Ceramic Space Heater, The Most Effecient Space Heaters

    Ceramic Space Heater

    A good ceramic space heater can save you from a bad cold day, save you a lot of money, and potentially save your life even one day may the conditions arrive.

    It’s a smart piece of modern-day tech to keep you all warm and cozy on a chilly night.

    In this article, we will introduce you to our top picks for some of the best and most efficient space heaters so you can get the best bang for your buck.

    Choosing a space heater is not supposed to be hard or confusing. We just need something that fits in your budget keeps you safe and keeps you warm.

    Top 10 most efficient ceramic space heaters lists as follows:

    10- Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space HeaterDr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

    Our first choice would be a space heater that has proven itself better and efficient than many others over the years.

    This market dominator comes with a long-lasting 3-year warranty the latest technology in the field to ensure fast and efficient heating.

    This marvel of thermal engineering is equipped with many safety features like tip-over protection and overheating protection so you and your loved ones stay safe at all times, equipped with a digital thermostat.

    And IR remote control it ensures that you or your loved ones don’t have to get out of your cozy bed when the nights get colder and you need to adjust the temperature.

    What We Like:

    • This heater comes with a very nice retro ham radio design so if you have vintage furniture it will blend right in.
    • The red digital thermostat makes it perfect for your bedroom as you can know the temperature in the glance of an eye.
    • With a rating of 5200btu, this heater is adequately equipped to deal with large spaces without having a sweat.
    • The galvanized steel grille is resistant to wear and tear making sure it lasts a long period and keeps you warm and happy for a long time.

    9- Mr. Heater MH9BX BuddyMr. Heater MH9BX Buddy

    Want to go camping? Well, don’t worry we got you covered with this amazon bestseller and amazon choice award-winning ceramic space heater is one of the best to take on the go with you especially.

    If you intend to go on long and distant places this heater uses propane fuel so don’t bother taking bulky batteries with you.

    The small size of this heater makes it extremely portable. Equipped with 2 heat modes it ensures you are warm and cozy everywhere be it inside a tent or a cheap motel.

    There are many wild animals out there that can knock the heater down and cause a fire hazard but you won’t ever need to worry about that because this heater is equipped with tip-over protection and low oxygen safety shut off.

    This heater makes sure you and your loved ones are warm and safe at all times  

    What We Like:

    • Compact and portable.
    • 2 heat modes to choose from.
    • Equipped with tip-over protection and safety shut off protection.
    • Suitable and powerful enough for outdoor use.

    8- TaoTronics Space HeaterTaoTronics Space Heater

    This space heater is perfectly equipped to take on some big rooms or multiple people with an oscillating fan it makes sure every nook and creek is covered, a fan-made with a highly sophisticated design.

    This heater emits little to no noise, with a bright and sharp LCD display this heart makes sure you never have to get out of your bed to see the temperature.

    And the best part is also remote controlled making sure you have full control even from the distance this makes it perfect for those lazy winter mornings.

    Where we just want to sleep 10 more mins, equipped with a energy-saving eco mode this heater keeps you warm and your pockets lined with some extra cash  

    What We Like:

    • This heater is equipped with an energy-saving eco mode.
    • The remote control that comes with this heater gives you versatile long-distance control
    • The timer, tip detection sensor, and temperature control sensor make it perfect for overnight use.  

    7- Ceramic Personal Mini HeaterCeramic Personal Mini Heater

    Do you want something small and personal? That keeps you all warm and cozy well don’t worry this amazingly small yet powerful heater is more than adequate to keep you warm in your small room or your working desk.

    And a 500-watt power supply means it’s super-efficient and light on your pocket just as the heater itself. 

    What We Like:

    • The compact design of this heater makes sure it fits anywhere from your backpack to your tabletop making it extremely portable and handy.
    • Featuring efficient ceramic coils that heat up in seconds
    • The multiple color options with this heater make sure it is aesthetically pleasing in your decor

    6- Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space HeaterLasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

    Bored of all these boxes and rectangles? Don’t worry this heater is for the people with more of an artistic spirit with a mesmerizing beige color, smooth finish and a stylish body this heater should just blend into your decor and keep you warmed up.

    No matter how big the room is its oscillating heat flow will allow every corner of the room to be heated up.

    The adjustable thermostat should give you plenty of settings to choose from so you can enjoy the warmth and sink right in your living room couch while its auto timer will make sure the heater shuts itself off when you doze off and keep you safe.

