Fire Bowl: Top 10 Outdoor Fire Pit Bowls For Your Patio

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    If you want to enjoy the benefits and ambiance of an open fire in your outdoor patio or other outdoor space, then consider purchasing a fire bowl for a portable and safe way to get toasty during those endless summer nights.

    A bowl fire pit is an excellent solution for those that don’t have fireplaces installed in their home or people that want to take their fireplace outdoors.

    These portable, yet heavy duty, fire pits can stand on their own or placed on an existing tabletop.

    Not only are they easy to clean and refuel, but fire pit bowls can be placed on tables and patios that are properly heat-protected.

    As long as the owner takes measures to stay safe, then a well-made tabletop fire bowl is one of the most secure options for enjoying a real flame on an open fire ring or bowl.

    Top 10 Fire Pit Bowls:

    Here are the 10 best fire pit bowls:

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    There are quite a few different fire bowl styles, which means that there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s tastes. Fuel type, size, price, and material can all vary drastically.

    If you’re searching for a small flame to keep dark nights lit, then there are many choices of appearance and function; similarly, if you want a real fire that will warm up a group of people, then there are larger capacity bowls too.

    In this list, we’ll go through a myriad of fire bowls that have a wide range of attributes.

    Remember to keep in mind what you’re looking for in a fire pit bowl–there’s no doubt you’ll find a hot item! 

    1. Fire Topper, 18 in. Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl

    Fire Topper1

    First on our list is a simple-yet-effective fire pit bowl that is perfect for use on a patio table.

    The Fire Topper, Concrete Tabletop Bowl is a great choice. A stainless steel burner promotes a hearty flame, while the concrete surface looks at home in any kind of backyard.

    This is a propane-fueled tabletop fire bowl, so be prepared to purchase and make room for a tank; however, that’s merely a small effort in order to save on the hassle of dealing with wood or coal.

    At just under $300, this is an affordable choice for homeowners looking to utilize a reliable flame.

    You’ll definitely feel the warmth at 50,000 BTU, so don’t hesitate to buy this tabletop fire bowl for an effective and easy-to-use experience.


    • Lightweight
    • High heat output
    • Highly portable


    • Hose must be attached 

    2. AKOYA Outdoor Essentials, 30 in. Fiber Concrete Outdoor Bowl

    AKOYA Outdoor Essentials

    This next fire pit bowl is similar to the first, however it’s much larger in size and price.

    The fiber concrete veneer fits well with many different settings, and this bowl also doesn’t require a table.

    The heat output is rated at 50,000 BTU, which makes the increased size a completely cosmetic feature.

    This is a good option for people that don’t have a patio table but want a raised fire pit.

    Be warned that there are less reviews for this product, so it may be harder to find information about this product.


    • Solid build
    • Large body
    • Good heat output


    • Expensive 

    3. Red Ember, 12 in. Realistic Stone-like Fire Pit Bowl

    Red Ember, 12 in. Realistic Stone-like Fire Pit Bowl

    This is a stylish, propane powered raised fire bowl on top of a stone pillar. The faux stone is very realistic and looks high end and like a natural stone.

    The entire unit weighs 61 pounds and is very sturdy. It is 29 inches tall so that it is still low enough to hold conversations around.

    There is a push button ignition and hideaway storage inside the pillar for the propane tank.

    The lava rock that comes with this unit isn’t very appealing so replacing it with fire glass can add that extra stylish charm.

    In addition, it comes with a cover to protect it when not in use. The heating is above average with 30,000 BTUs of heat output. A great choice if you’re looking for a raised fire bowl.


    • Beautiful stone pillar
    • Very sturdy
    • Propane tank storage
    • gas fire pit bowl


    • Lava rock can be unattractive

    4. Sunnydaze, 30 in. Large Round  Bowl

    Sunnydaze, 30 in. Large Round  Bowl

    This deep bowl burns wood fire and is a standalone fire pit, which comes complete with a poker and spark screen.

    Fire pit bowls that burn wood are cheap and powerful tools, however they’re more difficult to use and clean. The entire setup is portable and solidly built with a metal body and cover.

    These type of bowls that are one solid metal piece are good options for people that aren’t willing to pay a huge amount of money for a fire bowl, but want something that will last for a long time.

    A bowl like this is great for heating up a cold winter night or lighting up a backyard on a summer evening.

    This is a choice that anybody with experience in building fires, or someone looking to save some money, should consider as their backyard firepit.


    • Metal body
    • Large wood capacity
    • Easily moveable


    • Handles heat up when using
    • Hard to clean 

    5. Sunnydaze, 30 in. Large Copper Finish Fire Pit Bowl

    Sunnydaze, 30 in. Large Copper Finish Fire Pit Bowl

    One of the best materials for constructing a fire bowl is copper. Not only does copper have a beautiful shine that reflects firelight in a fascinating way, but it’s a material that naturally absorbs and radiates heat to help spread out the warmth of a flame.

    While this particular bowl is mostly made of steel, there is still a benefit of the anti-rust protection of the copper finish.

