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Electric Fireplace Logs: Top 10 Electric Fireplace Log Sets

Are you interested in repurposing your existing gas or wood-burning fireplace? Would you be interested in upgrading your fireplace or reducing the costs associated with home heating? If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, then it is time that you considered installing electric fireplace logs. The best electric fireplace log sets fit into your existing fireplace within a matter of minutes.

Best Electric Fireplace Logs: See reviews of the top 10 electric fireplace logs and a comparison chart.

They require no venting, and all you need to do is plug the electric fireplace log inserts into your standard 120v electrical outlet. You may choose to pair the insert with a mantel or decide to install it into one that is already in place. It is a decision you have to make based on your space requirements. The best electric fireplace logs will inject soft, warm, heat into the residence, including some ambiance, thanks in part to its fantastic flame effect. But how do you go about selecting the ideal electric fireplace log inserts for your home?

Truth be told, it is not a simple exercise. But the following review of the best electric fireplace logs with heater should help you get started.

Top 10 Electric Fireplace Logs of 2020

Here is a comparison chart of the Top 10 electric fireplace logs:

Electric Fireplace ModelCategoryDimensionsWeightPrice
Pleasant Hearth Electric Crackling Natural Wood LogLog Set Insert10 x 20 x 10.27.25 lbs Check Price
Duraflame Electric Log Set Heater
Editor's Choice
Log Set Insert20.5 x 8.7 x 1213.86 lbs Check Price
Comfort Glow Electric Log InsertLog Set Insert8.8 x 20.5 x 12.215.9 lbs Check Price
Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log SetLog Set Insert19 x 25.6 x 1316 lbs Check Price
Dimplex Electric Fireplace Deluxe InsertLog Set Insert23.2 x 10.8 x 19.830.6 lbs Check Price
Duraflame Electric Fireplace StoveStove13.1 x 24 x 23.428.6 lbs Check Price
R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace InsertInsert27 x 9 x 3666.4 lbs Check Price
Best Choice Embedded Electric Fireplace InsertInsert21 x 28.5 x 629 lbs Check Price
Pleasant Hearth L-24 Electric LogLog Set Insert20.2 x 7.5 x 10.28.4 lbs Check Price
VivoHome Electric Fireplace InsertLog Set Insert22.4 x 14 x 1114.3 lbs Check Price

Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log

  • Easy to insert into any fireplace
  • Realistic crackling sound
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Comes with a practical glowing ember bed
  • Paint scratches off easily
  • The motor can be too loud
  • Problems with the crackling sound

Check Price

This Pleasant Hearth 20″ Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log is an excellent addition to any home. It comes with a crackling fire feature comprising of glowing embers and made from real wood. The embers lull and flicker in the same manner as an authentic fire. The good thing about this particular log is that you can easily install it in your existing fireplace.Its lighting mechanism is simple and maintenance free, and assists in creating the sights and sounds associated with a real-life fire. The crackling wood log is manufactured in the United States and is certified by the CSA having met all the applicable standards. The log is primarily made from wood and iron. It is energy, efficient, and environmentally friendly. You never have to worry about having to replace the LEDs. The log produced a warmth that instantly makes each the interior living room space feel homely.


Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed, Black

  • Easy to install and use
  • It provides you with an authentic look and warmth of gas or wood without the extra clean-up work
  • The faux logs have a pulsating and rolling motion to make them appear realistic
  • The unit has not been designed to heat large rooms
  • It cannot be used as the primary source of heat

Check Price

The Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed, Black is an electric fireplace log set that have been designed to appear as though there is real wood burning on the unit. The electric fireplace log inserts can be used in any fireplace to provide you with warmth without having to worry about maintenance issues associated with burning wood. Having this electric fireplace log set with heater in your home means that you have access to a real-life looking electric log. It is protected against overheating, which means that it will automatically turn off when it becomes too hot. The logs accompanying the unit serve as a heater and can provide up to 46,000 BTUs. This is enough heat to warm a room as big as four hundred square feet. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat which enables you to set your preferred room temperature.

Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert, Heater & Firebox Projection 5,120 BTUs

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Its LED technology is energy efficient
  • Remote control for enhanced convenience
  • Five brightness levels to choose from depending on your preferences
  • Lack of a ground
  • Lacks a detailed operating manual
  • Looks okay but may fail to produce heat in some instances

Check Price

The Comfort Glow electric log set is an electric fireplace log insert designed to bring the glow back to interior living space. The electric fireplace logs set helps project a dancing flame onto the home’s firebox.

It is capable of producing a total of 5,120 BTUs. Note that the heat from the electric fireplace logs with heater is fan-forced. It comes with a remote control aimed at providing you with optimal convenience. With this unit, you get to experience a real dancing yellow flame, energy efficient LED technology, a heater with circulating power, and five brightness levels. The fireplace set comes fully assembled with an eight-hour timer. One of its outstanding features is the fact that its flame is operational regardless of whether it has heat or not. The flame glows ember red helping to provide it with a real-life look.

Dimplex Revillusion 25-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Set (RLG25)

  • Produces 5,118 BTUs of heat
  • It is a sustainable fireplace that is 100% efficient with no kinds of emissions whatsoever
  • It is a simple unit comprising of a simple finish, wire, and frame
  • It does not have any safety screens
  • Its compact size makes it look small when placed in the standard fireplace
  • Odd look due to the plexiglass arch-piece reflecting on its exterior edges

Check Price

Looking for modern electric fireplace logs? Look no further than the Dimplex Revillusion 25-inch Electric Fireplace log inserts. This is more than a simple addition to your home. It is a modern fireplace set that comes with various new additions.

