Best Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace Reviews 2021

    Appearance of the MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace

    What is a wall mantel electric fireplace? There are many types of electric fireplaces used in homes today. 

    By far one of the most popular types of electric fireplaces is the traditional wall mantel fireplace.

    This type of simplicity never gets old and is a staple in homes across the globe.

    A wall mantel electric fireplace is a wooden enclosure that goes around the fireplace insert that appears to be a built-in wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace except of course, in this case, it’s electric.

    The beautiful thing about this type of mantle is that it can go just about anywhere and feel at home in any room of your house.

    Reviews MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Reviews

    MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with

    Introduction: By far the most realistic electric fireplace we have ever tested and also one of the cosmetically best looking fireplaces is the 28-inch HoloFlame wall mantel electric fireplace by MagikFlame.

    This electric fireplace completely turns upside down everything we thought we knew about electric fireplaces.

    From the vivid flame visuals to the amazing log crackling sounds and the dazzling array of ways to control this fireplace there is no doubt the MagikFlame HoloFlame is our pick for best wall mantel electric fireplace of 201 by a landslide.


    • Most realistic flames effects of any fireplace we ever tested!
    • Huge library of flames to choose from complete with log crackling sounds.
    • The backlit touch screen and phone app make it easy to control in dark rooms.
    • Ease of installation; anyone with a screwdriver can put it together in 20 mins.


    • Expensive; one of the most expensive electric fireplaces we’ve ever tested.
    • Looks better in dimly lit rooms; overhead lights can reflect in the glass.
    • The touch screen is a bit sensitive and takes some getting used to.

    Best wall mantel electric fireplace - Appearance of the MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace

    Appearance: The MagikFlame HoloFlame Is visually one of the best-looking electric fireplaces we’ve ever seen.

    It’s extremely modern yet classical at the same time.

    It’s a delicate blend of technology and innovation that truly gives it a unique appearance.

    Featured prominently on the front face is a digitally controlled touch screen that lets you operate the fireplace and could be a bit overwhelming at first but after time it just looks natural.

    The screen goes off after a few minutes of inactivity making this electric fireplace blend in perfectly seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

    It’s available in two mantle styles both traditional and modern depending on your sense of style.

    The one that we love is the Artemis because its hard angular lines and bright white appearance work in just about any contemporary home and just seems to blend in perfectly.

    Best wall mantel electric fireplace - The MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace Can be installed anywhere

    Can be Installed Anywhere: The beautiful thing about wall mantel electric fireplaces is they can be installed just about anywhere in your home.

    A modern wall mantel electric fireplace is just at home in your living room as it is in your bedroom and we’ve even seen these types of fireplaces go in bathrooms as well to provide a bit of additional warmth on cold chilly days.

    Wall mantel electric fireplaces can go absolutely anywhere because all you have to do is just push it up against a wall with the insert already in place and walla your fireplace is ready to use without the need for a messy installation.

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    Best wall mantel electric fireplace - MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace installing into drawing room

    Generally, you will push the wall mantel electric fireplace up against an existing wall outlet so you can simply plug in the fireplace insert and the surround will in fact completely hide all the cords.

    So with a wall mantel electric fireplace, you don’t have to have it professionally installed to hide all the power cords as just about anybody can easily put one together in minutes and slide it up against the wall to start enjoying the soothing flames immediately.

    That’s a huge advantage of wall mantel electric fireplaces and the MagikFlame Artemis fits that description to a tee making it a dependable and easy-to-install fireplace in any style of home.

    Superior Flame Effects: Let’s face it. There’s really no point in buying an electric fireplace unless the fire looks real.

    The problem is with most electric fireplaces is they all use some sort of simulated or mechanical means to create the fire.

    The problem with those types of fireplaces is that using a mechanical simulation to make something as organic as fire is almost impossible as you just can’t create the subtle details and movement of real flames by mechanical means.

    That’s where the MagikFlame HoloFlame totally excels.

    The technology in the MagikFlame HoloFlame uses holographic projections of real flame videos projected onto an actual log set that physically sits inside of your fireplace.

    They started with real videos of real fires that look extremely realistic because they are real after all.

    With the MagikFlame you’ll get all the minute details of fire like the natural movement, rolling wispy smoke, and even burning embers that rise up off of the logs as red glowing specs and as they cool to a dark grey and disappear as they reach into the air just like a real wood-burning fire.

    MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Mantel

    We’ve never seen another electric fireplace with this type of detail and the MagikFlame HoloFlame wall mantel electric fireplace has you covered with 26 built-in flame effects that are all based on real flame videos that look just as good as the real thing because they are the real thing.

    The holographic projection technology they use actually makes it look like your logs are actually on fire and we can say this is the only electric fireplace we’ve ever seen that truly looks about the same as a traditional wood or gas burning fireplace!

    Their HoloFlame technology is truly a sight to behold.