    What We Like:

    • With a stylish body and matte finish, this heater stands out from the others on this list as it will fit right into any environment.
    • With the adjustable thermostat and built-in safety features like the overheating protection you can set your optimal temperature and forget this little piece of tech even exists anywhere near you
    • Want this heater to start heating as soon as you come home from work, well this has got you covered with the adjustable timer. You can set it to start heating 5 mins before you enter your house and come to a cozy warm house.
    • The best part about this heater is that you won’t be hassling with the parts when it arrives as this little warm packet of joy comes pre-assembled.

    5- Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

    Stiebel Eltron CK 15E

    Well, you want a heater but got no space to put it? No problem let’s just mount it to the wall, yes you read it right this little marvelous piece of german engineering is a feat in the industry.

    The ceramic space heater the quality construction will make sure that it stays with your family on my long winter the adjustable thermostat just, and the 1500 watt power-supply makes sure your pockets don’t run dry.

    What We Like:

    • The surface-mount design of this heater makes it very space-efficient as you can just hook it up on a wall and forget it even exists.  
    • The german build of this heater ensures you get a quality product.
    • Want to fix it over your bed? Well, no problem since this heater is as quiet as a ninja. 
    • The built-in thermostat makes sure you don’t have to hassle around with some aftermarket stuff and compromising your comfort.

    4- DeLonghi HMP1500 MicaDeLonghi HMP1500 Mica

    Well, this tv lookalike is a marvel from Italy if you are super tight on a budget and want to save as much money as possible.

    Then this space heater is for you, the reason purely being that this marvel of technology is very electric efficient.

    Equipped with a 1500 watt power supply and all the latest features this space heater is amazon’s choice and this heater gives you loads of functionality as it is compatible with a wall-mount and floor mount.

    What We Like:

    • The 1500-watt heater makes sure you can heat any room with breaking a sweat over the size of the room  
    • The sleek and wonderful finish on the outside of this heater makes it total eye candy for you.
    • The adjustable thermostat will make sure you get a wide variety of temperatures to choose from so you can feel all comfy and cozy
    • This heater comes with a very convenient ready to install wall mount in case you have naughty kids or curious pets and want this heater out of their hands.

    3- TRUSTECH 1603TRUSTECH 1603

    This heater might be as little as a small portable speaker but this little guy packs a punch with a wide coverage of 350 sq.ft, it’s oscillating flow, quiet fan system.

    And state of the art safety features make it perfect for a short and cozy afternoon nap on a cold lazy winter day.

    The dual power modes make sure you save as much electricity as possible by giving you the option of adjustment according to your needs.

    What We Like:

    • Well, you are in for a treat this heater comes with a cooling option as well as a heating option making sure you can use it all year round.
    • The controls on this heater are as easy as it gets with 2 heat modes; it ensures you can find your desired optimal temperature without having to hassle with wonky settings.
    • Had an accident and dropped it? Well, don’t worry this heater is equipped with drop protection and overheating protection making sure you are safe at all times.
    • This space heater is equipped with oscillating shafts to ensure heat flow to every nook and corner of your room making it even more power-efficient. 
    • With low decibel ratings this heater proves itself perfect for your bedroom or work environment.

    2- Dyson AM09 Fan HeaterDyson AM09 Fan Heater

    Well if you are a tech enthusiast you are surely going to enjoy this product, the dyson fan heater is the state of the art space heater in everything this is the leading technology, and needless to say, it does come at a price.

    The heater is equipped with a bladeless fan capable of cooling as well as heating, the smart thermostats, and temperature sensors ensure the optimal temperature chosen by you is maintained at all times.

    Since this heater has no exposed heating elements or fan blades the chances of burning or cutting a finger or paw are negated and this state of the art heater is equipped with fall detection and sleep timer ensuring you are safe at all times.   

    What We Like:

    • Equipped with the latest tech this fan is just not a heater in some hot summer days make sure you are cooled with cold breezes.
    • The latest air multiplier technology colls or heaters a room quickly and efficiently without a hassle 
    • The intelligent thermostat monitors the whole room and ensures the optimal temperature for a warm and comfy feel and environment.
    • Amp Diameter is 5.9 inches.

    1- Honeywell HCE200B UberHeatHoneywell HCE200B UberHeat

    Well if you are absolutely on a budget and can not spare more than 50$ this little guy is for you capable of heating some small rooms very quickly and effectively.

    This little machine is as basic as space heaters go, the thermostat is not very sophisticated but still is very efficient the heater is small and round in size which makes it very portable and easy to travel with.

    What We Like:

    • This small heater is very efficient when used on low settings but keeping you warm and comfy at the same time.
    • The small and ergonomic design of this heater combined with its safety features and relatively simple settings makes it perfect for traveling or using it in a compact space like your office cubicle. 

