GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review

    GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review

    It is now possible to transform a room using the best electric fireplace that can add luxury and shine to your home. It is perfect anywhere, in apartments, condos, or office. There are many brand choices to choose from, and I will share with you a comprehensive  Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review, comparing it with  GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace.

    What makes these two electric fireplaces stand out? Why do people love them? Let’s find out more!

    What Users are Saying About GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    I am impressed what people are saying about GMHome Electric Fireplace. Checking customer reviews online, like Amazon, users really love this product. They describe it as a perfect fireplace with beautiful flames and warm heat.

    GMHome Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace: A review on the GMHome Freestanding wall recessed electric fireplace compared to the Napoleon Allure Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. #GMHome #electricfireplace #wallmountelectricfireplace #FireplaceLab

    Installing GMHome is very easy. It only requires a few minutes to have it installed in the wall or choose to have it freestanding. Yes, it can be literally installed as a hanging artwork!

    Flame Color
    The details of the flame are easy to see. They are beautiful and warm, enough to bring forth comfort during a cold weather. The flames are impressive and very relaxing. The yellow or orange color offers a good normal color flame vibe. Change the mood of your room instantly with the 9 color options depending on your mood. Isn’t that amazing!

    The warmth it provides is absolutely perfect. Many users recommend the product because aside from the adjustable heat settings, GMHome provides a warm and perfect atmosphere with the colors of the flames.

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    Compare Napoleon Allure Linear vs. GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    The design of GMHome can be installed as free standing or wall mounted, so you get to have one fireplace having two installation options. On the other hand, the Napoleon Allure is an ultra slim wall mount electric fireplace without noticeable wall protrusion. Both exemplify a real touch of modern design and simplicity.

    Color Options
    With GMHome, you have 9 interchangeable color options available including white, yellow, blue, green, green and white, green and blue, yellow and white, yellow and blue, and yellow and green. You can immediately change the mood of your home or office by choosing a color or color combination you desire.

    Whether you want a calming effect, happy ambiance, or a relaxing view, GMHome Electric Fireplace offers the best choices of flames ever! With Napoleon Allure, you have blue or orange or a combination of the two. GMHome electric fireplace offers a wide range of options, which I am excited about!

    Remote Control and Panel Control
    GMHome and Napoleon Allure have both remote and manual panel controls with on and off capabilities, color transition, heater, and temperature control. Start a fire easily using any of these remote controls and experience the great convenience and comfort of both electric fireplaces.

    Heat Settings
    The dual settings of GMHome Electric Fireplace are impressive having 750W and 1500W respectively, enough for spaces up to 400 square foot. It will surely make your room warm in a freezing cold weather, providing appropriate and enough warmth but not too hot for a slightly cold weather. Napoleon Allure offers 1500W setting that provides our living room the appropriate heat to keep us warm on cold winter days.

    What I Love About Napoleon Allure Electric Fireplace

    No Gas Filter Required
    Because Napoleon Allure does not require a gas filter, with only one touch of a button, I can completely control the temperature and mood of my living room. I just love the height of the flame, its intensity, and the transitioning between cool blue and bright orange. I am stunned by the beautiful color combination of the two, sparkling out the elegant glass ember bed.

    What I Love About Napoleon Allure Electric Fireplace

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    Ultra Slim Design
    When I had mine installed, I decided to have my Napoleon Allure Electric Fireplace fully recessed into the living room wall, thus there is no obvious protrusion. What I like about its design is the sleek front vents ultra slim design. I believe it is the slimmest electric fireplace wall mounts ever! Whether you want it installed in your home or office, the design perfectly blends with any interior.

    Convenient-to-Use Remote Control
    The remote control starts a fire pretty easy. It is easy to operate with its multiple heat settings. I can choose the flame color I want and the intensity if the flame, and conveniently control the head output, blower, and timer.

    Durability and Performance of Napoleon NEFL60FH

    Installing Napoleon Allure is fast and easy. Our builder thinks its the coolest electric fireplace he had ever seen. It did not throw my breaker when I plugged it into the wall and when the heater is turned on. It provides plenty of heat which we need in winter months.

    Durability and Performance of Napoleon NEFL60FH

    The design is amazing and the color of the flames are very relaxing. The flames look like vapors, keeping the room warm and comfortable. I had Napoleon Allure for 4 years now, and it still looks and works like the very first time I used it!

    Why I Consider GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

    I am considering to buy GMHome Electric Fireplace for my new office. I am also planning to get one for my yoga room. I saw it on Amazon and read customer reviews about it, enough to convince me that the features are really great.

    GMHome Freestanding Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Review

    I’m impressed with the dual settings. I would like to feel and experience the moods offered by the 9 flame color options!

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    Napoleon Allure is my original electric fireplace that I am really grateful for. With almost 4 years of service, I couldn’t really complain. I am completely happy and satisfied. I love the ultra slim design and I am proud I got one four years ago.

    Here comes  GMHome Electric Fireplace, and I am planning to buy it for my new office and yoga room because the features are really advanced, most especially the flame options. I am so excited about it and I’m planning to buy online. Both electric fireplaces are highly recommended. Yes, to their best features and benefits they can provide to homeowners and business owners alike!

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