ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Review – Consider Features Compare To Price

    ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Review

    Why should you consider ClassicFlame 28II300GRA features compared to its price, below we will focus on the fact that you need to know.

    The fireplace has been a very good heat conductor inside the house especially during the winter. However, for some homes, it can also add an ornamental effect and can serve as light inside the house.

    For women, having a fireplace in the house and actually lighting them up provides a rather cozy and romantic ambiance inside the house.

    So, the question is, how and where will you be able to find an electronic fireplace that will make your home both cozy, and warm but does not comprise of all of the hassle of setting a conventional fireplace up? Well, we can recommend one for you.

    Enough with the introductions. If you are interested in having the best electric fireplace in your house and are curious about its features, then you will have to check this ClassicFlame 28II300GRA review and see for yourself.

    ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Fireplace Insert Review

    • Multiple effects
    • Spectrafire
    • Safer plug
    • Zone heating
    • Still different from the natural conductor which is the real flame
    • Not that environment friendly
    • Adds up to bills but not that much.

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    Key Features of the ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Electric Fireplace Insert

    Safer Plug
    This top rated electric fireplace insert offers safer plug which gives you safety when having to plug it to the nearest outlet. Safer Plug continuously monitors the temperature of the plug because it has a built-in thermometer which will enable the plug to automatically shut off should the plug temperature reach higher than the safe temperature. This prevents overheating which often leads to larger fires if not accordingly prevented. Once the plug temperature has already cooled down to the normal temperature, then the heater can be operated normally.

    Spectrafire Plus Flame Effect
    Spectra fire plus flame effect is the most realistic flame effect and so ClassicFlame used this as one of their assets. Aside from this effect, they also added embers and glowing logs for added realism. This electronic fireplace also comes with a multi function remote control which offers you the option to customize your fireplace by using either of the 125 fireplace effects so that you will have control over the mood or the ambiance that you want to set for a specific occasion. Or, you can just select auto cycle and just sit back, relax, and enjoy the flames change from one effect to another.

    Ambiance for the Whole Year
    This is the one of the best features that the ClassicFlame electronic fireplace offers. It gives you the feature of being able to give you the neutralized and the warm comfortable temperature of that the fireplace provides even when the seasons outside of your home change. Meaning, even when it is winter outside, you will still be able to enjoy the warmth and the beauty of the flames in your fireplace with this electronic fireplace. During the summer, you may go ahead and turn off the heat of the fireplace and just enjoy the ambiance that the fireplace’s effects give you.

    Zone Heating
    Yes, it provides the comfort of heating your home all day and providing that ambiance and warmth that the conventional fireplace may give but, one thing that we know might bother you is the fact that it is electronic and so it might kill you electric bills.

    Now, that will not be a problem with this electronic fireplace because it comes with a zone heating feature which is an effective way to provide you comfort without having to sacrifice your bills by providing you the option of not having to heat up all the rooms in the house by shutting down the heated air blown to those zones of the house that you do not need to be heated.

    The ClassicFlame Electronic Fireplace will not only give you the comforts and the ambiance that you have been craving for from the conventional fireplace, but it will also give you the option to filter the heat that you want to be distributed and as to where you want them to be distributed and it will also help you with your bills.

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    What users saying about the Classic Flame 28II300GRA

    What users have been saying about the Classic Flame 28II300GRA

    Ultimately, a lot of users have been giving spectacular feedback about this item because of the beautiful effects that it comes with and the fact that the zone heating option gives them the liberty to enjoy the ambiance that it provides and at the same time, save your money from those bills.

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    Comparison Between PuraFlame 33″ vs. ClassicFlame 28II300GRA 

    Both of these electronic fireplace will give you the substitute of a conventional fireplace minus the hassle of adding wood and starting up an actual fire. However, there are differences between both of them that made the latter rise up a few notches than the former.

    Comparison Between PuraFlame 33” Western Electronic Fireplace Vs. ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Infrared Quartz Fireplace

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    One factor would be their design. The PuraFlame relies solely in the brick wall design and the embers and the glowing wood. The ClassicFlame electronic fireplace, on the other hand has the SpectraFlame effect which gives more life to the flames.

    Another factor is the Zone heating feature of the ClassicFlame model and its safer plug. The PuraFlame model simply lacks those features and that is what set ClassicFlame’s fame ablaze.

    Disadvantage of the ClassicFlame 28II300GRA Electric Fireplace insert

    The only disadvantage that we can see is the fact that it is after all electricity operated and so there is a possibility that when the power goes short, it will also stop working. Also, some of the factors that lead to its disadvantage would depend on the user.

    And so there won’t be any problems for as long as the user keeps in mind to be careful at all times and mindful of what they are doing.

    How Reasonable is the price of Classicfleame 28II300GRA?

    The ClassicFlame electronic fireplace is quite expensive knowing that it is, after all a new technological innovation.

    However, the price is very worth it because of all of the features and advantages that it offers for its users. So, if you want that warm and comfy ambiance the whole year round, then this fireplace is for you.

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    Overall Verdict

    Despite the price and the risks of having the electronic fireplace like the ClassicFlame model, it is still ideal for your home since it not only provides the ambiance and the warmth that you need for the whole year, but it also eases the effort and the burdens of having to get firewood and manually starting a fire in your conventional fireplace off of your shoulder. Though it can be a bit too techie at the beginning, being able to use and this kind of technology is still exciting.

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