Classic Flame Lakeland Media Console Electric Fireplace (28MM6307-O107) TV Stand Review

Seems that many people are loving the TV stand with an electric fireplace insert as an efficient and practical use at home and even in the office. This growing trend is becoming widespread because of its functionality and convenience like this Clasic Flame 28MM6307- O107 Lakeland TV Stand. Hitting not just two birds in one stone, this media console is primarily use as an entertainment hub and to provide heat and relaxing ambiance come the cold and chilly weather. But more than that, it is a smart use of maximizing your space at home and makes a perfect design structure.

Classic Flame 28MM6307 Review

Some of us struggle finding a huge and functional media mantel for our 65-inch TV set. Many are available but not solid and big enough to accommodate large capacities. And that is just one thing that sets this Classic Flame Lakeland TV Stand apart from the many available options in the market.

Given all its multiple purpose and functionality as a media mantel with electric fireplace, it provides convenience of use and easy assembly for a smooth and comfortable operation. Though this particularly does not come with the fireplace insert in the package, it works as your TV stand and decoration and until you have the electric fireplace insert, you will be ready for the cold season.


  • Comes with plenty of storage space
  • Top half of the unit comes pre-assembled
  • Designed with a wire management holes at the back
  • Made of solid wood construction
  • Secure packaging


  • Fireplace insert is to be bought separately
  • The unit is heavy
  • Upper shelf above the media component is not removable

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Key Features of Classic Flame 28MM6307- O107 Lakeland TV Stand
Classic Flame 28MM6307 Review

Easy Installation

Easy and hassle-free, installing this media mantel is made to be convenient for you. While the top half of the unit comes pre-assembled, setting up the other half is very simple to do that it will only require one power tool, which is the Philips head screwdriver. It comes with the user instruction manual to walk you through the step-by-step process clearly and with ease. Unlike other models that may need two pair of hands and hours to spend, Classic Flame Lakeland TV stand is easy breezy to set up.

65-Inch flat screen TV Capacity

This TV stand with electric fireplace insert (sold separately) is huge enough to accommodate flat screen TV measuring up to 65 inches.  With this big capacity, it is versatile and convenient to use with any models and sizes of your TV set.

Convenient Wire Management

Making sure that you will not be bothered by tangling cables and wires, Pass-through holes can be found at the back of this furniture to hide and properly route these cables for ease of use. These holes also provide this media mantel the proper ventilation for safe and efficient operation.

Multiple Shelves

Designed with brushed nickel hardware and two glass paneled door side cabinets with adjustable shelves, it has an overall width of 60 inches and 39.75 inches high, which also housed a full-length open counter shelf that can be used to store media devices such as speaker bar, AV components and remote controls as well. In this way, you can keep all electronics in one storage, making it a perfect entertainment area.

Solid Construction

Classic Flame Lakeland TV Stand is durable and sturdy because it is built by the highest grade of furniture construction. It is made of solid hardwood with metal on metal connections to carry and withstand large capacity of media devices. Designed to hold up to 115 lbs of flat screen TV, it is perfect to use your huge TV set and entertainment console you might be building.

Fit for 28” Electric Fireplace Insert

Though this unit particularly does not include the electronic fireplace insert upon purchase, it is however compatible to fit for 28” size, which is huge enough to warm a room with about 700 sq ft. With the combination of both the fireplace and media mantel, you have a whole package ready for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Things to Consider Before Buying a TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Insert

As it comes in a wide variety of choices, finding the best entertainment console with an electronic fireplace insert feature can be very tricky and daunting. Hence it is important to be equipped and ready with the list of the key features you need to consider before deciding on one particular model.

Materials Used

It comes in different materials. Depending on your personal preference, you can either choose wood or metal. Each however comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood is guaranteed to be durable, sturdy and long-lasting. It is great, especially for huge capacity TV stands. However, it can be heavy and these high-quality types of wood can be expensive.

Another type of wood material that is also available for these furniture is press wood. They are less expensive and a tad lighter, however most of its kind is not as durable as the other type. There are high-quality types of this wood that is as sturdy as well.

If wanting to achieve the modern and contemporary look, then metal is your best bet. It is also durable and made to last for a long time. The problem however with this kind of material is the upkeep as it is susceptible to rust over time, hence thorough and regular cleaning is a must.


Different TV stands varies in sizes as well. It is essential to know beforehand what size will suit your needs and maximize your space. It cannot be too big or too small for your space at home and TV size.


One standout features of this media mantel are its shelves, storage spaces and additional details like the hardware used and paneling. Each model also boasts for unique features, design and capacity depending on your personal style and preference as it also makes an attractive interior design for your home.

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Investing in a durable, versatile and huge-capacity TV stand that has fireplace insert is a wise choice and a great addition to your wide array of furniture at home. Classic Flame 28MM6307- O107 Lakeland TV Stand is perfect for your huge TV set as it has a big capacity and built to be solid to carry on with the job efficiently and reliably.

Aside from the fact that it serve as your home’s entertainment showcase, it has a good use for organizing and stacking things. And when the cold weather comes, you can always attach an electric fireplace insert to keep you warm and cozy. With the many options available in the market, you may have your best choice with this one.