Best Electric Fireplace Mantels Reviews in 2023

    Best Electric Fireplace Mantels Reviews in 2020

    Let us have a look at the best Electric Fireplace Mantel options that are here to bring ideal warmth into your home.

    These are highly recommended electric fireplaces that you should not ever miss out on using.

    Furthermore, they are packed with vintage-looking fireplace designs.

    They give out realistic dancing flames and are embedded with a burning log effect.

    Moreover, these Electric Fireplace Mantel models are here to bring and deliver a warm ambiance in each corner of your home.

    We are sure that you will love them as they have retro designs and are available in gentle and highly decent designs.

    Even more, they give out high heating capacity and remain to show easy control settings.

    You can have a look at the reviews now:

    Best Electric Fireplace Mantel Reviews:Best Electric Fireplace Mantel1

    10- e-Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel

    e-Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel

    You might be wondering why to buy this e-Flame Electric Fireplace Mantel, here we are going to tell you. This is the best Christmas gift that you can ever buy.

    In addition, it is packed with the extreme classic design and highlighted with wood-burning effects. It gives out dancing flames and that is the unique selling point of it.

    The hearth path of this mantel is lightweight and remains to stay cool to the touch for hours and hours. Besides, you can transport this fireplace easily from one room to another.

    No doubt, this is a fashionable and trendy heating solution that you can go for. It is perfect to be placed in your basement section and guest rooms and even in your garages and offices.

    This is a suitable Electric Fireplace Mantel for all flooring types. Talking about its features, this fireplace is installed with a quiet as well as the fan-forced heater.

    It comes along with easy to adjust settings and delivers even heat distribution parts. If you feel like enjoying the warm glow and ambiance at your end, then try this fireplace.

    Beyond, it offers safety protection and embedded with an automatic shut-off button. It successfully prevents overheating and safe to be used by pets and kids and even the elderly.

    What We Like:

    • It has a classic design.
    • It has a quiet and fan-forced heater.
    • It has an automatic shut-off button.

    9- Ameriwood Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Ameriwood Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Ameriwood Electric Fireplace Mantel is the next recommendation from our side. This fireplace comes with a TV console and that is a highly interesting and catchy part of it.

    This mantel is available in the perfect combination as you can use it as a fireplace and as a storage space as well.

    The TV console comes along with it can support the weight of 50 inches of a flat-panel TV. Furthermore, this fireplace has the potential to room heat that is up to 400 square feet.

    It is a must for you to enhance the look of your living room and you can do that by keeping this Electric Fireplace Mantel over there.

    For cleaning and maintaining this mantel, you just need a dry cloth. If you plan to buy this fireplace, then share with us your viewpoint and experience too.

    What We Like:

    • It comes with a TV console.
    • It is easy to maintain.
    • It comprises an espresso finish.

    8- DONYER POWER Fireplace Mantel

    DONYER POWER Fireplace Mantel

    Want to know the best part of this DONNER POWER Electric Fireplace Mantel, here you are. It ensures the longest life span and compact.

    The brand of this fireplace mantel has ensured that you will see the high quality in it. Upon buying it, you are going to get a 1-year warranty time.

    This mantel is easy to operate and the installation process is super quick and simple.

    The only thing that you have to remember is that when you turn on this fireplace, a slight kind of smell is going to appear and it will then disappear after a few minutes.

    We guarantee you that this Electric Fireplace Mantel may meet your expectations. Amplify and boost your home décor area and keep this mantle over there.

    What We Like:

    • It offers a long life span.
    • It gives a 1-year warranty time.
    • It is operated easily and seamlessly.

    7- R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Mantel

    R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Mantel

    How about getting hands-on with this R.W.FLAME fireplace? This is the best Electric Fireplace Mantel that you can buy,

    It consists of attractive, appealing, and practical design. It runs on the multi-operating modes and that is the promising part of it.

    There is a touch screen present on it and also a remote control. Most importantly, it gives out 12 flames and is packed with LED flame bed color modes.

    Moreover, this Electric Fireplace Mantel showcases 5 flame speed modes and too 5 flame brightness levels.

    You can note down that it has an automatic looking flame design and you can change the flame color if you feel like doing so.

    It operates on the energy-saving mode and you can adjust these modes in any setting you want to. Like, if you want both warm ambiance and energy-saving functioning, then try this fireplace.

