Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Fire Pit Review – Compare Features vs Durability

    Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Fire Pit Review

    An outdoor camping is a great bonding experience with your friends and loved ones. Just thinking about an outdoor camping, makes you cringe about and do it once more. Nevertheless, you could go camping in the woods, mountains, and even outside into your house. Thus, it’s really not that complicated to do camping even on a regular day.

    However, a camping would never be without a matching fire pit on it. That is where Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Gas Fire Pit enters the scene. This propane gas fire pit is an ultimate camping buddy that will truly give you warmth and joy to your night!

    Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Fire Pit Review

    • Easy Setup and Operation
    • Sophisticated Structure Design
    • Very Large Flame
    • Inexpensive to Purchase
    • Good Heat Output

    • Semi-Portable

    Weighing about 70 pounds, the fire pit is definitely large enough as compared to the other brands. But nonetheless, the bulkiness of the equipment corresponds also to more heating output that it will generate. Thus, it will give you more warmth as needed. The weight will nothing to worry once you’ve seen that it’s all worth it upon watching the fire.

    • Short Propane Hose

    Upon receiving the package, the device is incorporated into a five-foot propane rubber hose that will be used for the operation of the device. Indeed, it’s prettily a short hose for an outdoor setting. Thus, you could always get an extension hose or an adapter to mitigate this problem.

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    Key Features of the Camp Chef FP29LG Propane Del Rio  Fire pit

    Good Looking Bowl and Base
    A copper made a gold-like finished bowl with a 24-inch inner diameter is aesthetically pleasing with great fire space into it. It is conveniently big, easy to build fire on it. It induces a beautiful and large fire with its bowl-like design on it. Aside from that, it includes a 29-inch outer diameter, evenly black polished with governing dimensions of 30.5 x 11.5 x 30.2 inches. It is strongly built to withstand extreme heat and weather conditions.

    Easy to Use
    The operation is really not that a problem. All you have to do turn on using its matchless igniter and close the valve to facilitate the process. There’s no need to build manually the campfire as to what other brands do. This device will make things simple, removing all the complicated buttons that it incorporates.

    Great Heat Output
    The device is covered with a 55,000 BTU heat output. This is sufficient to not just warm you off during cold but also to roast out marshmallows or barbecues into a regular campfire. This is a camping fire out with a versatile function perfect to be used for any ages.

    Adjustable Flame
    This fire pit runs using a 20-pound propane tank that could be used intuitively to warm yourself during the cold. Using the knob on its main interface, you could easily regulate the fire according to your comfort and convenience. The device uses decorative lava rock as a source of solid fuel on it.

    Simple Installation
    Setup was really not that difficult for this device. Everything is given with all the nuts, bolts, and screws that are needed during the installation. The package also includes a wrench to help you with tight connections. It also incorporates a manual that easily follows as you wanted it.

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    What users saying about Camp Chef FP29LG Propane fire pit?

    It won’t definitely receive a high rating on Amazon if a lot of its users does not like it. Almost everyone is totally fascinated with using the device. The price is quite cheaper than other fire pit brands with flexible utilization and wide-range heating output incorporated on it.

    Camp Chef FP29LG has a large bowl with a durable design that is suited for outdoor and camping activities. It’s built for safety and intuitive to be used for all ages.

    What users saying about Camp Chef FP29LG Propane fire pit?

    However, there are few users who still wished for improvements with the heating mechanism of the Camp Chef FP29LG fire pit. The propane tank igniter looks good.

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    But nonetheless, it’s unreliable and weak for this device. After few uses, you’ll have to use a lighter or match to turn on the device. Aside from that, the hose also is prettily short. For an outdoor setting, it should be much longer to practice more flexibility on it.

    Another thing also that most users have observed is the rusting. Thus, it is important to never expose the fire pit with any form of moisture and kept it well to prevent this from happening.

    Compare with Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit vs Camp Chef FP29LG Propane

    Upon looking at both devices, you’ll definitely identify the difference in design and size of the device. The Yaheetech’s fire pit has a square base and container design, heavily black finished. Whereas the latter gives you a bowl-shaped design with heavily gold and black finished base and bowl.

    As to the weight, the 70 lb Camp Chef FP29LG is much heavier with its copper ring as compared to 25 lb Yaheetech’s mostly iron made with heavily tiled edges on it.

    Compare with Yaheetech Outdoor Metal Firepit vs Camp Chef FP29LG Propane

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    As to the mechanism, Yaheetech is a wood burning fire pit, manually driven to operate it. In contrast to Camp Chef with the utilization of propane tank which is quite easy and reliable for building a fire. But nonetheless, both devices are easy to use with simple setup governing them. They both have lids and add-ons that you’ll enjoy on having.

    With its price, Camp Chef is quite steeper than the latter. It’s twice more expensive than Yaheetech’s. Nevertheless, the increase in price is quite reasonable. It is much durable with an easy operation eliminating the wood governing fuel that suits to your own convenience.

    Overall, the choice is up to what you’re searching for into a fire pit. Yaheetech is cheap yet not automated with its wood burning capability. In comparison to Camp Chef, it is quite expensive yet easily operated to light out the fire as needed.

    What’s the disadvantage of the Camp Chef FP29LG?

    One weak feature that the device induces is its price. It’s much expensive than its existing competitors. Though you’ll expect a durably built fire pit upon utilization this device, the price seems a bit off for few users.

    What's the disadvantage of the Camp Chef FP29LG?

    Aside from that, the device has poorly designed matchless igniter. A lot of its users have a problem regarding it. But nonetheless, you could operate the device using a match or lighter if this occurs. You could also call their customer service if you’ve experienced such problem.

    Other than that, everything works fine for the device. It’s highly reliable during campings with a flexible function that will truly help you out.

    Truly Camp Chef FP29LG worth your invest according to specs?

    Yes, definitely. It could be quite expensive but the Camp Chef FP29LG is worth a shot with all of its features. The device is versatile and produces great heat output that could be used to warm you over and on roasting smores and marshmallows. It is sophisticatedly made with a governing design that suits your own convenience.

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    Outdoor fire pits are a necessity if you are thinking to do camping. Nevertheless, the camp chef FP29LG is definitely a must-have especially for those people who wanted to build a great fire in an easy way. Its big and especially made for outdoor gathering and camping.

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