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Which Indoor Electric Smoker You Should Choose? – [Complete Guide]

As we all know, an electric smoker is a need nowadays to cook food or to make BBQ in an easy way.

This is a better option than a traditional setup, some might say that and some might have a great laugh.

Although electric did make many people lives easier and that’s why many people love to buy one for their house.

Now,  let’s see how electric smokers change the world for many people, although the present electric smokers are so much modified that they can change the temperature of cooking by themselves, you can do it as well manually and manage the temperature easily.

You can set the time for cooking the meal, which means as soon as the timer ends your meal will be cooked and have a flavorful tenderizing taste.

There are many models that you can look into, and all the models are great.

Therefore, it can take days to search for the best model you will love to take in, so for this situation we have organized a list which will help you in various things and will help you determine your favourite electric smoker.

1- Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Black Electric Analog Smoker


This smoker from Masterbuilt is the best choice for newbies, who are just starting to know how an electric smoker works.

This MasterBuilt 30 inches electric analogue smoker comes in black colour and is on the top in our list.

Moreover, let’s talk about the brand who is helping by inventing this amazing unit for your own safety and easy to cook meals.

They have a leading reputation in many electronic appliances, but the best thing they sell are the electric smokers that have an affordable price and efficient design.


The units of Masterbuilt have the best reviews on Amazon and people always approach Masterbuilt if they want to buy any electronic items or even if they want an electric smoker.

If we talk about the smoker that they are offering you then the smoker has a cooking chamber which is large in size.

If you want to have a party with a large crowd then this smoker will definitely come in handy and will give you the best result. Although the maker has a large chamber still, it is compact and can be moved around the yard easily.

If you look into the smoker then you will know that it consists of insulated oven walls.

The walls can trap heat inside the smoker and will give you a consistent cooking temperature, this amazing feature is helpful in the cold weather when it is difficult to light a fire on open grounds. Plus, this smoker can be put in closed doors as well because of this feature.

So, if you are looking for the best smoker for your house then we would recommend this smoker.


  • Best indoor smoker
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Manageable cooking area
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

2- Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40 inches, Stainless Steel


As we have told you all about Masterbuilt in our previous product.

This time, it is still a Masterbuilt product, but you will be getting a BlueTooth Digital Electric smoker, which is the premium unit of the company.

Despite the features this product is providing with, it is still under $200.

So, let’s look at what Masterbuilt has to offer in this product, the product has a window door that makes it easy for you to see your food inside the smoker, it will let you check the progress of your delicious meal.

Plus, this smoker has all the things that a person needs in a smoker, it has full electronic control that will make your every meal ready in the selected time.

It also provides you with a remote controller, which means you do not need to sit beside your smoker all day or until your meal is cooked because the remote will control all the settings of the smoker for you, even you are far away from the smoker.

The smoker is so easy to use that a beginner can also easily cook a meal in it.

Like the previous product of Masterbuilt, this product also has insulated walls that provide your meal with a constant temperature while it is cooking in the smoker.

Which means this smoker is best for both indoors and outdoors.

And the convenient window also lets you see food without opening the door of the smoker so, the heat will also stay within the smoker and will not escape, this will keep your food flavorful and tender.

There are many other things or features will be provided with this smoker such as a wood chip dispenser, it can funnel the chip into the cooking area easily and you will not need to open the main door for it.

The blue LED panel will give all the information about your meal, and will you can even set everything on your own as well.

The thermostat temperature control will give you ease on temperature and will cook the meal under the temperature it needs to be cooked.

It will also keep the temperature consistent in cold weather and with the help of insulated walls, this smoker will be indestructible.


  • Digital control panel
  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Consistent temperature
  • Variety of woodchips included

3- Smokehouse Products Big Chief Electric Smoker


If we look in Smokehouse products then Big Chief electric smoker is the best smoker of the company and is affordable as well.

The product is portable and can be taken out or anywhere like park or friend’s house easily. 

If you are interested to buy this smoker then you will get some things with the smoker such as Alder woodchips packet and a flavour fule pan, the smoker has five cooking racks that will be useful for you in many ways, plus you can cook five different meals at a time.

The trays are easy to clean and can be slide in and out even they are warm.

If you are thinking that how you will adjust the temperature while you are cooking five meals at a time, so the solution to this problem is, the smoker does not have an adjustable temperature option, the temperature is fixed to 165-degree Fahrenheit, so all the meals can be cooked nicely at one time.

Despite you are getting so much amazing things with this model, but there is one thing that you can not do, you can not take this model indoors because it does not have insulated walls so, if you took this model inside your house, the house will start to melt.


  • Affordable value
  • Excellent design
  • Woodchips are included
  • High-quality features 

4- Old Smokey Electric Smoker


As we look into the old smokey electric smoker, which has a traditional style.

If we talk about its features then it has a top-loading assembly that might give your meal some extra juice, by dripping back on itself from the sealing of the lid. 

The smoker has a compact design which means it is easy to move all over the park, plus its lightweight model makes it portable and you can take it anywhere you want.

The thermostat of this smoker gives the ability to keep the heat inside the smoker and do not let escape, because of that the meal will become more tender and juicy, will properly cook.

However, it does not have things that most people want in a smoker, from those not at all things, one thing is the insulation, the smoker can not be put inside the house, it is for only outdoors, so if you are thinking for buying this smoker and keep it in your house, then this will be a bad idea and you should go for other smokers that have insulation walls for a better experience. 

Similarly, as this smoker is not protected by wall insulation, that means it will be unprotected against cold weather as well and cold weather will affect its temperature control.