    This is an effective supplemental zone heating solution that can warm the room up to 400 square feet of area.

    Most noteworthy, this is ETL certified and maintains the aspect of natural humidity in your room,

    Discussing the customer service and warranty part, 1 year warranty time is offered and satisfactory service is always delivered to the customers.

    It is time to order your piece and convey to us your feedback if you use this fireplace.

    What We Like:

    • It has a practical design.
    • It comprises multi-operating modes.
    • It gives an extensive warranty and friendly customer service.

    6- Joy Pebble Fireplace Mantel

    Joy Pebble Fireplace Mantel

    Besides, you can try this Joy Pebble fireplace that is the experts recommended Electric Fireplace Mantel. If you do not want to use traditional fireplaces with mantels, then try this recommendation.

    For daily use, this is an ideal suggestion for you. It shows two heating modes and manages to meet all your heating demands.

    This Electric Fireplace Mantel is extremely safe to use and cool to touch. Moreover, this appliance has successfully met all the ETL standards.

    It runs on such a kind of heating method that effective and even warm gets entered into your room. The time it takes to warm up your room is so much little.

    Individuals love using this fireplace mantel because it gives realistic flame effects and carries a true burning log design element in it.

    Hence, it is the very correct time to embellish and decorate your room and this can be done if you buy such fireplace mantels.

    This is an efficient looking fireplace. You can even keep any decoration piece, photos on it.

    What We Like:

    • It shows realistic flame effects.
    • It has a burning log design.
    • It is an ideal Christmas gift.

    5- HOMCOM Fireplace Mantel

    HOMCOM Fireplace Mantel

    Have you ever got a fireplace that consists of a vintage glass door? We have one such option for you and it is this HOMCOM Electric Fireplace Mantel.

    This recommendation is finished by keeping in mind the element of mid-century style. It is decorated and intricately embellished with the help of a glass door.

    No doubt, this reviewed fireplace is the name of showing the classic design and the ideal amount of warmth.

    It brings a beautiful and highly magical source of ambiance into your room. As you can see that this is a freestanding electric fireplace and offers adjustable brightness settings.

    If your room is 215 square feet, then this is an ideal Electric Fireplace Mantel option for you. 2 heat settings are present in it and they have an adjustable thermostat too.

    This fireplace promises to give you optimum comfort and control. It keeps you safe from overheating.

    You may have noticed that there is a thermal safety cut off switch embedded on it for the sake of preventing overheating.

    This unit is going to be turned off automatically during the time of unlikely events and situations. Furthermore, it is compact, budget-friendly, and super clean-friendly.

    What We Like:

    • It has a vintage glass door.
    • It brings a beautiful ambiance.
    • This one is a clean energy alternative.

    4- TURBRO Electric Fireplace Mantel

    TURBRO Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Most probably, this TURBRO fireplace will meet your requirements. We are reviewing this Electric Fireplace Mantel as it is safe to touch and shows lots more great qualities in it.

    It creates and develops a charming kind of fireside environment in your room. Moreover, it gives out real fire smoke and genuine flame effects.

    If you want to turn on the flame effects separately, you can do so. In addition, this fireplace elevates your mood and keeps you utmostly relaxed.

    It is on the bottom side of this Electric Fireplace Mantel that its heating element is located. That is why the whole body of this fireplace is cool and convenient to touch.

    No matter how many hours this fireplace is heating and turned on, its body will remain cool to touch.

    On the other hand, if you are using this fireplace for the first time, then keep in mind you just have to flip its switch and it will be turned on.

    For setting its thermostat, the offered and desired range is 68 to 95 degrees F. We have given our thumbs up to this model because it is North America CSA certified.

    It is warm and comfortable to use, shows vintage and elegant design elements and remains to be fast and simple to install.

    What We Like:

    • It is safe to touch.
    • It is cost-effective.
    • It allows for fast installation.

    3- LOKATSE HOME Fireplace Mantel

    LOKATSE HOME Fireplace Mantel

    Moving to more of the details of this Electric Fireplace Mantel list, you can have the fireplace of this LOKATSE HOME brand.

    This is a modern looking home décor piece that you should try. It claims to bring the utmost and extreme relaxation into your room.

    In addition, this is an ideal appliance for your family rooms, bedrooms, and also for your lounge rooms. It brings the aspect of supplemental heat and great ambiance as and when needed.

