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Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker Review

Smokers are essential to any griller’s barbecue setup. Unlike a grill, a smoker lets you maintain a low temperature to cook your meat for a long time without burning the food. Low-temperature cooking incorporates a smoky flavor to the meat that many barbeque eaters love.

It is important to note that not all smokers will give you the same results. With this in mind, can the Dyna-Glo Smoker stack up to other smoking unit and exceed your expectations? Find out by reading our dyna glo grill reviews model DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker Review.

Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker Review

  • Four cooking levels with adjustable height
  • Charcoal and ash catch pan for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel thermometer
  • Rustic vertical steel design
  • Adjustable flue for temperature and smoke control
  • Unable to reach a low temperature of 200°F
  • Vents do not close properly to seal in the heat

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Key Features of the Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Porcelain-Enameled Steel Charcoal Chamber
The charcoal chamber is where you place your heating element. This chamber keeps charcoals and wood stacked close together for a proper burn. Its large dimension lets you put in more fuel to the chamber for longer cooking time. In addition, the walls have several holes in them that let you stoke the charcoal or wood. After smoking your meat, you can easily slide out the chamber and grate out of the unit. This lets you clean out the ash and other remains for easy maintenance of your smoker.

Vertical Charcoal Smoker Design
Dyna-Glo’s Smoker does not just make the tastiest smoked barbeque, it also adds a rustic touch to your outdoor space. The smoker has a classic wood stove design that is reminiscent of early 19th century kitchens. This design does not just catch the eyes of people passing by your house. It also allows for efficient use of the heat and airflow for a thorough cooking of your meat.

Stainless Steel Thermometer
To help you keep the temperature of your smoker at the right level, a thermometer at the front of the unit will give you the heat reading of the inner chamber. The gauge provides both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. In addition, the thermostat is made of stainless steel material that can withstand high temperatures and the elements.

Large Cooking Area
Dyna-Glo’s Charcoal Smoker has a total cooking area of 784 sq. inches. Three grates divide the cooking area to give you four spaces to place your food. Each grate can withstand up to 25 pounds of food. The adjustable space allows you to cook various kinds of meat from belly slices to pot roast.

What Users Saying About The Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker

While many people who bought the Dyna-Glo Smoker are happy with their purchase, some are not satisfied with the unit. The main issue that many people have with the smoker is the difficulty of reaching low temperatures of around 200°F-230°F. This range is to cook certain meat properly. Owners have to fiddle with the vent opening and burner adjustments to get the desired temperature.

What Users Saying About The Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker

Otherwise, many positive reviews say that the smoker can maintain a temperature of around 230°F-310°F with no problem. Even during a windy or cold afternoon, the smoker will have no problem keeping its temperature above 230°F.

Another praises the unit is lightweight design, allowing them to carry the smoker to any part of their house. In addition, the large cooking area makes it possible to smoke hanging meats such as sausages and fowl meat.

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Compare Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D vs. Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical Charcoal Smoker

The nearest competitor to the Dyna-Glo Smoker is Cuisinart’s own unit. In terms of design, Dyna-Glo takes two points for two reasons. Cuisinart’s smoker has a cylindrical bullet-like design that is similar to a traditional grill. While the polish finish looks great, Cuisinart’s unit seems to look generic if you compare it to Dyna-Glo’s smoker. The latter has an antique design that sets it apart from other smoker or griller.

Compare The Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker With Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical Charcoal Smoker

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Another point that Dyna-Glo gets right is its steel charcoal chamber. If you need to stoke up the flame or add more fuel to the fire, you only need to pull out the chamber. In Cuisinart COS-118 case, you need to unhook the entire top half of the smoker to reach the charcoal or fuel. Not only is this inconvenient, but you also run the risk of ruining the food by moving the cooking chamber of Cuisinart’s smoker just to reach the charcoal chamber.

What’s the Disadvantage of Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker

The largest problem of the Dyna-Glo smoker is with keeping an optimal smoke temperature of 200°F-230°F. This does not mean that you cannot achieve this temperature range. However, you will need to find the find the right airflow and burner adjustment to maintain the low heat setting.

Another disadvantage is the stainless steel thermostat. While the temperature reader can withstand extreme heat, its lifespan may vary per unit. Certain Dyna-Glo smokers have thermostats that break within several months while others are still able to read the temperatures for a couple of years.

Why Should you Choose Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D or Not?

The Dyna-Glo Vertical Charcoal Smoker checks the boxes on what you want out of a good smoking unit. This includes a large cooking space to smoke large quantities of meat. Dyna-Glo’s unit also lets you take stoke the charcoal or add additional fuel to the smoker without opening the entire cooking chamber.

Why Should you Choose it or Not - Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker

What may hold you back from buying the unit is the difficulty in maintaining a low smoking temperature. Even with the many adjustable vents and flue, you will need to go out of your way to have the smoker maintain a temperature range of 200°F-230°F.

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Final Verdict

Dyna-Glo’s Vertical Charcoal Smoker does stack up well with another smoking unit, even with its low-temperature issue. You can get the most out of the large cooking area and sliding charcoal chamber from this unit. Even the rustic design of the smoker will make you want to make it the centerpiece of your backyard.

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