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ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corinth Wall or Corner TV Stand Review

The ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corner TV stand is a nifty and multipurpose TV stand. You could place it against the wall or in between a corner depending on your area’s setup. It is complete with egg and dart molding that complements the stand beautifully giving it that elegant and classic feel. Plus, it is pretty easy to install using just a Philips head screwdriver.

ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corner TV Stand Review


Key Features of the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corner TV Stand

Can house most flat screen TVs
This ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 versatile TV stand can accommodate almost all kinds of TVs. It can house flat screen TVs of up to 47 inches in diagonal size and up to 50 lbs in weight. It housed my 32-inch TV perfectly well.

Can be used against the wall or a corner
Due to the versatility of this TV mantel, it can either be installed against your living room wall or against a corner. Due to the limited space in my living room, I managed to install it right against the corner and it completely fits and complements my space just fine.

A complete media mantel
The ClassicFlame 23 is not only a TV stand but can function as a full-fledged media mantel as well. Because of the spacious shelves underneath the TV stand, you could fit in any media devices such as sound bars and AV multimedia components and you will be all set for the complete multimedia experience.

Easy peasy assembly
The ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 doesn’t really make it hard for us users. With just a Philips head screwdriver, you could install this mantel in a jiffy and hassle-free. And you won’t need to worry whether you’re doing it right because it comes with an easy to read and easy to understand user’s manual for instructions on how to install.

Well ventilated and organized
The TV stand and mantel is provided with holes at the back so that your devices won’t heat up and air can circulate properly. It is also provided with holes for wires so the space doesn’t get messy with tangled up wires.

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Compare with Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand VS. ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corner TV Stand

Compared to the ClassicFlame, the Altra TV stand can accommodate larger flat screen television pieces of up to 70 inches in diagonal size. This equals to about 135 lbs televisions in weight. This is due to the Altra’s wider base although it has shorter height than the ClassicFlame. The good thing about the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 is that due to its size, it can be fitted into tight corners which is what most people are looking for especially those who do not have that much luxury of space in their living room of bedroom.

Altra Furniture Manchester TV Stand with Electric Fireplace Review

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The Altra’s finish is an elegant modern black while the ClassicFlame has a classic and vintage elegant look good for those people who are looking for furniture that makes the ambiance look like it came from the Victorian era.

Now if you are someone looking for a working electric fireplace or heater then you could decide between these two products. The Altra comes with an electric fireplace heater that also looks like it is crackling even though you do not turn on the heat. While the ClassicFlame has the electric heater sold separately from the mantel and you could have it installed later on if you choose to purchase the separate heater.

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What users are saying about the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 TV Stand

Considering how beautiful this TV stand and Fireplace is, users are very satisfied with its quality. It complements any living space and users find it very useful and durable. It provides a nice amount of heat, not to weak and not too strong and users also love that it has several options for the heater timer. Most of them are also raving about the fact that you could also customize how the flame on the electric heater would look which is pretty entertaining on its own if you ask me.

ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corinth Wall or Corner TV Stand Review

Users believe that this TV stand from ClassicFlame looks and feels so much better compared to those displayed and sold on retail stores. And indeed it really is very beautiful and convincing that you’d have second thoughts on deciding to purchase one from the department store.

Another great thing about this ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 mantel that customers love is that it has excellent customer support. One customer has her piece delivered but it didn’t have the proper holes in it so she just took some pictures and sent to the manufacturer. She then received her new piece in just a few hours. That’s something pretty excellent when it comes to customer service.

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Durability and Affordability of the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Fireplace TV Stand

For a fireplace and TV stand that is of this quality, the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 is a pretty great steal. It is very affordable considering its functions compared to other store bought items. And it is very durable and has sturdy build quality that could last you years before you would need a new one.

As for the heating capabilities of the fireplace, it is just perfect according to customer reviews. It provides just the right amount of heat you need. It also does not hurt that you could customize the heat radiated from the fireplace and also customize how the fire would look, so you can modify it according to your taste and mood.

Why you should consider buying it

If you are looking for a fireplace that would suit your very needs, this is the one for you. This is true especially if you have a limited space in your living room or in your bedroom. You could install it very easily with just a Philips head Screwdriver and looking at the instruction manual. Considering how affordable it is, you could say this is the solution to your need.

It provides great heating capabilities and even greater customization options. It houses flat screen television sets that are up to 47 inches in size so if you have one of those then you won’t need a bigger TV stand which will take up more unnecessary in your area.

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All in all, the ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 is a really great product. If you are considering buying a new TV stand then you should be seriously considering this one. You won’t need extra space for a separate TV stand and a separate fireplace because with this product, it comes as a two in one. And with its customization options, you won’t regret having purchased this one because it will definitely entertain you and your family with the different fire image options. And your body won’t need to constantly adjust to the temperature changes outside because it also has customizable heat that you could choose from.

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