Endless Summer GAD1399SP Review – How it’s adjustable to suits your needs

Combining elegant design and efficiency of performance, Endless Summer GAD1399SP is equipped with excellent and classic features by providing you a reliable aid to combat the cold weather in style and with ease. Designed to meet user’s individual needs regardless of any weather conditions, it is durable and versatile to use.Endless Summer GAD1399SP Review

Key Features of the Endless Summer GAD1399SP

What makes this GAD1399SP outdoor fire bowl a standout and an excellent choice among the many competitive brands and models available in the market today are these following features.

Adjustable Heat Settings

With a 30,000 BTU of heat capacity, it’s allows you to control and adjust it to the level of heat you need for a comfortable and warm ambiance. You can make these necessary options on the control panel that is hidden cautiously as it made to be an attractive and useful ornament.

Unique Design

Handcrafted with the typical characteristics of a classic better fire pit but with improved performance and high-end design, its control panel and propane tank (not included) is carefully and thoughtfully concealed, making it an attractive and decorative centerpiece in your patio or outdoor living space. And to match your design aesthetic and interior, you can choose from its colored fire glass that accents the flame and highlights its style and form as an elegant ornamental structure in your house.

Solid Construction

Endless Summer GAD1399SP is built with a slate tile and steel mantel, which is durable and resistant to any weather conditions. Hence you are assured to enjoy of its prolonged service for several winter because it is made to last.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

While you can enjoy the classic feel of a traditional fire pit, you are, however, spared from the high maintenance tasks and the regular chore of cleaning its ashes to make sure of its consistent and efficient operation. Since it features an automatic ignition, turning it on for use can be done instantly. And because installation can be a huge concern for many of us who doesn’t have much patience and techy-bone in our body, setting this up can be done so easily and simply without even the need for any tools.


  • The adjustable flame is an outstanding feature. You can easily set it to the level you prefer and need to keep you warm and comfortable. The height of the flame is just enough as well.
  • It fits the bill of having to enjoy the perks of a classic fire burning experience but less the hassles of cleaning and maintaining.
  • It puts up a pretty great heat that provides you the warmth you need to combat even the freezing cold.
  • It makes a great decorative centerpiece and its design even provides you room to place your glass or food while relaxing.


  • The cover is made of a flimsy and thin material that it easily tore up. The screws attached are not the best quality either. However, it does the job and keeps the entire fire pit in place and working.
  • The process for lighting it up can be a little tricky that it takes few minutes and several tries to get it right as it is not the normal one push of a button thing. With its unique design, some features may not be the same as the standard and may require getting used to. But with practice and regular use, you will find it easy eventually.

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What Users Saying About the Endless Summer GAD1399SP Outdoor Fire Bowl?

There may be some mixed feedback and reviews regarding how to start and the instruction manual not being clear and helpful at all, but the assembly, however, was a breeze and the performance and output is excellent. Endless Summer GAD1399SP Review

The fact that they can control and adjust the heat to the level they desire is one huge advantage and a standout factor that makes this fire pit versatile and highly flexible to meet the different needs and demands. It is perfect use when chilling and relaxing after a long gruesome day while enjoying your wine, or coffee as it has space where you can sit your drinks on.

The simple black panel and tile design provides the modern, sleek and sophisticated look to their house and can be a great match to any interior style and aesthetic. It looks very expensive and high end too.

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Is Endless Summer GAD1399SP Worth the Price?

Considering the functionality and efficiency of performance, Endless Summer GAD1399SP has pretty much live up to your expectations thus making it a wise investment and a great value for your money. As it is primarily used to provide heat and a relaxing environment during the cold and chilly weather, it does so by not only giving you that, but with other added productivity, versatility and convenience.

It is not as expensive as other fire pit models and brands, but offering you the same high-end caliber and quality of performance. In fact, if you are looking for an affordable but stylish and functional fire pit that does the job, then this is one of your best options. You don’t expect it to have the ultra-advanced and sophisticated capabilities because you reserve that to those on more expensive categories. But you can be assured, however, that at this price point, you are getting the prime service that you paid for efficiently, and even more. At the end, that’s what really matters the most, as the rest are just the icing on the cake.

What Makes Endless Summer GAD1399SP Outdoor Fire Bowl the Best?

Though there are a mammoth of choices of the different fire pits available in the market today, Endless Summer GAD1399SP is on top of its game and can possibly be your best choice because it is durable, efficient and versatile. Not only that, it also performs consistently and makes an attractive and stylish piece of furniture in your house, as it comes with a wide range of colored fire glass to choose from that can match your preference and design.

It can be convenient to use as well for many of us, especially those who live in a fast lane, as you will be able to enjoy the classic fire burning ambiance but without the ashes that would require constant checking and cleaning. This allows us a good use of maximizing our time doing other things and chores.Endless Summer-GAD1399SP Review

And it understands the varying needs of its users that it can adapt well to erratic weather conditions. Thus regardless on the drop of the outside temperature, its heat settings can be adjusted to suit to your comfort.

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Overall Conclusion

It is not only your regular fire pit that provides you warmth in a cold winter day or night. With all its superior features and delivery of outstanding performance, it is adjustable to meet your needs and designed with all the classic components of a high-end furniture. It does not just give out heat, but creates a warm and relaxing ambiance in a sleek and nice-looking design and package.

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