ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

    ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Review - Why Should You Buy or Not?

    It is now possible to improve the character of your room with a wall mounted fireplace, like the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, providing supplemental zone heating without leaving any freezing cold spots. If you are planning to buy the best electric fireplace, specifically this brand, it is worth to know the best features, advantages, disadvantages, and what customers have to say about using the product.

    ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

    With ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT, you can either mount this fireplace on the wall or include building it into the wall. It provides up to 400 square feet of zone heating to ensure that you feel comfortably warm. You’ll be impressed with the spectra fire flame effect innovative and advanced technology, which display three amber and three blue effect brightness settings that you can set to get the overall appearance of a modern gas fire. Let’s learn more about the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT identifying the pros and cons.

    • Great focal point
    • Plenty of radiant
    • Looks very nice
    • Realistic flame
    • Real-like crackling sound

    Challenging Installation

    While many customers say that this ClassicFlame electric fireplace is easy to install, there are some customers who find it challenging. That is why reading the instructions beforehand is very important to avoid confusion. The manufacturer can provide additional tips and tricks upon contacting their customer service.

    Packaging Issues

    A customer from Amazon say that the packaging is hard to figure out, and it took awhile for him to unpack everything. However, upon unpacking it, the customer realized how easy the features are. Generally, many customers love the package because it is done in a way that the unit is kept secure and safe from shipping damages and mishandling.

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    What Users Saying About ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Fireplace

    According to customers, this electric fireplace is perfect for small spaces like apartments, dormitories, and condos. Many are amazed at the realistic crackling fire sound that can be downloaded to help with the fire effect, giving it a feel of a more classic fireplace. The flame color changes with the bed of crystals provided in the slot, adding pure enjoyment in your space.

    What Users Say About ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    The ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT is a great addition to your bedroom, living room, or recreational room. It provides a fair amount of heat, designed for supplemental heating and not a primary source of heat. The flames provide a soothing effect. Adjusting the flame from settings 1 to 6 is versatile and convenient.

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    Compare PuraFlame 33″ Western vs. ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Both electric fireplaces are excellent in performance in their own rights. For the product dimensions, the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT measures 30 x 6 x 19.7 inches whereas the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert measures 35.04 x 8.78 x 26.99 inches. Both are easy to install and come with an adjustable thermostat. Both also have three flame effects, allowing pure enjoyment of warmth most especially during winter.

    Compare PuraFlame 33" Western Electric Fireplace vs. ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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    The ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT is priced at around $100 bucks less than the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace, both come with free shipping.  While the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace is an ideal primary source of heat, it lacks the hissing and crackling of a real wood fire. The ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT is a great supplemental heater, providing a realistic wood fire sound for a perfect traditional fireplace ambiance.

    Key Features of the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    Straightforward Assembly
    You can mount this ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT electric fireplace on the wall using the hardware and bracket or you can build it into a walled enclosure. For built-in installation, there are two brackets included. Wall mounting is easy, however, the 4ft width limited the mounting locations. You can easily fix the mounting channels into the wall.

    Superb Performance
    The zone heating coverage of the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is 400 square feet, ensuring no freezing cold spots are left behind. Achieve a cozy and relaxing wood burning fire with the flame effect settings dancing over modern whit rocks and realistic log set. It is a 4, 600 BTU heater and the flame effect can be manipulated with or without the presence of heat. The decorative LED lights have varying flame settings including blue, amber, and amber and blue. Now, you can enjoy the best heating performance of the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT with its enjoyable, relaxing and soothing flame effects!

    Convenient to Use
    The flame effects and settings, as well as the heat temperature, can be conveniently managed using the user-friendly remote control. Expect to experience a great ambiance of a cozy and gentle rolling fire every time. Its convenience is matched with great durability as well.

    What’s the Disadvantage of ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    What's the Disadvantage of ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

    While this is a very good supplemental heater, some customers say that this cannot be used as a primary heat source. However, many customers find the ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT enough to provide warmth to their indoor living space. Mounting confusion exists like some customers expecting this unit to be able to stand alone, however, this electric fireplace can only be mounted on the wall or build with a walled enclosure.

    Why Should You Choose it or Not?

    The ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a must-have. With its price point, you’ll get one with modern and sleek design and decent performance. It is simple and easy to install and use.

    The flame effects can be relaxing and uplifting depending on your desired settings and temperature. Experience a very good warm ambiance in your living room, bedroom, or any room or office with this amazing electric fireplace. Generally, many customers love it! Choose ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT and you will never feel the freezing cold spots again.

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    Final Verdict

    The  ClassicFlame 36HF320FGT Helen Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a combination of modern and classic fireplace with its sleek design and classic realistic crackling wood fire sound. The price is relatively cheaper than its counterparts, making it its biggest advantage. It will not be left behind when it comes to the best features and performance. Happy electric fireplace shopping!

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