    This anti-rust protection makes this fire bowl perfect for rainy evenings or withstanding a rough environment.

    The grill will raise the flame away from the bottom of the bowl, as well as increase the airflow for an, especially powerful fire.

    A mesh screen and poker are included with this set, as well as handles for a portable and fun bowl.

    Overall, this campfire pit bowl looks fantastic and is a worthy option for campers or people that want to take their fire pit on-the-go.


    • Copper/ bronze finish
    • Hardy against exposure to weather
    • Easy to pack for trips


    • Copper finish may scratch off over time 

    6. Best Choice Products, 21.5 in. Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

    Best Choice Products, 21.5 in. Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

    Anybody that’s looking for a deal on their next tabletop fire bowl should think about going with this effective and quaint product.

    A tabletop bowl such as this makes an excellent gift thanks to its price that sits at well under $100, as well as its simplicity.

    There’s a simple shelf that holds extra firewood so that you can keep a fire going long through the night.

    The legs are designed so that they won’t heat up, which means that you can place this bowl in numerous places throughout your patio or backyard without the worry of damaging your property.

    This fire pit bowl may not be made of the same tough material as the more expensive models, however, the price makes it completely worth it.

    Try this one in addition to another tabletop bowl, or if you’re looking for a cheap starter set.


    • Very inexpensive
    • High height
    • Also can be used as a drink stand


    • Low-quality material 

    7. Best Choice Products, 22 in. Steel Outdoor BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl

    Best Choice Products, 22 in. Steel Outdoor BBQ Grill Fire Pit Bowl

    This fire bowl can be used to burn a fair amount of wood, no matter what the weather is like or wherever you want to have your fire.

    The lid will keep rain or snow from ruining your fire, so feel free to purchase this bowl if you’re looking for a product that can withstand tough weather.

    The curved feet of the legs will protect your patio from scuffs, as well as keep the heat from traveling down to the surface that the bowl is standing on.

    The bowl is easy to handle and clean, while the large surface area of the bowl will lead to a strong flame.

    Try this fire bowl if you’re looking for a durable and simple solution to an outdoor fire pit.


    • Highly portable 
    • Grill included 
    • Fire poker and mesh screen included 


    • Low wood capacity 
    • May deteriorate over time

    8. AKOYA Outdoor Essentials, 42 in. Modern Concrete Bowl

    AKOYA Outdoor Essentials, 42 in. Modern Concrete Bowl

    The Akoya 42” Fire pit table bowl is the choice for the serious outdoor home decor enthusiast.

    If you are looking for a breathtaking centerpiece in your yard, this is it. At 185 pounds, It is made out of lightweight steel and concrete and has a modern look and feel.

    It includes 40 lbs of fire crystals, glass guard, protective cover and a burner lid. The glass guard is especially functional and gives a beautiful, elegant look.

    The propane tank cannot be stored within the fire bowl and will need to be placed somewhere outside the table.

    They do sell a matching tank holder separately that can double as an end table. It can also be converted to natural gas but you will need to buy the conversion kit separately.

    If you are in the market for a premium fire table and love the fire bowl look, this is a great choice.


    • Extra large size bowl that doubles as a table
    • High heat output of 50,000 BTUs
    • Includes high end accessories


    • Propane tank sits outside of the table
    • Expensive

    9. Terra Flame, OD-TT-WAV-BGE-03N 12 in. Fire Pit Bowl

    Terra Flame, OD-TT-WAV-BGE-03N 12 in. Fire Pit Bowl

    Here is another inexpensive fire pit bowl that’s compact enough to be placed on a table, yet effective enough to produce a good amount of warmth.

    This tabletop bowl requires a special fuel, so be warned that it may be more difficult to procure this fuel than propane or wood.

    The flame that’s produced looks beautiful as it emanates from Mexican beach pebble stones.

    There are a few different styles of bowl to choose from that each function about the same.

    Think about which color and shape fits your backyard or garden, so that you get the perfect tabletop fire bowl to add to your home.


    • Many styles to choose from
    • Simple to use
    • Easy to handle and clean


    • Low heat output 

    10. Best Choice Products, 29.5 in. Large Fire Pit Bowl

    Best Choice Products, 29.5 in. Large Fire Pit Bowl

    This single-piece fire bowl is a great solution for those that are searching for a mobile and safe fire pit.

    This bowl burns wood and comes with a grate to let the ashes separate from the flame.

    This is a bowl that will produce a sizable fire that will heat you up even the coldest of nights.

    It comes with a mesh screen and poker, as well as handles for easy relocation.

    There are also drainage holes included, which are used to keep the fire from going out when the weather is wet.

    This is a fire bowl that looks good and works even better, so give it a try for any occasion.


    • Durable metal build 
    • Comes with grill 
    • High capacity bowl 


    • Heavy 
    • Difficult to clean 

    Buyer’s Guide for Choosing The Best Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl:Best Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

    When it comes to choosing a Fire Pit for your Outdoor, there are some things that you must consider in order to be able to choose the best option for you.

