EcoHeat S Review 2023 – Must READ for Potential Buyers

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    We’re sure you’re familiar with the quote “Winter is coming”, and indeed, it is. To win the Game of Cold, We suggest that you’re equipped with the proper tools to win against it.

    After the hottest summers, no one can expect what the winters of 2021 might bring.

    If you don’t have an electric heater, or if your old one is about to give out, it becomes harder to get out of bed as you’re super cozy and warmed up or when you think too much before leaving the warm bath, and when you finally do, you regret it. 

    You might probably get sick more. We can relate to these issuesAfter all, winters make us all bite our teeth.

    To prepare from stopping winters to catch you off guard and To stay safe & healthy, and to avoid adapting to awfully cold weathers, we bring you a solution to deal with winter once and for all as we suggest that you consider giving the New “EcoHeat S” a shot.

    What is EcoHeat S?EcoHeat S

    EcoHeat S is your new probable best friend that will stand beside you in these winters. This EcoHeat S Review is an article for people who have developed an interest in this intriguing product.

    Apart from being portable, the device is plug and play. It can reach the required temperature in an insanely small time- 2 seconds! Instant heat indeed!.

    It can maintain standard temperature and has different fan speeds. It also has three different modes which you can select according to the situation  It has dimensions of 21 x 14cm / 8.3 x 5.5in.

    Its size is extremely small and the device being compact, makes it a lot easier to carry it around. It has a modern design that we find very gleaming.

    As it is mainly focused on being portable, it also has a handle on the back that allows the user to carry it anywhere. The device is designed in such a way that it can adapt to any situation, any room it is put into. It comes with an adjustable thermostat which you can alter to make the device

    increase the temperature. The device can go up to 98 Fahrenheit. To tell you in short, Ecoheat S is a new mini portable heater that is a viable option to keep winters out in this season of cold.

    It has a cylinder-like design which is made with a high-grade ceramic compound. The device handles its heating elements very well and for that, the credit goes to its internal fan.

    With the help of its internal fan, the device can push where the heat is required most and eliminates the cold regardless of wherever you put it in the room. With this smart piece of technology, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in on a sunny day in June.

    This outstanding piece of technology is a part of the Hyperstech line up. The thing that stands about this device is that it offers protection against cold at such an effective price.

    Whether you’re a house owner, or you rent the house to someone, this can prove as a lifesaver for you as it can cut down your costs as it helps you reduce the costs of the electric bill you have to pay at the end of the month.

     As we’re saying, this just might be the product of the year. This device will, without a doubt, provide numerous benefits.

    We know this because this product comes from the makers of previous electric triumphs CoolAir and DroneXpro. 

    Take full benefit of the portability this device offers, and carry it with you anywhere you go, to your office, guest room, bedroom, or garage.

    As long as the place has a plug-in socket, this device will not let you down. As soon as you plug it in, Say Welcome to the summer days!

    An Ultimate Budget Friend!

    Winter times drastically increase your costs as you have to run big heaters that are fitted into a room. And multiple heaters mean multiple figures on your bill.

    Well, Not Anymore!

    During this EcoHeat S review, you will find out by how much this portable heater is going to cut down your costs. We’re certain that you will be cheerful evergreen!

    How does This Work?EcoHeat S1

    Before Writing the review of EcoHeat S, did our work and figured out how it works. The device’s interface is very simple and doesn’t require a degree to operate.

    The device is extremely easy to use. If you have children, they can even use it by themselves as well. Although, we couldn’t express more when we say that keep it away from toddlers.  Technology and kids don’t mix well together. 

    The EcoHeat S comes with PTC ceramic elements due to which the wonder of rapid heating seems possible. On the inside of the heater, a thermostat has been placed which allows to you maintain the selected temperature. The device 

    On the device, there are Five Buttons and one LED display that is put there to indicate the temperature at which the device is set to operate.

    The mini device sucks breezy cold air towards itself from one side and heats it as it flows the air through the radiator that is placed within the EchoHeat S and throws it out from the other side giving the consumers what they want – a warm air experience.  

    The button in the middle is the button to toggle the device on or off. The two buttons to the left, “+” and “-” can be used to set the temperature of the device.

    ress the top-left button if you want to increase the temperature and, “-” button to reduce the temperature at which the device is operating.