However, the compact design of this smoker makes it more useful and you can store it anywhere till the cold weather whereof.

If you are thinking about the woodchip tray because of the compact design of this smoker then you do not have to worry because this design has a woodchip tray, it is designed over the heating element of the smoker.

So, if you just put some woodchips in it then it might give some amazing flavour to your meal.

If you are thinking of how to move this smoker then the company has manufactured this design with two side handles, the only person as well can move it around, and you can situate it anywhere you want.


  • Large cooking area
  • Not so much supervision is required while you are using
  • Portable and easy to use and transport

5- Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker


If you are looking for a top-quality smoker that is easy to move around and is portable too, so it can be easy to travel with then this Masterbuilt product will be the best choice for you in this list.

The portable electric smoker has a power of 1400 watts, it can easily cook your meal some inside and outside, and can take care of the large cuts that are difficult to cook.

If you are planning a road trip[ and you want some BBQ along the way, then this smoker is the best choice for you, the controls are very easy as it gives you low, medium and high temperatures that can cook any large meal easily. 

This smoker consists of easy to read temperature gauge, unlike other Masterbuilt products or smokers that have a temperature rheostat that will control the smoker’s temperature and let your meal cook in a consistent temperature.

The smoker has a compact size, but that does not mean that it can not cook large meals, it is built for cooking large meals and can serve at least 10 people in one meal.

Despite all the things this smoker can, it weights only 20 pounds, which means it is very lightweight and any person of any age can easily move it from one place to another.

There are more functions then you think and that makes it easier to handle the smoker, the legs fo the smoker can go inside the unit so you can easily transport it from one place to another, and the side handles will help you lift the smoker easily.

If we talk about some features that come with the smoker then a woodchip tray and a drip pan will be provided with the smoker, and the access of these two things are on the side of the smoker.


  • Large capacity
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Drip pan and woodchip tray come with the smoker

6- Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

Electric Smoker

As this electric smoker from smoking-it is really amazing. It is portable and requires wheels, so you can move it anywhere in the area easily.

The smoker gives you a user-friendly environment that will easily put any enthusiast to work, and he or she will love to work with this smoker.

As this is model 1 of the smoke-it products, the smoker is very smooth to work with and comes with two stainless steel racks that can be easily washable in a dishwasher. 

You will be also provided with some features like a stainless steel pan and a smoker box that is required for a smoker. 

The design of this model 1 smoker is so attractive that anyone who is a smoker enthusiast or a BBQ enthusiast will quickly grab one for themselves. 

If you talk about the design and the making of the smoker then the interior walls of the smoker are fibre coated, which means it will easily insulate the chamber and will trap the heat inside it so your food can be cook easily from inside as well as outside.

The smoker can be used indoors as well as outdoors, so if you are thinking fo keeping it into your house then you must do it because the insulation walls will keep the heat inside the smoker, so your house will not get melt because of the heat of the smoker.

If you think that this smoker is the best choice for keeping it in a house or for the yard as well then you might not need any other smoker, because this smoker has a vast capacity and all the other features as well that a smoker should have.


  • Plenty of racks
  • Large cooking area
  • Plenty of space for more than one meal

Indoor Electric Smoker – Buyer’s Guide 


If you are confused about what to choose for the indoor electric smoker then you might have many choices for that, however, we are here to help you with this situation as well and will define you all the things you should look into before buying an electric smoker.

Electric smokers have a lot of things in common and they might be many that are best for you to choose but there is only one that is right for you and that will be decided after you have read the buying guide that we have arranged for you. 

Features of the Smoker

Before buying any smoker we should always look for the features that they are offering because buying a smoker is one thing but if you are getting some amazing features that are useful from every aspect then you will be more interested in buying the smoker.

So, let’s check all the features and find out what will be best features that you should look for while buying a smoker.

Temperature Controls

While you are selecting your best smoker for yourself then you must see the temperature which is most important to for a smoker.

If the smoker has a rheostat or a thermostat then it might be useful for you because it will keep the heat consistent in the smoker and it will help you, meal cook, nicely and firmly.

Some smokers come with monitoring panel from where you can easily control the temperature, so if you are thinking of getting one of the smokers then you must go with the smoker that has this property.

Heat Distribution

You must go for a smoker that has a better heat distribution because it is a critical feature you must look into it precisely.

The heat distribution should be throughout the smoking chamber so the meal should be prepared and cooked from every side.

 There are two types of smokers in the heat distribution area as well, one that makes the heal flow from upwards and the second that makes the heat flow from downwards.

We recommend the upwards heat flow because it will easily reach every corner of the smoker, as for the smoker that has the heat flow from the bottom is good as well and is an ideal choice as well.

Layering Structure

Layering structure is third thing you should see in a smoker, as most of the smoker has a vertical layering structure, so it would be best for those smokers to turn it over to the side so you can have more space for the meals. 

If you ask for my guidance then I should recommend going for that smoker that have large and thick hollow grids, so your food can be cooked from every side and have a juicy flavour because of the wood chips.

Functionality and Versatility

Electric smokers are very versatile and have different functions as well, rather than only being a smoker. 

The functions might be that it can become an oven or you can use it as a grill as well, so if you are looking for a smoker then you should surely check these functions because they can be handy some times.

Hoover, before thinking of buying such smokers yous should think for a while and see if you need all these features or not because it can also increase the price tag of the smoker and if you do not need such a thing then you must not go for it.


As we have discussed what we should see before buying an indoor smoker and what to a smoker you should choose for the indoor smoker.

These things can be trouble some times, but this article will surely help you find your best smoker and this article is beneficial from every aspect.