7 Reasons To Upgrade The Existing Fireplace

    7 Reasons To Upgrade The Existing Fireplace

    A cozy, pleasant home acclaims an efficiently operative fireplace as a focal point of a room.

    A compatible fireplace adds ambiance when lit and bring that ‘wow’ factors like comfort and warmth by providing reassuring heat, especially during cold and winter storm.

    Unfortunately, the old wood-burning fireplaces are reported to become less efficient and they are like a source of hassles to maintain as they build up dirt and mess in a home.

    Having inherent design flaws the conventional fireplaces are mostly difficult to use when needed.7 Reasons To Upgrade The Existing Fireplace

    In lieu of saying “no” to the fireplace because of the troubles of setup and cleanup, it would be a smart idea to update the existing traditional wood-burning fireplace.

    Replacement with the best electric fireplace insert, well equipped with several benevolent features and agreeable designs, you can get the warm glow of a fire.

    You are free from taking the pains of a wood-burning fireplace that will increase your love for your fireplace even more and eventually will increase the value of your home at the same time. You may discover the latest electric fireplace insert reviews

    Here are seven convincing reasons you should consider updating your existing fireplace.   

    1. Reduce Energy Cost and Save MoneyReduce Energy Cost and Save Money

    As the fuel cost of heating a home continues to climb up, it is worth investing in a new, more efficient fireplace in order to reduce fuel bill in the long term.

    Old, traditional wood-burning fireplaces are not only inefficient but also highly expensive to run. 90% of the heat escapes through the chimney rather than entering the home when a traditional wood-burning fireplace is lit up sapping money through the drafty door and windows in cold seasons.

    You have to provide for a huge expenditure that includes the payment for installation, the costs of chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, wood storing and even the lost heat that escapes from the chimney that is outrageous.

    The wastages of expenditures can be minimized by taking the option of upgrading your old fireplace with the best electric fireplace insert.

    The highly efficient units create less mess as they are fully enclosed in glasses. Being sealed with glasses, the best electric fireplace insert eliminates the draft problem.

    The inserts require very little service or cleaning, apart from simple annual maintenance.

    With an electric fireplace insert, there is no chimney cleaning, no cleaning, no service checks, and no costly installation fees. Just plug the insert in and enjoy heat apart from saving money.

    2. Latest features to update your home’s look: Latest features to update your home’s look

    Being an esthetic owner of a home it is natural for you to keep yourself updated always with the trends and designs that come and go over time.

    While a fireplace is a timeless home feature, your love for the idea of having a magnificently designed fireplace as the focal point of your home is commendable.

    Consequently, you may hate the idea of having the ugly monstrosity of the old fireplace especially when its inelegance does not match the exquisite look of the rest of your home decor and design.

    Making a choice for the upgraded versions of a fireplace with variations in designs and limitless styles you will appreciate the freedom that comes with the best electric fireplace insert to match the architectural and design style of your home.

    There are astonishing diversities of features to choose from available fireplace inserts.

    You can get an insert which includes fans that will distribute heat and they will allow you to regulate the fire by remote control. The best electric fireplace inserts are easier and cheaper to run and maintain.

    They match well with the modern look of the trendy home design.

    3. Moderate an easy lifestyle for low maintenanceModerate an easy lifestyle for low maintenance

    Getting the warmth of heat of the fire in a traditional wood-burning fireplace is mostly a tedious task.

    You must have logs kindling on hand, confirm the flue is clean and open enough to get the fire roaring.

    Even then you have to bear the pains of cleaning the mess of ashes when the fire is light.

    Oftentimes, other debris like soot can tarnish the walls, curtains, and upholstery.

    The job of getting your chimney cleaned every few years is another tiresome requirement.

    Compared to all the annoyances, the best electric fire insert offer a much easier fire experience.

    These units operate at the flick of a switch or touch of a remote. They don’t require ash cleaning since no logs are burning and no worry of removing soot or debris as no smoke is produced.

    To wipe down the front glass occasionally is the only and simple task of cleaning required for the fireplace insert.

    4. Promise a safer home environmentPromise a safer home environment

    Parents of small children or dear pets most often remain tensed about their loved ones get close to the open flame of a wood-burning fireplace.

    Screens can be moved or pushed over and can get hot to the touch when they are directly in front of the roaring fire. Replacement with an upgraded version eliminates the threats with the safe front glass features.

    The best electric fireplace insert is fully enclosed meaning no probability of the little child or pet can get near the open flames.

    The safety regulations offer the front faces of the fireplace never get hot even if they are touched while the flame is on.

    5. Intensify energy efficiency

    The old conventional wood-fireplace is less efficient even than you might think. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that the traditional fireplaces lose over 90 percent of the heat of the fire out of the chimney.

    Since drafts enter in through the chimney, your already heated room becomes cold again as a few gusts of freezing air is coming down the chimney.

    Upgrading your old wood-burning fireplace you can make your fireplace up to 85% efficient and your home warmer.

    With the best electric fireplace insert, you can get your room warmer more quickly and stay warm at the same pace throughout the entire use. There is no emission of fuel and no waste of energy.

    The electric fireplace insert runs at about 90% efficiency that is more than five times higher than the efficiency of the conventional wood-burning fireplace.

    6. Healthier stay at home all the year round

    The old, traditional wood-burning fireplaces emit cancer-causing agent and dangerous fumes like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into your home.

    Along with the threatening factors, the owners of wood-burning fireplaces have the hazards of inhaling smoke and ash, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and worry of chimney fires to burn ominously.

    Upgrading your existing old fireplace can be all the hazards of free choice. The best electric fireplace insert can be a safer option as it allows you greater control over how your fireplace should operate.

    You will have zero worries about the harmful gasses and fires raging out of control that potentially occur with conventional fireplaces.

    7. Amplify value to your homeAmplify value to your home

    According to the list prepared by Realtor.com, the fireplace has been mentioned to be a “must have” home features like hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and even central air.

    The enlistment clearly demonstrates the undeniable reality of having a home with a lovely, new, efficient fireplace can increase the value of your home.

    A study by the National Association of Realtors has detected that 40% of the homebuyers were willing to pay more for a home having one fireplace at least.

    Aside from all the pleasing features and visual benefits, an upgraded version of a fireplace like the best electric fireplace insert can assuredly add resale value to your home.

    Being eco-friendly is one of the most popular characteristics of today’s environmentally conscious homeowners and home buyers.

    So, obviously, an upgraded fireplace offering hassle-free, healthier and safer stay with splendid style and design complementary with the modern aesthetic of your home adds architectural vitality to your property.


    There is no doubt of enjoying a simple pleasure to be serenaded by the familiar crackling sound of the traditional wood-burning fireplace while taking in woodsy aromas.

    But making time for the arrangement of enjoying the pleasure of fire borne warmth is not simple.

    It involves time-consuming chores of cutting and stacking firewood, building fires and cleaning ashes that our busy lifestyle does not allow always.

    Updating your fireplace is a simple way to increase home efficiency, safe stay at home and above all the aesthetics will make you happy as you have this beautiful feature in your home.

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