Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton Electric Stove Heater Review

    DFS-750-1 Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

    The Duraflame 750-1 is a beautiful electric stove that brings ambiance and warmth in any space, be it entryways, living room, office, bedroom, hallways, and vestibules, name them all.

    It’s rated at 1350 watts and will provide enough warmth for any space that is less than 400 square feet.

    Anyone who has used conventional wood stoves may mistake the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton for one.

    The major difference between the two is that the latter comes with an upgraded, nickel door handle that doesn’t get hot.

    Use the handle to open the door when you want to clean.

    On the door, is an arched acrylic window that lets you view the beautiful, realistic flame effects without having to open it.

    The flame effects can be dimmed or brightened depending on the mood in the room.

    One of its features that can’t go unnoticed is the glowing log set along with an ember bed.

    These features produce a glamorous and realistic burning effect to create a visual delight. Since it comes fully assembled, installation is simple and fast.

    You can even move it from one room to another whenever you like.

    My Experience with the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton:Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton

    I love the Duraflame 750 -1 for one simple reason; it doesn’t consume much power. It’s said to be 99% efficient and is EPA-approved.

    This efficiency is attributed to the fact that this hearth integrates Zone heating technology which reduces heat wastage by ensuring that only those rooms that are in use in certain parts of the day get heated up.

    When compared to my traditional fireplace, this free-standing electric fireplace stove doesn’t require chimneys or ventilation, which curbs the loss of heat to the surrounding.

    It also doesn’t use gas or fuel, and so there is no combustion and no production of poisonous gasses and smoke, thus making it environmentally friendly.

    I no longer have to clean ashes and incur extra expenses of buying wood and employing someone to chop it.

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    Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

    Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

    Users were particularly pleased by its looks and its realistic flame effects.

    Aside from that, they said that this electric fireplace is a good source of heat and functions just as advertised.

    Its quality metal construction was an added advantage since it makes it last longer.

    A few others were however dissatisfied, and one notable complaint was that its fan is noisy and blows up after a short period of use.

    While a few others complained that it doesn’t produce enough heat, it’s worth noting that if you use this hearth to warm up a large room, which is more than 400 square feet, you will get disappointing results.


    • Remains cool to the touch
    • Energy efficient
    • Durable
    • Lightweight and portable


    • The power cord is short

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    How Affordable and Attractive the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton in your home?DFS-750-1 Pendleton Electric Stove Heater

    For a price tag of fewer than 200 dollars, don’t you think the Duraflame DFS-750-1 is a good value for your money?

    It combines durability, functionality, and amazing features in one package.

    It will adequately heat a medium-sized room for years without the worry that it might break down.

    Moreover, it’s a low maintenance unit and is extremely energy efficient.

    The Duraflame DFS-750-1 is truly a good band for your bucks.

    Comparison overview between the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton VS.

    XtremepowerUS Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Heater Oak Finish:

    The Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton compares to the XtremepowerUS in that; they both produce realistic flame effects that can be operated with or without heat to create an ambient atmosphere all year round.

    The flame effects are controllable by an included remote control, and there is also a thermostat for controlling the room’s temperature. It’s easy to move both of these heaters from one location to another.

    However, the XtremepowerUS uses inbuilt wheels for mobility.

    A major difference between the two is that the XtremepowerUS comes with an 8-hour timer, unlike the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton that doesn’t have one.

    Why Might the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton be your Best choice?

    An electric fireplace is said to be durable if it guarantees reliability for many years of service.

    The Duraflame 750-1 has a metal construction that slows tear and wear which in turn, ensures that this machine continues to perform at its best.

    This fireplace is designed in such a way that none of its parts gets hot.

    This fireplace is designed in such a way that none of its parts gets hot.

    When it starts to overheat, the inbuilt overheat protection system that automatically turns the unit off to prevent fire-related accidents.

    This means that your pets, kids, and loved ones will always be safe around this hearth.

    For added convenience and ease of operation, there is an included multifunctional remote control.

    It lets you control virtually all the hearth’s settings e.g. turn on/off, flames intensity, and flame effects, from anywhere in the room.

    With the featured thermostat, you can set the desired room’s temperature depending on the mood in the room.

    When the temperature is lower or higher than the preset setting, the hearth will either turn on or off.

    Features and Benefits of the Duraflame DFS-750-1 Pendleton:
    • It is Vent-free and produces supplemental heat.
    • The electric logs and embers bed produce rolling, pulsating flame effects to give you an illusion of a real fire burning.
    • Features a slim remote control that turns the heat on and adjusting the intensity of flame effects.
    • Has a durable metal casing with a functional door.
    • Plugs into a standard 120-volt power outlet and comes fully assembled thus it can be used immediately.
    • Capable of heating a room space that is up to 400 square feet.

    Final Thought!

    While the ultimate goal of an electric fireplace heater is to provide warmth in your surrounding air, it would also be great to factor in aspects like space, performance, design, etc.

    The Duraflame DFS-750-1 proves to meet these factors through its compact design, reliability in regards to performance, cosmetic beauty, and affordability.

    When put on the scoreboard, the Duraflame DFS-750-1 scores 4.1 out of 5 stars until today, which is pretty impressive.

    So, if you are in the market for an electric fireplace stove, why not try this particular model?

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