Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review

Buying a TV stand does not only keep your TV set secure and safe but with its multiple storage capacity, it optimizes your available space and organizes your things. And with the addition of a fireplace in its design, you got yourself a functional and versatile furniture that provides warmth and heat for chilly and cold weather as well. Hence if relaxing and chilling in your couch in a perfectly cozy and warm room while watching your favorite TV is your idea of fun and how to spend your spare time, then this Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand with fireplace is perfect for you.

Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review

Designed for the multiple of purposes, it combines style and performance in one attractive package that is an excellent addition to your home. It makes a beautiful decoration that can give you the homey and comfortable rustic ambiance with its weathered wood and real-like wood flaming fireplace design. And since it is a fireplace and a media console, it is flexible to use in any time and in any season. And the best part about this 60 inch AltraFarmington Tv Stand is though it provides you heat, it is safe for kids as it doesn’t get hot on the surface, thus ideal for any household.


  • Sturdy and solid
  • Comes with an extra hardware for the assembly
  • Holes are pre-drilled
  • Built to fit most kinds and sizes of home decors
  • Designed with a remote control and a timer for convenience of use


  • Instructions on the manual are not clear
  • Maximum heat is only 82 degrees
  • Some pre-drilled holes are not properly lined up

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Key Features of Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand

Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review

Remote Control Fireplace

Built for your convenience and ease of use, the Altra Furniture Farmington 60 inch TV stand is designed with a 23” electric fireplace, which shows a realistic fireplace feature complete with a wood burning flame but without the hassles of cleaning and maintenance work of an actual wood fireplace. And since it comes with a remote control and a timer, adjustments can be made automatically and easily.

60- Inch Wide Flat TV Console

This solid and sturdy TV console is huge enough for a flat panel TV, which measures up to 60 inches wide and with a maximum weight of up to 95 lbs, thus makes it versatile and flexible to use and accommodate a wide-range of sizes and kinds of TV.

Heats up to 400 Sq Ft.

With a temperature of 720 to 820 and 4700 BTU power to provide a warm and relaxing ambiance, it can easily heat up a room up to 400 sq ft. It comes with variable heat settings that will allow you to set the temperature to your desired level. Or you can have the option of using without the heater and only for decoration because of how real the fire looks.

LED Light Source

This electric fireplace TV console is built to last, with a LED light that operates up to 50,000 hours of work life. Thus, you will not be worrying of replacement for the next few years even with regular use.

Weathered Wood Look

Giving you the cozy and rustic feel of being in a barn, Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand is made of a durable pressed wood completed with a medium brown timber grain pattern and texture that looks like a weathered wood. It features four storage shelves covered in a two side cabinets for storing of some devices and other stuffs. And it has a large open divider shelf for the cable box, video game system and DVD player.

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Benefits of Using an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Functional and stylish, electric fireplace TV stands keeps you warm and enjoy the heat while getting entertained at the same time. It comes with several storage spaces as well making it ideal to use when maximizing space. Aside from that fact, what makes it a better alternative is because of these following benefits and advantages.

Low Maintenance

Unlike normal fireplace with actual wood burning and fumes, using a better electric fireplace saves you the trouble, worry, time and effort cleaning the chimney and ashes from the logs burned to ensure its safe, continuous and effective operation. This means lesser maintenance required and more time for you to relax or be productive and do other things.  

Easy to Use

Furthermore, electric fireplace works automatically, hence easy to use. With a timer and remote control, you barely need to even lift a finger to make it work as turning it on and off only need a push of a button and so is adjusting its variable heat settings to your desired level.


It is built for long use. This is due to the fact that you do not have to deal with common problems of the traditional wood fireplace such as corrosion, rust and creosote that can damage the masonry and melt chimney liners resulting to possible fire when not cleaned regularly.

Safe to Use

Though it provides heat and warms your room, electric fireplace is not hot to touch, hence safe for kids and even for pets. Other high-end models are even designed with additional features such as the automatic shut off and adjustable heat settings for added convenience and safety.

Multiple Purposes

With a TV stand, you can use it any time and any season as you can always opt to use it without the heater and only as a stylish ornament where you can watch your favorite TV show and other forms of entertainment. With its wooden rustic look, it can be a cool addition to match the laid-back and relax atmosphere of you home. It comes with a variety of design and styles as well to match your personal taste and aesthetics.

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If you are looking for a functional and efficient all-purpose fireplace and TV stand that is cost effective, reliable and at the same time stylish, then this Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand designed for 23-inch electric fireplace insert is a great choice for you. It allows you to enjoy and cuddle in your couch with the adjustable heat settings and at the same time be entertained. Since it is electric, it comes with all the advantages of an automatic fire place. And though it is not entirely perfect, its versatility, durability and convenience of use makes up for it a great deal.

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