    On the right side of the On/Off Button, There is a “Mode” button that can be used to change the mode at which the device is operating. The device has three modes:

    1. “Fan Only Mode”: In this mode, the device only lets the fan work, and the heaters on the device don’t work.
    2. Warm Mode: If this mode is chosen, the device will change the temperature of the room to warm. 
    3. Hot Mode: Be Careful when choosing this option! This option will make the device work at its top and will heat the room significantly much faster than the option before it.

    The Top Most right button on the device allows you to control where the fan will swing or move to and from. EcoHeat S also offers temperature adjustment options, allowing you to set the temperature anywhere you want to, provided that it’s within the range the mini heater supports.

    That temperature is between 16 Degrees and 37 Degrees Celsius. Easily via an LED Screen on the device and inbuilt interface.

    Once you’re done tinkering with the device and set it to the required temperature, just sit back and relax, and let the device do its work. We thank the manufacturers for using PTC ceramic heating element.

    Due to this heating element, the device will adapt to its surroundings and slow down, and will cut down your energy costs at the same time.

    This is a small-sized device that is made for heating and can be put on a table or any place where it fits. It is powered via USB and saves as much money as possible on your electrical bills.

    You can plug it into any wall outlet and you will start to notice the changes that are taking place thanks to this mini beast in as short as 2 seconds! 

    This portable heater consists of three main parts, that being, the fan, the heater, and its control panel for the User interface.

    With assist provided from these components, the astonishing ceramic heater works as a heater or a fan with the purpose to provide the output air.

    This wholesome product is a vivid example of what result you get if you put flexibility and portability together and many other built-in features which makes this ceramic heater the ideal choice for you to use the whole year-round.

    This device is not only bound to be used in winter but it can also be used in other extreme temperatures, such as the reverse-winters i.e Summers.

    This device is also a great cooling solution for long summer days that are very hot. The Ceramic Heater is designed to work throughout the whole year and provide efficiency whenever it is brought into use.

    Additionally, it comes with LED thermostat capabilities that work according to your needs and let you set the temperature per your requirement.

    Heating Up More Space:

    While actually consuming less space, this device heats more space as it uses a smart oscillating feature, EcoHeat S has the ability to heat a large volume in a very short time by delivering hot air over a wide 70-Degree Angle.

    Therefore its small size doesn’t come at the cost of the performance that this powerful device can deliver. If anything, it makes it even stand out more.

    What You Stand to Gain from Buying EcoHeat S?EcoHeat S12

    EcoHeat offers its shares of benefits to its users. This EcoHeat S Review is all about telling you the benefits that follow after you invest in this amazing piece of technology.

    With the help of its heating elements and an internal fan, it pushes out the cold and breezy air and gives away warm air to users which makes them very comfortable.

    During our test of EcoHeat S, we found out its potential benefits and we have put it in our EcoHeat S Review.  

    • Numerous Health Benefits: The EcoHeat S offers numerous health benefits as it prevents you from catching a cold and other various diseases that the Cold Winters bring.
    • Warm and Comfy Temperatures: EcoHeat normalizes the room temperature in accordance with what temperature you prefer.
    • Good Working Environment: It is without a doubt that a person works relatively better when they feel more comfortable in their working environment. Having EcoHeat can help you maintain good temperatures and make you feel comfortable so you work better.
    • Happy Family: As the saying goes, A happy family makes a happy man. Everyone at your house feels comfortable now that you have purchased EcoHeat S!
    • Safe Environment at home: Winter is one of the most joyous seasons. Now you can enjoy winters without having to worry about extra electric costs or the seasonal diseases that follow. 
    • Extravaganza Features: As mentioned above, this product is one of the easiest pieces of technology that have ever been created. You can set it to multiple modes and adjust its temperature to whatever temperature you prefer.
    • Beneficial Investment: Throughout this EcoHeat S review, you will find out that buying this device is worth every penny you spend it on. It will keep your surroundings warm and safe. While Others are still worried about the winter, you’re sitting back and enjoying the weather!

    What you Stand to Lose If Uou Miss Out?

    Even after our EcoHeat S review which suggests the many numerous reasons to buy we suggested, you’re not sold on this product and decide to pass on it,

    These are the possible issues you will have to face if you don’t buy this device.

    • Health Issues: If you don’t buy this device, there are chances that the cold will keep creeping its way into your house. And you will end up with one of the many diseases that happens in cold. Having EcoHeat in your corner will help.
    • You will be cold: When the going gets tough in winters, EcoHeat S is your friend. But if you skip out on it, you will probably be feeling cold all the time and you’ll have to buy new and expensive cold clothes.
    • Illness: Winter can be one of the most dangerous seasons to be around if not dealt with properly. In winters, Using EcoHeat every day keeps the doctors and cold away!

