 Inch

Within the same price range, the GLF-5002-68 and the Walker Edison TV Stand with Fireplace Insert are impressive pieces of furniture for any home. Installing both of these heaters requires no expertise or special equipment; just plug-in and enjoy. Both of these fireplaces are perfect for the supplemental heat. And if you have always wanted to watch the stars late at night but the cold has always been a limiting factor, just grab yourself one of these units and enjoy that and even more.

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Although some features are quite similar, the Walker Edison TV Stand with Fireplace Insert comes with additional features such as ample storage space for storing all your media accessories and an adjustable shelf. This unit can also double as a heater and a TV stand that is capable of accommodating most flat screen TVs with a maximum screen of 60 inches. All in all, you will get the best results regardless of the fireplace you choose.

Why The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 might be Best choice for you

Being a vent free fireplace, the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 is easy to set up. It requires no professionals or special tools, and once out of the box just plug it and enjoy. This fireplace comes equipped with 3 adjustable flame settings that let you control the ambiance of your room with the heat on or not for up to 4 seasons. You will also find 11 temperature settings to help maintain your room at an optimal temperature at all times.

Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace Review

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Included is a handheld remote control to adjust the flame and temperature settings in addition to switching it on or off. Meaning that at the comfort of your bed or couch, you can control practically every setting of this unit without any hassle.

What is even interesting about this particular model is that it has a tempered safety glass panel that stays cool to the touch. So, your kids and pets can play near it without worrying about the risk of fire associated accidents. The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 will also reduce your energy costs by only heating those areas that you want.

Features and Benefits of the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68

  • Rated with 5200 BTU for zone heating and heating a room as big as 1000 square feet
  • A handheld multifunctional remote for controlling flame and heat settings
  • Lets you choose from 5 temperature options and 3 flame settings
  • A cool to touch front panel that ensures your children as safe while playing around it
  • Capable of operating with heat on or off
  • This heater will produce instant ambiance; a glowing ember bed and a realistic flame
  • It uses a standard 120-volt power outlet and requires no plumbing or venting


  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed of 1-year limited warranty
  • Compact in size thus it will take up less space in your room
  • Energy and cost efficient


  • Some users complained that it has an attractive design although it feels cheaply made

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Final Thought

If you are a person who enjoys telling tales and stories, let the Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 create one for you. Being a genuinely transforming piece of furniture, you will drown in its warmth, comfort and cozy experience every time. Undeniably, after a long cold day in the office, this unit will offer you with features, functions, and controls to make your evening. This fireplace is available at a throwaway price and getting one for your beloved ones is a step ahead towards a better-looking home and a happier family.

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