10 Best Bathroom Wall Heater in 2023


    In the early morning of winters, you definitely need your bathroom warm. For this purpose bathroom, wall heaters are the best option.

    Whether you get a portable, wall-attached, ceiling model they will be heating your bathroom very well.

    At that point, when you are not exactly sure what to search for, in a heater for your bathroom, at that point read through our review guide. 

    This guide will show you all your required knowledge to ensure you get the best wall heater for your necessities. 

    Best Bathroom Wall Heater Reviews:

    10. Lasko CD08200

    Lasko CD08200

    This bathroom wall heater is manufactured by Lasko Products LLC. Lasko is a US-based company that stepped up in 1906.

    The company offers different products such as fans, air purifiers, heaters, and humidifiers, etc. 

    If we talk about their wall heater, the best part of this adjustable heater is that it is moveable and you can easily set it up anywhere in any of your rooms. 

    The heating spreads are limited because of the limited coverage area, which is why the room does not warm up perfectly, Yup, that is one of the worst things about portable heaters.

    This, fortunately, doesn’t have any significant bearing on this model from Lasko. 

    The amazing key feature is that the area which it covers is wider from all the different heaters that we looked into. This small space heater is more than up to the challenge. 

    There is an amazing feature in it that is a digital timer setup. 

    If you have a specific time in your mind to take a bath you just need to set time on its digital timer so that your bathroom becomes warm before entering. 

    Generally speaking, literally an amazing appliance for those who have to wake up in the early morning and have to boil water for the bath.


    • Portable
    • Very large cover area
    • Built-in timer
    • Budget-Friendly 


    • It does not consume energy efficiently 

    9. Broan-NuTone 9093WH

    Broan-NuTone 9093WH

    This bathroom wall heater is manufactured by Broan-Nutone LLC which is a US-based multinational company founded in 1932.

    This company offers different categories of products such as bath & exhaust ventilation fans, range hoods, fresh air systems, doorbells, and central vacuum systems, etc. 

    If we talk about their bathroom wall heater, this model, which could actually be the best by and large heater available, is intended to completely coordinate into numerous washroom types, making it an extraordinary alternative for anybody with the eye of an architect. 

    If you want to grab a unit in which there should be a built-in light, a heater, and an exhaust fan then this is an excellent choice to pick up.

    You can easily put a hookup on the wall for the heater for electric wiring. Also, in the future, if you need to detach the hookup for further changes in electric wiring you can simply do.  

    This heater is simple to utilize. It has four function wall switches. 

    These utilization choices additionally mean if you want a piece that should be effective and efficient in utilizing the electricity so we could recommend this unit to go for. 


    • Can be used as an exhaust fan, heater, or light
    • Easy to install 
    • Comes with a four-function wall switch 
    • Energy-efficient


    • A problem comes up after installation in wiring and mounting

    8. Stiebel Eltron 236305

    Stiebel Eltron 236305

    This bathroom wall heater is manufactured by Stiebel Eltron, a German-based electrical industry. 

    This company offers different categories of products. If we talk about their heater, the Stiebel Eltron is an ultra-quiet fan heater made from galvanized steel.

    It comes with a glass-reinforced polycarbonate in a squirrel cage, a radial type blower.

    There is a built-in thermostat in the heater so that you can set it as per your requirement.

    There is a built-in timer in this bathroom wall heater that allows you to increase your heat settings for up to one hour. 

    There is an amazing protection system in this heater to maintain inside temperature as well so that your heater will be safe from malfunctioning due to the above freezing environment.  

    Furthermore, it has a weight of approximately six pounds, uses 2,000 watts of electricity, the two thirty-nine volt heater is a good choice for spaces up to 215 Sq to cover. Ft.

    The best part is that it is backed by 3 years of limited manufacturer warranty.


    • Quiet operation
    • Overheating protection 
    • Frost protection setting
    • Low cost


    • It does not consume energy efficiently 

    7. StelPro Design

    StelPro Design

    This electric heater is manufactured by Stelpro, North America’s largest electric heating appliance manufacturer. 

