10 Best Fireplace Andirons In 2021 Review & Guide

    Best Fireplace Andirons

    For Everyone that knows about Andiron, They get how much important it is to find a Fireplace Andiron that looks really good.

    They give your house a whole new look as well as redefine the furniture that has been put in a place for far too long. 

    For people that don’t know what Andirons are, andirons are a decorative accessory for fireplaces. The Fireplace Andirons are usually sold in pairs.

    The main function of these Fireplace Andirons is to act as a support for fireplace logs. Usually, the fireplace andirons are L-shaped.

    The andiron is supposed to act as a rack as it attaches to a fireplace grate to lift the logs up.

    These Fireplace andirons are one of the most creative inventions as they keep the fireplace logs in a single place and prevents them from rolling and falling off. 

    Since they are made to be used inside a fireplace, they are made with materials that are known to be highly durable.

    The usual items which they are made from include wrought iron. However, there are a lot of different options that the manufacturers of these Fireplace Andirons use to give it a finishing final touch.

    The Elements used to giving the final touch to the fireplace andirons made from wrought iron include brass, bronze, nickel, or pewter. 

    The Fireplace andirons are well-known for their long-lasting trait and they are surely one of the best additions to your set of furniture.

    However, there are a few factors that you should be on the lookout for when looking to buy a Fireplace Andiron. These factors are mentioned in the buyer’s guide section below.

    These are however the best 10 Options when looking to purchase a Fireplace Andiron. 

    Best Fireplace Andirons Review:

    1. Uniflame, A-1234, Black Ball Andirons

    Uniflame, A-1234, Black Ball Andirons

    Are you in a hurry and want to choose the best product without having the need to look through a lot of other options and studying them? Then, don’t fret, as this is the perfect choice from all the angles. 

    What makes this Fireplace Andiron a better option than the other ones is the fact that it features a design that makes it look very attractive.

    After all, when you are buying a fireplace andiron, you would want to purchase something that looks nice and cool. 

    The design of these fireplace andirons is made in such a way that they are bound to increase the airflow.

    This allows the burning ash to fly to the up and results in a cleaner fireplace.

    Moreover, these fireplace andirons are designed in such a way that the logs placed on them stay in a single place. 

    This fireplace andiron is made from steel. Steel is known to withstand higher temperatures and for staying solid and still through the temperatures.

    Andirons made from steel also tend to last longer than the other options. 


    • Made from Steel. 
    • Keeps The Logs in Place. 
    • Has a Black Wrought Iron finish.


    • The Coating of these Fireplace Andirons has been reported to blister off. 

    2. Pilgrim Home 

    Pilgrim Home and Hearth Home 

    Are you looking for a fireplace andiron that can give your fireplace and furniture a new and modern look?

    Then look no further, as this is the perfect choice when looking for a fireplace Andiron. 

    This Fireplace Andiron features a reasonably attractive design which makes your furniture gives a modern design.

    This is one of the most unique options on the whole list. There are fewer designs in the market that feature a design as attractive as this model. 

    For support, the manufacturer has also included a pedestal base. 

    Including this pedestal base comes off as a great feature as this allows these Fireplace Andirons to stay in a single place.

    However, the manufacturer advises the potential buyers of this fireplace andirons with gas fire as the design of this fireplace andiron is of light color, and using wood might leave them looking black, making them look bad. 

    The finishing of this fireplace andiron is also very posh and is done with Polished Nickel.


    • Unique Design. 
    • Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. 
    • Polished Nickel finishing.


    • Cannot be used with wood logs. 

    3. Uniflame, A-1251, Black Cast Iron

    Uniflame, A-1251, Black Cast Iron

    Are you a cat lover and want something in your furniture that reminds you of your fluffy friend? Then, say no more as this is the perfect choice for the people that love their cats!

    Apart from featuring being very attractive, these Fireplace Andirons are also known to have a design that results in increased airflow.

    This allows the burned wood ash to escape easily. These logs also have a design that allows them to stay in a single place.

    This allows the users to have a safe experience overall, as they don’t have to be worried about the burning logs on the floor and catch fire. 

    For the construction, the manufacturer has used cast iron.

