F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit Review – Features And Users Opinion

    F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit Review

    The spring and winter season is literally cold. Thus, a lot of people prefer to stay indoors during these times to prevent exposing themselves to the cold weather. But however, even indoors it could still be cold. That is why there are people who buy fire pits to feel the warmth into the cold days. In this product review, we will try to evaluate an entry-level fire pit. Presenting to you, the F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit.

    Key Features of the F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit

    Key Features of the F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit

    Durable Construction and Design
    Having a hexagonal shape, this black finished device is constructed with rectangular dimensions of 24″(L) x 24″(W) x 25″(H). Its made mainly from steel with a sturdily made base and a close lid as needed. The bowl has dimensions of 24 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches in height. Aside from that, the base has 18.5 inches diameter with a 7.5 inches height.

    Easy Use and Setup
    Building out the fire is easy for this device with its large and deep bowl that could handle out multiple capacities of wood and solid fuel. Aside from that, the assembly is easy with four sections could be put together using a total of 8 nuts and screws that are included in the package.

    Lightweight and Portable
    You could bring anywhere this fire pit since it’s highly mobile. It weighs about 15 pounds with easy assembly and disassembly. Aside from that, the device is easily stored since it isn’t really big and heavy.

    Versatile Use
    The F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit is designed to be used flexibly at multiple locations. Nonetheless, you could put the device into your living rooms or bedroom. Aside from that, you could install the device outdoors on the patio, garden, or balcony as needed. You could also décor around the fire pit into any restaurants, beaches, and camping sites.

    Safe and Secure
    To protect from sparks or any flame debris, the fire pit includes a flame retardant lid built with surrounding mesh screen measuring about 21.25″(L) X 21.25″(W) X 9″(H) to ensure performance and safety upon the use of the device.

    • Simple Setup
    • Convenient Operation
    • Multi-Purpose and Elegant Design
    • Highly Mobile
    • Corrosion Prone

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    What users saying about F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit?

    Overall, this fire pit has a positive rating on Amazon. Thus, a lot of users are contented with the performance of this fire pit. Nevertheless, this fire pit is constructed heavily with a convenient hex shaped design to be used at multiple operations. It has a deep and wide bowl that holds a great amount of wood into it. It’s easy to use with the simple setup as needed. It heats out evenly perfect for use wherever you are.

    F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit Review

    However, there are users who have issues with corrosion. Aside from that, there are users who find the base flimsy. The lid is quite solidly built, perfect for use into the device. There are also users who have problems with installation. The package lacks some screws and nuts. It’s best to review over and ask the manufacturer to get further details regarding it.

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    Compare Outsunny Square Outdoor Patio vs F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fireplace Patio

    Both made by different manufacturers, these two devices manifests varying shape and design. Nonetheless, the Outsunny has a square table top design as compared to the FC2 with a hex-shaped design. Both are made and constructed with steel design with deep basin dimensions to put any solid fuel or wood into it.

    As to its weight, the Outsunny is twice heavier than the latter with 28.6 pounds. Both are perfectly made with a fire resistant mesh lid screen to cover out the fire pit to ensure safety upon the use of the device.

    Compare Outsunny Square Outdoor Patio vs F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fireplace Patio

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    Aside from the design, both have different sets of accessories and add-ons. While the FC2 has only a mesh lid screen, the Outsunny has a lot of accompanying add-ons incorporating also a poker and a waterproof outdoor cover to make things more efficient.

    Though both have different shapes, you could easily install out these devices within minutes. Everything is thoroughly direct and straightforward as needed. It has a convenient design, could be used for different applications.

    The price is quite reasonable for the F2C is cheaper than the latter. The F2C is smaller with fewer add-ons than the other best fire pit being compared. Nevertheless, the Outsunny has a more convenient and sturdier design than the latter as needed.

    What’s the disadvantage of the F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit?

    For an affordable price you’ll be paying, it’s expected that it should not be perfect as it should be. Nonetheless, it will be not as durable as what other premiere fire pits are. There are few users who have received an unevenly bronze coated design with poor appearance and quality as it should not be.

    What's the disadvantage of the F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit?

    Other than that, there are users who received only a few screws and bolts. Thus, it’s essential that you should purchase out extra screws as needed during the installation. And lastly, most concerns are into rusting. It easily gets corroded and thus, should be taken caution and prevent it to get wet.

    Truly F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit worth your invest according to specs?

    With its affordable price, the fire pit is very recommendable for purchase. It has a very unique design could be used for versatile applications either indoors or outdoors.

    Aside from that, the fire pit is convenient to use with hassle free procedure. Installation is quite easy given all the screws and bolts. It’s prettily straightforward for you to use.

    Truly F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit worth your invest according to specs?

    However, despite that, it has few drawbacks, it’s barely manageable and you could do something about it to prevent from happening. Furthermore, its recommended to buy a poker tool and a waterproof outdoor cover to avoid it from exposure to any wet or moist environment since its easily get rust and corroded out.

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    Final Verdict

    Practical users tend to buy cost-efficient products. Thus, its important that you’ll be able to purchase at least an easy to use, install, and sturdy product that you could use for the long-term activity.

    F2C Outdoor Hex Shape Fire Pit is an excellent choice for those fire pit lovers. Its built for versatility, portability, and to warmth out your winters and cold days efficiently.

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