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Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand Review

Flames radiating out of burning logs creates a comfortable glow within the room. The sight of a roaring fireplace can be soothing to many people as the warmth radiating from the small cove blankets them from the harsh cold. On the other hand, fireplaces are impractical in most homes in tropical areas. It is also impossible to have one in an apartment or condominium living space.

Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand Review

The Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand is the answer to giving your room the charm of an old country home without the troubles that come with an actual fireplace. What kind of heating and function can you expect from this decorative furniture? Find out by reading our Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand Review.

  • Safe alternative to actual fireplaces
  • Interchangeable shelf layers for different electronics and decorations
  • Heavy-duty materials allow for a long lifespan
  • Realistic flames have adjustable brightness.
  • Requires extensive assembly
  • Does not show burning logs to recreate the authentic fireplace experience

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What Users Saying About Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

The listing for the Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand shows that many love its virtual flame feature. The faux fire and shelf lighting add an ambient charm to the living room. Others are praising the heating element of the TV stand. They say that it keeps them warm during cold days without having to use other expensive heating sources.

What Users Saying About Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

On the other hand, not everyone is happy with the Ameriwood furniture. A buyer was disappointed at the use of crystals and not 3D logs to recreate a fireplace. Others say that the surface of the stand is prone to scratches. Fortunately, they say that scratches are fixable by applying paint or other substance to cover the damaged area.

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Compare Ameriwood Home Carson Fireplace TV Console vs. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

The TV Stand and TV Console furniture from Ameriwood Home are decorative furniture with an electronic fireplace. The immediate difference between the two is their design.

Compare Ameriwood Home Carson Fireplace TV Console vs. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

As the name indicates, the Carson TV Console has the same design as other TV stands of the same name. It features two symmetrical cabinets and spaces for electronics underneath a laminated particle board. Instead of additional shelf space for electronics, books or other items, the middle of the Ameriwood TV Console has an electric fireplace. In terms of storage, the Carson TV console has more space than the Lumina TV Stand.

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The Lumina Fireplace, on the other hand, has a simple design with two open symmetrical shelves and the fireplace in the middle. While this Ameriwood lacks storage space, it makes up for it with illuminated shelves.

Key Features of the Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

Safe Alternative
While fireplaces can make the room look nice, the burning wood can present a couple of risks. One of which includes live flames that can ignite any flammable materials that are close by. Another is the toxic fumes comes from the burning wood, which can be dangerous if there is no proper ventilation. The Ameriwood Fireplace lets you enjoy the soothing glow of live flames without the risks.

Economic Heating Solution
To add authenticity to the fireplace experience, the TV stand has a working heater. It has an effective heating range of up to 400 sq ft.

Adjustable Shelves
The TV stand has six equal sized shelves that can fit nearly any kind of audio or video electronics. If you happen to have a large appliance or decoration you want to put on the shelf, you can take away one or two of the panels to create a much larger space.

Sturdy Materials
The metal, wood, and glass of the TV stand are heavy-duty materials that can withstand certain amounts of physical damages and pressure. With regular cleaning, this furniture has an extensive lifespan than other TV stands.

Shelf Lights
The two shelves have built-in LED lights, which turns on when the virtual flames appear. The light gives you a better look at the content of the shelves. It can also add more ambiance to the room along with the virtual flames.

What’s the Disadvantage of Ameriwood Home 1822196COM Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

The Fireplace aspect of the Ameriwood TV Stands lacks certain options that make this a good electric fireplace. This includes not having a thermostat setting function to adjust the heat to a specific degree. It also only uses crystals instead of 3D logs that can recreate the experience of watching burning wood in a fireplace. In addition, there is no setting to change the color of the blue flame. Other electric fireplaces let you turn the fire from red-orange to blue or yellow.

What’s the Disadvantage of Ameriwood Home 1822196COM Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

Another issue with the Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand is the required assembly. The weight and number of pieces that come with each order require at least two capable people to build it.

Why Should you Choose it or Not?

The Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand works best as a decorative furniture that holds your TV and other electronics or gaming system. The top is wide enough for 70-inch monitors.

The fireplace function of the TV Stand provides a different kind of lighting to your living room with its virtual flames casting a stylish glow. In addition, the space heater feature can make up to 400 sq ft of space comfortable during cold nights.

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If you are looking to recreate that fireplace in a mountain cabin, the Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand is not the first thing you should consider. There are better appliances that do a good job of simulating an actual fireplace.

On the other hand, the Ameriwood Fireplace TV Stand is the kind of decorative TV stand you want for a stylish living room area. The blue shelf lighting and flickering flames create a new kind of ambiance in your home that makes for an interesting environment during parties or movie nights. In addition, the heater allows you to raise the temperature of the room without using too much power.

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