    Cast Iron is one of the most durable materials when it comes to the making of Fireplace Andirons.

    The design of these Cat Andirons is made in such a way that when in dark, the eyes of these cats reflect. This gives a place a likely feel.


    • Perfect choice for Cat lovers. 
    • Feature a sturdy design. 
    • Reflective Eyes. 


    •  None.

    4. Pilgrim, Natural Iron Home 

    Pilgrim, Natural Iron Home 

    When it comes to creating aesthetic designs, Pilgrim is the one brand that you should be looking at.

    Coming from them, are these fireplace andirons which feature a uniquely attractive design.

    The design of these andirons is their biggest highlighted feature.

    These Andirons feature such a wonderful design that keeps the logs in place and keeps them from falling on the ground.

    This feature comes in handy when it comes to dealing with rolling logs. 

    Made from sturdy materials, this particular fireplace andiron has been given a Natural Iron Finish.

    This outlines the design of the beauty and makes a perfect choice for people that are looking to redefine their furniture. 

    What makes these fireplace andirons a better choice than the other ones is the fact that these andirons are based on the design of the original pilgrim models.

    This company has been well-known in America as it has been selling its services in the country for more than 65 Years.


    • Features a fancy Design. 
    • Made from Sturdy Materials. 
    • Lifetime Guarantee. 


    • Not a good option for heavy logs. 

    5. Minuteman International Traditional Ball Iron 

    Minuteman International Traditional Ball Iron 

    Are you in search of a product that provides looks with functionality? Then this is the perfect choice for you! 

    These fireplace andirons from Minuteman gives a rather classy look to the hearth.

    However, these products are not all about the looks, as these products are made from the best quality material. 

    The sturdy build quality of this fireplace andiron allows the users to keep heavy logs on it.

    The design is also made in such a way that it makes sure that no log flips and falls over.

    The design of this fireplace andiron is also made in such a way that it reinvents the design of your fireplaces and hearths totally. 

    As for the beauty, the andirons feature the traditional design from the company which has a black ball on the top.

    This Fireplace andiron is made to last as it is handmade from iron.

    These fireplace andirons are a work of a professional blacksmith and they are all you need.


    • Handmade
    • Features a great design. 
    • Long-Lasting.


    • Cannot hold a lot of logs.

    6. Minuteman International Ball

    Minuteman International Ball

    Are you considering options from Minuteman and want something that features a slim and attractive design? Then say no more, as this is a perfect choice. 

    What makes this fireplace andiron a good option is a fact these fireplace andirons feature the typical design of the fireplace andiron.

    These andirons look very attractive and elevate the experience you are looking for when thinking about a cozy time by the fireplace. 

    In the design,  there is a kindling light that is featured at the bottom of the design of this product. The main function including this is to keep the logs burnt and prevent them from blowing out.

    The Manufacturer has used the typical quality stuff for making this product.

    Products from Minuteman have a reputation of lasting long and serving their customers well.

    The fact that minuteman has been making andirons for more than 40 Years should prove more than just enough for you to worry about any kinds of concerns with regards to quality.


    • Features a beautiful design. 
    • Made from Sturdy Materials. 
    • Heirloom Quality.


    • Some people might find the front of the design hard to deal with. 

    7.  Minuteman International Deer Wrought Iron 

    Minuteman International Deer Wrought Iron 

    As far as the unique options go, this product hits home. This product features a design that looks typical as well as different than the other fireplace andirons.

    The manufacturer has once again decided to keep things stylish as well as make products that last some time before going out.

    This product is no different. This product features a very beautiful design.

    This design is a unique one as it is something different than the traditional ball designs of the manufacturer. 

    The build quality of the product is also pretty great as these fireplace andirons will be able to bear some weight.

    These Fireplace andirons are made in such a way that they keep the wood logs in a single place.

    This design of theirs keeps the logs in a single place and protects them from rolling over and falling over on the ground.

    As for the quality, the quality of this product is known to be very durable.


    • Features a bulky Design. 
    • Made from Sturdy Materials. 
    • Comes with the pre-defined area to put logs on.


    • None.