    They offer different categories of products such as residential heating, commercial architectural heating, heating cable system, controls, and hand dryers, etc. 

    If we talk about their bathroom wall heater, it is wall dissolved equipment. What does it mean? I know this question has arrived in your mind, it means that the entire appliance will be built on the wall.

    This wall dissolved heater allows you to operate its function by its easy-to-use control dashboard.

    It is safe for kids and pets. It has dual wattage of 1500 watts or 750 watts for the smaller room. It has automatic safety protection for overheating. 

    It has built-in thermostats that provide accurate heating temperatures from 40 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It heats 150sq ft room for the coldest night. 

    Furthermore, 100% energy efficient wall heaters, durable, and 18 gauge high-quality steel that is built to last. If we talk about design specifically, this heater is not only for just bathrooms but from entryways, mudrooms, and more. 

    Compact design provides high heat output where it is limited. It has top-quality nickel-chrome elements for instant heat. Here is the best part, the company offers a 1-year warranty on a unit. 


    • Safety for children and pets
    • Automatic safety protection for overheating
    • 1-year warranty on a unit


    • A little bit expensive

    6. Broan-Nutone 655

    Broan-Nutone 6551

    We have already discussed the company so, let’s come to the product. The basic feature of this product is that it is a compact bathroom heater but with a multitude of functions. You can get total comfort. 

    It includes a bulb for lighting and a fan for ventilation. The fan of this bathroom wall heater delivers 70 cubic feet per minute airflow.

    Moreover, At 4 stones, Broan is a bit louder if we compare it with most bathroom heaters. 

    Not to mention, it extends out slightly. Therefore, it gives a discreet yet decorative look.


    • Heater, Fan, and Light brings convenient, comforting warmth to your bathroom
    • Perform multiple tasks
    • The light and white grille show in your bathroom for a clean and cohesive appearance.
    • Available at a reasonable price in nearby markets or on websites like amazon.com.


    • It covers a small area in the bathroom

    5. Delta Breez Radian

    Delta Breez Radian

    This bathroom wall heater is manufactured by Delta Production Corporation, a Taiwan-based manufacturing company, founded in 1971. 

    This might be a great option for you if you want to grab a bathroom heater with a built-in exhaust fan. It may very well be utilized as a warmer and it is an energy-productive light fumes fan or a blend of every one of the three. 

    Moreover, the general size of the heater implies that you should ensure that the space you are putting it in is very enormous.

    Furthermore, the fan, heater, and light are totally incorporated into a smooth plan that would glance exceptionally appealing in a currently styled restroom.

    The vents on this heater are not difficult to clean, which assists with keeping it running substantially more adequately for a more extended period.


    • Energy efficient 
    • Can be used as a heater, exhaust fan, and light
    • Sleek design
    • Easy to clean vents


    • Might need a professional installation

    4. Broan-Nutone 157

    Broan-Nutone 157

    As you already got the name, again this heater is also manufactured by Broan-Nutone LLC which is a US-based multinational company founded in 1932. 

    This company offers different categories of products such as bath & exhaust ventilation fans, range hoods, fresh air systems, doorbells, and central vacuum systems, etc. 

    This heater is one of the incredible choices on the off chance that you are looking to the two warms up your washroom and keep your restroom stream flawless.

    They don’t take away from the remainder of the room and, all things being equal, help to integrate the whole space since these heaters are up and far removed. For this design, this appliance is a great sample. 

    Furthermore, you should simply eliminate your old light appliance and set this straight. This bathroom wall heater is easy to place at any angle in the bathroom with a simple installation process.    

    Furthermore, as compared to other bathroom wall heaters it has something different and that is, it is the only heater.

    We discussed in the previous models that approximately all heaters have a built-in light attached to them which is a substitute to install another light in your bathroom but this heater has not that feature. 

    You have to grab a separate light for your bathroom for the night to see. 

    Moreover, it utilized electricity effectively and efficiently and only needed it when warming the restroom. 


    • Easy to install
    • Sleek design 
    • Compact 
    • Energy Efficient


    • Does not have a light

    3. Panasonic FV-11VH2 WhisperWarm

    Panasonic FV-11VH2 WhisperWarm

    This heater is manufactured by Panasonic formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd, founded in 1918. It is a Japan-based multinational company. 

