Top 10 Best Wood Chippers (Reviews & Buyers’ Guide 2021)

    Wood Chipper

    You might be wondering which of the Best Wood Chippers options are! You can check out this complete guide and prefer investing in the right model.

    If you think that your yard is not completely clean and you need to chip all these leaves and wood, then get the right wood chipper.

    The below-mentioned recommendations telling us about the Best Wood Chipper options that may make your job easier.

    They perfectly shred your lawn. In addition, you can clear and remove all debris from your lawn with ease.

    These are eco-friendly suggestions that we have selected for you. Furthermore, these wood chippers give out zero emissions and bring out cleaner air in your yard.

    We think that the job of turning leaves and twigs has become a piece of cake. You should get these wood chippers right now and let us know your feedback as well.

    Moreover, these top picks have powerful motors installed in them and help you in reusing your yard debris in less time.

    Best Wood Chippers Reviews:

    10. Sun Joe CJ603E Wood Chipper – Versatile and Powerful

    Sun Joe CJ603E Wood Chipper- Versatile and powerful

    Sun Joe CJ603E Wood Chipper is one of the powerful and versatile wood chippers that we have selected for you.

    You can buy it right now and turn your leaves and brushes into nutrient-rich mulch.

    This one is the Best Wood Chipper because it helps and supports you in turning your twigs into mulch in such a short time.

    TTop of Formhe rated voltage that you need to run and operate this wood chipper, is in between the range of 120 V – 60 Hz. In addition, this chipper is packed with a 15-amp motor.

    With the help of this motor, you will be able to effectively and instantly chip all kinds of branches that are up to 1. 73-inches thickness!

    Rest, this wood chipper has a safety hopper and locking knob. You can surely and safely use this shredder for sure.

    Besides, it has a compact design and injects itself with 7-inch wheels so that you can easily take this wood chipper from one location to another.

    This one is the latest and advanced chipper that is backed and supported by the Snow Joe plus Sun Joe Customer Promise. You will get a two-year warranty on buying it.

    Most importantly, this brand has a history of making high-end wood chippers. And among them, we have this latest model from their side.


    • Safety hopper comes with locking knob
    • Compact design
    • Two years warranty


    • None

    9. Worx WG430 Wood Chipper – Simple to Assemble

    Worx WG430 Wood Chipper- Simple to assemble

    If your current wood chipper is not simple and quick to assemble, then you can try this Worx WG430 Wood Chipper.

    No doubt, this is the Best Wood Chipper because it is sturdy and portable looking.

    It is installed and infused with the 13.0 Amp motor and manages to mulch and chip up to 53 Gallons of leaves in a single minute.

    As soon as you chip away the leaves, you are going to dispose of them in the bag.

    We have recommended this product because it comprises an innovative and blade-less Flex-A-line mulching system.

    The total weight of this wood chipper is 20 lbs, which means that it is quite lightweight.

    In addition, you can easily move this wood shredder from one place to another. Lastly, it is engineered in a way to pack itself with engineered and cutting-edge technology.

    Upon using this wood chipper, you will see and believe that it has met all of the modern efficiency standards


    • Innovative blade-less system
    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Designed to last


    • Limited warranty

    8. Earthwise GS70015 Electric Wood Chipper – Includes Rear Wheels

    Earthwise GS70015 Electric Wood Chipper- Includes rear wheels

    The next recommendation we have for you is this Earthwise GS70015 Electric Wood Chipper!

    If you are looking for an electric chipper, then do choose this model.

    Customers have called it the Best Wood Chipper because it instantly and immediately shred branches that are up to 1.75 inches thick.

    In addition, the package gets included with a chute and also clamper tool so that your hands remain safe while using this wood chipper.

    Moreover, you will not have difficulty while cleaning this chipper because it has a bushel collectible bin.

    You only have to detach this bin and clean it one go! We have given our extensive praise to this model due to so many reasons.

    Like, it has an electric mulcher design and injects itself with rear wheels.