    Features of EcoHeat S:EcoHeat S3

    This Mind-blowing piece of tech has a numerous amount of features that make it the apple of eyes in eyes of the potential buyers.

    • Auto Oscillation: The EcoHeat S has a smart feature through which it sets its oscillation automatically by reading and analyzing the situation and where it is needed the most. It can oscillate over a long 70 Degrees. Having a good heater in the corner of your room only adds to its style and makes your room look amazing!
    • Safety Protection: Safety has to be the most important aspect, and that goes without saying. With regards to safety, EcoHeat stirs up the level with its V-0 Grade Flame-Resistant Materials, A safety mechanism that kills the power on the device if it detects any troublesome situation such as in the scenario of current overload or overheating. It also has ceramic heaters which also help in making the device safe. In case if the device loses contact with the ground the device is designed to switch off by itself, for example when it gets tipped over. The EcoHeat S is ETL certified. Due to the above-listed safety features, we think it is safe to say that the EcoHeat doesn’t possess any potential threat when it comes to concerns with Safety.
    • Adjustable Thermostat: The EcoHeat S has an Adjustable Thermostat which allows you to set the temperature to whatever you want.
    • Adjustable Heat Levels: With the variety of three different options available, EcoHeat allows you to set the room temperature according to your need and it does so quickly while saving your money and time at the same time. When the heat setting is set to high the device operates at 1200 Watts, and when set to low, the device works at 600 Watts. These are a few of the best temperatures that are totally apt considering the temperature and saving money at the same time.
    • Power Usage Per Hour is 1.2 K.W.: The Power usage of this device is only 1.2 K.W. per hour which is extremely savvy when it comes to saving the costs in electrical bills. 
    • Operates within a Range of 220V to 240V: The Device uses 220V minimum, and at max, 240V. Given the amount of work this device does, the minimal use of Volts is just astonishing! 
    • A good heater is a Silent Heater: This portable heater only makes the sound of 50 dbs which is nearly inaudible, and Here’s the best part: it is the most silent heater ever created! It doesn’t disturb your concentration when you’re knee-deep in your work or when you’re trying to take a good night’s sleep.

    You can cross out the expensive and big heaters that you were thinking about buying for winter from your list.

    Those will probably too big, bulky, and space-consuming to carry with a person when you want to take it with you.

    More Features of EcoHeat S that will Help You Understand its Workability:

    This EcoHeat S review will convince you that the Ecoheat is not short on the features it is providing it will also increase your understanding of how this product works.

    • Safety First: to have a complete sense of security and good peace of mind, The EcoHeat S features a lot of safety features such as; overheat protection, a design that kills all the probabilities of a fire breaking out, and an auto-switch off feature in case if you mistakenly make it trip over. 
    • Oscillating Supportive Design: Not only does this black colored portable heater increases the sense of style of the room but, it also includes an oscillating look to add to its top-notch quality finishing.
    • A Portable Design: The friendly and portable compact design makes it easier to carry it along but also makes you able to use it at multiple places wherever you want to, whether be your office or home.
    • A long range of functions: Unlike any other heater before, The EcoHeat S offers you three different options. The users can use the high level of heat, which provides the maximum heat and uses 1200 watts. If set to low heat option, the heater uses about 600 watts. The consumption of 600 watts is also used if the option of the standard fan is used.
    • Simple to Operate: The thing that makes the EcoHeat S stand out from the usual heaters is that its operation is very easy than compared to any other heater. You just have to press the buttons to opt for the option you want the heater to perform. Leave the rest to the heater to do its work.
    • Saves Electricity: The strain it lifts from your economical plans is too much good. It also gives you control over which room to heat rather than the whole area.

    Benefits of EcoHeat S:EcoHeat S

    From our infinite numbers of test results, and reading the reviews of fellow people that bought the EcoHeat S, we have found out that we all are benefiting from multiple features of EcoHeat S due to many various reasons.

    At home, the moms love it. They are using the EchoHeat S to keep their Babies warm, as babies are the most delicate as human beings can be. The EcoHeat S has also been very kind to the entrepreneurs that are using it to keep their working place safe from cold.

    Dads at home are using it to keep the cold out of their house when they work on tinkering their car and making sweet tweaks that will come in handy who knows when.

    The people who are running hotels and motels have been noticed to benefit hugely from it as they require it the most to make their hotels or motels more comfortable so many people can stay in it.

