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Electric Fireplaces For Under $250: Top 10 Affordable Electric Fireplaces

An alternative to a traditional fireplace is an electric fireplace. With an electric fireplace, you can heat up any room minus the irritating fumes and dirt. An electric fireplace insert looks like the real one but is easier to light up and will keep a steady temperature inside your home. Meanwhile, a portable electric fireplace can be placed anywhere inside your home where heat is needed. We have ten of the best and most affordable electric fireplaces under $250. Indeed, constructing a traditional fireplace could be very expensive but an electric model will save you money and effort in the long run.

Top 10 Electric Fireplaces For Under $250: (Classic & Latest Model 2020)

Here is the Top 10 electric fireplaces under $250 comparison chart:

Electric Fireplace ModelCategoryDimensionsWeightPrice
Best Choice Electric FireplaceInsert28.5 x 6 x 2129 lbs Check Price
Ameriwood Chicago Electric Fireplace
Editor Choice
TV stand31.77 x 47.24 x 15.8795 lbs Check Price
Della Freestanding Electric FireplaceStove12.3 x 26.77 x 28.7452 lbs Check Price

Real Flame Electric Fireplace HeaterHeater28.1 x 10.9 x 22.739.68 lbs Check Price
Turbro Reflektor Electric FireplaceWall Mount58 x 6.3 x 2453 lbs Check Price
XtremepowerUS Wall Mount Electric FireplaceWall Mount50 x 6 x 18.551.4 lbs Check Price
Novogratz Lytton Electric FireplaceTV Stand15.8 x 31.5 x 33.689.8 lbs Check Price
e-Flame USA Regal Electric Fireplace StoveStove12.5 x 22.5 x 2523 lbs Check Price

GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace HeaterHeater15 x 10.6 x 2219 lbs Check Price
Giantex Electric Fireplace InsertInsert28.5 x 5.7 x 2129.5 lbs Check Price


Best Choice Products VD-51075WH Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert


  • No need to assemble
  • Easy to use with remote
  • Comes with five brightness levels
  • Does not come with a vent
  • You can use this with or without heat
  • With a modern look and feel
  • Made from durable materials
  • Problems with installation
  • No replacement parts

Check Price

With an insert fireplace, it won’t take time to construct a working and efficient fireplace which will give your room warmth and comfort. The Best Choice Products VD -51075WH is an embedded fireplace that works using electricity so there’s no unhealthy smoke inside your home.

This electric insert heater comes with a log flame view that will give your room a warm and cozy glow. This is a CSA-certified heater, with no vents so you’ll have a warm room in minutes after turning it on. It also comes with a remote control so you can easily power it on or off, adjusts the temperature settings and the brightness of the log flame insert.

It comes with a 3 x 40W E12-type bulbs which means this heater is warm but not too hot which could be very uncomfortable. You can adjust the brightness level to suit your tastes.

The Best Choice Products electric fireplace is made from durable materials with a glass covered fireplace opening. The insert fireplace has a modern design which may complement your modern home.

You don’t need to assemble this electric fireplace. You can use it out of the box; just plug set the temperature and brightness and relax. It requires no assembly, just installation. This is a solid choice as one of the electric fireplaces under $250.

Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace



  • Combines efficient heating and storage
  • Will support large televisions
  • Made from durable laminated particleboard and MDF
  • With a sleek espresso finish
  • Will instantly warm up a large area or room.
  • Uses LED with longer bulb life
  • With a lot of room for all your home audio and video equipment
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Needs assembly
  • Will need two people to assemble
  • You will need to spend time assembling the cabinet before use

Check Price

Why use an electric fireplace insert when you can have a fireplace-cabinet in one? The Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace is a cabinet plus a TV console. This can support TVs as large as 500” plus has a lot of room for all your other entertainment devices and audio/video equipment.

