Altra Furniture TV Stands with Fireplace

    Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace Review

    Winter is approaching, and you are busy buying warm clothes for the season before the prices escalate. You have stocked your fridge with groceries, snacks, beverages and other food items as part of your preparation. But when you just thought that you are ready to face the cold days and nights, something greater triggers your mind. How many of these blankets and jackets will it take to keep you warm throughout the season? It’s at this point when you realize that the heat from a hearth is incomparable. And the Altra Furniture Manchester TV stand with fireplace will serve you just fine.

    The Best Altra Furniture TV Stands with Fireplace

    1. Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace

    The Altra Furniture Manchester doubles as a TV stand and an electric fireplace. And here is the best part. Selling at just for a couple of hundred bucks, this unit is quite competitive than most of its contenders. Isn’t it rather obvious that fewer things feel greater than buying 2 in 1 item for the price of one?

    Bring the Altra Furniture Manchester TV stand in your home and your friends will wish they had one for themselves. It comes in a well-refined black finish that will complement any traditional or contemporary home decor. Then turn it on to enjoy a warm, cozy ambiance in your living room.

    Place your flat screen TV of at most 70 inches and enjoy watching your favorite TV show around a charming and intimate environment. You can also make use of its numerous open shelving options to organize your entertainment accessories and media essentials.

    What are users saying about the Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand?

    This review couldn’t have been complete without the user’s opinions on this product. A majority liked the included remote control that lets them adjust heat settings from anywhere in the room without having to get up from their seats. Its beauty couldn’t also go unnoticed. Most of the comments on this aspect, however, came from people who are a bit conservative.

    Users also appreciated that it is easy to assembly. They said that usually, it doesn’t require two people to set it up and in less than an hour, it should be ready for use. The manual is also simple and straightforward and comes in handy when setting the Altra Furniture up.

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    My experience with the Black Altra Furniture TV Stand
    I have used the Altra Furniture Manchester for just two seasons. I bought it while refurnishing my TV room and since then, I have had no regrets. It is good looking and is just the right size I wanted. I use its many open cubbies to keep my inspiration books and other media accessories. This ensures that my living room is always tidy.

    Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace Review

    What I love most about this unit are its realistic, multicolor flickering faux flames and pulsating, glowing embers. They look so real that for a moment I get lost in their rhythmic dancing motion.

    The icing on the cake is that I don’t need to monitor my pets and kids around this Altra Furniture TV stand. This is because its front glass doors are always cool to the touch and it also automatically shuts off after a specified period.

    In cold nights, all I have to do is turn it on and enjoy curling around a fire. And when it gets too hot, I usually shut down the heat to relish the ambiance of this fireplace all year round.

    How affordable and attractive this Manchester TV Stand in your home?

    While most brands are either high-end or pocket-friendly, there is usually a question of the quality. However, Altra has sought to close this gap by introducing the Altra Furniture Manchester, which creates a thin line between price and quality.

    This unit is a great deal. It’s priced at less than 400 dollars and guarantees versatility in its functionality. It’s a robust and reliable piece of room furniture that gives you value for your money.

    Comparison between the Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand and the Sonax F-192-BWT West Lake 60-Inch Fireplace
    It’s rather obvious that they both double as a TV stand and a fireplace. They also include a remote control and a cool to touch glass panel. But there is one difference that is so conspicuous to let it slip under the carpet, their price disparity.

    The Sonax F-192-BWT is worth two times more than Altra Furniture Manchester. So, what explains this huge difference? While the Altra Furniture has only open shelves, the Sonax F-192-BWT integrates that and an addition of concealed storage options. The later comes with a more sophisticated design and a dark walnut stained wood veneer finish than the Altra Furniture. It can also accommodate up to 68-inch flat-screen TV which is 2 inches less than what the Altra Furniture can handle.

    Sonax F-192-BWT West Lake 60-Inch Fireplace Bench Review

    Why this Altra Furniture TV Stand might best suit your home?

    The Altra Furniture Manchester may not be the best of the best electric heater on the market, but its performance is unquestionable. Starting from its basic functionality of providing warmth to adding a sense of style in any room. And for visual appearance, the Altra Furniture produces the most realistic and appealing flames.

    With its multi-functional remote, you can adjust temperature options at a minimum of 68 degrees to a maximum of 80.It has two heating settings, low and high that are also adjustable by a remote. Depending on the mood in the room, flame effects can be adjusted in 4 different levels. And whether you want the calm soothing of the roaring fire, you can achieve it with or without heat.

    Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Fireplace Review

    For added protection, you can set this unit to auto shut once it reaches set temperature. Use the Altra Furniture Manchester for putting your books, DVDs and entertainment accessories. The open shelves usually have cord management holes at their back for use with your corded components.  Since it uses LED lights to produce embers, you will not incur extra costs for replacing the bulbs.

