Dr Infrared Heater Review 2022 – Is It The Best Space Heater?

    Dr Infrared Heater

    You might be wondering is this Dr. Infrared Heater the best and highly recommended space heater, here you can check out that!

    We have penned-down in-detail review on this heater. We all know that this brand produces and manufactures high-quality heaters.

    Their heaters are efficient, user-friendly, and energy-saving. Moreover, on this piece of writing, we have reviewed two Dr. Infrared Heater models for our readers.

    It is this DR968 model and DR998 model that may meet your expectations.

    So, let us check out the reviews about them and then decide whether you want to choose and opt this brand heater or not:

    Why Buy Dr Infrared Heater?

    Dr Infrared Heater

    This brand is one of the highly and immensely trusted brands.

    It is for this reason that buying their heaters is a risk-free purchase from the customer side.

    In addition, this is a well-known and highly reputable company. Their manufactured heaters show top-notch workmanship and durability.

    The best part of this Dr Infrared Heater is that it can heat your room instantly, evenly, and quickly.

    This is a cost-effective solution to meet your warming and heating needs.

    Besides, this one is a 1500 watt model that we are reviewing for you.

    Features of Dr Infrared Heater:Dr Infrared Heater

    You can go on buying this model of Dr Infrared Heater because many qualities and exclusive features are noticed in it. First of all, this heater can easily heat a large room.

    It is accompanied by an auto energy-saving model and that is the USP of it. Most importantly, this model offers tip-over protection as well as overheat protection.

    This heater runs on dual heating systems and is featured with an infrared quartz tube. It is composed of a 12 hour automatic and shut-off timer at its end.

    The package comes with an IR remote control and included with high-pressure low noise blower too. Its operations are super quiet and give out a noise level of only 39 dB range.

    This Dr Infrared Heater deserves thumbs up from your side because it can instantly heat a large room. It is embedded with an electronic thermostat and shows a range of 50 to 86 degrees.

    Moreover, this reviewed heater is attached and installed with caster wheels and you are going to a life-time filter as well.

    This is a lightweight model and weighs only 24 lbs. It makes 12.5 amperes of power and needs 1500 watts to run itself.

    More features of Dr Infrared Heater:Dr Infrared Heater

    Below you see more of the details of the features that are a part of this Dr Infrared Heater:

    Easy to Control:

    You can easily control and set this heater even you are at an away distance from it.

    In other words, you can conveniently change its temperature and adjust its settings with the help of remote control even you are at a distance.

    Without moving yourself, you can program the settings of this Dr Infrared Heater and thus enjoy having a cozy time in your room.

    Programmable Timer:

    This model of Dr Infrared Heater carries and is composed of a programmable timer in it. What you can do is to set up and adjust a timer for up to the time frame of 12 hours.

    This way, that heater will remain turn on and run for 12 hours and after that automatically shuts down itself.

    Quiet Operations:

    You can buy this heater because it is soothingly quiet. This Dr Infrared Heater does not make any noise.

    Its blower part is immensely quiet and this blower comes in the form of state of the art 7-inch piece.

    It gives out high and massive pressure and successfully allows this heater to move large air volumes just at a low and stable speed range.

    Dr Infrared Heater Saves your Heating Bills:

    If you want to save maximum and extensively on your heating bills, then try this recommendation. It makes you feel that warmth as if you are enjoying a day under a sunny time.

    With the use of this heater, you get the feel as if you are receiving sunlight. Furthermore, it warms the objects present in your room instead of warming and heating your air and surroundings.

    Moreover, it provides you with natural warm heat and that is the best trait of it. This is an energy-efficient Dr Infrared Heater that utilizes 100% of the heat that is generally and usually produces.

    It does not show any heat transfer loss and marks itself as a low-cost heating solution for the users.

    Easy to Maintain:

    You will be happy to know that this Dr Infrared Heater is immensely easy and quick to maintain. It is made and manufactured in a way that it can last for years in your home.

