5 Types of Fireplace – Which One is Best For You?

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    Exceeding the upmost level of surprise, types of fireplaces have been awfully placed in the list of the must have been homebound features for centuries long in spite of the modern advances in the central heating systems arrayed and stalked in the marketplaces for the homeowners and consumers of all ages and financial backgrounds.

    The idea of a family get together around a moderately flickering flame not only revokes the romantic sense of nostalgia along with smoldering coals or bundles of wood and crackling sound of burning woods but also evokes a profound feelings of warmth, comfort , intimacy and security.

    Top 5 Types of Fireplace:


    The wonder of the splendid development in the modern civilization offer an unbelievable availability and exclusive bulk of variety in best types of fireplaces.

    To aid the taxing concerns of the consumers to come to conclusion about the best choice about fireplace we have assembled a wide description of the best types of fireplaces mostly available in the marketplaces.

    Electric Fireplaces:Electric Fireplaces555

    The homeowners desiring for having a highly affordable option of the best type of fireplace without the extravagant cost of installation and maintenance can go for Electric fireplace without any hasitation.

    LED technology of the electric fireplaces mimics the appearance of real flame even though there is no wood or gas for combustion.

    The electric fireplaces do not have chimneys or flues that allows them to be installed easily and moved without the hands of skilled labour.

    One of the traits of the best electric fireplace is that they run at about 90% efficiency that is more than five times higher than the efficiency of the conventional wood-burning fireplace.

    Unlike the wood burning fireplaces or gas burning fireplaces, they for the absence of chimneys allow the consumers to heat specific zone within a space without loss of heat.

    They do not produce smoke and do not require extra exertion to clean waste like ashes since no logs are burning and no worry of removing soot or debris as no smoke is produced.

    Wiping down the front glass occasionally is the only and simple task of cleaning and changing of light bulb in emergency is the minimum task of maintenance required for the best electric fireplaces.

    The major disadvantage is that they cannot be used if the electricity goes out.

    Besides this, many people do not like the fake look of electric fireplaces because there is no real flames generated. Zone heating allows homeowners to rely less on central heating.

    Thermostats can be adjusted to an energy saving setting without compromising the comfort.

    The feature of controlling the Electric fireplaces via a remote control is an amazing offer to enjoy an ambience of warmth and comfort without taking the toil of making frequent getting up from the couch.

    To pick out the best electric fireplaces, the homeowners can explore the variations in the store of the types of electric fireplaces including Wall mount electric fireplaces, electric fireplace insert and electric fireplaces with TV stands.

    Wood Burning Fireplaces:Wood Burning Fireplaces

    Over the span of thousand years, wood burning fireplaces are still the everlasting choice for the homeowners yearning for the original flavor of fireplaces with the aroma of burning coals, euphoric sound of crackling fire woods and romantic look of uplifting flames.

    However, the most enchanting fire building structure of wood burning fireplaces lack proper ventilation and results in the homes being filled with toxic fumes and smoke.

    Most of the wood burning fireplaces causes a net-loss of heat and are not energy efficient.

    About 80% of the heat from atypical wood burning fireplace is lost up the chimney because of the draft that must be added to vent the smoke from the home.

    They need regular maintenance and upkeep. A modest budget must be deposited for ensuring a store of wood materials like solid wood fuel, wood pallets, chips, logs and even grass clippings along with regular cleaning by a professional so that no creosote from dirty fires can build up in chimneys to avoid the serious fire hazards.

    Studies have shown that burning wood is a major contributor to particulate pollution in urban areas poses health risk.

    The risk has driven the authority to place restrictions and even bans on operating wood burning fireplaces and stoves in many cities around the world.

    People craving an undeniable love for enjoying the century long familiar pleasure full of sensory experience of burning wood crackles from the traditional wood burning fireplaces are advised to keep the hassles and hazards in mind while selecting the best fireplaces for their home.

    Gas Burning Fireplaces:Gas Burning Fireplaces

    The poor efficiency and hazardous emissions of wood burning fireplaces drove the homeowners to search for an alternative and to go for the gas burning fireplaces to be the first choice.

    The final choice about gas burning fireplaces are decided upon the types of fuel used.

    The source of ignition for the gas burning fireplaces are natural gas, propane, alcohol-based gels.