    It also benefited the people that invest in the hotels or motels. Motel and Hotel owners are preferring this over the standard ones as they allow a lot of custom options which the simple ones just don’t.

    The Hotel owners don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintaining costs to keep their old big heaters in check.

    Instead, they just use the new Plug in and play EcoHeat S to keep the customers satisfied, and the customers appreciate this smart innovative upgrade as well and simply prefer to stay in longer because of the comfort that’s being offered.

    These are a hit in motels and hotels because of their custom range of managing the temperature to fit the customer’s need. The number of business that stands to benefit from EcoHeat S is just amazingly huge.

    • From a huge stream of reviews, the EcoHeat S proves out to be baby-friendly. You can use it to protect little kids and keep them warm in this cold weather to prevent them from getting sick. Babies and Doctors don’t mix well. 
    • EcoHeat S will act as a safeguard against the cold for your homes and offices in this season of winters.
    • The Portable Heater removes the airborne allergens that can possibly give you the very diseases that you’re trying to stay away from. Also, a great option if you have little angels at home.
    • It is very easy to set up the new Portable EcoHeater as it has a very friendly user interface which throws out any possibility of the users finding it difficult to use the device.
    • The Working of this device is incredibly fast, which is super impressive. This device starts to show off its effects very quickly which makes it very good at the job that it does.
    • The device is very illustrative which makes it very easier to understand its working and processing for the user, fulfilling at giving full satisfaction to the user. The built-in LCD shows the mode and the temperature it is set to work at.

    Special Features of EcoHeat S:EcoHeat S

    The features of this device make it desirable for a lot of audiences that are invested in the idea of buying a heater.

    The fact that it makes little to no noise, is easier to carry from one place to another without having to put in a lot of work.

    Let’s look at the features of this device:  

    • The Ceramic Heating Elements inside the device keeps its heat maintained and allows it to performs self-analysis and manage the situation.
    • Has 3 different levels of heating (fan mode / moderate heating / strong heating).
    • This device has been manufactured with a lot of testings and a lot of care. The auto sensors put in this device will control the heat if you forget to do it manually.
    • The device covers a large area thanks to its oscillating feature which covers its surroundings rotating up to 70 degrees.
    • The device has been made to be very simple and easy to use. Gift this to your grandparents if you’re tired of them to ask you to open the heater for them every time!  
    • If you find the device hard to use, or if you have any questions regarding it that our article is not covering, the manufacturer has put in a user manual with it and a video on its online website to help you figure out and solve your queries.
    • The device is very compact- it has really small dimensions which makes it easier for it to blend in at any place without having the need to consume a lot of space.
    • The size of EcoHeat S favors it undeniably as it makes it a lot easy to travel with in any situation that requires you to travel. It also has a lot fewer wires which is a sigh of relief for many people in 2021.
    • Many people are in the anti of heaters as they cause the condensation of walls, just adding on to the owner’s economic burden. The EcoHeat S review tells you that you have to live free of this tension. EcoHeat S does not cause condensation of walls.
    • As winters occur, the air becomes dry. Through this device, you can put humidity back into the air. It helps you help nature. Maybe the humans are not so doomed after all!


    The EcoHeat S is an amazing invention that has been made to make your life easier. Not only it experiences your indoor experience in winters, but it also keeps you safe from getting ill.

    It also does its job in summer as well. It doesn’t take much space but efficiently does it work that gives the big heaters a run for their money.

    The fact that such a small device performs so well and doesn’t require much to pay, and works throughout the air without needing any extra cost or compromising the performance it is meant to deliver just takes us by surprise and proves furthermore that technology keeps gaining the lead by light-years every day.

    This device does tasks that feel too ahead of its time but it only makes them easier, giving us hope that feature is better after all.

    If you are still unclear whether this piece of technology worth buying or not, then let us answer this for you: YES! The device is one of its kind and works effectively and starts working effective immediately. 

    Apart from being totally safe and easy to use, this device comes at a very affordable cost that is just better than any other heater out there that is worth purchasing and also works better than any other option available.

    Right now, the company is selling the EcoHeat S at 50% off. Race over there to make the smartest choice of this year.

    Although the company is like a turtle when it comes to  delivering the product but We think that it is worth the delay considering how amazing the product is.

    When you reap your full benefits from it, and your friends ask you where you brought it from, don’t forget to send them our way!

    We hope that our EcoHeat S review is enough to convince you to make your mind about EcoHeat S. 

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