    8. Amagabeli Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

    Amagabeli Fireplace Log Grate 24 inch

    There are a lot of options on this list, but there is none like this. As the manufacturer, the design of this product is also pretty rare, and in a good way.

    The best part about this product is the fact that these products don’t need to be set up. All you need to do is carry it in the fireplace and place it.

    There is no need further to set it up as it comes with pre-defined space for the wood logs to be kept in place.

    As space is already provided, there is no space left for the question of the wood logs to roll over.

    For the quality, the manufacturer has used thick steel for the construction of this fireplace andiron.

    This is one of the best materials to consider when looking to choose to buy a fireplace andirons.

    Just using this material makes the build quality study and ensures the buyers that this product will last a good time before giving up.


    • Comes with Pre-designed space for wood logs. 
    • Constructed from Thick Steel. 
    • Comes in size variations.


    • Not a good option for use with Natural gas. 

    9. Panacea Corp 30′ Blk Cast Iron Grate

    Panacea Corp 30' Blk Cast Iron Grate

    Coming from Panacea, this product features a design that is similar to the one mentioned above. 

    However, if you are not impressed by the product above, then this product is very much likely to interest you and is likely to be going your choice. 

    What makes us so sure about this product is the fact that this product features heavy-duty construction.

    This factor already makes it a good choice for people that are looking to spend money on buying a product that is going to live long. 

    This product also comes with a pre-defined area for putting the logs on. This levels out the possibility of the logs rolling off and falling. 

    To ensure that this product lasts a long time, the manufacturer has left no stone unturned and made this from the best quality of steel.

    The Product itself is pretty bulky which means moving it around is going to be an issue.


    • Features a bulky Design. 
    • Made from Sturdy Materials. 
    • Comes with the pre-defined area to put logs on.


    • The Product comes warped.

    10. Pilgrim, Antique Brass Home

    Pilgrim, Antique Brass Home

    This product comes last, but by no means is less than any of the products that are mentioned above.

    If you are looking for something that has an antique design but also looks good at the same time, this product goes for the win.

    Regardless of the theme of this product, the design is made in such a way that even after being antique, it looks very modern. 

    This product is made upon the original designs of the Manufacturer. Anyone that has come across Pilgrim products before can vouch that they are very good looking.

    As for the finishing of the design, the manufacturer has given the finishing touch with unique material.

    This material is brass and features a rather attractive color. 

    The color scheme is one of the unique ones as there are no other products on this list with these color schemes.

    The best part, however, is the fact that the manufacturer includes a lifetime guarantee of the product.


    • Features a Different Color Scheme. 
    • Attractive Finishing touch. 
    • Lifetime Guarantee. 


    • None.

    Best Fireplace Andirons – Buyer’s Guide:Best Fireplace Andirons

     Since you are already aware of what fireplace andirons are, read on further to have an idea about being able to choose the best one.

    The very reason that people are attracted to the andirons is that they look very stylish and classic. 

    It may appear that andirons are a pretty basic object and it should be very easy choosing one for yourself.

    However, once you go through the detailed section below, we can guarantee that you are going to be learning something that you didn’t know about andirons before.

    Here is an overview of all the factors that should weigh in on you deciding to choose the best fireplace andiron for you.


    Fireplace andirons have been around for a while now, and there are a lot of options that are available for you to choose from.

    The use of andirons goes back to as early as the 17th century. As time passed by, there were new kinds of styles and designs of andirons.

    As of now, there is a very wide range of objects to choose from.

    When looking for fireplace andirons, you get a lot of variety.

    These options include vintage andirons, sleek, and modern designs.

    In some cases, there are even animal-shaped andirons! Choose the one that fits you the best.

    Make sure the fireplace andirons that you are choosing feature a style that goes along with the style of your fireplace, and the fireback, provided that you have one.

    The style might look the same, but if you look closely, only then you will be able to note changes.

    Some Fireplace andirons look good with a well-decorated fireback and other accessories.

    Otherwise, some fireplace andirons do just fine without any additional accessories. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

    However, if you want to know more about the styles in which fireplace andirons come, then go through the brief descriptions given of each type of fireplace andiron.