    Features and Benefits of the Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand

    • Can accommodate a flat screen that is up to 70 inches
    • Has a remote control for adjusting heat and flame settings
    • Produces flame effects with heat on or off for seasonal enjoyment
    • There are two adjustable heat settings; hi/low
    • Comes ins a sleek, elegant black finish to harmonize any modern décor
    • Allows you to adjust temperature between 68 to 80 degrees
    • Includes open shelves for storage


    • Energy efficient
    • Produces realistic flame effects
    • Easy to assemble
    • Reasonably priced


    • It doesn’t generate much heat for large rooms.

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    Final Thought

    If words could describe the Altra Furniture Manchester, precision and perfection would just be a few in the long list. It comes with a pack of features and performs close to, or even better than some high-end models. You will not stretch your pockets much to have it. And once it’s in your living room, just relax and get lost in the moment of enjoying the warmth while getting entertained by your favorite tv program. Like the saying goes, you never know till you try it. Hence, this is the right timing to grab this piece of furniture for your home.

    2. Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review

    Buying a TV stand does not only keep your TV set secure and safe but with its multiple storage capacity, it optimizes your available space and organizes your things. And with the addition of a fireplace in its design, you got yourself a functional and versatile piece of furniture that provides warmth and heat for chilly and cold weather as well. Hence if relaxing and chilling in your couch in a perfectly cozy and warm room while watching your favorite TV is your idea of fun and how to spend your spare time, then this Altra Farmington 60 inch Altra tv stands with fireplace is perfect for you.

    Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review
    Designed for multiple purposes, it combines style and performance in one attractive package that is an excellent addition to your home. It makes a beautiful decoration that can give you the homey and comfortable rustic ambiance with its weathered wood and real-like wood flaming fireplace design. And since it is a fireplace and a media console, it is flexible to use at any time and in any season. And the best part about this 60-inch Altra Farmington Tv Stand is though it provides you heat, it is safe for kids as it doesn’t get hot on the surface, thus ideal for any household and great for a home office or part of your home furnishings.


    • Sturdy and solid wood
    • Comes with an extra hardware for the assembly
    • Holes are pre-drilled
    • Built to fit most kinds and sizes of home decors
    • Designed with a remote control and a timer for convenience of use


    • Instructions on the manual are not clear
    • Maximum heat is only 82 degrees
    • Some pre-drilled holes are not properly lined up

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    Key Features of Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand

    Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand Review
    Remote Control Fireplace

    Built for your convenience and ease of use, the Altra Furniture Farmington 60 inch TV stand is designed with a 23” electric fireplace, which shows a realistic fireplace feature complete with a wood-burning flame but without the hassles of cleaning and maintenance work of an actual wood fireplace. And since it comes with a remote control and a timer, adjustments can be made automatically and easily.

    60- Inch Wide Flat TV Console

    This solid and sturdy TV console is huge enough for a flat panel TV, which measures up to 60 inches wide and with a maximum weight of up to 95 lbs, thus makes it versatile and flexible to use and accommodate a wide range of sizes and kinds of TV.

    Heats up to 400 Sq Ft.

    With a temperature of 72 to 82 and 4700 BTU power to provide a warm and relaxing ambiance, it can easily heat up a room up to 400 sq ft. It comes with variable heat settings that will allow you to set the temperature to your desired level. Or you can have the option of using without the heater and only for decoration because of how real the fire looks.

    LED Light Source

    This electric fireplace TV console is built to last, with an LED light that operates up to 50,000 hours of work life. Thus, you will not be worrying of replacement for the next few years even with regular use.

    Weathered Wood Look

    >Giving you the cozy and rustic look with its barn door panels, Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand is made of a durable pressed wood completed with a medium brown timber wood grain pattern and texture that looks like a weathered wood. It features four storage shelves covered in a two-side cabinet for storing some devices and other stuff. And it has a large open divider shelf for the cable box, video game system, and DVD player.

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    Benefits of Using an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

    Functional and stylish, electric fireplace TV stands keeps you warm and enjoy the heat while getting entertained at the same time. It comes with several storage spaces as well making it ideal to use when maximizing space. Aside from that fact, what makes it a better alternative is because of these following benefits and advantages.

    Low Maintenance

    Unlike normal fireplace with actual wood-burning and fumes, using a better electric fireplace saves you the trouble, worry, time and effort cleaning the chimney and ashes from the logs burned to ensure its safe, continuous and effective operation. This means lesser maintenance required and more time for you to relax or be productive and do other things.

    Easy to Use

    Furthermore, electric fireplace works automatically, hence easy to use. With a timer and remote control, you barely need to even lift a finger to make it work as turning it on and off only need a push of a button and so is adjusting its variable heat settings to your desired level.


    It is built for long use. This is due to the fact that you do not have to deal with common problems of the traditional wood fireplace such as corrosion, rust and creosote that can damage the masonry and melt chimney liners resulting to possible fire when not cleaned regularly.

    Safe to Use

    Though it provides heat and warms your room, an electric fireplace is not hot to touch, hence safe for kids and even for pets. Other high-end models are even designed with additional features such as the automatic shut off and adjustable heat settings for added convenience and safety.

    Multiple Purposes

    With a TV stand, you can use it any time and any season as you can always opt to use it without the heater and only as a stylish ornament where you can watch your favorite TV show and other forms of entertainment. With its wooden rustic look, it can be a cool addition to match the laid-back and relax atmosphere of your family room. It comes with a variety of design and styles as well to match your personal taste and aesthetics.

