Top 10 Best Propane Smokers To Buy in 2023 ( Complete Guide)

    You may have already heard about propane smokers before but most of us won’t be quite aware of what actually that is. Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for.

    Basically, a propane gas smoker is a cooking device that uses propane as its main source of heat to cook food.

    The major difference between traditional charcoal cooking and propane cooking is the source.

    Charcoal cooking uses coal meanwhile, propane smokers use propane as the source to heat and eventually cook food.

    Now you would be thinking, why a propane smoker?

    Well, relatively propane gas smokers are cleaner to operate and it is available in a wide range in the market with different designs.

    Well, the best propane smokers vary in terms of different features. Also in the cooking area, temperature sensors, warming racks, and more.

    You might have already been through what is a propane gas smoker. And along with that, you may have also noticed how many types and models this is available in.

    So it’s always a wise decision to first learn and consult reviews of the users who have already purchased these, before buying one for yourself.

    In this guide, we have chosen our top 10 foremost best propane smokers and after reading it till the end you will be able to choose the best propane smoker for yourself relative to your budget.

    Best Propane Smoker Reviews:

    10. Char Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

    Char Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

    In my opinion, this one’s for you if you are new to this. One of the top-rated and best propane smokers out there.

    The thing we loved most about this, is the large cooking area accommodated by them.

    It’s quite noticeable how vast of cooking space is provided in this gas smoker.

    So you can make enough food for your entire family in just one round.

    Also, we have three smoking racks which allow us to optimize the space we are using inside the propane gas smoker.

    Other than that, it is a unit with a vast 578 inches of cooking space but surprisingly, it weighs only 25 pounds so we can move and place it anywhere we want.

    Moreover, we have a warming rack so we can keep our food warm for a period without cooking it.

    Best results I must admit. Besides, one thing appreciable is the double drawer design which permits us to cook our food at a steady temperature. 


    • Vast Cooking space
    • Lightweight
    • High-Quality parts used
    • We can add and remove wood chips without opening the chamber


    • No separate container for wood chips and water.

    9. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36″Vertical Gas Smoker

    Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36 Vertical Gas Smoker

    Well, among all of the top tier propane smokers we’re gonna discuss today, this is the best one in its price ranges.

    It produces a quality product in the end. Anyone who is looking for the best propane smoker for his home and family would surely love to invest in this product.

    With its dual design, you can add water and wood chips without changing the temperature of your food.

    The 15000 BTU of heat output assures you that it is quite hot enough to cook outdoors even in winter as well.

    Adding to its benefits, this smoker helps you maintain the temperature of your food.

    However, something you may not like is that this comes in different parts and you may have to assemble it on your own.

    Although it is quite easy to do so, it may take an hour to do that.

    This unit is spacious enough and provides 784 inches of cooking space.

    Besides, the sliding dampers and multiple doors enable us to quickly change the temperature if desired.


    • Maintains a constant temperature
    • Spacious
    • Light on Budget


    • The temperature gauge is not accurate, you might take help from a digital thermometer.

    8. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24” Small Gas CookerCamp Chef Smoke Vault 24 Small Gas Cooker

    This smoker is ideal for beginners who are new to smoking.

    It takes up limited space and the features are simple to use. The materials are strong, so your smoker will not experience damage easily.

    This smoker is an ideal option if you’re a beginner. It is easy to assemble and moreover, we can accommodate multiple types of meat at the same instant.

    This propane gas smoker features 2 cooking racks so we can adjust them as well to accommodate our food.

    Best of all, on the top and on the sides, there are damper valves in the smoker. 

    Customers have highly rated this smoker and they claim that this smoker has a strong built-in construction.

    Therefore, you can place it out as well without getting it damaged by the elements.

    The features are very simple to use and take very limited space.

    Besides, it costs very low maintenance and very easy to clean once we’re done with smoking.

    Some of the parts are removable as well and it heats up very fast.

    So now we can cook our favorite different meals in this smoker.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Can handle multiple dishes at the same time
    • It has a thermometer which makes it easier to read.
    • Strong construction


    • Relatively, a small cooking area

    7. Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill

    Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill

    This product is built up of heavy-duty, sturdy material.

    It features a powder coat as well and high temperature finish that assures you a prolonged life.

    It has an exceptional grease management system which widely reduces your efforts in cleaning the device.

    It is a CSA certified product and comes with a one year warranty.

    Well, its solid steel construction is a guarantee that you won’t be making any use of that warranty.

