Best Choice SKY1826 Review – What’s the safety system in it?

    Best Choice SKY1826 Review – What’s the safety system in it?

    Any conversation about budget electric fireplaces will not be complete without mention of the manufacturer’s Best Choice Products.

    Having been around quite a while now, this company has become a favorite among homeowners who want the look, feel, and heat of electric fireplaces without shelling out.

    The Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater is one of their most popular models. Many of the people who have bought it have nothing but praises for this unit, which makes it all the more exciting to review.

    1. Best Choice Products 28.5in Insert Electric Adjustable Fireplace Heater

    Best Choice SKY1826 Review

    In this short and sweet guide, we look at the key features of the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater, its cons, and what people have to say about it.

    We also compare it with a similar model and see how it fares.


    • Easy installation
    • Nice appearance
    • Comes with grounded plug
    • Sturdy metal body


    • Not working (some units)

    We saw a few complaints about the product not working right out of the box. It is said that this model has the worst possible issue in an electric fireplace.

    The only good news is that the number of people mentioning this is not too large, so this may be a defect in just a certain batch.

    Key Features of the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert:

    Ventless Design:

    The ventless design of the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater has many benefits. First, ventless electric fireplaces are legal anywhere because they are safe.

    Second, such models are space savers because they do not need flues or drafts for excess emissions. This also means that all the heat goes to the room and is not wasted.

    Moreover, installation is easy because you do not need to prepare for pipes beforehand.

    Safety Cut-off Device:

    The Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater comes with an added safety mechanism.

    The cut-off device installed in it prevents overheating and further makes this unit safe regardless of how long it is used.

    A lot of people tend to leave their electric fireplaces on while they sleep, which can be dangerous. The safety cut-off system in this Best Choice SKY1826 model takes care of that and helps give you some peace of mind.

    Remote Control:

    We like that despite being a budget electric fireplace, the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater has a remote control.

    The funny thing is that it even works with remote controls for other appliances sometimes. We are not sure which remote controls can be interchanged, but this little fluke can turn out to be a convenience.

    Adjustable Brightness:

    It is always important for an electric fireplace to have adjustable brightness because it lets you modify the ambiance in the room.

    We love the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater because this feature is rarely available in budget electric fireplaces.

    Metal Body:

    Again, this is something we did not expect in an affordable electric fireplace model, but we like that the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater has a sturdy metal body that is solidly put together.

    Overall, this unit has that premium feel you hardly expect in models at this price point.

    2. ClassicFlame 33II310GRA VS. Best Choice SKY1826 Fireplace Insert

    One of the differences between these two electric fireplaces is the heating capacity. At its maximum heat setting, the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater produces 5,118BTU of heat.

    Meanwhile, the ClassicFlame model can output 5,200BTU of heat.

    The ClassicFlame unit also offers more flame option settings than the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater. Both offer variable settings, but the former has 125 options to choose from.

    Ultimately, it depends on the appearance that you want and the flexibility you desire in terms of flame options. The difference in heating capacity, in our opinion, is too small to matter anyway.

    What Users Are Saying About The Best Choice Products SKY1826?

    Overall, it is safe to say that the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater is generally liked by customers.

    Many owners are happy about the heating and flame effects of this model, saying that it definitely gives way more value than expected.

    The only issue we are noticing is that a lot of users seem to have received defective units. We hesitate about taking this against the manufacturer or the product itself, though.

    After all, the products that do work are great. Having to request a replacement can be a pain, but that may be the only solution in case you get unlucky and receive a malfunctioning unit.

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    How Durable And Affordable Is the Best Choice Products SKY1826?Best Choice SKY1826 Review

    The Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater comes in a sturdy metal body. It has quite a solid feel to it, which makes us think the unit will really last a long time.

    The heating is fine. It warms up more quickly and heats the room better than many other models at the same price. Overall, we can say that this really is one of the best budget electric fireplaces out there today.

    Why You Consider Best Choice SKY1826 Electric Fireplace Insert Heater?

    We recommend the Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater for practical homeowners wanting to simultaneously decorate and warm small and moderately sized spaces.

    At just a little over $100, this electric fireplace is one of the best we have seen. It heats well, looks good, and is built solidly.

    If you want the heating and looks of a safely operating electric fireplace, then you should try this one out.

    All you Need to Know About Fireplace Electric Insert:

    Now, you have come to know the best of all fireplace electric insert options; here we would like to tell you more about this appliance.

    This cooking appliance acts in the form of a blazing fireplace and it manages to give your food that real kind of comfort, soothing, and warm taste.

    Moreover, using this electric insert is a far better option as compared to using a traditional looking wood-burning fireplace.

    No matter, you are using a factory-built fireplace or you are planning to use a masonry fireplace, this fireplace electric insert will beat all of the options.

    Fireplace Electric Insert- the Most Efficient Cooking Option for You:

    It is true that upon using a fireplace electric insert, you will experience an efficient cooking process. This cooking appliance keeps the warm air all into the fire.

    Besides, the minimum amount of heat is lost and goes up to the chimney. A large number of fireplace inserts are designed and made to increase and amplify the fireplace’s efficiency.

    Moreover, you can say that an insert is basically and generally a kind of a fireproof box. This box is surrounded and packed by steel.

    This box is fronted and encompassed by the insulated glass. This way, this insert runs and operates on the closed combustion system. 

    Reasons for Using an Electric Fireplace Insert:

    Most importantly, these electric fireplace inserts are marked as one of the simplest kinds of cooking inserts. In other words, you can say that they are the least complicated kinds of cooking inserts that are so far available in the market.

    Most noteworthy, in this cooking appliance, no combustion system is involved. There is no need for venting.

    You only need to switch and plug into this electric fireplace insert and rest you are all good to go to see these simulated flames flicker!

    It is these electric fireplaces that are included and come with a small heater. This heater manages to put out the fire up to the range of 5,000 BTUs. Even more, these cooking inserts give out Reflective and flickering lights.

    They create and deliver the illusion as if the flame is coming out.

    It is for aesthetic reasons as well that people prefer setting up and mounting a fireplace insert in their homes. Its installation process is much quick and simple.

    If you had been using gas and wood inserts, then consider using an electric fireplace insert now. However, if you have no fireplace at your home, then do not worry at all!

    You can install these electric fireplaces anywhere in your home where it can receive the power access.

    You have collected all possible details about this Best Choice SKY1826 fireplace inserts that run on an electricity mode.

    You can share with us which model you are using right now and how is your experience. If Best Choice SKY1826 will be launching more of the cooking fireplace inserts, then we will for sure share those models with you.


    The Best Choice SKY1826 Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert Heater is a good budget electric fireplace. It is affordable, easy to install (ventless), and easy to operate and adjust.

    The only problem is that there are some defective units that do not work out of the box. We, therefore, advise you to check your package the moment it arrives at your door to qualify for a replacement if needed.

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