    This one is the compost chipper that we have selected for you. You can even call it a compost shredder and perform the job of yard debris removal with ease.

    So, what have you decided? Do you want to try and use this wood chipper? You should be! It helps you get rid of all sorts of collected yard waste at the top of Form


    • Electric motor
    • Rear wheels
    • Bushel collection bin


    • No cutting edge technology

    7. SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper – Unique Design and High Performance

    SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper- Unique design and high performance

    How about using this SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper? This wood chipper is the name of giving high performance.

    It has a unique design and is marked as the Best Wood Chipper. Most importantly, it shows the highest volume potential when it comes to mulching and shredding, and also chipping.

    So, if you are given the task of chip limbs and branches of trees, you can pick this recommendation. It is constructed in a way to remains compact.

    In addition, this machine has an extended discharge chute and also adjustable discharge guide.

    This is the kind of wood chipper that shows Top of Formpowerful recoil operations and they usually start at a 7HP Horizontal 4-stroke phase.

    According to experts, this is the recommended suggestion if you want to chip leaves and branches of gardens, forestry, or landscaping sites.

    You can also mulch leaves and be able to corn stocks with the help of this reviewed wood chipper.

    The only thing that you have to remember is to avoid using this chipper on fresh greens and pine cones and also on the palm branches.


    • Built to be compact
    • Accurate debris discharge
    • Best application


    • The design should become more compact

    6. EFCUT C30 LITE Wood Chipper – Powerful Motor and Blades

    EFCUT C30 LITE Wood Chipper- Powerful motor and blades

    EFCUT C30 LITE Wood Chipper comes next from our side! First of all, you can see that this wood chipper has a powerful motor and blades in it.

    This one is an effective and easy-to-use chipper that we have reviewed and rated for you. In addition, it is installed with a 15.6-inch cutting rotor.

    This Best Wood Chipper has 2 blades and performs the job of shredding at a much faster speed.

    If you plan to invest in this Wood Chipper Shredder, then you will see that you can easily chip 3-inch MAX branches and also limbs with leaves.

    It has got a wide hopper so that you can feed even the big branches in it.

    Customers have supported this model because it has a recoil starting gasoline engine and it even shows 0.7 gallons Max capacity.

    It is time to make your gardening job easy and simple and this is completely possible to do if you plan to buy only these selected wood chippers.

    You can use this model for tasks related to Forestry, Gardens, and Landscaping. Besides, you can utilize this model to chip tree branches and shred brushes.


    • Steel blade
    • 2-Year Warranty
    • Simple to use


    • Limited application

    5. PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper – Safety Locking Knob

    PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper- Safety locking knob

    PowerSmart PS10 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper is one of the top suggestions that are linked to this wood chipping niche.

    This respective model has a 15 Amp motor and this powerful and robust-looking motor manages to shred branches and sticks that are up to 1 5/8″ inch thickness.

    We think that you should try this Best Wood Chipper version because it helps you turn any of your lawn clippings and foliage completely into high-grade and also nutrient-rich mulch.

    It has 6-inch wheels and you can conveniently carry this wood chipper from one place to another.

    For information, the overall height of this chipper is 37 inches.

    You will see the smoother motor operations attached with this chipper because of the presence of a safety lock knob.


    • Powerful 15 Amp motor
    • 6-inch wheels
    • Hopper locking knob


    • Money-back guarantee service should be offered

    4. TTKK Electric Wood Chipper – Anti-Clogging System

    TTKK Electric Wood Chipper- Anti-clogging system

    The next model that you can try out and shop for is this TTKK Electric Wood Chipper!

    Most noteworthy, you need to note down is that this chipper consists of a 15 Amp pure copper motor.

    In addition, this Best Wood Chipper has 7 high-hardness kinds of rollerblades and they speed up themselves up to the range of 60RPM.

    This chipper gives you 420 cuts per minute. If you want to cut branches and woods with ease, then you have to buy this chipper.