The Chicago Electric Fireplace is made from laminated particle board and MDF. The surface has an espresso finish which adds warmth and class to any living room. This electric fireplace has an open top shelf which is perfect for keeping your cable box or satellite box in. The two side cabinets are huge and this can be used to keep your DVD collection or a small library of your favorite reads.

The fireplace is electric therefore it’s efficient and is clean and healthy as well. This electronic fireplace will be able to instantly warm up a room as large as 400 square feet of space. For smaller spaces, expect faster and more efficient heating.

Unlike other electric fireplaces under $250 with log fire inserts, the Ameriwood Home Electric Fireplaces has a lifelike fireplace design. This uses LED bulbs, therefore, each bulb will last for more than 50,000 hours.

The Ameriwood Home Electric Fireplace will work with any standard outlet. There’s no need to tear down your living room wall, hire a contractor or pay so much for fireplaces that will only bring polluted, dangerous air inside your home.

This electric fireplace is also easy to maintain. There’s no need to remove dirt, ashes, and soot. Simply wipe the cabinet surface and the front panel with a soft, dry cloth and you are done.

DELLA 18″ 1400 W Freestanding Portable 3D LED Electric Fireplace Mantel Heater

  • A sleek and modern design
  • 3D flames display
  • Easy to operate
  • Will easily warm up a room with 400 sq. ft. of space
  • Uses LED bulbs and will run for many, many hours
  • Easy, push-button controls
  • Remote control for easy temperature and brightness levels
  • Needs assembly
  • Hard to find replacement parts
  • Hard to change bulbs

Check Price

With the DELLA Freestanding Portable 3D LED electric fireplace, you can enjoy warmth and peace with this electric fireplace model.

You’ll enjoy the warm and cozy feel of this fireplace, a perfect setting for a little romance or while meditating or contemplating indoors or outdoors.

The DELLA Freestanding electric fireplace may also be used for zone heating and you can be sure that this won’t affect your electricity bill. It even comes with a built-in safety feature that will cut power when the fireplace is overheating.

The large LED display on the heater will tell you the status of your electric fireplace including temperature and brightness levels. You can easily adjust this freestanding electric fireplace because it comes with remote control.

The DELLA electric fireplace has metal inserts while the fireplace window is made from tempered glass and the rest of the fireplace body has ABS and resin. This CSA-listed heater is safe to use and will remain in tip-top shape for years as long as you efficiently maintain this fireplace.

Outdoor Basic Electric Fireplace Infrared Quartz Heater

  • An electric heater that uses infrared tubes
  • With two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat
  • With an LED display to read the temperature
  • With brightness controls
  • Comes in a wooden cabinet with an oak coating
  • Prevents overheating
  • ETL, CSA, and UL tested for safety
  • No assembly needed
  • No way to change flame movement and colors
  • The electronic panel in the way

Check Price

The Electric Fireplace Quartz Fireplace from Outdoor Basic looks and feels like the real thing. The only thing that gives it away is a small electronic panel on the upper right-hand part of the frame. The difference between this electric fireplace from other models is that it uses heating tubes and not LED bulbs.

These three infrared heating tubes come with two heat settings (1000W and 1500W) and have an adjustable thermostat to fix the room temperature and prevent uncomfortable warmth.

You can control this electric fireplace with convenient remote control. You can adjust the brightness levels; adjust the thermostat or the timer so you can conserve power by automatically shutting the fireplace down.

It comes with an overheating protection system that shuts off to prevent fires in case of a sudden increase in temperature. And with the easy to roll caster wheels, you can take this electric fireplace wherever inside your home.

This Outdoor Basic electric fireplace with realistic logs and fire is inside a wooden cabinet with a medium oak outer coating. The top shelf can be used as a mantle to keep books, small decorative items and more.