    Having said that, we have mentioned all those aspects down below:

    The types of Fire Pit:

    Before we  go any further, we must ensure that you know what kind of Fire pit you are looking for. Now, there are different kinds of fire pits present in the market.

    However, Fire pits happen to be one of the most predominant kinds of Fire pits seen on the market.

    A Fire Pit is a sunken pit, around which you can light the fire around. These kinds can be made all by ourselves, or as we like to call it, DIY, or can be chosen from the market.

    This option is the right choice for you if you happen to have a lot of free space in your backyard.

    Other than that, there are fire pit bowls. They stay in one place and don’t allow the users to move them around. They come in different kinds of sizes and the materials differ as well.

    If you don’t plan on changing the places of the fire pit, then the Fire Pit Bowl is also a great choice.

    Types of Fuel:

    When you are looking for fire pits, you are going to find out that Natural fire pits are going to cost you a lot less as compared to the other kinds of products.

    However, they do require more maintenance since you’re going to be cooking manually, and ideally roasting marshmallows.

    With that being said, there are different kinds of fire pit bowls present on the market which run on different kinds of fuel types.

    The commercial fire pits are usually known to be running on fuels such as bioethanol and other kinds of fuels that share similar traits.

    However, if you are going to be choosing a fire pit for your house, then you are going to mainly choose between fire pit bowls that operate on wood as fuel or fire pits bowls that run on propane.

    Both of them happen to be a great choice, but wood is going to be a little hard to light up. On the bright side, it is a great choice if you are looking to add flavor to your cooking.

    Considering The Materials Used:

    When it comes to choosing the best outdoor fire pit bowls, materials play a huge role. It is no secret that all materials differ from each other in some way.

    This is why you must know about different kinds so that you are able to choose the right fire pit.

    Amongst different kind of Materials used, Steel happens to be one of the most common options. If you want something lightweight, steel should be your choice.

    However, steel is more prone to getting rusted. Other than steel, there are fire pit bowls made from Stone and HDPE lumber as well.

    Final Verdict: Which Fire Pit Bowl is Best?

    We loved the Fire Topper, 18 in. Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl when compared to the many bowls we researched and tested.

    The landscape quality tabletop fire pit bowl’s heating ability matches the capacity of larger and more expensive models, and the design is compact and easy to use.

    The fact that it utilizes propane over traditional wood is a big plus. It’s easy to imagine this bowl in any person’s home, regardless of their personal taste.

    The details and shape of this tabletop fire bowl are also more refined than many of the other tabletop bowls we tested.

    The gas hose is very small, which means that it doesn’t detract from the natural feeling of the concrete and stones.

    Reviews of this tabletop bowl have praised the function and aesthetic of both the tabletop fire bowl and the flame that it produces.

    If you aren’t sure whether it’s worth it to buy a more expensive fire pit bowl over a cheap one, then think about how important safety and longevity is in these types of backyard additions.

    A bowl that lacks quality is likely to be damaged by the intense heat of the fire that it holds.

    It also may rust in the rain or simply break from an impact, which would be a huge waste of money.

    It’s important to choose a tabletop fire bowl that can be maintained easily, otherwise the residue and exposure to the outside elements will quickly turn a piece of equipment into an ugly pile of junk.

    The Fire Topper fire bowl is made of tough material that won’t be damaged over time by fire.

    Cleaning is simple thanks to the propane fuel, and the small size cuts down on the difficulty of handling the fire pit bowl in general.

    There is a huge variance in shape and function of fire pit bowls that are available on the market, however this list is a good place to start.

    Choose whether you’re looking for a wood-burning fire bowl or a gas powered one, then make sure that you know how to use whichever kind of  bowl that you choose.

    If you’re curious about how enjoyable a fire pit bowl could be the next time you’re relaxing on your patio, then don’t hesitate to try any of the products on this list for a brand new way to enjoy your outdoor living space. 

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do you measure a fire pit for a bowl?

    Note the dimensions of the fire pit space and look for a bowl that fits. Consider leaving a little room around the fire bowl for heating protection material.

    Why put sand in the bottom of a fire bowl?

    Sand is a safe way to dissipate heat from the underside of the fire bowl, which keeps the material supporting the fire bowl safe from damage.

    Is a fire pit open burning?

    Yes, a fire pit is considered open burning. Research your state’s fire safety laws to make sure you’re following them properly.

    How far does a fire pit have to be away from a house?

    10-20 feet is a generally safe distance to use your fire pit. This doesn’t eliminate all the hazards of an open fire, however. 

    How do you put a fire out in a fire pit?

    First, use a shovel or poker to break down the fire by mixing the ashes with the flame. Next, put out the flame with water.

    Can you put a fire pit on a wooden deck?

    Yes, but always take precautions to protect the wood from getting too hot.

    Can you leave a fire pit unattended?

    It’s never safe to leave a flame unattended.

    Do you leave a cover on a fire pit?

    A cover will protect the fire from wind and rain, meanwhile it will protect you from wayward sparks. A cover is definitely recommended if it is used as an outdoor fireplace.

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