    Built-in log crackling sounds: Another great thing about the MagikFlame HoloFlame is that every flame has its own unique log crackling and popping sounds to completely sell the illusion of a real fire.

    Great-looking flames on their own are not enough to feel real.

    There needs to be an audible sound as well and the MagikFlame nailed this aspect as well.

    They actually sampled the sounds of real wood-burning fireplaces and applied those sounds to all of the flame effects to make it sound AND look just like the real thing.

    The flame effects on the HoloFlame are absolutely superior to any other electric fireplace we’ve ever seen and the patented HoloFlame real fire technology and their DTS quality sound effects are going to change the way electric fireplaces are judged forever.

    Best wall mantel electric fireplace - The MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace Controls

    Controls: We’ve tested a lot of electric fireplaces here at and we’ve never experienced another fireplace that has the mind-numbing amount of control options that the MagikFlame HoloFlame wall mantel electric fireplace has.

    As we mentioned earlier the primary means of control is the built-in “backlit” touch screen.

    This is similar to what you might find in your smartphone where you can use the pads of your fingers to control any function of the fireplace.

    Its intuitive menus and clean graphical user interface make it absolutely effortless to use without ever reading the instruction manual and we like that.

    Heater, Crackling Log Sound, Bluetooth

    In addition to the intuitive touch screen, the MagikFlame HoloFlame can be controlled with smartphone apps as well.

    So for instance, if you have an iPhone or an Android phone just download the official app from the App Store and install it and connect to the fireplace over Bluetooth and you can now use your smartphone to control your MagikFlame fireplace from any room in your house!

    This is a significant advantage over the traditional fireplaces that use remote controls because you’re not limited to line of sight.

    Both of these methods of controls are very easy to use even in dimly-lit rooms where traditional remote controls would normally be hard to see.

    We absolutely love the controls on the MagikFlame HoloFlame wall mantel electric fireplace and wish more manufacturers had this type of interface. It just feels right for a modern fireplace to be sold in 2021

    Furthermore, the manufacturer has let us know that the next rollout of their software update will feature hands-free voice-activated controls of the fireplace that will allow users to control their MagikFlame simply by talking to it!

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    They’re making use of the Google Home and Alexa “smart speakers” to allow you to control your electric fireplace by voice; completely hands-free.

    We understand that this update will be free to all existing users and we can’t wait to see it!

    Heater functions: Let’s face it that there is no point in owning an electric fireplace if it doesn’t produce a good amount of heat. 

    The MagikFlame HoloFlame wall mantel electric fireplace has a built-in 4,600 BTU electric quartz heater.

    That means that it’s capable of warming about a thousand square feet of room.

    The heater is temperature controlled with a dial on the side of the log set that allows you to set a precise temperature.

    So the heater will actually go on and off automatically to keep your room at the desired temperature about the same way you would set your thermostat in your living room except this is with an easy-to-use dial.

    Best wall mantel electric fireplace - The MagikFlame 28” HoloFlame Artemis Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace Heater functions

    Cost: Perhaps the biggest drawback that we found with the MagikFlame Artemis is the cost.

    This thing is not cheap!

    As a matter of fact, it’s one of the most expensive fireplaces we’ve ever tested at

    This is definitely the flagship of electric fireplaces and is meant for people that want the very best in their home as well as an electric fireplace that looks super realistic without the mess normally associated with a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

    If you can afford the MagikFlame Holoflame at a price point of close to $3000 you get all the bells and whistles and updates for life; along with the most beautiful flames we’ve ever seen on an electric fireplace!

    The cost is fairly insignificant if you consider you probably won’t buy another electric fireplace after owning this one and you’ll never have to buy more wood or clean up after it.

    And because it used LED and LCD technology it won’t spike your power bill even though it does use significantly more power when the heater is running (like any other electric fireplace).

    Otherwise, it draws about as much power as an incandescent light bulb which means it’s cheap to operate.

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    There is absolutely no doubt that you are getting everything that you are paying for and more with the Artemis wall mantel electric fireplace by MagikFlame.

    It has the most realistic flames of any electric fireplace that we’ve ever seen because they’re all based on real videos of real fires, and their proprietary HoloFlame technology actually projects those flames onto a physical log set that makes it look as if they’re actually burning.

    To top it off the built-in sound effects of the log crackling sounds are identical to the real thing and the warmth of the heater combined with the beautiful visuals and the authentic sounds makes the MagikFlame HoloFlame look and feel exactly like a real fireplace, but without the mess.

    If you can afford it there’s no other electric fireplace on the market that has all the features that this one has and quite frankly we think after you’ve seen it you’ll never consider buying anything else. It’s expensive but worth every penny.

    The MagikFlame HoloFlame is our recommendation for the best wall mantel electric fireplace of 2021 by a landslide.

    Click the button below to watch their amazing demonstration video and to learn more about it.

    Believe it or not, we didn’t even cover all the features! Learn more now…

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