With this electric fireplace logs with heater, you get an opportunity to gaze through flames with real-life features. The flames appearing at the back of your firebox will have a natural charm that can only be exhibited by wood-burning in a traditional fireplace.

The flames displayed by the unit are more random, brighter, and larger than what you would expect from such a set. Its acrylic panel is partially frosted, which helps provide a more unobstructed view compared to one that would be provided by a mirror.

You only get to see the flames as they dazzle with no accompanying reflections. If you do not want the flames, you can choose to turn on the heat alone to enjoy its warmth during the cold winter months. The ceramic heater provides fan-forced heat that is ideal for smaller spaces.

Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert, Black

  • Low price point
  • Its setup could not be any easier. All you have to do is take it from the box and plug it into your fireplace
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Its heating function is adequate but is in no way outstanding
  • Controversial flame effects
  • Homeowners have very minimal control options

Check Price

The Dimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert, Black is an electric fireplace log inserts that will help you bring back warmth and life back into your residence. You get to do all this without smoke, fire, or wood. Its inner LED glows to provide the electrical fireplace logs with pulsating embers providing a realistic fire visual.

Homeowners need not worry about installation as we found that the electric fireplace logs with heater are quite easy to install. The unit will easily fit into your indoor or outdoor firebox. All you need to do is plug into your standard electrical outlet to start receiving some warmth in your residence.

It is capable of producing as much as 4,695 BTUs and can warm a room of up to four hundred square feet. The unit features advanced technology designed to provide exceptional realism with an innovative flame effect. It is an effect that is able to combine the movement of a blazing fire with the appearance of a burning log.

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black

  • Impressive heat that does not dry out your skin surface
  • Attractive design
  • Simple setup
  • Small form factor
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Its top is too warm to be used in displaying items

Check Price

If you are looking for electric fireplace log inserts, then consider getting yourself this electric fireplace stove from Duraflame. It is a unit that can deliver direct heat to where it is needed in your quartz fireplace.

The electrical fireplace logs are able to provide a great supplemental heat that can warm rooms as large as one thousand feet. It makes use of infrared heating technology that enables it to create a moist and soft heat without ever compromising on its cool-to-touch surface,

Duraflame has ensured that this electric fireplace logs with heater provides a dramatic three-dimension flame effect with five adjustable flame levels. We noted that the fireplace has an ember bed and a glowing log to give a realistic flame effect.

R.W. FLAME 36″ Electric Fireplace Insert, Freestanding & Recessed Electric Stove Heater, Touch Screen, Remote Control,750W-1500W with Timer & Colorful Flame Option

  • Great fashion design
  • Varying heat settings allowing you to adjust temperatures
  • Multi-operating modes
  • Emits a loud vibrating noise
  • The flame is too small

Check Price

These 36-inch electric fireplace log inserts let you enjoy some warmth in your house accompanied by gorgeous and realistic flame effects. The electric fireplace logs come with one user manual, one remote control, and one heater insert.

For you to use the accompanying remote with this electric fireplace logs with heater, you need to confirm that the control panel is switched on. Also, ensure that your bare skin does not come into contact with the radiator as it tends to get very hot when it is in use.

Best Choice Products VD-51075WH Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert Heater Glass View Log Flame Remote Home, 28.5″

  • Comes with dual heat settings
  • Easily connects to your standard family attachments
  • Does not look good when placed in a fireplace without a screen kit

Check Price

The VD-51075WH from Best Choice will let you stay warm all night long during the long, cold nights without ever having to worry about high energy costs or smoke in the house. The electric insert manages to display a moving and calming fire image via its glass window.

You can adjust the image to suit your desired mood levels. The unit comes with two settings—high and low heat settings. With the two settings, you can adjust the unit until you get your desired temperature.

Pleasant Hearth L-24 Electric Log

  • Can be inserted into any fireplace
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Has a realistic glowing ember
  • May take a long time for it to reach the desired temperatures

Check Price

The L-24 Electric Log from Pleasant Hearth can be inserted in any fireplace helping a homeowner replace their log, burner, gas grate, or wood grate set with something more convenient and energy efficient.

Its installation process is straightforward and can be plugged into any outlet with a 120 voltage capacity. It is a unit that will provide the home with the look and feel of a real fire, while at the same time acting as a safer and cleaner alternative to the available heat sources.

The electric fireplace logs make it easy to instantly retrofit an existing fireplace with its glowing electric log comprising of energy efficient LEDs.

VIVOHOME 110V Electric Insert Log Quartz Fireplace Realistic Ember Bed Fan Heater Plus Infrared Remote Controller Golden

  • Remote control for added convenience
  • Automatically cuts off heat when it becomes too hot
  • Can warm up a large room in a few minutes
  • Can be loud at night
  • Its remote is a bit fussy

Check Price

I fell in love with this electric fireplace log set as it presents a realistic three-dimension smoldering light effect. It also provides an additional warm ambiance that will help warm any room in the house, especially during the winter season.

With a timer setting, a remote control, heating timer, easily adjustable temperature, and flame effect, it should not be hard for you to warm your house. This is one accessory that all homeowners will need in their houses during the rainy seasons when everything in the house becomes cold.

Final Thoughts on Electric Fireplace Logs

Electric fireplaces are ideal for use in heating individual rooms and small homes. They are easy to set up as they do not require any installation, which means that you can start using them immediately. The fireplaces are typically designed to resemble the traditional wood burning fireplace, the only difference being that these are easier to use and eco-friendlier. What’s more, they do not require regular maintenance or cleaning!

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