    It reduces and brings down your yard waste and works on the desired standards.

    No matter what your cutting requirements are, get this chipper and let us know your feedback. You will be happy to know that this wood chipper has an anti-clogging blade design in it.

    You will also see the presence of a reversible blade design.

    This is a compost shredder and reduces the jamming issues surely. Thus, time to shred your garden branches. Get hold of this model and do this job at fast speeds.


    • Large-capacity collection bag
    • Reversible blade design
    • Lightweight body


    • It is not 100% resistant to water

    3. EARTHQUAKE Wood Chipper Shredder – Powerful Chipping

    EARTHQUAKE Wood Chipper Shredder- Powerful chipping

    You will be satisfied upon using this EARTHQUAKE Wood Chipper Shredder. If your current wood chipper is not working fine, then invest in this chipper and get a seamless experience.

    This Best Wood Chipper looks much dependable and powerful. In addition, it has this 212cc 4 Cycle Viper Engine and 11″ wheels.

    You will find this chipper super easy to transport.

    If you want to get rid of unwanted brush piles and want to perform this task quickly, then have this reviewed chipper shredder and give your thanks to us later on.

    It does these powerful chipping operations on the best notes.

    Furthermore, you can chip and cut branches up to 3” in diameter and they will get chipped right there in the chipper cone.

    Keep in mind that this chipper makes use of Tri-Hammers and also J-hammers. It is 25. 4″ Wide and 29. 9″ Long!

    You will find this chipper compact-looking because it takes up the minimal space in your room.

    Lastly, the dock-and-lock bag comes with a bottom-out zipper so that you can remove the chips with ease.

    The customers will get a 5-year limited warranty time on buying it.


    • Easy to transport
    • Rugged debris bag
    • 5-year limited warranty.


    • Slow customer support service

    2. GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper – Best and Ideal Application

    GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper- Best and ideal application

    Moving to more of the details of the Best Wood Chipper, you can have this GreatCircleUSA Mini Wood Chipper.

    It ensures the best and ideal application and that is its unique selling point.

    This wood chipper gives the Reduction Ratio of 15:1 and it tends to perform the job of chipping and shredding on the high volume and maximum notes.

    If you have got a steel chipper and you are thinking of replacing it, then do that now. Try this suggestion because it is lightweight and compact.

    In addition, it ensures Ultra-Quiet Operations and comes with an Easy-Pull Recoil Starter.

    Customers have praised this model because it has an easy-pour sort of Accu-Fill design.

    We have also given our love to this wood chipper. You can avail of it in your gardens and forests.


    • High volume Chipping
    • User-Friendly Features
    • Ideal for Landscaping


    • Expensive

    1. Risentek Electric Wood Chipper – Large Mesh Bag

    Risentek Electric Wood Chipper- Large mesh bag

    So, the last suggestion that we have picked for you is this Risentek Electric Wood Chipper.

    This one is an upgraded and advanced wood chipper that you should surely invest in!

    Furthermore, this is the Best Wood Chipper according to the reviews given by its old customers.

    You will find this chipper a lot more efficient and also a time saver. It is of commercial-grade quality and inducts itself with a stainless cylinder.

    Rest, this wood chipper has a silicone finger and is included with a large mesh bag.

    For tasks like that of wet and dry trimming, you should try this suggestion as soon as possible.

    This exclusive kind of wood chipper remains compatible with all kinds of wet and dry trims. It helps you in getting rid of excess leaves from your gardens.

    In addition, you should employ this wood chipper for removing twigs from your lawns.

    This chipper is featured with a rotor speed dial and you can adjust and set the spinning speed. You can either forward the spinning speed or reverse it.

    Besides, this reviewed wood chipper has a long-lasting metal gearbox as well as a CNC center grate.


    • Commercial grade
    • Rotor speed dial
    • Long-lasting metal gearbox


    • None

    How to Choose the Best Wood Chipper? – A Buyer’s Guide:Wood Chipper

    Powerful Motor:

    The first and crucial element that you have to consider when buying the Best Wood Chipper!

