GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Review

A hole in the wall with a blazing fire warming up the room can drastically improve the style of any living or work space. However, fireplaces are not practical in most interior spaces that are south of the equator. In addition, the rustic fixture can become a fire haze if not attended properly.

GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace Review

The GHHome Electric Fireplace looks to solve this dilemma by giving you the same rustic feel of a fireplace minus the fire hazard. In what way can this virtual fireplace fixture improve the look and feel of your space? We answer this question by giving you our GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace review.

  • Cut-off heating safety feature
  • Realistic crystal flame effect with nine different colors
  • Remote and manual control available
  • Two heating options
  • Heating is limited to a 400 sq. ft radius
  • Only work with 120V outlets

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Key Features of the GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

Customizable Flames
GMHome’s Electric Fireplace allows you to change the look of your flames to not just two, not three, but nine different colors. You can turn the virtual fire to green, blue, purple, and much more. In addition, the flames have five different brightness setting. The custom flames let you find a suitable one for special occasions such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and so on.

Adjustable Heat
You can set the heat output of the electric fireplace to 750W and 1500W. In addition, you can set the temperature to anywhere between 62°F to 82°F. The temperature setting is adjustable through the front panel of the electric fireplace and its remote control. The adjustable heat lets you enjoy the fireplace on a chilly summer night or a cold winter evening.

Three Installation Option
Not everyone can create a recess on their walls because of the integrity of its structure or you are not allowed to alter your living space. GMHome knows this dilemma, which is why their electric fireplace has a freestanding leg and wall mount attachment. With three installation options, you can place the heating appliance anywhere in your home or office.

Safety Certificate
Homeowners tend to worry about the safety of any heating appliances. People run the risk of having this type of fixture turn into a fire hazard if an electrical surge happens. Fortunately, GMHome’s Electric Fireplace has an overheat protection that cuts the electricity of the appliance if it overheats. This feature lets you enjoy the warmth of the virtual fire without worrying about the risk of starting an actual fire.

What Users Saying About GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

Nearly every user review is a five-star rating for the GMHome Electric Fireplace. One of the reviewers is satisfied with the heating capacity of the appliance that is enough to control the temperature of their living room. They are also happy with the low-noise output of the electric fireplace.

What Users Saying About GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

One of the people who bought the electric fireplace is praising the appliances multiple features. This includes the various heating setting and customizable flames. The reviewer also notes how the crystals make the flame lights more vivid and attractive to look at.

A reviewer is happy with the color changing flames of the electric fireplace. Changing the flames to different colors provide a unique and magical decoration for their children. Another reviewer is also satisfied with how the electric fireplace added a contemporary look to their space.

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Compare GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace vs. PuraFlame Recessed Electric Fireplace

The immediate comparison to GMHome’s Electric Fireplace is the one from PuraFlame. The two have adjustable heating settings of 750W and 1500W. The PuraFlame also has a thermostat setting that lets you adjust the temperature between 61°F to 82°F.

Compare The GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace With PuraFlame Recessed Electric Fireplace

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One notable comparison is the GMHome Electric Fireplace nine different flame settings. PuraFlame Electric Fireplace only has four flame options, which includes yellow, blue, and a mix of both colors.

What’s the Disadvantage of GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

Not everything about the GMHome Electric Fireplace is perfect. One of its problems is the limited AC 120V input voltage. This puts many people in a bind because they may not have a wall outlet that is compatible with the electric fireplace. If there are no 100-130V outlet in the space where you want to install the GMHome appliance, you will need to buy a transformer to allow the electric fireplace to work.

What’s the Disadvantage of GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

While not a disadvantage to most people, the limited heating area of 400 sq. ft. can be an issue for some who are looking for an economical way to control the temperature. You may need to turn on your central heating system or turn on another heater to warm up a large room.

Why Should you Choose it or Not?

The GMHome Electric Fireplace is about two things: a decorative appliance that increases the ambiance of a room and an economical heater. For the former, the various colored flame lets you set the mood of the room to match that of any social events or personal activities.

GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace - Why Should you Choose it or Not?

As an economical heater, GMHome’s electric fireplace lets you warm a small space without utilizing fuel or too much energy. This helps you save money during long winter nights when you absolutely need to turn on the house or office’s heaters. As mentioned above though, this works for small spaces or areas that are around 400 sq. ft.

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The GMHome Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace offers most of the things you want from a decorative appliance. This includes customizable flames with different brightness and realistic crystals. The heating capacity may also just be enough for your bedrooms or lounge room. You can even adjust the temperature to a certain degree with the appliance.

The disadvantage that may hold you back from buying is the requirement of a transformer unit if there are no 100V-130V outlets in the room where you want to install the Electric Fireplace. Fortunately, there are mini transformers that does not occupy too much space and are discreet enough to not ruin the ambiance that the electric fireplace can emit.

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