TURBRO Reflektor Electric Fireplace

  • Looks elegant and modern
  • With reversible fireplace frame
  • Very large fireplace to warm up a large room
  • Keeps temperature warm and cozy with adjustable thermostat and timer
  • With brightness settings, fire color, and realistic effects settings
  • High heating capacity
  • Problems with installation
  • Only for wall mounting

Check Price

Why use a traditional-sized fireplace when you can enjoy a nice warm fire in front of a jumbo-sized fireplace? The TURBRO Reflektor is a 58” electric fireplace which is wall mounted. It has decorative lighting with a choice of 7 flame colors and effects.

This is one of the electric fireplaces under $250 that has a modern design. Because of its large size, it can easily warm up any size room up to 1000 sq. ft. It has a 1400 heating capacity and has an adjustable thermostat and timer so you can control how warm and cozy your room will be.

The TURBRO Reflektor is wall mounted but installation won’t be a pain because of its easy mounting kit. Even the frame of this fireplace may be adjusted according to the style of your home. The sleek black frame may be reversed to reveal a lovely wooden façade made of pine wood.

The fireplace lighting is fully LED so this will shine brightly and will burn longer without consuming too much power. Installation might be a pain especially with this size fireplace insert but any questions may be addressed by contacting TURBRO support.


XtremepowerUS Allure Linear Wall Mount Smokeless Electric Fireplace

  • May be operated with or without heat
  • With supplemental zone heating up to 400 square feet
  • Instant heating
  • With realistic flame effects, 3 color modes
  • With different flame effect combinations
  • With a slim partial recessed design
  • With a sleek, modern look
  • Approved for safety
  • Problems with installation

Check Price

Would you like one of the electric fireplaces under $250 that adjusts flame color depending on your mood? The XtremepowerUS Allure linear wall mount electric fireplace has an adjustable flame color from blue to red to purple. It is a classy, wide fireplace that can warm up a large room up to 400 square feet in size.

It has a classy ambiance which can transform a plain room into a cozy, warm and romantic area. It can be used as a non-heater display during warm days too.

This is a very slim electric heater which will fit in a wall with a depth of 6 – ½ inches. The partially recessed installation creates a realistic appearance. It will look as if you really have a large, classy fireplace in your home.

Finally, it has a safety feature called the auto-heat kill which prevents making the room too dry. It is ETL, CSA and UL certified for safety.


Novogratz DE26036 Lytton Electric Fireplace

  • Uses a Lytton Electric fireplace
  • Can be used as a table or TV stand
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Fireplace with adjustable brightness and fire effects
  • With remote control and touch panel controls
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • With media storage on top of the fireplace
  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Made from MDF
  • No thermostat or safety features
  • Needs assembly

Check Price

This is one of the electric fireplaces under $250 that can be used as an accent table or a TV stand. The Novogratz DE26036 Lytton Electric Fireplace may be small but it is capable of providing comfortable heat inside a medium-sized room.

The fireplace insert looks like crisp, burning logs with realistic flames and color. You can quickly set up the temperature, change the settings on the fire inserts and so many more using the convenient remote or the touch panel found on the fireplace itself.

The cabinet can double as a table or a TV stand and will hold a maximum weight of 30 pounds. On top of the fireplace is a storage compartment for media storage or for books and small decorative items. The material is made from very strong material with MDF moldings, metallic fireplace body, and glass front. This Novogratz electric fireplace is available in black and gray finish.


e-Flame USA Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove

  • Fan-forced heating
  • Easy to adjust temperature settings
  • With realistic flame effects
  • Safe to use with no smoke or odor
  • Cool to touch
  • With strong supplemental heating
  • Is quick and easy to assemble
  • No installation needed
  • No thermostat or timer

Check Price

This electric fireplace looks so real that you will easily mistake it from a portable charcoal heater! From e-Flame USA, this is the Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove that comes with realistic dancing flames and burning log effects.

It comes with classy curves that will not just warm up your room but will also add class. And another deception; it may look like it’s made of heavy metal but it is made from lightweight materials. It dissipates heat but it remains cool all the time. Because of these features, you can easily move this fireplace anywhere.