    Both of the two primary types of gas fireplaces, vented and vent less, have their benefits and disadvantages.

    Vented gas fireplaces are the most popular in the update markets as they create the most realistic fire like wood fires.

    They have a yellow flame and majority of them also have glowing ambers and a more authentic flame coloring to add an extra touch of realism.

    A vented gas burning fireplace is safe to be used with a chimney that allows the heat and smoke to get out of the house.

    But the vent less gas fireplaces do not require chimney while operating.

    They are more efficient in terms of heating` and create a large amount of heat provided extra care is taken to make all the areas around and above the fireplace are heat resistant.

    They most often do not generate the realistic look of fire that are common with the vented ones. 

    Both of the vented and vent less gas fireplaces are easier to use as there is no need for cutting woods, trying to get a fire going.

    Like Electric fireplaces, some of the ultra-modern gas burning fireplaces have the technology of being operated by a remote control to enjoy an ambience of warmth and comfort.

    Natural Gas Fireplaces:Natural Gas Fireplaces

    Having a gas line within eight feet minimum, the operation of natural gas fireplace is a reliable alternative of wood burning fireplaces to avoid the troubles of the poor efficiency and hazardous emission.

    Running of gas lines involves considerable time, labor   and planning by trade professionals along with the basic installation cost that often include hooking up to a gas line within 10-12 feet and the homeowners are advised to hire a certified technician for the task of installation only for the sake of safety.

    In addition to more improved energy efficiency, natural gas burning fireplaces are to be a good choice for providing the real look of wood burning fire along with the wide variety to the styles and designs including the traditional to ultra-contemporary.

    Unlike the wood burning fire, a natural gas burning fireplace has the advantage of turning on and off just with a flip of a switch.

    Modern manufactures offers the gas burning fireplace with a remote control similar to a TV remote that has undoubtedly made the fireplace to operate easily for anyone in the family.

    While thinking of the environment friendly, a natural gas burning fireplace is a safe choice as there is no adversity of air pollution by the toxic fumes or hazardous particles to be released into air or in your home from the fireplace.

    But it cannot be denied that the natural gas burning fireplace might emit carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide that are poisonous greenhouse gases.

    Small amount of methane, another poisonous greenhouse gas might emit during the processes including gas production, storage and shipping that obviously poses threat to the environment.

    Even so, to enjoy all the benefits of the fireplace with safe and clear burning quality, you have to ensure proper installation along with a routine maintenance and regular service including the activities like inspecting the burner, the fan, the venting, the pilot light and the thermostat done by a professional technician.    

    Ethanol Fireplaces:Ethanol Fireplaces

    Next to Electric fireplaces considering the current trend and the ease in installation, Ethanol burning fireplaces are popular choices among the comfort seeking homeowners.

    Interestingly, the contemporary and sleek designs are unbelievably available to fit in well with any decor or budget.

    Besides the variations including Ethanol fireplace inserts and wall mounted ethanol fireplaces, the table top ethanol fireplaces are kind of unique applications of fireplace technology in the markets.

    It burns ethanol and out of the risk of producing messy ash, soot or embers and emitting unhealthy particles into the air.

    The ease of installation that takes an hour at best has made ethanol fireplaces to be one of the first priorities for the modern clients.

    But the disheartening factors like less efficiency in producing heat and the frequent requirements of refueling are to place the ethanol fireplaces not to be used as primary sources of heat though of having the traits of clean burning and less detrimental to the environment.

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    The accomplishment and the variety of fireplaces surprisingly available in the marketplaces has undoubtedly made it easy to fit the need with the preferred design.

    Though of upholding the limitation of less efficiency in producing heat, the ethanol fireplaces are to be a thanksgiving choice for the fashion craving home owners due to eye catchy design and smart get up to fit in any corner of the house.

    For the homeowners seeking for the warmth of comforting heat besides enjoying the convenience of ease in installation and maintenance within a very cost effective budget, the best electric fireplaces are to be the most reliable choice.

    The variety of shapes, styles and sizes along with other parts needed like gratings and enclosures allow you to your design scheme perfectly.

    You have a scope of fitting them into a column or other design feature, or build up a pedestal for them as there is no end to how well might be incorporated into your home.

    You are just advised to apply your imagination to be innovative enough to fit according to your expectations with the design and architect of your home.

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