    Overall, you get a wide 784 sq. inches of cooking space so you would probably be able to cook all the dishes at once.

    The double door design is something very special and it’s meant to keep the temperature stable and prevent frequent temperature changes.

    It also features a cast-burner which has the ability to produce an output of 15000 BTUs.

    So cook all year without any worries and enjoy!


    • Heavy-duty steel used in the construction
    • Wide cooking space
    • CSA certified
    • Grease management system


    • None.

    6. Masterbuilt Insulated Propane Smoker

    Masterbuilt Insulated Propane Smoker

    It is a rugged smoker specially designed for the smoking hobbyist.

    It is for the one who wants to assure that whenever he cooks something for his friends or family, the results must be mouth-watering.

    The features are no doubt the best ones. It should be the best option for both Newbies and professional smokers.

    In addition, it is made up of excellent sturdy materials such as commercial-grade steel.

    A massive cooking space of 792 sq. inches allows us to cook multiple types of meats at the same time.

    It is a durable device and has a prolonged life.

    Thanks to the patented technology. Now we don’t need to worry and keep checking the temperature continuously as it provides us the convenience of a conventional oven.


    • Durable
    • Commercial-grade steel used 
    • Wide cooking space
    • Patented Technology


    • None.

    5. Char-Broil TRU Infra-Red Smoker

    Char-Broil TRU Infra-Red Smoker

    Char-broil was introduced as the first smokers’ manufacturers in the market by 1948.

    After this, it has enhanced and has been producing the best grill smokers in the world.

    No doubt, it is a very efficient device, and when it comes to cooking different dishes with different methods, this smoker will never let you down.

    180 sq. inches of cooking space could be utilized by cooking burgers, steaks, and more.

    Also, it has an infra-red-TRU cooking system, which gives us access to oil-less cooking and lessens flare-ups.

    The drum-style cooker also features a removable grease tray making it easier to clean.

    This cooker will also help you maintain the temperature of the food and output heat at a constant rate.


    • Simple to use
    • Wide smoking capacity
    • Easy to clean
    • Fewer flare-ups.


    • The wood chip doesn’t fit in nicely.

    4. Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker by Masterbuilt

    Smoke Hollow Propane Smoker by Masterbuilt

    This propane smoker is made up of sturdy and durable stainless steel and cast-iron body on out.

    So it resists rust, and the product has a prolonged life.

    This cabinet-style smoker will surely match your backyard or your porch.

    The manufacturers have also used chrome-coated smoking racks, so it’s easier to clean and offers ample space for cooking.

    Besides, this can give up to 15400 BTU of heat output. Further, you can control and set temperature with the help of the heat-dial at the bottom.

    The air dampers allow you to maintain and set a precise control of heat and smoke.

    Best of all, we have a smart push-button ignition system for more comfortable and quicker start-ups.


    • Durable
    • Capacious cooking space
    • Cool-to-touch handle
    • Temperature Gauge


    • No wheels; not portable.

    3. PIT BOSS 77425 2.5 Gas Smoker

    PIT BOSS 77425 2.5 Gas Smoker

    It is a highly stylized and modish-designed gas-based smoker machine.

    It is straightforward to use and user-friendly in usage.

    It has a massive cooking space of around 800 sq. inches.

    It also has three cooking racks, which are coated with porcelain.

    This device has a one-year warranty, so any internal problem that occurred by itself could be claimed.

    Another benefit, it now comes with stainless steel instead of wrought iron-burners.

    It also features a large window on the out so you can quickly check on the food you’re preparing.

    On the door, there’s a high-temperature seal that doesn’t open easily when the device is turned on so you are safer using this device.


    • Massive cooking space
    • One year warranty
    • Stylish design
    • High-Temperature seal at the door


    • None.

    2. Masterbuilt MB20050716 Mps 330g Propane Smoker

    Masterbuilt MB20050716 Mps 330g Propane Smoker

    Here’s another MasterBuilt product for our top tier propane smokers list.

    This is one of the top prime propane smokers with a glass door.

    So it would be easier for you to watch over your food, and you don’t end up over or undercooking your food.

    It also has a temperature sensor with it so you can keep the temperature maintained at a precise level inside the chamber.

    It also has a heat diffuser so the heat is distributed evenly.

    As a result, you can get assured that you’re gonna get the best flavors in your food possible.

    For safety, we have a safety valve in the smoker which will automatically shut off the burner as you extinguish the flame.

    With this smoker, you are surely going to impress everyone you’re cooking for.