    Antique or Vintage Andirons: 

    In this category, the usual options feature a design that is rather old-fashioned and ornate. These categories of Antique Andirons are usually made from Cast Iron, Or Wrought Iron.

    Modern Andirons: 

    This category includes modern andirons. These modern andirons include a contemporary design with their clean, straight line.

    The modern Andirons feature a design that is further given by a finishing touch by polished nickel, pewter, and antique brass. 

    Traditional Andirons: 

    These types of designs have been featuring for a long time now.

    These traditional andirons feature a design that is elegant and simple.

    The color that they come in is black.

    They are made from Wrought iron and provide the users with the perfect understated touch.

    Specialty Andirons:

    These are some of the most unique designs and they feature different designs.

    These andirons feature a rather unique design, and they are also given a finish that makes them look unique.

    The examples that might include these types of andirons are a pair of cat-shaped andirons. These andirons feature reflective cat eyes.

    Depth and Width of the Andirons:

    When you are considering buying a fireplace andiron, you should make sure that they should feature such a design that prevents the back wall of your fireplace.

    This will allow the masonry to last longer.

    The metal will also contribute to better heat radiation throughout the environment.  

    Nevertheless, you should also consider the width of the andirons, as it will determine that the Andirons will be easily able to fit inside the fireplace.

    Make sure that the great also fit on the beams of the andirons.

    The Type of Material:

    There are a lot of materials that are used for the creation of Fireplace Andirons.

    Mainly, the grates of the fireplace andirons are made from materials such as wrought iron.

    However, the uprights of the andirons made me made from different materials.

    These options might include brass, copper, bronze, ormolu, or cast iron. Nevertheless, some andirons are made from a combination of different materials.

    However, if we talk about wrought iron, they can be found in black or brown color.

    If you purchase a brown andiron and you don’t like it, it can always be polished black.

    However, the color scheme of black ones remains unchanged.

    Look for the andirons that come with a combination with a fireback.
    The Fireplace Grates are very often made from wrought iron or cast iron.

    Their color scheme remains black and this cannot be changed. The uprights of the fireplace andiron hold their black color for a long time.

    Presence of spit hooks on the andirons:

    If you are the one to enjoy barbeque and grilling in your fireplace, then you should consider getting andirons that come with spit hooks on them.

    A user can put the spit on the hooks and will be allowed to rotate them occasionally.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the purpose of fireplace andirons?

    The main purpose of fireplace andirons is to make sure that the logs stay in a single place and don’t roll over and start a fire.

    Fireplaces can be dangerous if not dealt with the right way. This is why you need to have a pair of Fireplace Andirons. Moreover, they add to the style of the furniture. 

    Are andirons necessary?

    Andirons make a fireplace look better as well as feel safe. There have been a lot of cases where fireplaces were not dealt with the right way and a fire burst out.

    This is why a person needs to have fireplace andirons. Moreover, they add more design.

    What is the best fireplace grate?

    There are a few different factors that weigh in on a specific product being the best one. These factors have been discussed in the buyer’s guide section above.

    Make sure to go through this part thoroughly as it will allow you to filter out the best option for you out of all the other options!

    How do you clean andirons on a fireplace?

    Some steps are required to be followed when wanting to clean an Andiron.

    These steps are as follows: 

    • Make sure before you start, the fireplace is cool. 
    • Carry the andirons outside to clean them. 
    • To start cleaning, wipe the fireplace with a dry cloth. This will allow you to remove loose soot. 
    • Scrub The Andirons with a wire brush. 
    • Dip a piece of wool in vegetable oil. This will allow you to make the andirons shine again as well as will remove the gunk. 
    • For Brass Andirons, you should use a brass polish.
    • Sweep and clean the firebox.


    Andirons are one of the best and the classiest additions to your house and can easily do a good job in redefining your furniture’s outlook.

    Fireplaces are usually not very catchy, but with the addition of the perfect fireplace andirons, you can make your fireplace look rather interesting, unlike ever before.

    There are about 10 different options present above to choose from.

    Refer to the buyer’s guide section and consider your preference to choose the best fireplace andiron for you.

    The Fireplace andirons will be a great addition to your house, in regards to safety, style, and feasibility.

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