BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater Review

    BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater

    For a sophisticated atmosphere, BCP stands out with realistic flames and comfortable heat.

    The BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater is a smokeless and ventless appliance with adjustable heat.

    Achieve a warm ambiance with 3 modes available including an attractive flickering flame display, low heat flame display, and high heat flame display.

    It also has 5 brightness settings for light adjustment in your room.

    Are you planning to buy this product? It is worth checking this detailed review to ensure you’ll make the right decision.

    1. Best Choice Products 50in Indoor Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater

    Best Choice Products 50in Indoor Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater

    A square box is found in the corner of the screen that does not go away.

    It is where the numbers are shown, but it goes away when the numbers disappear.

    This is a minor issue for some customers only but it’s not a big deal for the majority of customers


    • Elegant and modern fireplace.
    • Realistic flame.
    • Superior heating.
    • No assembly required.
    • Sophisticated look.


    • Annoying square display.

    What Users Are Saying About BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater:

    Heating, Metal-Glass Frame - Black

    Customers just love the BCP Electric Fireplace because the heat comes from the bottom.

    That means you have no problems mounting your TV from above.

    This electric fireplace promotes a modern style and comfortable indoor heating.

    You’ll never have any problems with the square box located on the upper screen displaying the temperature because it is just displayed for a few moments and goes back off.

    It is not noticeable at all unless you really focus your eyes on it.

    It provides a cozier living room space and a more inviting experience anywhere in the house.

    Many customers are impressed with the premium quality of this fireplace that comes at a very affordable price.

    They are also glad to work with adjustable heating and include using a user-friendly remote control to control the settings while entertaining guests or lounging.

    It is durable, versatile, and provides a comforting warmth with a touch of elegance.

    The majority of customers highly recommend BCP Electric Fireplace.

    2. Compare BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater with 3G Plus Electric Fireplace

    Compare BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater with 3G Plus Electric Fireplace

    Both fireplaces come with 3 changeable flame colors, operating with or without heat.

    The 3G Plus Electric Fireplace is proud of its crystal glass bed for a very authentic feel which creates a perfect ambiance for every home.

    It is CETL certified with a safety cut-off feature for overheat protection.

    The installation only takes minutes like BCP Electric Fireplace.

    The remote control of 3G Plus has dimmer, heater, color, timer, and temperature control from 62°F to 82°F.

    The adjustable timer settings include 1 to 8 hours.

    BCP Electric Fireplace boasts the 3 different modes with varying flickering flame displays.

    Both fireplaces have adjustable timers and user-friendly remote control.

    When it comes to the price difference, BCP Electric Fireplace is more affordable, yet the quality and performance never fails.

    Key Features of the BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater:
    • Impressive Design:

    The BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater has a sleek and modern design with a touch of sophistication.

    It has been specifically designed to be mounted on the wall, only requiring two people to mount.

    It is made of glass and steel powered by 750 Watt for the Low Setting and 1500 Watt for the High Setting.

    (120V / 60Hz). The dimensions are 50.5 inches in length x 5.5 inches in depth x 21.65 inches in height and weigh 39 pounds.

    It has a tempered glass panel and modern black finish that adds a touch of sophistication.

    It has an option to be mounted to a wall or attached to the included base for a standalone or freestanding style.

    • Efficient and Convenient Usage:

    No need to use gas, batteries, or ethanol with BCP Electric Fireplace.

    The user-friendly remote control includes different functions to make your fireplace operation a lot easier.

    It has a timer for heat programming and fire image display from 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours.

    Enjoy the convenience of managing the settings using the manual control panels too.

    • Impressive Flame Effect and Heating Performance:

    The BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater adopts 3D flame technology for a realistic flame look to relax your day after a busy work and active lifestyle.

    It displays a cozy flame with or without heat, and you can manage the other features with the user-friendly remote control included.

    Enjoy the adjustable heat settings as well as adjustable flame brightness anytime.

    You can relax and enjoy lounging or entertaining your visitors with the flame impacts and comfortable warmth the BCP Electric Fireplace brings.

    It is an elegant and modern fireplace that matches any interior with unmatched heating performance.

    What’s the Disadvantage of BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater?

    BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

    According to some customers, the BCP Electric Fireplace takes a very long warm-up time and it is pretty loud.

    However, heating a room also has factors influencing the warming time such as the current environmental temperature, door and window sealing, and the number of people inside the room.

    Nevertheless, any factory defect or issue with the fireplace is well taken care of by the company’s customer service.

    Why Should You Choose It or Not?


    The BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater is worth it because of its great design, excellent heating performance, unmatched durability, and practicality.

    Just imagine your family and visitors spending their time just simply admiring the BCP Electric Fireplace realistic flames.

    You can install it overlooking your dining room to welcome Thanksgiving guests, surprising them that it is not really a real gas fireplace.

    Choosing the BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater will never be a regret.

    You’ll be grateful for purchasing this electric fireplace because of its best value for your money.

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    The BCP Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater is a must-have home appliance you can count on, most especially in striking freezing cold temperature.

    It is a modern electric fireplace with adjustable heat and flame brightness settings with remarkable performance.

    It may not be the best in the market but its quality and performance are never left behind.

    It is a very good investment that won’t hurt your pocket.

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