    Besides, in this smoker, they have also included a fuel level gauge so you are always aware of the fuel left.


    • Temperature-sensor
    • Glassdoor
    • Fuel level gauge
    • Heat diffuser


    • Difficult to assemble.

    1. Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical 18″ Charcoal Smoker

    Cuisinart COS 118 Vertical 18 Charcoal Smoker

    Our number.1 best propane smoker comes with four cooking grates which are made by using stainless steel.

    It is a durable and very efficient heat conductor.

    A vent is also located at the rear side of the smoker to increase the space for cooking and to maintain the temperature inside.

    Multiple dishes with different methods to cook can be made at the same time.

    Trays are removable so you can also cook large meat products such as turkey at once.

    It is a relatively lightweight smoker so we will surely find it portable.

    Other than that, they have featured a small footprint as a space-saver.

    A hose is also included in the package so we can attach them right away and get nicely prepared food for ourselves.


    • Wide Cooking space
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Hose and Regular also featured
    • Small footprint


    • None.

    Best Propane Smokers – Buyer’s Guide:best propane smoker

    Shopping for the best propane gas smoker is quite easier compared to pellet smokers.

    They all come in similar designs and moreover, all of them almost share similar features.

    In our guide, we have mentioned some of the major things to ponder while buying a propane smoker; either it’s online or offline, we got ya covered.

    Cooking Space:

    We need to consider this as one of the significant factors which might affect your decisions while buying a smoker.

    A small cooking space will help serve food for you and your family.

    Meanwhile, a medium-size cooking space will allow us to cook enough food for both our friends and family in one turn.

    The larger ones are purposely for the chefs in the restaurants.

    Well, it’s quite apparent that size is directly proportional to the cooking area you have.

    The larger the size, the more cooking space you have.

    Keeping all of the factors in mind, in our opinion, you should go for smokers featuring medium or large cooking space.

    Hence, we can get enough food in less time and so less time consuming and effortless it is.

    Number of Grates:

    It isn’t very charming, staying and waiting for the dish to be ready, so you can get the second one to be cooked.

    Moreover, when the second one is prepared, you might not find the first one as hot and fresh as it was when it came out of the chamber.

    Multiple numbers of grates allow you to prepare more dishes, with different methods, in one go.

    So keep this thing in mind while searching for a propane gas smoker for yourself. It vastly saves time and effort.

    Some gas smokers also feature a warming rack, so it keeps a dish maintained at a specific temperature; meanwhile, you are preparing other dishes in your meal.

    This prevents your sauces and marinades from going cold, so you enjoy your meals to the fullest! 

    In addition, also look for grates that are coated so food doesn’t stick to the grates and it’s easier to clean.


    If you have grilling in your mind as well then better look for propane smokers which feature grilling along with smoking as well.

    So you can get the joy of both worlds; grilling and smoking.

    Size and Portability:

    This totally depends on your usage i.e for how many people you are cooking and the amount of food to be prepared.

    Furthermore, it depends on whether you’re gonna take it on outings with you or is it just for home-usage.

    The larger the size is, the greater is the weight. So it’s highly recommended to go for vertically shaped smokers which greatly reduces the space consumed with the help of the footprint.

    Hence, look for smokers which are portable, and along with that, they shall have significant allotted space desired for your use.


    An expensive propane smoker doesn’t necessarily translate into the best propane smoker in the market.

    First, decide about your budget and keeping that into consideration, look for smokers with the best reputation in the market.

    Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gas Smokers:

     Advantages Of Gas Smoker:

    • Best propane smokers lit up fast. Now you don’t have to spend hours igniting fire as traditional charcoal smoking. Just turn it on, and you will get your meat and other meals prepared in a short period. 
    • It dramatically reduces time and effort. Now we can enjoy gossiping with our friends doing other stuff, rather than just taking care of our food all the time.
    • You get the results in a fraction or less of an effort with the best results similar to charcoal smoking.
    • It uses propane to output heat energy. Propane is much cheaper than electricity adding to the advantages of using propane smokers over electric smokers.
    • You don’t have to rely on any electric output as it uses propane. Thus, you can bring along your smoker with you in any such picnics.

    Disadvantages Of Gas Smoker:

    • Combustion of wood or charcoal and propane can never be the same. However, we get some sort of similar taste to that of charcoal smoking, but not the exact taste in our meals.
    • If you unexpectedly run out of propane mid-smoke, you may end up ruining your meat, so you have to be careful with that.