    In addition, this is a piece of ideal heating equipment for winters. It is installed with a removable filter and this aspect makes this heater easy and quick to maintain.

    What you can do is to simply clean these filters and start using this heater on fresh notes each day.

    Gives Out More Heat:

    Individuals have given their praise to this heater because it gives out more and even heats.

    If you have used a regular and standard 1500 watt heater and you are currently using this Dr Infrared Heater, then you can well see the clear-cut difference in their heat output range.

    This heater runs on the advanced and latest heating system. It allows and permits a greater amount of heat production.

    As it has a high-efficiency blower, that is why this heater gives out more heat and no need for extra and additional power to run itself.

    This high-efficiency blower manages to give 250 degrees F at the range of 3.5 meters per second.

    When this Dr Infrared Heater was compared with the rest of the competing brands, then users came to know that regular and low-quality heaters only give 155 degrees F at the time range of 2.2 meters per second.

    Runs on the Dual Heating system and Dual Settings:

    Most noteworthy, this heater functions on a dual heating system. You may have noticed that this Dr Infrared Heater utilizes this approach of convection so that more heat content can be produced.

    From this model, you can always expect a high level of heat content.

    On the other hand, if you want little heat content from this heater, then what you can do is to shift 1500 watts range to 1000 watts.

    By doing so, you can save money and your room is going to remain well warm enough.

    Space-saving Design:

    The details are endless when we review this Dr Infrared Heater. Here we have another interesting feature of it!

    It is that this heater has a space-saving design. Even if you place it in a small room, it will not give a messy look.

    Moreover, it is extremely compact and remains to stay an ideal choice for small rooms and small workspace stations.

    It does not eat and consume your room space and project itself in a minimal way.

    Stylish Design:

    You can make a decision and buy this Dr Infrared Heater because the extremely stylish and aesthetic design is present in it.

    This heater model can make your room more elegant looking.

    Most importantly, this brand has not compromised on its heaters’ quality and functionality, and also workmanship. In the same way, this brand heater is immensely sleek looking.

    This Dr Infrared Heater has got a brown laminated finish in it and this finishing makes this heater more super amazing looking.

    This heating element is a real and genuine work of art and you are going to jaw-drop the minute you will check out its design.

    The absence of knobs and buttons on this heater makes it further easy and quick to use by even any beginner-level individuals.

    Pros of Dr Infrared Heater:Dr Infrared Heater

    Now you can check out the list of pros that are given by this Dr Infrared Heater.

    Once you are going to come to know about these benefits and pros, then you will strongly favor this heater for sure:

    This heater heats all kinds of spaces in less time. No matter that space is large and small, the same tendency and potential are shown by this reviewed heater mode.

    It operates and functions on a dual heating system and offer maximum power to the rest of its components.

    Furthermore, this is a cost-efficient and budget-friendly heater.

    You are free to set it on an energy-efficient model or standby mode or auto shut off mode.

    This heater shows quiet operations and comes with remote control. It promises and guarantees to give good value time to the customer.

    This Dr Infrared Heater has easy to use and quick to learn interface and controls at its end. It has a built-in filter so that you can thoroughly clean it at any time.

    Cons of Dr Infrared Heater:Dr Infrared Heater

    Now comes the part of knowing about the cons side of this Dr Infrared Heater.

    So, let us have a look at the downsides of this reviewed heater model:

    First of all, this heater should not be placed in proximity to curtains or any fabrics.

    By doing so, the chance of catching up fire may get increased,

    Secondly, the thermostat that comes with this heater, it does not give much accurate and precise reading.

    More Reasons to Buy it:

    If you want to heat a smaller space that is existing in your home, then it is advised to buy this Dr Infrared Heater.

    Most importantly, this respective model can heat 1000 square feet space with ease and 100% convenience.

    It is portable and you can easily take it to a camper or RV. This is lightweight and does not give you any hassle while you shift and carry it from one location to another.

