Duraflame DFS-450-2 Review – Truly its Performance Good Enough?

    Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove Review

    There is more to just impressing your date with a buffet of finger licking foods on a dinner date on a chilly night. For a moment, forget about the candle lighting cliché. Try setting up the table in the same room as your Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove with Heater.

    And this is the kind of experience you will be signing up for. A room filled with warmth and a cozy ambiance of a smokeless hearth complemented by the view of glowing logs and ember bed. You will be surprised at bonus points you are likely to earn by doing so.

    Now let us dive into a typical day, away from dates, and see what the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton is capable of offering. This unit is so compact and will fit in perfectly in houses that are in limited space. At no point will you have to sacrifice some of your household items to have the Duraflame DFS. Furthermore, you can use its top surface like a table for placing small items on.

    Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove Review

    Well, it’s not a unit that will give you the ‘wow’ feeling at the first look, and neither will it put you off. It comes in a black finish, perfect for conservative people, and will match with most home decors. This small electric stove is, however, what anyone would describe as functionality over looks.

    It comes with a fan forced heater that is rated at 4,600 BTU enough to warm a space that is not more than 400 square feet. For visual presentations, there is the option of turning the heat off and enjoy its fascinating, realistic logs with a pulsating ember effects. Additional features include easy to use controls, a hidden operable door and safety features.

    Key Features of the DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove

    • Produces 4,600 BTU of heat for supplemental zone heating in the space of up to 400 square feet
    • Has an overheat protection feature that auto-shuts off when it detects overheating
    • Offers a realistic flame effect coupled with a pulsating, glowing log and ember bed
    • Operates with or without heat to create the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire for year enjoyment
    • Has a cool to the touch glass for safety measures
    • Features a hidden operable door
    • Comes with a gorgeous picture window with an arched frame design
    • Energy efficient due to zone heating capability
    • Gives you control in deciding which areas need to be heated up
    • Affordable
    • Safe to use around kids
    • Doesn’t produce enough heat for large rooms

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    What users saying about the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Heater?

    Simplicity is a factor that wins the hearts of many. Since the Duraflame DFS-450-2 isn’t sophisticated, users have massively bought it. It is also small and lightweight. Making it an ideal solution for anyone living in small space or thin walled apartments.

    What users saying about the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Heater?

    Users also compared it to mantle fireplaces and said that this electric stove offers the luxury of moving it quickly from room to room. However, as small as it may seem, the Duraflame fireplace heater still serves the purpose of providing warmth as intended to.

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    Compare Duraflame DFS-450-2 vs. VonHaus Portable Electric Heater Fireplace

    Don’t expect your buy decision to be easy if you are deciding between the Duraflame DFS-450-2 and the VonHaus. How can it be a walk in the park while these two feature quite a lot in common. They are both portable, produce realistic, vivid log flame and in the same price range. The list doesn’t even stop there.

    Compare Duraflame DFS-450-2 vs. VonHaus Portable Electric Heater Fireplace

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    They are designed nearly the same, with a black finish. When placed in the same room, it would be hard to differentiate them. Speaking of safety, there is a thermostat control in both. Not forgetting to mention that they are ideal for small rooms. So, the choice is yours to make.

    My experience about the DFS-450-2 Electric Stove Performance

    I only get pleased by an item if it serves its purpose right. And the DFS-450-2 Carleton has kept the smile on my face on for so long. I place this unit in my kitchen, bedroom or basement whenever I need heat in any of those spaces. It doesn’t operate in whisper quietness, but the noise is nearly insignificant thus it doesn’t bother me.

    It produces orange-ish faux flames that create an instant ambiance and set the mood in my room. I enjoy watching its rolling, dancing flame effects, especially when doing chores that require less concentration.

    How affordable DFS-450-2 heater for your home?

    The Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton electric stove sells at what any seller would call, a throwaway price. I would be wrong to say that it is one of the top notch hearths in the market. But one thing that this unit assures you is an all year round warmth enjoyment.

    For a heater in its class, it performs just fine. It will effortlessly create an environment that adds romance and charm in a small room. So, if you are looking for a simple yet functional electric stove, try this one. Even better, it costs less than 100 bucks. But if you want more than the visual delight and the warmth, you ought to consider a high-end unit.

    Why the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Heater will best suit your home?

    Most homeowners without an electric fireplace confessed to not having this unit because they were afraid of fire hazards associated with it. Little do they know that they are designed with safety features for extra protection. For example, the DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove has a glass front panel that is cool to the touch.

    Thus you won’t have to worry about dangerous or exposed flames. And your children and pets are safe around it. There is also an inbuilt tip over safety switch that turns off automatically when your stove overheats.

    Why the Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Heater will best suit your home?

    The DFS 450 2 uses zone heating mechanism. The idea behind it is that you can shut off air blow to different zones of your home that are not used frequently. Then use this portable stove to offer supplemental zone heat to only those spaces in use.  Zone heating is the best economical choice for lowering your energy bills.

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    Final Thought

    Being a budget friendly unit, you can afford to have the Duraflame DFS 450 2 stove heater in your home. It comes with just a good number of features for a machine of its class. And its performance is remarkably excellent.

    With this hearth, your nights will be peaceful and fun. Why wait for your friends to tell you how amazing it is when you only need a couple of dollars to have it?

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