    It is that it should have a powerful motor installed and infused in it.

    If it has a powerful motor, then you will not face any hassle while chipping and shredding branches that are up to the range of 1.73 inches thickness.

    With the involvement of a 15-amp electric motor, you can mulch sticks with ease.

    You should look for the wood chipper whose electric motor has the potential to the run-up to the speed of 4500RPM.

    And that motor should be packed and surrounded with durable steel blades.

    Bushel Collection Bin:

    It is advised to have the Best Wood Chipper model that comprises a bushel collection bin.

    In addition, your chipper should have a slim, compact, and lightweight design.

    The presence of a collection bin will make sure that you process the yard waste with ease.

    Most of the high-end wood chippers have 10.5-gallon collection bins so that you can collect and gather mulch and compost in the least period.

    Durable Rear Wheels:

    Besides, you can have those wood chipper models that are composed of durable rear wheels.

    All in all, look for the portable model and it has to be easy to carry from one site to another.

    There are lots and an extensive number of portable chippers that have durable rear wheels.

    Furthermore, look for an option that has a slim lightweight design.

    So, if your wood chipper is easily transportable and easy to carry all around the yard, then it means you have got the best and top-class wood chipper model.

    Planet-Conscious Design:

    It is super recommended to have that wood chipper model that encompasses itself with a planet-conscious design.

    In other words, if it has a planet-conscious design, then that wood chipper will be able to get powered by electricity.

    Your chosen wood chipper should not use gas or oil to run itself. Besides, it should demand a little maintenance at its end.

    Hence, if your wood chipper carries a planet-conscious design, then it will be able to deliver the best quality.

    This kind of design emits a minimum amount of fumes while you chip and shred leaves.

    Now, you have understood the buying guide details on how to select high-end wood chippers.

    You can note down these points and let us know how you select wood chippers and shredders for yourself.

    So, try these top picks and share with us whether you get nutrient-rich mulch or not!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Which brand of wood chipper is best?

    Lots of Best Wood Chipper models have arrived in the market.

    We can give you a general and rough idea that you can have Patriot Products CSV-2515 and All Power America APWC420 wood chipper.

    In addition, you can end up purchasing this Landworks Leaf Mulcher and Landworks Wood Chipper Shredder and some like to try out the model of Sun Joe CJ602E-GRY.

    What is the best chipper shredder?

    If you are looking for the best chipper shredders, then lots of choices have been currently available!

    Individuals can have Brush Master 11 HP 270cc Commercial Duty Chipper Shredder and Martha Stewart MTS-EWC15 Self-Feeding Electric Wood Chipper.

    Furthermore, you can have and pick up this Brush Master 5 x 3.5 inches wood chipper and Predator 6.5 HP (212cc) Chipper Shredder.

    Can I make money with a wood chipper?

    It is possible to make money with the help of a wood chipper. This business needs and demands a minimal amount of startup cost.

    You only have to invest in high-quality and the Best Wood Chipper and start with this business idea.

    With this wood chipping business, you will be able to turn and transform your customers’ yard waste completely into mulch.


    So, what’s the bottom line? You will have a satisfying experience with these Best Wood Chipper models.

    The time has arrived to reduce and reuse and also recycle all of your yard debris and this is possible and easy to do if you get high-end wood chippers.

    Furthermore, the suggestions reviewed from our side have powerful motors installed in them.

    In addition, they have become the perfect and ideal machines for turning leaves and branches into mulch.

    Most of them have 15-amp electric, motor, and chip branches that are up to 1. 73-inches in diameter!

    If your current wood chipper fails to produce nutrient-rich mulch, then you should try these Best Wood Chipper models.

    They offer quick assembly time and remain virtually maintenance-free. No doubt, they have become the most powerful and electric wood chippers.

    You can keep tuned, connected, and in touch with us so that more info on wood chippers and shredders can get shared with our readers.

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