The heating system inside this electric fireplace is fan-forced therefore warmth may be evenly distributed all over the room. The warm glow also creates a romantic ambiance making this a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room or patio.

It is smokeless; you don’t need to worry about your room filling up with dangerous fumes. It is also odorless and safe for people with medical conditions as well. The e-Flame USA electric fireplace heats up fast and consumes less energy. There are two 40 watt bulbs inside this heater and these are easy to maintain and replace.

A room up to 400 ft. can easily warm up with this electric heater. It does not require installation, only a quick, no-fuss assembly.


GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace Cute Heater

  • Durable body with a glass cover
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Will heat up a room up to 400 square feet
  • Safe with CE TL certification
  • With Safe Tip-over switch
  • No assembly or installation
  • Too small
  • You cannot change the brightness or fire color

Check Price

This is a small free-standing electric heater that is just the right size for a small room. The GMHome Free Standing Electric Fireplace Cute Heater has realistic log and fire effects with ample viewing window and can be used with or without heat.

No need to worry about gas, smoke or ashes because it provides supplemental heating of a room up to 400 square feet. It can be safely used indoors because of its safety tip-over switch which will power the unit off instantly. There’s no need to install or assemble because it is ready for use out of the box.


Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert

  • Energy efficient
  • With no emissions or smell
  • Will warm up a room easily
  • With a log flame effect
  • Adjustable brightness available
  • With overheat protection
  • Elegant design
  • Complaints that it is too small
  • Problems with installation

Check Price

The Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert is energy efficient and will not emit any smoke or smell which can affect health. It will warm up your room instantly and will turn any plain room into a comfortable, warm and comfortable space.

It comes with multiple flame effects that look realistic. It has 5 brightness levels that you can adjust using a convenient remote control.

Unlike other electric fireplaces under $250 that are attached to the wall, this is easier to install in just a few minutes. The outer grill or frame is made from a durable material that will resist heating and rusting.

For safety, it comes with a safety cut-off feature to prevent overheating. It does not require any assembly, only minimal installation.

How we listed these top affordable electric fireplaces

The electric fireplaces under $250 we have on our list were chosen according to a number of criteria. First, heating efficiency; the fireplace should be able to quickly warm up a room and the temperature should be adjustable according to the user’s preference.

Next, heating features; the fireplace should have variable heating features like flame color, intensity, brightness, and flame design. Another criterion is ease of use; a remote or a control panel should be accessible all the time.

Also, the fireplace should be easy to install with minimal assembly as much as possible. Finally, the cost is another very important factor. These fireplaces are less than $250 online. And when you combine an affordable price with good features, you’ll get electric fireplaces that will bring more value for your money.

How we chose the best affordable electric fireplaces

To find the best and most affordable electric fireplace, take note of the following:

  • Scrutinize every feature (heating, fireplace design, ease of use, installation and assembly) so you’ll get the best value for your purchase.
  • Look for safety features. The fireplace should have a thermostat, timer, and safety shut –off features.
  • Choose an electric fireplace that needs minimal assembly if you don’t have time to spare.
  • Remember your wall size. Recessed units have to fit inside your wall, so take the correct measurements before you order.
  • Do you want a recessed fireplace or a stand-alone electric fireplace? There are many models to choose from but make sure you’re up to the task for some intricate installation if you choose a recessed model.
  • The price is right. There are so many affordable electric fireplaces under $250 but make sure the features are right as well.

Final Thoughts

An electric fireplace is a healthy alternative to log fireplaces and charcoal heaters. These can warm up a room in a minute and won’t emit strong fumes and odors. But deciding on the ideal fireplace that’s perfect for a tight budget is not easy especially when there’s a lot of impressive electric fireplace models around.

Shop smart and check every feature carefully to get the best budget fireplace deal for your money.


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