    How do Ceramic Space Heaters Work?ceramic space heaters work

    As ceramic is a semiconductor material electricity is passed through the piece(s) of it in these heaters the ceramic is connected to a metal grille and as the ceramic turns the passing electricity to heat.

    Due to its high resistance of electricity, the grille heats up a fan blows cold air on the grille upon contact the air rises in temperature and moves out and along in the room dissipating heat.

    The Benefits of a Ceramic Space Heater:

    Ceramic space heaters are usually lighter and easy to carry than most traditional gas or kerosene heaters.

    Ceramic space heaters are much safer as they do not exceed the temperatures of 200-degree centigrade and do not have exposed flame making them much safer than traditional heaters.

    Ceramic Space Heater – Buyer’s Guide:Ceramic Space Heater 1

    Before you go off to buy a ceramic space heater and make a commitment we suggest you read our buyers guide as it will help choose the perfect heater for you and your room.

    As ceramic space heaters come with a lot of features and different specifications and some of them are a must-have, this guide will help you get the best bang for your buck.

    1- Match the Power Output to the Room Size:

    The best way of getting a space heater that works in the most energy-efficient way is getting one that is the perfect “size” for your room.

    By buying a space heater that has the optimal power output with reference to the area of your room, you can ensure that it works effectively and efficiently.

    This can be calculated with a measuring tape, a calculator, and some simple math.

    Step 1: Find the amount of energy needed to heat your room

    Measure your room and calculate the square footage of your room then multiply this number by 10 to get the number of watts of power required to heat the space.


    • A room measures 24 feet by 14 feet.
    • 24 x 14  = 336 square feet
    • 336 ft² x 10 = 3360 watts needed to heat this space

    Step 2: Find a heater that closely matches your power needs.

    A heater will either be rated in watts (W) or Btu. To convert from watts to Btu we multiply by 3.41, and therefore to convert the other way we divide by 3.41.

    This method of calculating the amount of heating power needed is a basic one and does not consider the height of a room. However, it does give a valuable estimate of the kind of power you will need.

    2- Does It have a Thermostat?

    The most efficient space heaters use thermostatic control. This is a feature that can monitor the temperature of the room and adjust the heaters output accordingly.

    It can turn off the heater when a set temperature is reached, and turn it back on again when the room gets below the set temperature.

    You can predetermine these temperature thresholds according to your preferences and desire.

    A heater that works in this way is much more cost and energy-efficient as it will only function when needed.

    The quality of the thermostat is also an issue that will affect a heater‘s energy efficiency.

    The more basic thermostats might only have a few settings for you to choose from.

    This means they are not accurate down to the nearest degree of temperature and don’t have complete control.

    The higher quality thermostats give the user control over the temperature settings down to the nearest degree Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

    This means that you can run a much more efficient heating operation in your home.

    Fortunately, if your heater doesn’t have a thermostat control, an external one can be purchased. However, the most efficient electric heaters will have one.

    3- Does It have a Timer?

    Like a thermostat, a timer will also increase the efficiency of a space heater. A timer can be used to preset the heater so it is only on when you are present. That means when you are away, no energy will be wasted. 

    A timer can help you heat your home in a much more efficient way. A good example would be when using a heater at night.

    Instead of having the heater on constantly all through the night, it can turn on automatically for just a few hours at a time.

    4- Does it have Different Heat Settings?

    By increasing the heat incrementally, we can use our heating system in a much more energy-efficient way. In this process, we save energy and money.

    The more the merrier so look for as many heat settings as possible the more heat settings you get in a heater the more efficient it will be.

    Even systems that use a thermostat will run more efficiently if they have more heat settings.

    Look for a model that has at least a high and low heat setting but ideally even more. Ideally, you want as much control over the heat as possible. Down to the nearest degree is perfect, and vise versa. 

    5- Safety?

    These are powerful devices that emit a lot of heat. That makes them a potential fire hazard, especially if you live in a small house or have pets or children.

    Thankfully, most of them have fire safety technology so that you can relax.

    Here’s what to look out for:

    • Automatic Tip-over Protection: This safety tech will immediately turn off the heater should it fall or be knocked over by a child or pet
    • Overheat Protection: These heaters can run extremely hot if left on for long periods in high-temperature settings. This feature means that it will turn itself off if it ever gets too hot.
    • Low Oxygen Safety Shut-off: This one is only for the propane-powered heaters. But, it’s an essential one if you have one of these devices. It will turn the unit off should the oxygen levels dip below the safe threshold.


    We’ve suggested some of the best space heaters that we tested till now. We hope you can find the right choice for yourself using our suggestions.

    If you have not seen our buyers guide yet, do check it out. It will be of great help to you to take a look at it and get familiar with the terms of watts and area so you can choose the perfect space heater for you.

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