    Gas Smokers Compared To Other Types Of Smokers:best propane smoker

    A propane gas smoker uses propane as a source of providing the energy to produce heat output. They are very user-friendly and easy to use.

    Just place the food inside, set the temperature, and walk away. This type of smoker will get work done for you.

    Further, in our article, we have compared some significant kinds of smokers with a propane smoker.

    Electric Smoker:

    It is quite similar to a propane smoker and is very easy to clean.

    It almost requires no or very little attention. These are the best choice for beginners.

    However, electric smokers give us the least smoky flavor in our meals among all types of gas smokers.

    Charcoal Smokers:

    This is the oldest and most widely used method for smoking and grilling worldwide.

    It is the cheapest of all, but it requires a lot of attention and effort despite that.

    However, charcoal smoking adds up the best amount of flavor, which is unbeatable.

    Pellet Smokers:

    They are well designed and are worthy of keeping your meat at a precise temperature.

    In one way another, you might say that your food is being cooked in woods because pellets are compressed wood.

    How does Propane Smoker Work?Propane Smoker

    A Propane smoker is quite similar to charcoal or a wood smoker.

    But to understand how it works, we first need to visualize all the processes that occur during the preparation of your meal.

    They are high boxes, we may say, in which they have different compartments which get the work done for us.

    The Burner:

    It’s an essential compartment of the smoker.

    It’s placed at the bottom of the smoker and then connected to a propane tank, which provides it with a constant stream of fuel to burn in the form of propane.

    The Wood Pan:

    It lies above the burner. Although gas provides the smoker with the energy to burn, there is no taste added to the food. That’s what the wood pan is there for.

    It enriches the food by adding flavors to the food by combusting smoke into the air.

    This largely determines the taste of the food.

    Though it comes in a large variety, we will prefer using the thinner one, so it heats up faster and begins smoking in almost no time.

    The Water Pan:

    As we get an idea of what it is. It is a pan filled with liquid such as water, and it’s placed above the wood pan.

    It can prove beneficial for cooking our meals and can be defined as a heat regulator.

    The burner is usually present in the smoker’s center; therefore, it only gives off heat in an upwards direction.

    To overcome this problem, we have a water pan with us that absorbs all of the heat inside and then distributes it more evenly to all the meat parts.

    Further, it also absorbs all kinds of droppings, which might obstruct the burner from dropping onto it.

    If it’s not there, we might end up having dry pieces of meat.

    The Cooking Rack:

    The foremost part of the smoker is also the largest one.

    It is the one held responsible for cooking our food. It contains racks and hooks upon which we place our meat and other food products.

    Space inside the cooking rack keeps varying depending upon the type of models.

    Most of the latest models feature adjustable and removable shelves to cook any kind of meat inside.

    Pros and Cons of Using a Propane Smoker:

    We’ve already studied some of the significant advantages and disadvantages of buying a propane gas smoker.

    There are multiple pros and cons of propane smokers, and we have mentioned some of them in our article below.


    These smokers require very little attention and effort. We may set it and then leave them smoking without any fear.

    Most of the propane smokers feature buttons for simple temperature control and ignition push button.

    They are relatively more portable than others. An electric generator is mandatory if we want to take our electric smokers on outings where we have no electricity access.

    But it’s not such a case with a propane smoker. They are more portable and more comfortable to carry along with us to smoking camps and more.

    They are reliable as we can keep them working even if we lose electricity in your house, unlike electric smokers.

    Thanks to the wood rack, which adds up to our food’s flavor, we get more flavorful food compared to electric smokers.


    Some models don’t have enough cooking space, so we can’t cook larger meat products such as turkey and large brisket.

    Well, this point is something familiar to gas smokers. Many cheaply made smokers leak heat and smoke from them.

    We might have to change the fuel tank during a long period of cooking. To minimize this fear, we can start using full tanks of fuel, so we don’t have to face any sort of trouble in between.


    Now that sums up our guide. Hope you will now narrow your options in deciding the best propane smoker for your home.

    We really enjoyed reviewing our top ten products in this category.

    Well in the end we would highly recommend you guys to buy online from top markets such as Amazon and eBay so you can get a clear viewpoint of the product and decide what is best for you in a wide range of propane smokers in the market.

    Just always take into consideration how many people you are deciding to cook for.

    Also, if you want to stick to your budget or would like to spend more money on getting extra features such as temperature control or an extra build.

    We hope that you guys liked our blog and we might prove to be fruitful in deciding what smoker to buy. Thanks for reading till the end, Have a nice day!

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