    Moreover, this heater works in a better way as compared to these loud space heaters, It is its quiet nature and property that makes it a healthy option for us.

    It increases and boosts the heat distribution part and manages to bring warmth in every single corner of your room.

    This heater heats your room according to the desired room temperature settings and you do feel neither cold nor too much hot.

    Most noteworthy, this is a certified heater and it is proved and tested by this Underwriters Laboratories present in the USA and Canada.

    It successfully meets the entire highest safety standard and that is another USP of it.

    This Dr Infrared Heater makes sure that its heat does not harm your kids and pets. No suffocation level is produced by it and your kids and pets remain comfortable in the room that has this heater installed in it.

    Moreover, this heater is not accompanied by any of the exposed heating elements. It means that this heater does not catch any fire at any cost.

    The Popularity of Dr Infrared Heater Models:

    We have seen that all of the heaters that are made by this brand are of top-class quality. Their heaters are manufactured on the premises and plants of the USA.

    They are engineered on top-notch guidelines. Their heaters work and runway far differently as compared to other heaters.

    As you have now understood that this Dr Infrared Heater makes use of infrared heating! It means that this heating warms your room objects and gives you the maximum comfortable feeling.

    It heats the objects and not the air! Upon using this heater, you will get the highest and utmost warmth out from it.

    This model is packed with state of the art technology aspect. This technology makes sure that a balanced amount of moisture is also retained in your air.

    The heat coming out from this heater, it does not dry your skin at any cost and condition. It is only these convection heaters that dry your skin texture.

    This model of Dr Infrared Heater runs on the regular heating system, which is why we can give you this guarantee that you are going to save 50% in your next electricity bill. 

    You should always use its auto shut off overheat protection function as well as tip-over protection function.

    This way, you can sure that this heater will remain harm-free and risk-free.

    How it is Better as Compared to its Competitors?Competitors

    This one is a fast, reliable, and better heater option as compared to other models and versions. Furthermore, it gives 60% more heat when compared with other 1500-watt heaters.

    There is no magic trick followed by this heater! It only makes sure that it evenly distributes and spreads the heat.

    You can pay and give your all thanks to its dual heating system. The incorporation of this system in this Dr Infrared Heater guarantees to deliver maximum and the highest heat transfer rate.

    Besides, it comfortably heats your room by fusing infrared heat and convection heat modes.

    It does not create any of the hot spots and cold spots and reliably heats your surroundings. Beyond, it is on three power settings that you can run this heater.

    For the information, it can run auto mode, low mode, and high mode. If it is in low mode, then it shows 1000 Watts and if you set this heater on high mode, then it needs 1500 watts.

    If you plan to set this heater on auto energy-saving mode, then you can set this reviewed heater in between 50 degrees F to 86 degrees F.

    Our Verdict:

    We can give our verdict that this Dr Infrared Heater is one of the reliable heaters. You can give these specified models a try and feel great while using them.

    Most probably, this model and all of the heater versions of this brand will meet your expectations because they are manufactured with great care and a keen amount of attention.

    You can either set this heater automatically or manually, it is up to you.

    Besides, to use the remote of this heater, you need to turn on this heater first of all, and then you can utilize its remote functioning.

    This is one of the safety provisions that is given and stated by Underwriters laboratory who have tested, proven, and certified this heater.

    As many qualities are present in it, we have also shared enormous features that are a part of this model.

    Once you buy this model, you will more explore the features and qualities of this space heater.

    We think that we have given you an honest review and justified judgment on this space heater model. Rest, the decision is on your side concerning whether these features bring any interest to you or not!

    Share with us your decision and thoughts for sure on this platform.


    So, what have you decided now? Do you want to buy this Dr Infrared Heater?

    You can again go through its review part for one more time and better decide whether this is the ideal and suitable space heater option for you.

    Keep tuned with us as more reviews and honest verdict on this brand heaters are coming up.

    If you have tried any of Dr Infrared heaters, then share your experience with us.

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