    The heater is small, quiet, and easy to install. This heater has a built fan. That is why this bathroom wall heater heats and ventilates the room at once. 

    The built-in fan in this bathroom wall heater spreads the air in all the corners of the bathroom. 

    Furthermore, It also offers whisper operation. At 0.6 sones, it sounds like leaves are floating with a fast air passing.


    • Small, quiet, and easy to install
    • Fan and heater combo


    • A little bit expensive

    2. DeLonghi HVF3555TB

    DeLonghi HVF3555TB

    This heater is manufactured by an Italian small appliance manufacturer named Delonghi, founded in 1902. 

    This heater is outfitted with temperature control and a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFI security include, this warmer will quietly heat up your restroom so you can appreciate it during cold winters.

    Furthermore, the indoor regulator takes into account keeping up a particular temperature level whenever the timing is ideal, and you can likewise go through the clock to set initiation or deactivation of the heater.

    As compared to other bathroom wall heaters the size of this Delonghi model is small.

    But size does not matter because it has 1500 watts of electricity consumption capacity. 

    Moreover, the way this model has been designed, this DeLonghi bathroom wall heater allows you to utilize this product in any space. 


    • This bathroom-designed heater can be used for any small space indoors and outdoors.
    • Silently warm up your bathroom.
    • A timer to set up activation or deactivation of the heater


    • It does not consume energy efficiently

    1. Holmes Digital

    Holmes Digital

    This bathroom wall heater is manufactured in China. The heater blows warm air distribution. There is a built-in thermostat for setting the heat. 

    This heater learns your timetable which means you don’t need to change the settings again and again. 

    You will be getting your bathroom warmed before entering it due to its schedule learning feature. 


    • Easy to adjust digital control
    • A timer to preheat the bathroom


    • It does not have a light

    Best Bathroom Wall Heater – Buyer’s Guide:Best Bathroom Wall Heater

    To buy a bathroom wall heater, first, you should check the customer’s response on that product whether it performs well or not.

    If you found a good one, then check whether it fits in your bathroom or not.

    After that, you should check the key features such as;


    It has been noticed that sometimes people get a unit and then found that this unit is not heating the bathroom perfectly because of the size issues. 


    Check out the brand for buying the product. The best brands include Panasonic, Delonghi, Broan-Nutone, and Stiebel Eltron, etc.


    Some heaters have very short durability. They start malfunctioning just after a few months. So keep checking the durability of the heater before grabbing it.


    One of the key factors to check out in the heater is innovation. Many heaters have advanced digital thermostats which allow you to set a timer for heating. Moreover, many heaters have high-quality sensors that fit in them, which keep your bathroom warm.

    All these heaters which we discussed above could be available in the nearby stores and if not, then you can check out websites like Amazon.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the best type of heater for a bathroom?

    Wall heaters are considered the best type because they spread warm air through their fan approximately to every corner of your bathroom.

    Also, their digital technology gives you a choice of preheating your bathroom before going in.

    Can we put an electric heater in the bathroom?

    Yes! We can. In fact, in western countries, people prefer to use electric heaters in their bathrooms because it is convenient and its digital technology sensors can set your bathroom temperature accordingly. Also, they are environmentally friendly.

    Are bathroom heaters safe?

    Yes! Bathroom heaters are safe and environmentally friendly. We prefer to go for an electric bathroom wall heater because it is safer than a gas heater.


    Electric heaters are now included in the necessities of our routine life. Especially for the citizens of the western world, where they face extreme freezy winters. 

    In the early morning of winters, you definitely need your bathroom warm. For this purpose bathroom, wall heaters are the best option.

    Whether you get a portable, wall-attached, ceiling model they will be heating your bathroom very well.

    These devices come up with different settings and configurations which allows you to set them as per your requirement.

    These appliances are a little bit expensive, they definitely low the weight of your pocket.

    If you decided to buy then grab the right piece for your bathroom wall. Also, check its capacity of heating as well as fan and light if these are come up as built-in features.

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