    The great part of this Electric Fireplace Mantel is that it has an automatic overheat shut-off button. This way, you can sleep warmly, securely in your room.

    It is further composed of heated air releasing vents and heat 400 square feet area in such a less time. Individuals are going crazy after this model as it gives realistic and ideal flame effects.

    This version is installed with ultra and super high intensity LED lights and delivers vivid flame effects.

    You may have seen that this fireplace shows 3 flames and you can set their intensities and brightness scales in any manner you want to.

    It is made of crystals and logs and gives the most authentic and vintage feel to the user. You can have the replacement of this fireplace if it does not satisfy you.

    Moreover, 30 days money-back guarantee time is offered. If you find any damage and missing part, then replace this fireplace right away and get the defect-free product.

    What We Like:

    • It gives bright flames.
    • It brings the desired warm ambiance to your room.
    • It shows three flames with variable intensities.

    2- COMFORT ZONE Electric Fireplace Mantel

    COMFORT ZONE Electric Fireplace Mantel

    COMFORT ZONE is the second-best suggestion from our side. It is ideal to get set up in large rooms.

    Besides, this is a powerful Electric Fireplace Mantel that shows 3 heating options. It is featured and installed with an adjustable thermostat.

    There are two heat setting options present on it and these settings promise to keep your room at the ideal comfort level range.

    For the sake of wide heat dispersion functioning, this Electric Fireplace Mantel has a fan-forced heater.

    It all ensures safety and runs on the advanced safety system mode. There present a safety tip-over switch on it so that you can enjoy a cool exterior housing time.

    Lastly, this fireplace gives LED simulated 3D flames. Its overall styling is the amalgamation of warm and traditional looks.

    It is up to you if you want to operate the flame effect part with heat or without heat.

    What We Like:

    • It gives three heating options.
    • It is ideal for large rooms.
    • It lowers down your heating cost.

    1- DURA HEAT Electric Fireplace Mantel


    DURA HEAT Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Then we have this DURA HEAT fireplace mantel that is both functional and adjustable. It carries a panoramic design in it and installed with the latest quartz infrared technology.

    This Electric Fireplace Mantel is super-efficient to use and gives out warm air directly as well as instantly and evenly.

    It has an attractive looking 3-side open design and gives a full flame view to you. In addition, it serves the user with realistic flames.

    You can make up your mind and buy this fireplace mantel as it is easy to move, adjustable and effectively warms an area that is up to 1000 square feet.

    You can say goodbye to wood-burning fireplaces and try this suggestion now. It gives amazing warmth and a magical visual ambiance to your home surroundings.

    What We Like:

    • It runs on quartz infrared technology.
    • It has a 3-sided open design.
    • It is functional and easy to move.

    How to Choose Best Electric Fireplace Mantel: Buyer’s Guide:Best Electric Fireplace Mantel

    Stylish Design and Quiet Operations:

    You can have that Electric Fireplace Mantel that looks extremely stylish and elegant in design. Look for the fireplace that gives realistic flames and composed of a 3-sided looking panoramic design.

    Furthermore, you should have that model of fireplace that delivers quiet operations and remains silent when it is turned on.

    Adjustable Thermostat and Overheat Protection:

    In addition, it is advised to have that version of Electric Fireplace Mantel that has an adjustable thermostat and also overheat protection feature.

    With the help of an adjustable thermostat, you can pick your desired and comfortable temperature settings.

    On the other hand, overheat protection settings will make sure that your fireplace does not get too hot and gets to be automatically shut off when it reaches extreme hot levels.


    Always give your thumbs up to that electric fireplace that remains to be CSA-approved.

    If it is certified and approved by North America CSA, then that is great and that specific fireplace can be safely used in your home or office.

    Easy and Quick to Operate:

    Lastly, have that fireplace mantel that is easy and fast to operate. Look for the option whose flame effect can be controlled and operated with the help of independent settings.

    Its thermostat part and temperature setting zone need to be adjustable.


    So, which Electric Fireplace Mantel version do you want to have? Try out these splendid looking electric fireplaces and share your experience with us.

    Moreover, these suggestions have a panoramic design and allow you to see the flame all from three sides and angles.

    These fireplaces warm up your room in less time and also efficiently. Most of them are packed with a gloss black finish and can fit in any of your rooms.

    Keep connected with us as more reviews on this fireplace mantel category are coming up0.

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