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    If you are looking for a functional and efficient all-purpose fireplace and TV stand that is cost effective, reliable and at the same time stylish, then this Altra Farmington 60 inch Tv Stand designed for 23-inch electric fireplace insert is a great choice for you. It allows you to enjoy and cuddle in your couch with the adjustable heat settings and at the same time be entertained. Since it is electric, it comes with all the advantages of an automatic fire place. And though it is not entirely perfect, its versatility, durability and convenience of use makes up for it a great deal.

    3. Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console Review – Is it Durable enough?

    The Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace entertainment center acts as a TV stand and fireplace in one that can hold flat screen television sets of up to 50 inches in diagonal size. It comes in a gorgeous Espresso color that will surely enhance the beauty of your living room.

    Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console Review

    • Turns up the ambience in the living room.
    • Has a very organized open access storage area.
    • LED lights are installed to complement the console.
    • The modern espresso finish easily complements the décor and theme of any room.
    • Electric fireplace displays a virtual image of a fire whether the heat is turned on or not.


    • Requires at least two people to install the console into the living room or bedroom. So make sure you are with someone once you decide to install this piece.

    Key Features of the Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console

    Fits large TV screens

    This Fireplace and TV Console by Ameriwood can fit flat screen television screens of up to 50 inches in diagonal size. You would know the size of your television from the box it came in or when you measure it diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. Also, the TV screen should not exceed 70 lbs for the console to carry. If your flat screen TV is anything less than that value, then you’re all set.

    Complete with LED lights

    The TV console comes with LED lighting in order to enhance the beauty of the product and enhance the image of things you put in its storage areas. These LED lights last up to 50,000 hours of continuous usage so you won’t worry about replacing them for a very long time. Plus, these lights are basically maintenance free so you only need to bother checking them every once in a while.

    Has lots of compartments

    Since this is a fairly large TV console, you can store lots of things in its compartments. These things of course include your other media devices such as your gaming consoles or sound bars and audio components. I also store my DVDs and CDs in these compartments to get rid of additional storage areas in my living room and make more room for lounging around.

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    Compare With  SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace VS. Altra Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Console

    The SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace is an electric fireplace that fits against a flat wall or a corner in your living room or bedroom. The fireplace has realistic looking fires and LED lights to adorn the storage spaces. While the Altra Ameriwood Chicago can hold TV screens of up to 50 inches in size, the SEI Cartwright Convertible model can hold only up to 43.5 inches.

    Compare With  SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace VS. Altra Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Console
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    The Cartwright can easily be fitted into a corner of a room as compared with the Ameriwood model due to its smaller size. It is also very easy to install like the Ameriwood. While the SEI Cartwright model has a remote control for the fire, the Ameriwood does not. Nevertheless, the Ameriwood is still a good steal.

    What users are saying about the Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console

    Users absolutely love this Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console! Despite some difficulties in putting it together, the end result is pristine and elegant. It’s not that it is difficult to install because the instructions provided are pretty clear and easy to follow. It’s just that due to its size, some people find it hard to install on their own.

    Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console Review
    Customers note that the fire on the electric fireplace almost looks real and the heating capabilities function very well and very quietly. The heater is not only powerful and reliable but energy efficient as well, according to users who have extensively tried the heater function. In fact, some people don’t even need to use the heaters in their own houses and apartments as they find that the heat coming from the Ameriwood Fireplace Console is enough to provide them the heat they need during winter. It easily heats a small room of up to 1400 square feet, no problem.

    Users find that this Fireplace and TV Console in one is a sturdy and very fine piece of furniture.

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    Durability and Affordability of the Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console

    As what was earlier discussed, the heating capabilities of this Fireplace furniture is superb. You won’t need additional heating devices or turn on your built in heater to heat your bedroom or small living room during winter as the Ameriwood does the job on its own without any problems. This is because the fireplace comes with a 120 volts and 1400 watts capacity that produces 4,600 BTU of heat that can easily heat up a small room.

    Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console Review
    When it comes to affordability, the Ameriwood Fireplace and TV Console won’t break the bank for sure. It is a very affordable choice for an electric fireplace and TV console in one that you won’t be looking for any other item that would suit a tight budget. If you do not need the additional bells and whistles of the more expensive models, then this one might just be what you are looking for.

    Why you should consider buying the Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console

    Just moved in to your new apartment? Running on a tight budget but desperately need a TV stand? Or a Fireplace? You don’t need to look anywhere else as the Ameriwood could be the very answer you are looking for. If you want a fine piece of furniture that is also functional in its own way, this Fireplace and TV Console is one worth considering.

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    Final Verdict

    The Altra Ameriwood Chicago Fireplace TV Console is a feat of its own. It is a TV Console and Fireplace in one which can be very space saving when you think about it. It carries television sets of up to 50 inches in diagonally size and could heat up a small room all on its own. It’s a brilliantly engineered product that won’t have you taking a big chunk out of your savings since it is very affordable. And its elegant style and color will definitely add class to any room you choose to put it in.

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